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1 lb of pork, a mix or dark and white meat is perfect, as you'd find in a cut of pork shoulder or Boston Butt – but other cuts will work as well • •

4 green onions, finely chopped

¼ cup of chopped red shallot. You can use red onions or regular cooking onions as a substitute if you don't have shallots (But shallots are great and if you don't have any you should get some!) •

½ cup of mint leaves, woody sprigs removed

½ Tbls of dried red chili powder or flakes – with more to taste as needed. This is just a starting point, and the amount you'll add in the end will depend on your love of spice and the heat of the chili you’re using. •

2 Tbls of dried rice powder (to make dried rice powder, take some raw rice and toast it in a heavy skillet over medium heat until golden browned. Pop the rice into the b lender and whizz until finely chopped. The rice powder adds a great bit of crunch to this salad, and although you may be tempted to skip this part, its well worth spending the few minutes to make up the rice powder •

2-3 Tbls of fish sauce (or more to taste)

3-5 Tbls of fresh key-lime juice

A pinch of MSG

How yo makr Laab  
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