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Fig. 101. The so-called Alabaster Tomb in Shatby

The last and most famous ‘treasure hunter’ was Koumoutsos, a Greek restaurant waiter, who for over thirty years – from the 1960s – claimed to know the location of Alexander’s Tomb. Being ignorant of Alexandria’s history and topography, Koumoutsos searched in random with no plan or scientific basis in Saad Zagloul, St. Sabba Greek-orthodox monastery and elsewhere. He even contacted Peter Fraser, the most eminent scholar of Alexandrian archaeology (at least at that time), showing him his ‘Alexander’s book’ that was nothing more than basic sketches of Greek style temples and inscriptions97. Koumoutsos passed away in 1991, but as more recent cases like Liana Soulvatzi’s Tomb of Alexander in Siwa and this of Shalalat Gardens indicate that the story of the fantastic search seems to have no end.


Tzalas, 2004, 67-88.


Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project