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E TACTICAL DUTY UNIFORM: THE NEXT LEVEL OF FLEXIBLE AND FUNCTIONAL TACTICAL UNIFORMS. Building on the success of our popular Stryke Pant, we have engineered each purpose-built component to create the uniform of the future. Designed to increase the speed, mobility and comfort of law enforcement and tactical duty professionals, the uniform is constructed to withstand the rigorous demands of on-duty job responsibilities. 5.11Tactical ® ’s Next Level Uniform is tailored to meet the needs of both law enforcement and tactical duty professionals. Functional designs, 5.11 Tactical® ’s styling and our Flex-Tac ® fabric work together to provide a tactical advantage in our 5.11 Stryke™ Tactical Duty Uniforms. 5.11® ’s Flex-Tac mechanical stretch fabric offers lasting flexibility, freedom of movement and a TEFLON ® finish for stain and soil resistance.

5.11 Stryke TDU™ Rapid Shirt 724 Dark Navy 5.11 Stryke TDU™ Shirt 724 Dark Navy

5.11 Stryke TDU™ Pant 724 Dark Navy

Zipper-closure front covered placket version with advanced design features (5.11 Stryke TDU ™) or our pull-over moisture wicking version designed to be worn under an outerplate carrier or load bearing vest (5.11 Stryke TDU ™ Rapid).

Our 5.11 Stryke TDU ™ Pant features a fitted waistband with stretch and an articulated pattern that provides streamlined appearance while allowing full range of movement.

Find the Stryke TDU™ Shirts on page 20.

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BREACHING TOOLS Effective breaching is a cornerstone of law enforcement. Minimising the exposure and maximising the effectiveness of your breaching team requires the use of high quality tools and adequate training. The Patent pending 5.11® Breaching System (Engineered by S.E.T.) is designed for use against high level in and out swinging security doors, offering your team superior breaching capabilities in a multitude of environments. 5.11 Tactical ® offers rams, pryes, rakes, complete breaching kits as well as training doors, all of unrivaled functionality. For more information on the 5.11® Breaching System, please contact 5.11® at or your local distributor. Public Safety Professionals Only.

PATROL DUTY UNIFORM ™ The next generation of duty uniforms are here! All 5.11® Patrol Duty Uniforms (PDU ™) are built from tough and durable materials that maintain clean lines, resist fading and shrinking, and provide all the comfort and breathability you need to keep cool in any situation. If you are interested in these PDU’s, please contact your local 5.11® dealer or 5.11® direct at For customisation of a larger quantity of any 5.11® product according to your specific needs, please contact your local 5.11® dealer or 5.11® direct at

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5.11 Tactical - SS2016 (Europe)  

Language: ENGLISH, Currency: € EURO

5.11 Tactical - SS2016 (Europe)  

Language: ENGLISH, Currency: € EURO