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27 January 2014

Issue: 4

The NPRC will be hosting a Social Media campaign throughout Drug Facts Week. We will be utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and our own website to disseminate information all week long to our followers.

Join Foundation for Recovery tonight in Las Vegas as they kick of Drug Facts Week with a Drug Facts Trivia Night. Attendees can come with their own team or join one there.

CADCA Responds to Obama’s Comments on Marijuana CADCA is concerned that only a portion of what the President said during his interview has made headlines, when in fact the President expressed some serious concerns about marijuana legalization. CADCA believes that substance abuse is a public health concern and has wide-reaching negative effects on our young people and society. So we agree with President Obama’s comment that marijuana use is a ‘bad habit’, a ‘bad idea and a waste of time’. We also echo the President’s sentiment that

In the News

the case for marijuana legalization is ‘overstated’ and will not solve the many social problems our society faces. The President’s remarks and comments carry significant impact. Therefore, at a time when national studies indicate that the majority of high school seniors don’t view marijuana as harmful and marijuana use is trending upwards among teens, we ask that the President consider the wide body of research showing the harms of marijuana use on young people and use the bully pulpit to positively influence teens

Awareness Campaigns

Obama: Pot not ‘more dangerous’ than alcohol

National Blood Donor Month

Women have been particularly affected by the War on Drugs

National Stalking Awareness Month

How Colleges Are Preparing Students for a Country Where Pot Is Legal

Global Belly Laugh Day 1/24

Surgeon general report links more diseases, health problems to smoking tobacco

This publication was supported in whole or in part by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA) through State General Funds and/or the SAPT Block Grant for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the U.S. DHHS, SAMHSA, or the State of Nevada.

New Materials 2340 Domestic Violence Handbook for Victims & Professionals 2341 Manual de Violencia Doméstica Para las Víctimas y los Profesionales (Domestic Violence Handbook for Victims & Professionals) 2342 No One Deserves to be Abused 2343 The Effects of Emotional Abuse 2344 Los Efectos del Abuso Emocional (The Effects of Emotional Abuse) 2345 When Abuse Follows You to Work 2346 Cuando el Abuso te sigue al Trabajo (When Abuse Follows You to Work) 2347 Pets and Domestic Violence 2348 La Violencia Domestica y las Mascotas (Pets and Domestic Violence) 2349 La Violencia en la Tercera Edad Infligida por a la Pareja (Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life Handbook) 2350 Violencia en la Pareja: Una Amenaza Grave para la Salud (Intimate Partner Violence: A Major Health Threat) 2351 Violencia en la Pareja: Una Perspectiva Cultural (Intimate Partner Violence: A Cultural Perspective) 2352 Statutory Rape Campaign Poster 2353 Cartel de la campaña Violación Estatutaria(Statutory Rape Campaign Poster) 2354 With So Many Things To Do, No Wonder Most Kids Chose Not To Drink (Poster) 2355 How To Resolve Conflict Peacefully 2356 You, Your Child And Violence 2357 Protecting Children From Secondhand Smoke 2358 About Bullying 2359 Raising Your Child To Be Drug-Free

Why America Has So Many People In Prison

Training and Webinars The Neurobiological Cocktail of Addiction, Gambling Disorders and Mood Disorders 1/31 A National Conference on Use of Clinical Decision Support to Improve Medication Management 1/28

What Does Science Say? Reviewing Recovery Research 2/5

Beyond Four Walls: Smoke-free Places 1/29 ACA and Addiction Treatment: Implications, Policy and Practice Issues 1/29 The Business of Intervention: What It Takes to Be Successful 1/30

Clear Vision: The Power of Story to Heal Therapist and Client The Clear Vision 2/7 Reno & 2/10 Vegas Understanding and Treating the Complex Puzzle of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury 2/12

Funding Opportunity Cooperative Agreements For Linking Actions For Unmet Needs In Children’s Health

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NPRC Update January-27-2014  

Providing weekly updates for Professionals, Counselors, Educators, Parents and Activists

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