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Fig. 72. Painted funerary Stelae from Demetrias, Thessaly. 3 -2


century BC. Volos Museum

219 The so-called Soldiers’ Tomb in Ibrahimieh, today lost, represents this diversity of people, who were settled in Alexandria by the beginning of the Hellenistic period Some of the funerary stelae are inscribed with the word ΠΡΥΤΑΝΗΣ (ambassador), while others belong to the Ptolemaic military, giving the name to the whole complex. Within the latter group, burials of Galatians (Celts) have been discovered. (Figs. 73-74) Those people were hired mercenaries in the army of the first two Ptolemies while some of them served as city guards in Alexandria. The Galatians of the Soldiers’ Tomb are presented in Greek style funerary stelae, following the Greco-Alexandrian trend. Their names are of Celtic origin, but are written with Greek letters, sometimes in Hellenised phonetics such as ΒΙΤΟΣ ΛΟΣΤΟΙΕΚΟΥ, ΓΑΛΑΤΗΣ (Bitos son of Lostoikos, a Galatian). Others seem totally Hellenised: ΙΣΙΔΩΡΟΣ ΓΑΛΑΤΗΣ (Isidoros a Galatian)75.


For the so-called Soldiers’ Tomb, see Blanche-Brown, 1957; 1970.

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