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housing of Ptolemaic date was lacking, and inferences had to be drawn from tomb architecture. Surprisingly, recent excavations have started to reveal houses dating back to the early Ptolemaic period. In the area of the Broucheion quarter, in the garden of the former British Consulate, four houses dating from the beginning of the 3rd century BC have been uncovered, complete with their courtyards, wells and a wealth of objects. A dining room was still paved with a mosaic with a central rosette motif, realized in little black –and white pebbles in a fashion similar to pavements discovered in Macedonia, from where the first settlers came with Alexander the Great10.

This discovery

corresponds to the two mosaics discovered and during the construction of the Royal quarters, as well as earlier discoveries from the Broucheion area, dating to the early Hellenistic period (Figs. 1113).



Empereur 2000, 191; Gallo, 2009, 67-69, on a Greek house in the neighborhood area of Alexandria on the

present day Nelson Island (Abukir), dating from the end of the 4th century BC.

Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
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