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originated an innovative medical school that counted Philolaus among the great doctors, and Eurifone Europhile who in turn founded the famous medical school of Knidos. The revolutionary influence of this school implied a process of development of scientific medical speculation all over the Greek world that was transferred to future generations by Hippocrates to Eleatic school. Philolaus a medical philosopher and astronomer of the fifth century BC. organized in a systematic way Pythagoras' philosophical and scientific doctrines and divulged them, by setting them free from the sectarian character that had been adopted before. In the study there is a detailed description of district of Scolacium and the findings, among which important are the theater, the forum and the aqueduct discovered in the countryside surrounding Borgia. The whole area, an impressive beautiful olive grove represents the Mediterranean common heritage in many levels. There is a reference also to the three main land routes of The Ager Bruttium namly The via Popilia, the Tyrrhenian coast route and Ionian coast route.


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