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Our product design teams are always on the prowl for problems to solve based on real world feedback from our customers worldwide. As a result, 5.11 Tactical® products are loaded with features that are driven by the feedback and interaction with operators and individuals like yourself. With an arsenal of technical features and specific functionality we have developed this collection of icons to help you discover specific features and benefits found in our products.

Product Features And Benefits

Gender Specific Fit

Adjustable Waistband: Made with a selfadjusting or elastic waistbands for flexibility when carrying an inside the waistband (IWB) holster.

Kneepad Ready: Product is built to accommodate 5.11’s neoprene knee pad (59008 available separately).

Air Flow: Constructed with mesh panels, vents and/or a cape back for maximum airflow.

Laptop Ready: Built with a laptop-compatible compartment.

Men — Product is ONLY available in a Men’s fit.

Antimicrobial: Antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria (prevents odour).

Moisture Wicking: A fabric function that helps transport moisture (sweat) away from your skin.

Women — Product is ONLY available in a Women’s fit.

CCW Ready: Designed and built to confidentially carry a concealed sidearm.

Rain Ready* : A rating of 1-5 for water resistance, 5 is fully seam sealed waterproof.

Men & Women — Product is available in BOTH a Men’s and a Women’s fit.

Cold Weather Ready* : A rating of 1-5 for cold weather performance, 5 is warmest.

RAPIDraw™: Designed and built with features to allow the fast presentation of a concealed sidearm.

New Products & New Colours

Comms Ready: With product features built to accommodate cable routing, radio equipment and/ or writing tools.

Reinforced Zones: Features reinforced or doublethick fabric in high wear zones like seat, knees and elbows.

To quickly find our brand new products - as well as new colour ways for your favourite styles - look out for the following icons within the product description:

Gear Ready: Designed and built to serve as a load bearing platform.

Pro Fit: Generous and volumous fit. Examples include the ATAC and the SHIELD 2.

Hydration Ready: Built to carry a hydration bladder.

Tac Fit: Modern fit with slightly less volume. Examples include the Taclite and EVO series.

ID Panels: Built with customizable id panels that can be stowed away, or shown for agency identification.

Bio Fit: Anatomical and responsive fit for light weight shoes. Examples include the Pursuit and Skyweight series.

Our products are all about the fit, that’s why we build them based on different body shapes. To determine at a glance if the product is available in your fit, look out for the following icons:

New Product — Indicates that the product is new to the catalogue. New Colour — Indicates that the product is available in a new colour. Example icon shows the new colour is Black 019 (colour name can be found in the product specification text).

* These features are shown for your reference only. They indicate performance based on differences between comparable 5.11® products and do not indicate any official test standards.

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