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cultures, religions and ideologies in Europe, Asia and Africa, during antiquity, medieval and modern period. There is no other historical figure that has achieved something similar. In other worlds he became the ultimate personification of his Oikoumene.

Fig. 95. Illustrated manuscript by Firdusi (I do not know if he has another name) in his Shah-name, created in Persia, perhaps in the city of Herat (?) between 1450-1460. The leaf measures 26.7 x 18.1 cm and is in Ann Arbor, Michigan, University of Michigan, Museum of Art, inventory number 1963/1.65

Today, the image of Alexander the Great is displayed in all public spots of Alexandria. The most characteristic cases are the statues in the New library and in beginning of Horeya street of modern Alexandria. The latter is a statue of the king on his horse carrying the image of Nike (Fig. 96). It was donated by the Greek Community of Alexandria in 1990s, reminding to the present day citizens and visitors of the city the founder, who like them was Greek, this fact was acknowledged during the inauguration of the statue where a procession of Greek and Egyptian notables accompanied the statue to the location, where today stands. The former is a head of Alexander the Great situated in the center of the court in the new library of Alexandria (Fig. 97). Although Alexander was not connected to the foundation of the ancient library, it seems that the legacy and legend of the Great king is so strong that he is one way or another related to anything important occurred in Alexandria, from antiquity until today. Undoubtedly, whether Αλεξάνδρεια, Alexandrea or Iskandarieh, Alexandria will always remain the city of Alexander the Great.


Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project