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Save money for the building of private flats and houses in the 50s in Germany. The model: “Building Society” (Bausparkasse) in Baden Württemberg

Source: catalog Zuteilungsreif Bausparer-Geschichten aus dem Südwesten Haus der Geschichte Stuttgart November 2005 ISBN 3-933726-19-0

The origin of the European building society movement lies in the 20ies years in Germany in W端stenrot

near Stuttgart BadenW端rttemberg

Building Societies - The basic idea •

In the 18th Century, an Englishman founded a building society in Birmingham, so the idea of ​public housing was first introduced to Europe. 50 years later, already followed by many building societies in the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, etc. In Germany, the first building society came only in 1924. That was a private institution, and still exists today: building society community of friends Wüstenrot profit company (now Wüstenrot building society AG). The building society principle is an example of a simple explanation for savers to pay an annual part of the property acquisition costs in a common pot, this pot shakes the building society saving the money to those, who needs it actual.

savings plans: The savings contract, which is closed with the building society is called the savings agreement. Building society deposits: The savings credit is payable annually mostly to the deposit. Minimum savings period The minimum savings period, the HB potential allocation date meant. Allocation The allocation of the payment to the building society savings from the common pot. Building loans This is the difference between the mean total savings agreed in savings agreement and the actual accumulated balances.

Emergency housing, refugees after the war and the reconstruction of houses and apartments belonging to the social and economic policies of the 50s

Houses, build in the 50s fotos May 2012 by klm

Advertising posters from the 50s

Enamels - Sign "counseling center here," the building society Schw채bisch Hall in 1955







Save money for the building of private flats and houses in the 50s in Germany.