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Rhodes island‘), while on the cape itself a palace of Cleopatra, a sanctuary of Isis and another royal harbor was situated (fig. 10).


Fig. 10. Finds from the water are of the Royal Quarters (Sunken Egypt Exhibition)

THE CITY CENTER OF GRAECO-ROMAN ALEXANDRIA In the middle of the city, between the palace area to the northeast and the Rhakotis district to the southwest, there were the main civic buildings. Strabo mentions the gymnasium and the law court, the Dikasterion, while the city‘s more strictly political institutions such as the Prytaneion or the Bouleuterion are not pointed out by him. This can be explained by the fact that the city was the center of a royal administrative system, and not of a Greek city-state democracy. Yet the citizen body was strictly organized and regulated into tribes and demes according to a normal Greek model, and the city enjoyed its own legal system.9 Until recently, Alexandrian evidence for domestic 9

Rowlandson, 2003, 253.

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