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SSF... (swiss software factory)

Experience … International Presenz … Technical Prezision … Good software is how nature... Good software is just there and working. You can rely on them as on the spring. What leaves our house is ready for the world. There are three reasons that we will produce your next program, your website or your new database:

b4it is out. They work with the very best in their field. We namely only the best one - and make them continually.

b4it is international. We have subsidiaries in Germany and abroad. So we benefit from lively technological exchanges and low prices. b4it is exact. Software has to work. There is nothing to shake. Therefore, we work closely and accurately than with themselves and examine Falk eyes.

Eight reasons why we are the ideal partner ‌ ‌ are for you or your company!

What we do for you ... Advice. We accompany you from the beginning - and far beyond project. For this, we always take time.

Conception. Solutions for software and databases are highly complex, and every time to reschedule. This helps our years of experience. Configuration. Even with money we are exactly. Over budget and spending you know lanufend the communication - whether flat or at cost. Programming. We are fluent in all major programming languages and know when what is needed. Implementation. Our project management team is professional and outstanding human and ensures good cooperation. Documentation. Of course, part of our ongoing performance documentation, which is updated continuously.

Support. Whether we wait for a solution or agent - we can help quickly. Among other things, with an online support around the clock. Training. We train your staff with warmth and Hngabe, happy and carefree so you can later work with our product.

Software development ... Hardware ... Internet and Facebook ... What we can, we must forget ... The world is spinning fast. As software professionals, we are therefore encouraged to renew our skills constantly.

Our Windows and server applications, database solutions and applications for Intranet and Internet are always the most advanced out there on the Narkt. Namely, we develop further and make it ready today for tomorrow's world.

Native Language: C + + Our specialists dominate the popular programming languages, when they were grown up. These include C + +, and Visual Basic. Net and Java. We use our in-depth knowledge in the following areas: - Software and Application Development - Server Architecture - Solutions for Internet and Intranet - Database Development - Presentation solutions for your Facebook - Signature administrations - Technical monitoring and control systems

Our customers ...

The fields on which our flowers are blooming ... We work mainly for banks and insurance companies, but also for government, industry, startup companies and private persons.

Partnership ‌

For small, medium and new business ‌ Although we deal with very large and complex projects, are also interested in smaller tasks as they arise, for example, start-up firms. For these claims, we have two additional offers.

Our junior program is ideal for smaller budgets. Here, we provide cost-young programming talent available that are supported by experienced professionals. Our package for start-up contains a complete performance with a website, brochure and stationery. For your start-up to enter the professional market from the beginning.

Our promise ...

...your success. As a service company we work with people for people. Our success is based on competence, creativity and motivation of our employees. Based on their extensive experience, we can develop the right solution for each customer. For us, no project like the other: we see every task as a challenge, solve tailored and high quality is guaranteed.

To responsible partnership also takes courage to speak openly difficulties. One for which there are no problems, is not a good advisor. A good consultant is one who recognizes and reliably solves problems. The expertise of our staff is what we have to offer in order to win the trust and loyalty of our customers and to maintain long term. A fair partnership is our business principle and optimal results are our guideline.

A wealth of options + knowledge-based communication = QUALITY

Contact b4it (Byte for IT) Tunnelstrasse 9 CH-8732 Neuhaus Schweiz

+43 (0)664 627 53 98

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