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the fests was increased, as new were added while the old remain active. The cities were trying through the festivals to promote their history, to make known their existence to the outside world and to gain cultural and material collaborations. The place of women is improved markedly and is released from the conservatism of the classical times. This is reflected in art, by the appearance of naked female statues for the first time (Venus), and of female figurines that stand out for their charm as well as a ton of sensuality (the figurines are known as "Tanagrea")


Statuette of Aphrodite untying a sandal (Sandalbinder), Greek, East Greek, Late Hellenistic Period, 1st century B.C., Terracotta, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Marriage held an important place in the ancient society and was protected by law. The creation of family was serving different purposes, such as the production of offspring, the bequeathing of the property, the caretaking of the parents as well as the creation of alliances and production of powerful families. During this period many diverse phenomena are taking place in parallel. We have a diverse political theory and practice with dominant position, but rapidly developing science and technology. The commercial activity acquires its own merit. The expansion of the boundaries of the inhabited world creates the perception of “oikoumeni” besides that of the city-country. This perception will be fully implemented by the Roman Empire. The new historical conditions are reflected in the field of philosophy, which is dominated by stoic and epicurean philosophers, in whose teaching the central concept is held by the “oikoumeni”.

Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project  
Final study of CulMe-WeOnCT project