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4. Heath, Thomas L. A Manual of Greek Mathematics, 1931, ανατύπωση 1963



Pausanias was a Greek traveler, antiquary and geographer of the 2nd century, with wide interests, that lived in the times of Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius. Apparently except for Greece, he also experienced Italy, Arabia, Syria, Jerusalem and the Pyramids of Egypt. He is famous for “Ellados Periegesis” (Description of Greece), a lengthy work describing ancient Greece from firsthand observations which is a crucial link between classical literature and modern archeology. His work is a unique overview of ancient Greece and its monuments. An explanatory guide, without which, as Frazer his principal researcher claims, the ruins of Greece would be mostly an inaccessible labyrinth and a riddle without an answer. Pausanias has the instincts of an antiquary. As his editor Christian Habicht has said, “In general he prefers the old to the new, the sacred to the profane; there is much more about classical than about contemporary Greek art, more about temples, altars and images of the gods, than about public buildings and statues of politicians. Some magnificent and dominating structures,

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