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27 May 2014

Issue: 18

Dog Bite Prevention With summer upon us, a lot of outdoor activities take place. May is the month for National Dog Bite Prevention. Some suggestions to prevent dog bites: Teach children that a dog that is “stiff as a statue” is a dog that should not be approached. A dog will generally let you know if it is stressed through its behavior. Some common dog body language

of stress includes yawning when he is not tired, licking his lips when there is no food, and visible whites of his eyes. Most dogs prefer to avoid confrontations and will try to walk away, look away or hide. When a dog growls it is a warning that a bite is the next recourse. Never ignore a dog’s growl. In addition, if you are a dog owner, experts recommend that you not disci

pline a dog for growling as that will teach the dog to avoid the growl and go straight to the bite. Always ask a dog owner’s permission before approaching or petting a dog and let the dog sniff a closed hand before petting. Don’t stare into a dog’s eyes. Other tips can be found at ASPCA. Read more information.

National Prevention Week Highlights Highlights of information provided, and events that took place in this country and Bermuda, for National Prevention Week. In Illinois the focus was on drug and alcohol abuse in teens due to higher than average Illinois statistics on teen alcohol use. Preble County, Ohio noted that alcohol, cigarette and marijuana use in teens

increases during the summer months. The GRAAB Coalition in Cleveland, Ohio set up booths at the YMCA and a public library. In Bermuda, the DNDC visited middle and high schools providing students with skills and information to avoid substance abuse. There was also a mini fair and a Flash Mob.

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National Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week Nevada’s First Lady played a significant role in National Missing Children’s Day Substance abuse prevention begins young Delaware awarded grants for Alcohol Prevention Week

A state by state list of events can be found on the

SAMHSA Prevention Week events website. Read more here.

Missing Children’s Day 2014

Sunday, May 25 was National Missing Children’s Day. A day set aside to honor the memories of those who are lost. The FBI highlights the names and faces of the children listed on their Kidnappings and Missing Persons webpage. Learn more! This publication was supported in whole or in part by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA) through State General Funds and/or the SAPT Block Grant for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the U.S. DHHS, SAMHSA, or the State of Nevada.

OJJDP Funding for National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention Project Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) recently announced a funding opportunity for the fiscal year 2014 National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention Expansion Project. OJJDP will select as many as five new sites, using a competitive selection process, to join the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention.

The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is a collaboration that supports and enhances communities’ capacity to combat youth and gang violence by applying evidence-based prevention, intervention, law enforcement, and reentry strategies.

FAQs about this funding opportunity. Other grant opportunities with OJJDP are found here.

Applications are due by June 23, 2014.

Upcoming Events Summer Public Health Institute 2014 May 27 – June 13, 2014 The Summer Public Health Institute, now in its 13th year, offers courses for students and practice professionals in public health and related fields. Courses are intensive, highly interactive. For more information contact: Summer Public Health Institute, 2221 University Avenue SE #110, Minneapolis, MN 55414  Telephone: 612-626-8434  Email:

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Girls Matter! Webinar Series SAMHSA’s six-part Girls Matter! webinar series addresses adolescent girls’ behavioral health. It is at the midway point. There is still time to register and join the discussion about girls’ behavioral health on social media with hashtag #girlsmatter2014. Sanctuary and Supports for Girls in Crisis: June 10, 2014

National Foster Care Month Permanency Webinars The Children’s Bureau is hosting a free webinar series on achieving permanency for children and youth in foster care. Part 3, “Federal Supports to Improving Permanency Outcomes in Child Welfare” will take place Thursday, May 29, 2014, 2:00-3:30 p.m. eastern.

The Power of Youth Development and Recovery Supports: June 24, 2014

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Nprc update05 27 14  

Providing weekly updates for Professionals, Counselors, Educators, Parents and Activists.

Nprc update05 27 14  

Providing weekly updates for Professionals, Counselors, Educators, Parents and Activists.