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the “paroxos” (his closest friend the Best man of nowadays).


Marriage in Hellenistic pottery

The main wedding begins with sacrifices offered by the father of the bride that solemnly declares that she no longer belongs to his family but to her husband’s. Then the couple offer sacrifices and vows that they are getting married to have children. The groom approaches the bride and puts his hand over hers thus endorsing the marriage. Then the wedding banquet at the bride's house follows, where is the only time that women eat together with men in the same place. They sit separately, the groom with the "Best man" and relatives in beds and the bride with the « nympheutria » and relatives to seating. The wedding dinner includes food, wine and desserts. The main dish is the "wedding cake" (flour, water, sesame and honey). As night falls the sounds of the flute notify the bride, which holding a sieve or pan boards the wedding carriage between the husband and paroxos. Behind the carriage a procession is formed consisting of three girls holding sieves, the bride’s mother holding a torch lit from the hestia of her family's home, and of friends and relatives holding candles and singing the "hmenaioi" accompanied by guitar and flute. They give

Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project