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the lira would play and everybody would sing along. One of the favorite games was the “kottabos”. Someone would speak out the name of the woman he loved and he would pour wine into a balance or to a point where a sound could be heard or an object was fallen. The closer he was on his target the more the named woman loved him. They were electing a “president” of the banquet to control the quantity and quality of the wine. The wine was mixed with water, two parts water one wine, and they drunk in moderation. The banquet was over late at night and the servants accompanied the guests with lanterns.


Hellenistic art, 3rd century, Marble relief with scene of family meal, 3rd century b.c.

FESTIVALS AND CELEBRATIONS There were celebrations and fairs on specific dates during the year. They worshiped the twelve gods of Olympus nationwide, but locally they celebrated many other deities and heroes. They sacrificed animals, organized official banquets and they often organized games with Olympic Game events. Other times the festivities had a spiritual content with speeches, music and poetry competitions, plays and story reading. Family feasts were the marriage, birth and baptism of the child, its birthday,

Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project