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including the Alexandria and the Mediterranean Research Center70, The Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies71, The Manuscript Academic Center, The Calligraphy Center. The BA Museum of Antiquities (Fig. 68) The BA Museum of Antiquities was inaugurated on the 16th October 2002. Its collections were carefully selected to reflect the rich, multi-cultural history of Egypt with its Pharaonic, GraecoRoman, Coptic and Islamic heritage, with special emphasis on Alexandria and the Hellenistic period.

Fig. 68. BA Antiquities Museum. General View

The objective of this museum is to raise the cultural awareness of young people by presenting a variety of educational programs; it comprises the first museum in Egypt to display most of its holdings online, labeled in Arabic, English and French. The Museum itself houses 1,133 pieces, which include two unique collections: The artifacts found during the excavation works on the construction site (1993-1995) Underwater Antiquities hauled up from the Mediterranean seabed near the Eastern Harbour and the Bay of Abukir. Also, an important part of its exhibition concerns pieces of the Graeco-Roman Museum collections, such as those of Ras el Soda and Mehamara.

The Alexandria and the Mediterranean Research Center (AlexMed) (Fig. 69) The revival of the Library of Alexandria was also a ‘shock’ in the international community regarding 70

Cultural history of Alexandria, from Antiquity until today. Projects concern publications, conferences,

digitization processes, creation of databases and construction of 3D digital and physical models. 71

The center offers MA and PHD courses in Hellenistic studies, including Literature, history, archaeology and



Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project