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28 April 2014

Issue: 16

A Comedy of Errors: How Powdered Alcohol Became A Sensation Powdered Alcohol, also known as “Palcohol”, is not coming to store near you anytime soon. A ccording to the website for the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, multiple varieties of Palcohol received “label approval” on April 8. However, Palcohol said in an email at around 5 p.m. eastern time that it agreed

to surrender the approvals “a few hours ago.” A representative of the federal bureau suggested that the approvals may have been issued inerror due to the lack of knowledge of exactly how much powder would be going in each bag. The labels will be resubmitted for approval, however there are fears about this new product. Originally coined by John Phillips, who wanted to enjoy a portable adult beverage after long hours of being active

outdoors, Palcohol could be a huge safety risk. While the website explicitly warns not to smoke the powder, there is a concern that underage individuals will be able to access it and smoke it for immeadiate intoxication. Nonetheless, from a health perspective, just adding water to the powder and drinking it is unlikely to be much more dangerous than standard alcoholic beverages. Read more at USA Today or at Daily Tech

Marijuana Loses Appeal for Infrequent Users Once Legalized High school seniors are a fickle bunch. A majority of these students have reported that if marijuana was to be legalized for recreational use in their state, they would not use it again. This seventy percent have only used the drug one to five times and decided that the high recieved wasn’t tempting enough without the thrill of doing something illegal. However the statistics for

heavy marijuana users were vastly different, with sixty one percent of them claiming they would use the drug just as often if not more often. To be classified as a heavy marijuana user, the student had

In The News How Does Alcohol Affect Your Running Performance? Life Saving Drugs Come At A Steep Cost Drugs Aim to Help Prevent Muscle Decay Childhood Bullying Can Cause Problems Years Later

to have used marijuana twenty or more times. Read the rest here.

Suicide Prevention Grant Designed to assist colleges and universities build a foundation for their efforts to prevent suicide attempts and to enhance services for students with mental and substance use disorders. Due: Tuesday May 27, 2014 Anticipated Award: Up to $102,000 a year Get more information here. This publication was supported in whole or in part by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA) through State General Funds and/or the SAPT Block Grant for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the U.S. DHHS, SAMHSA, or the State of Nevada.

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#1261 - Bullies: A Serious Problem For Kids

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#2358 - About Bullying

Be Kind... Like Josh: Inspire To Be More Kind, More Often It seems almost every day stories are on the news of children who have been bullied to the point that they thought it was necessary to bring a gun to school or people quitting careers or attempting suicide due to cyberbullying.

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It all leads back to the fact that we don’t see kindness enough. We don’t show kindness enough. Josh Steven’s family is looking to change that. After his tragic death only a month before his 13th birthday, Josh’s family created a foundation in his honor to celebrate his unique brand of kindness. The community in Clark County stepped up to support the foundation, and now the Stevens family is able to visit different schools in Nevada to spread awareness about the importance of being kind. The purpose of the Josh Stevens Foundation and their kindness card is to remind

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people that there is a whole wide world in need of more acts of kindness. Last January, the foundation was able to partner with 68 schools to attempt “50 Acts of Kindness In A Week”. Powered by the belief that kindness should be recognized and celebrated, the Stevens family is making strides to make this world a better place. Interested in having the Stevens family and the Josh Stevens Foundation visit a school near you? Send them a message! To learn more, visit

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NPRC Update April-29-2014  

Providing weekly updates for Professionals, Counselors, Educators, Parents and Activists

NPRC Update April-29-2014  

Providing weekly updates for Professionals, Counselors, Educators, Parents and Activists