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Lala and Rara are best friends. Lala gives of a fragrance, like the bud of spring. Rara gives of a scent, like the leaves of summer.

Rara draws the most stunning stars, as they stargazing on the roof together.

Lala performs the most glamorous dance, as they playing on the meadow,

Best of all, they do everything together.

One day, they decide to go for an adventure. They meet at the forked road, and started to go on seperate ways.

Before the adventure begins, they promise each other to meet at the destination: Prairie. Rara uses a thread to tie each of thier hand together,

and they promise each other that they will always be together no matter how far they are. Then they start to move on different roads. Rara runs with a good mood.

Rara falls down and injure sometimes; but it doesn’t bother her to run constantly.