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Fig. 11. Mosaic with Hunting scene from an ellite Hellenistic House

Fig. 12. The Dog Mosaic discovered during the construction of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


Fig. 13. The wrestling scene mosaic discovered during the construction of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The cityscape of Roman Alexandria was adorned like other cities of the Hellenistic East with colonnades, tetrastyles, fountains, city gates and triumphal arches. Some of these are attested in numismatic evidence. Several emperors such as Hadrian and Antoninus Pius seem to have contributed to a further monumentalisation of the city during the Roman period. Many of the Greek style facilities like the theatre, the Lageion (hippodrome), the gymnasium and the agora were preserved and renovated11, whereas there were some new buildings such as the Hadrianeion and Caesareion. The latter was the symbol of the Roman imperial power in Alexandria, of which nothing


McKenzie 2007, 148-149.

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