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Are your finances heading in the right direction?

We provide a comprehensive wealth management service, offering specialist face-to-face advice tailored to you. Our services include: • Investment Planning • Retirement Planning

• Inheritance Tax Planning • Intergenerational Planning

For further details please contact:

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TWITTERING ON by Angela Kelly


TRAVEL - TOP TEN TIPS For taking your first safari


MICHAEL BALL A man for all seasons in the entertainment world


STEVE HOWARTH'S TESTDRIVE An indepth look at two popular models

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food & drink James Martin's Great British Adventure

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WHAT'S ON A guide to what's happening in your region

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ANY ROOF, ANY SIZE, ANYWHERE! Roof nation is a family run business that provides specialist roofing services to both domestic and commercial customers. We offer a range of products and services to suit the individual needs of each customer. Our team of highly skilled and professional roofing experts can provide a free site survey and quote upon request. Whether it be a dormer roof or a commercial warehouse spanning thousands of meters; the same amount of excellence will be applied. Our staff are well presented, polite and on hand to make your project a reality.

House Refurbishment & Building GRP FIBREGLASS FLATROOF SPECIALISTS Roof nation are specialists in GRP fibreglass flat roof installations and have been providing a quality service over three decades.

We provide fast and effective specialist roofing services for all types of roofing repairs, refurbs and installations nationally.


Call us today to speak about arranging a completely free consultation and quote from one of our local roofing experts:

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TWITTERING ON BY ANGELA KELLY Is Italy that long bit – or is that Brazil? WE live in an age when far-flung countries are now highly accessible to us all and holiday destinations get more and more exotic. There are now few places in the world where we do not travel. In fact, many people consider themselves very welltravelled indeed and they probably are. But, an interesting survey by travel experts Expedia reveal that adults asked to complete geography questions meant for 10 year-olds often proved to be bottom of the class in this subject. Of the 2,000-plus adults questioned, a third were unable to locate France on a map. More than half failed to recognise Japan and India. Four in 10 adults were able to spot Argentina but, unfortunately, one in 10 thought it was Brazil. The trickiest place to pinpoint proved to be mountainous Austria with 76 per cent getting that one wrong. And, although they are both favourite destinations with holidaymaking Brits, identifying where either Egypt or Turkey were drew a blank from 59 per cent. Naming capital cities also proved tricky. A quarter thought Sydney was the capital of Australia instead of Canberra while 71 per cent wrongly guessed Toronto as Canada’s capital and not the correct answer of Ottawa.


So what does all this lack of geographical awareness prove? Personally, I think it backs up a theory I’ve had for some time that we don’t really think about where we’re actually going when we go on holiday. We have little awareness of our real destination in relation to other countries because we don’t really care: it’s just abroad. We step aboard the plane into a little world of cosseted isolation where nice staff bring drinks and food, a pilot announces the stats on a regular basis and we view the passing world through tiny windows that reveal very little. Often when we get to our chosen holiday destination, travellers hunker down in a hotel or resort, never venturing beyond the local beach or swimming pool and bar. The area, its culture and surrounding towns and villages are of little interest as we relax, over-eat and drink and acquire a tan. We could be anywhere in the world. I know not everyone holidays this way and there are many people – especially older travellers – who take advantage of retirement or just more disposable income to visit places they’ve always dreamed of and really do appreciate them. But then, they probably do know where France is and have a good working geographical knowledge of the world, anyway.

Scammers beware! Photos online tell the truth IT’S heartening that the number of compensation claims for holiday sickness and car accident whiplash has fallen dramatically. This is after the introduction of legal curbs as laws last Summer to prevent profiteering by claims companies along with bans on cold-calling. Anything that puts an end to bogus holiday injury and illness claims and phoney injuries from car crashes has got to help all our insurance premiums and ensure people stick to the truth. The holiday claims in particular reached ridiculous proportions with holidaymakers claiming they had been taken seriously ill – only for their sunshine snaps to pop up on Facebook revealing them having a brilliant time! But that’s one thing about those who try to cheat the system: they’re not very bright in thinking things through. Why else would those making false benefit claims happily boast online about their prowess in everything from running to wrestling when they’ve claimed they can scarcely walk to the front door?

The truth will definitely out – usually with a useful video or graphic photos giving the lie to their claims. Life after 30 years of the World Wide Web UNBELIEVABLY, this year is the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web although it seems to always have been with us. Creator Sir Tim Berners Lee has taken the opportunity of the anniversary to call for people to come together and stop abuse of the internet.

In a letter, the British engineer lamented the fact that the internet has “made all kinds of crime easier to commit” and is used by “scammers” to such an extent that they will be “impossible to eradicate completely.”

face-to-face talks with loved ones on the other side of the world, discover facts in seconds, raise millions for good causes and boost inventions that save lives and make our existence far better.

He even warned that the internet has degraded the quality of debate online by fuelling outrage and polarising opinions. Sir Tim urged Governments around the world to tackle the problems warning that it would be “defeatist” not to.

It is not his fault that people have discovered their voices to the extent that their opinions must be heard above all others and they now have no stop-button when it comes to the way they express themselves.

It’s a great pity that his amazing invention has been hi-jacked by evil individuals across the globe. There seems to be scandal after scandal over vile content on platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter where dark forces promote every depravity from child sex abuse images to extreme racism and jihadists. Such shocking, almost casual, use of the internet for these ends hides the fact that it has done remarkable amounts of good and made life easier for millions. Communication has never been simpler thanks to Sir Tim’s invention. We can have

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm

Nor is it his fault that differing pubic opinion prompts extreme reactions like death threats that are not only out of all proportion to the original opinion expressed but also stifle freedom of speech. Would we, however, want to be without the internet and all it has brought us? Probably not. On balance, the positives generally outweigh the negatives. And, perhaps fortunately, we can’t un-know things or turn back the technology clock. So we’re stuck with it. But let’s heed Sir Tim’s words and tackle the real problems it brings to refine its influence for good if at all possible.

working to live and give





01204 398056




OUT NOW - our 2019 ‘Door to Door’ brochure If you’ve not tried coach holidays before why not let Ellen Smith’s take you on your first coach experience. We’ve been established for over 120 years – so we know a bit about coaching holidays! We do things a bit differently than our rivals

All our tours include our ‘Door to Door’ service. That means that you are picked up by a taxi or small minibus right from your front door. No feeders, no interchanges, no changing coaches, no changing drivers and definitely no hassle!

How does it work?

On the morning of travel we pick you up at a prearranged time and take you to our waiting coach at Birch Services.

OR O D TO R O O urs D o T h Coac

We’re off on holiday then!

The same happens on the way back too, taxi back to your front door!

Within 30 minutes

We normally have everyone on board and we’re on our way. We often have a second pickup at Stockport, but again this is timed for minimal delay.

We are fully Financially Bonded

And use some excellent privately-owned hotels. All visits and excursions are included in the price. We use modern coaches and mature friendly drivers.

We never discount

smith.c n e l l e . www

hip Members 8 No: 1022

We charge the correct price in the first place – therefore everybody on board pays the same price.


If you can find the same or similar holiday for sale cheaper in the UK we’ll refund the difference to the whole coach!

Once you’ve gone the Ellen Smith way you’ll never go back!


DOO RT Coa O DOO ch T R o u rs

www .ellen



k Membe rship No: 10228

Paignton - Palace Hotel

Overview: Paignton, part of the stunning English Riviera is very popular if you are looking for a quiet break. Like all of Torbay, Paignton was frequented by Victorians and some of the architecture still remains. Parts of Paignton can be found in the Domesday Book and it has been a small fishing port in years gone by

10 June - 5 Days - £379

Picturesque Pembrokeshire - Ivy Bush Hotel

Overview: The natural beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast and the Gower peninsula are famed all over the world. Glorious sandy beaches and seemingly endless rugged coastline give way to the Preseli Hills, historic towns and little villages.

21st July - 5 Days - £369

Durham Delights - Redworth Hall Hotel Overview: History lovers can experience some of Durham’s amazing heritage on this tour as we visit Beamish – the Living Museum of the North and The Bowes Museum with its outstanding collection of European fine and decorative art. There will also be a day at leisure to explore the beautiful City of Durham.

The Beautiful Lake District The Cumbria Grand Hotel

Overview: Immortalised by artists, poets & writers The Lake District plays host to the many visitors who return year after year to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

17 June - 5 Days - £379

24 June - 5 Days - £369

Wye Valley & The Royal Forest of Dean - Bells Hotel & Forest of Dean Golf Club

Delightful Dingle Bay & Dolphins River Island Hotel

Overview: Discover this magical borderland fought over for centuries, with visits to a historic town, a magnificent Abbey, a relaxing train ride and a scenic river cruise all included.

Overview: A lovely holiday to Co. Kerry which includes nightly entertainment at the main hotel, day tours through some of Ireland’s most beautiful scenery and a unique dolphin-watching excursion.

29th July - 5 Days - £379

11th August - 6 Days - £499

Historic Wales & River Tales Holiday Inn Bristol-Filton

English Riviera - Torquay Headland Hotel

Llandudno - The Tynedale Hotel

24th August - 4 Days - £329

9th September - 5 Days - £379

10th September - 5 Days - £389

Overview: Explore the unique history of South Wales and the border region on this short break. From the largest castle in Wales to the abbey which inspired Turner and Wordsworth, South Wales and the Wye Valley make for a truly memorable visit.

Overview: An award-winning resort where elegant Victorian villas, a bustling harbour and palmfringed beaches give the Riviera its well-earned name. Well renowned for being at the heart of the English Riviera, Torquay is a sophisticated and stylish resort with real continental flair.

Overview: Llandudno is Wales’s largest resort, uniquely situated between the Great and Little Ormes with two wonderful beaches, the awardwinning North Shore and the quiet, sand duned West Shore.


Call our reservations office on 01706 648126 and request a copy of our 2019 brochure. You’ll be surprised at the variations of tours we operate. Visit our website at

Find us on facebook (search for ellensmithtours) Membership No: 10228


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check whether any under 12s will be sharing your safari vehicle. It’s one thing if it’s your grandkids who shout and frighten off the big cat you’ve just caught sight of. It can be frustrating if they are someone else’s. Many companies make special arrangements for family groups.   Enjoy the jungle sounds at night The croaking frogs, the giggling geckos, the territorial roar of a lion if you’re lucky – the soundtrack of an African night will remind you of just how far from city life you have travelled. Bring ear-plugs if you really can’t sleep through it, but you’ll miss one of nature’s most glorious dawn choruses too! Dress for the bush

Top Ten Tips for taking your first Safari By Gill Haynes for Silver Travel Advisor Go at the right time of year for you At the end of Namibia’s dry season (October) water is scarce so animals cluster around the waterholes. In May/June, the grasses are dying back in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, making the game easier to see. In February, the wildebeest calves are born and come August, the Great Migration across Kenya’s Mara river takes place. Check your vehicle If you can, it’s worth paying a little more to have fewer people in the safari vehicle with you. As a minimum, check whether everyone can have a ‘window’ seat – no-one wants to be stuck in the middle. If your hearing is not so good, turn up early and sit as near the safari guide in the front as you can. They not


only spot the animals first but have a fund of fascinating stories and info to relate. Much as we love them … If you are travelling as an older couple,

You will feel much more part of the scene and at one with the animals if you wear colours found in nature – khaki, subdued shades of green, brown and beige. Do not wear red (unless you are a Masai warrior), pink, white, black or jazzy patterns. And don’t wear army-style camouflage – in some countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe, it is banned.Your ranger guides will dress in beige or dark green; you’ll fit in just right – and look like an old hand at this - if you dress similarly. Don’t be tempted to take too many clothes either; the lodges and camps offer

overnight laundry and it provides extra jobs for the local people. Don’t get bitten You’ll have mosquito nets provided and most places also supply bug sprays but to be absolutely sure, bring your own 50% deet mosquito repellent and use it religiously. And cover up, especially after sundown. Wear socks, long trousers and long-sleeved shirts in light colours. And remember to take the malaria pills a few days before you enter a malarial region and for a week after you leave – it’s not worth taking chances. Take the Game drives Most places will include – or offer – early morning and late afternoon game drives.You may think getting up at 4am to go on a drive is a bit much, but you don’t want to be the one who missed seeing the baby elephants or the rhino. Rest instead in the heat of the day, like the animals do, so you’re ready (once you’ve had afternoon tea, of course) for the later game drive, when animals will be up and about again. The safari vehicle will shake, rattle and roll - which is part of the fun but they usually also come equipped with

blankets and those all-important sundowners in the cool-box. Listen to the people who live there The ranger guides, the camp managers, the waiters – the people who live and work in the properties all have stories to tell that will amaze, amuse and sometime appal you. Keep asking and keep listening – it’s how you’ll gain a real understanding of the people, the wildlife and the special places you are visiting. Do not run In almost every situation in the bush, this is the wrong thing to do. The only exception in my experience was when we were surprised on a walking safari by two rhinos that had doubled back on us. All of us, the silver travellers included, found that we could quickly climb trees when necessary.  Relax Follow the instructions, and you are safe on safari. Always listen to and take your guide’s advice – they are total professionals. A pride of lions once came into our camp in the early morning; the male roared right outside our tent and I could hear its intake of breath. Two of our guides came rushing out and scared

Kenyan landscape

them off simply by shouting and shooing them away. There was no fuss and they didn’t need their guns – they knew exactly what they were doing. Factbox Silver Travel Advisor recommends Africa Sky whose passionate experts specialise in luxury tailor-made safaris in this diverse continent. Having deeply explored its magnificent wealth of landscapes, camps under the stars, lavish lodges and incredible wildlife, rest assured your African adventure will be a once-in-alifetime holiday, personally tailored to your wishes. Visit or call 01342 889413.

Enjoy safe and stress-free senior living at Ashwood Park, Cheshire Begin your new lifestyle in a brand-new home within a secure and friendly community.




Where will 2019 take you? From Borneo to Brighton, discover our range of holiday destinations across the UK, Europe & beyond All year round, you’ll find charming coastal escapes; special events including sports tournaments and festivals; premium escorted tours; relaxing river cruises and worldwide escapes to far-flung destinations. So join us and find relaxation amid stunning scenery, an exciting holiday adventure, or the chance to indulge your personal passions.

This is your perfect Shearings holiday for 2019...

Why choose Shearings? The UK’s largest escorted tour company



Over 100 years of experience

Award-winning holidays

Low deposits, from £65pp∆

Up to 20kg luggage included in price†

Over 600 pick up points nationwide

Trusted hotels in excellent locations

Over 200 destinations worldwide

Flexible travel options by coach, car, air and rail














Croatian coast - All Inclusive

Lake Como - All Inclusive

Blackpool & Motown The Musical

Staying at the Hotel Narcis, Rabac

Staying at the Britannia Excelsior

Staying at Liberty’s On The Square Blackpool

Staying on Croatia’s beautiful Istrian Peninsula, we explore the hidden delights, historic towns and scenic shores of this wonderful region, as well as enjoying a great value inclusive package during our stay. We’ll make the most of our time away as well, travelling overnight to reach our destination.

Summer is an ideal time to visit beautiful Lake Como with dramatic lake scenery during the hot Italian summer days on an all inclusive holiday. We’ll explore Lake Maggiore & Lake Orta, villages around Lake Como and Como market.

Launching the careers of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and many, many more, Motown Records is celebrated on stage and the incredible history is retold through some of the timeless classics you are sure to know.

9 DAYS • JUNE - OCT 2019





9 DAYS • MAY - SEPT 2019



The Danube’s Great Cities Sailing on the MS Serenade 2 A majestic cruise through the valleys, vineyards and scenery that make the Danube so special. From the elegance of Vienna to the ancient splendour of Bratislava and Budapest, immerse yourself in some of the heartland of Europe’s most magical capitals. Also available by air and rail

10 DAYS • JUNE - SEPT 2019 • SAVING £495pp



5 DAYS • 26 AUG 2019


Safari the Maasai Mara & The Serengeti

Indochina’s Rivers & Treasures

Touring Itinerary

Touring Itinerary

10 DAYS • JUNE 2019 - DEC 2020




Explore the wilds of two unique African countries in search of the “Big Five” as we safari from the midnight skies of the Maasai Mara to wild plains of The Serengeti. We experience game drives, boat across Lake Naivasha in search of hippos, explore the biodiverse Ngorongro Crater and visit a Maasai Village.


From the bays of Vietnam to the Rivers of Cambodia, this tour immerses you in the colour of daily life of these two vibrant countries to the culture and history of times gone by. See Monasteries and Palaces through to The Killing Fields and Angkor Wat.

17 DAYS • SEPT 2019 - MAR & SEPT 2020

For more information or to book, call 01942 416157

or visit using code NFP914. Request a brochure at

Terms and conditions apply. All prices are ‘from’ prices and are based on 2 people sharing a standard twin/double room/cabin, and joining at an interchange, (coach holidays only). Single/room/cabin/flight supplements may apply. Advertised prices already include any relevant saving. ∆£65 deposit is based on UK coach holidays of 2-5 days only. †On UK and European coach holidays only. Prices correct as of 08/05/19. E&OE.




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Cruising and chilling in Southern India By Helen Jackson for Silver Travel Advisor.

directly behind the captain, with camera and binoculars. Sights We cruised on both wide channels, lined with houses with wooden boats moored outside, and narrow waterways carpeted with abundant lilac water hyacinth. Lime-green paddy fields had silver glittering streamers to scare the birds. Pots and pans, bodies and hair were all washed in the water with a ‘thwack, thwack’ signalling laundry time as clothes were bashed against stone. Men fished with simple rod and line on banks full of banana and papaya trees, whilst ‘toddy tappers’ scaled tall palms to collect sap. Black cormorants, herons, egrets and kingfishers waded in the reeds or perched on electricity wires.

If you’ve seen Season 2 of BBCs ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’ or ITVs ‘The Good Karma Hospital’, you may be tempted by Kerala’s chilled-back lifestyle. As we’d visited 10 years ago, we knew it would provide a relaxing finale to a tiring month-long tour. Having previously explored Kochi, the Tea Bungalow was just somewhere to sleep before embarking on a two-night cruise on Kerala’s famous backwaters on a converted rice barge known as Kettuvallam. Our Kettuvallam Lakes & Lagoons two-berth, premium houseboat had air-conditioning: essential with temperatures of 30°. The open deck, with four, comfortable cane armchairs had an enclosed dining room behind. The goodsized bedroom had wardrobe, cupboard and compact TV. A surprisingly spacious bathroom had walk-in shower, toiletries, good-quality towels and plenty of hot water. Decor was tasteful with silver elephant-head door handles. Crew quarters and the kitchen were at the back of the boat.


The trip Having bought beers and soft drinks from the office shop, we were introduced to the crew: Captain Laly, Murali (mate) and Suresh the chef. Having being shown our route on the map, we got ensconced on cushions

On the water, a school boat picked up noisy children, wooden canoes laden with various goods drifted past powered by motor or oar, a crammed commuter ferry had people hanging from the doorways whilst smaller boats took villagers from bank to bank.

Excursions At Champakulam, we visited St Mary’s Basilica, a huge, well maintained, 500-yearold Catholic church and St Thomas’ Fine Arts Studio which carved wooden religious items. A motorised canoe took us along channels too narrow for the kettuvallam, and allowed us to see the water’ clarity, floating tiny purple flours and coloured flies skimming the water. After dropping anchor around 6pm, we stretched our legs with walks through villages. At a private fish farm, we were invited to watch the evening feed, whilst a man fished with huge bow and arrow. Food Lunch - Our first lunch was an absolute feast, with six curries and vegetables dishes with rice and poppadoms and a whole small fish followed by a spiced, nutty noodle pudding to follow. But this was surpassed when dishes were served onto large banana leaf plates; banana chips, spicy lime pickle, pineapple, beetroot, cream-coloured mango which belied its punch, green banana, warm mixed vegetables, rice, prawns, poppadoms and fish wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf. Dinner - Like lunch, dinner was a superb selection of curries, vegetables, breads and rice. Despite two lunches and two dinners, no dish was repeated: not easy bearing in mind the number of dishes and the small kitchen.

Snacks - Just in case we were still hungry or thirsty, there was a constant supply of snacks and drinks: spiced banana fritters, warm roasted cashew nuts and banana chips with green tea, fresh lime sodas and coconut juice. This was the perfect way to relax and as there was no signal or wi-fi, mobiles were only used for photography: it was lovely to literally switch off and dream about our final destination. Marari Beach We’d experienced the peace and tranquillity of Marari Beach before and it was an obvious choice. The 53, detached and thatched, white-washed bungalows, resembling local fishermen’s houses, are spread over 36 acres. Our bungalow had a separate area for relaxing with wicker furniture and a spacious bedroom with lots of hanging space and shelves. It was well equipped with safe, mini bar with soft drinks, tea and coffee facilities and hairdryer. The semi-open bathroom housed a large, pebbled shower area. Baskets of fruit were provided daily and there was a nightly turn-down service. Blissfully routine days began with a buffet breakfast (Indian and western, hot and cold), followed by sunbathing on either beds or in hammocks on a huge grassy area between the hotel and beach. Tall palms trees provided natural shade and tethered grazing cows kept the grass trim. We swam in either the warm

Arabian Sea or the salt water swimming pool which was excellent in size, shape and depth. The Ayurveda Spa tempted. I decided not to have the Chavitty Uzhichil massage ‘specially for the obese’ although after all I’d eaten, it was appropriate. Instead I had 4.5 litres of warm herbal oil trickled over me for 60 minutes - an interesting experience. The hotel ran a daily programme of in house activities: cookery classes, yoga and meditation, saree and dhoti demonstration, village walks, music lessons etc and trips could be arranged to see the local fisherman, nearby temples and further afield to Kochi and Alleppey. I left thoroughly relaxed, if a bit oily, ready to face the UK's February chills. Silver Travel Advisor recommends TransIndus which is the UK’s leading India specialist for holiday to the Indian Sub-Continent organising tailor-made holidays and group tours for the British travellers for 3 decades. TransIndus are proud of their un-rivalled-ground knowledge and local expertise, invaluable in planning holidays to match your needs. They cover India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Visit or call 020 8566 3739



CELEBRITY interview


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F you’re looking for a Man for All Seasons in the entertainment world, Michael Ball is top choice. The 56 year-old singer with the ready smile and the resonant voice has become a popular performer in everything from musical theatre and film to TV and radio. He has even taken on the ample persona and flamboyant dresses of Edna Turnblad in the musical Hairspray! All that was very much in the future for young Michael growing up in Dartmoor. Although he never had a singing lesson, he learned some of the early skills involved by singing along to music. His favourites were Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Mahalia Jackson. His parents, however, took him to the theatre in the school holidays and a love of the stage was born. He joined a youth theatre which led to him studying drama at Guildford School of Acting. His professional debut was in Godspell, playing the role of John the Baptist/Judas but his big break came along when he appeared in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance as Frederick at Manchester Opera House. Quickly recognised for his pleasing voice, dimpled smile and charismatic performances, Michael made his West End debut in Les Miserables. He originated the role of Marius and then Alex in Aspects of Love – a role he later recreated on Broadway. Michael also played Raoul in Phantom of the Opera and Giorgio in Stephen Sondheim’s Passion. The public was certainly becoming aware of Michael Ball, and appreciating him. In May, 1992, he represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song One Step Out Of Time. Although he finished in second place, this kickstarted his recording career. He has released many hit albums in a multiplatinum selling career and even reached No.2 in the UK singles’ charts with Love Changes Everything from Aspects of Love. He has also carried out numerous tours throughout the country and four of his concerts were released on DVD: Musicals and More,

Live At The Royal Albert Hall, This Time It’s Personal and Live in London. He returned to Les Miserables twice, in 1995 to recreate his role of Marius for the 10th anniversary concert performance of the show and again in 2004 when he was asked to play Jean Valjean in a special performance for the Queen and French President Jacques Chirac at Windsor Castle. In 2002, he played Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the West End. Michael has twice won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical – in 2008 for Edna Turnblad in Hairspray and in 2013 for the title role in the revival of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. His fame isn’t restricted to the UK. In 2004, he travelled to Australia where he performed five sell-out concerts and he followed that with his first concerts in America, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Always keen to challenge himself onstage, in 2001, he appeared at London’s Donmar Warehouse in a one-man show entitled Alone Together - with no props, no orchestra and just a pianist accompanying him. The performance was recorded and released on DVD in 2002. Michael has also had a long and successful relationship with both TV and radio. He briefly appeared in Coronation Street in 1995 as Malcolm Nuttall but first sang live during the televised Miss England contest. He had his own TV series in 1993 and 1994 and a Christmas special in 1995 but his amiable personality also lent itself well to presenting and his has had various roles in shows from The National Lottery Draws and Children in Need to reality TV shows like Soapstar Superstar. In 2010, he presented 30 episodes of The Michael Ball Show and that year and 2011, guest-presented six episodes of Lorraine for ITV Breakfast. He has guest-hosted other shows including The One Show and The Paul O’Grady Show and taken part in programmes like a celebrity edition of Catchphrase. His easy personality also translates well to radio and he currently has his own top-rated show on Radio 2.

He was awarded the OBE in the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for Services to Musical Theatre but still has a humble, approachable persona that people easily relate to. He has enjoyed collaborations with other stars at different times in his career. In 2004, he co-starred with Petula Clark in a production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard, which was later broadcast by the BBC. That same year, he was a guest star in Clark’s own concert. More recently, he has enjoyed a remarkably successful pairing with fellow singer Alfie Boe. They have toured extensively together after recording what became the biggest-selling album of 2016 and a Christmas No.1, followed up by a further successful album. They became friends during a disastrous staging of Kismet at the English National Opera, according to an interview both did with the BBC. But it wasn’t until 2015 that they had time to make an album together. They plainly both like and respect each other. As Michael explained: “You wouldn’t want to sing with someone you didn’t like. That would be miserable.” Michael’s latest tour, however, he’s performing solo. Called Coming Home, it takes him to 21 places across the country, starting from April 20 and including prestigious venues from York Barbican to Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall and Bournemouth International Centre. He lives with Sixties icon Cathy McGowan, the highly popular presenter of TV legendary programme Ready, Steady, Go. His own taste in music sounds fairly allembracing. He once stated: “The reason I love the songs from Queen is they are theatrical. Freddie Mercury was very theatrical; he has that style about him.” Michael does, however, embrace all kinds of music, stating: “It’s labels, labels are rubbish. You don’t need to have labels on music. It’s either good music or not good music.” And Michael’s millions of fans know good music when they hear it.

* For more information on Michael Ball’s latest tour go to 15


† Eligible customers only: You must own either (1) a non-Ford (any age) or (2) a Ford that’s at least 4 years old. Minimum 4 months ownership from your new vehicle contract date. Customer saving (inc VAT) off the Recommended On The Road Price of a new Kuga or new Ecosport (excl Zetec). Contract by 30th June 2019. Register by 30th September 2019. Private retail sales only.


54-56 Higher Bridge Street, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 2HQ

CALL 03300 960786 Models shown are: Kuga ST-Line Edition 1.5L EcoBoost (150PS) FWD Manual Petrol. Fuel economy Mpg (l/100km) (Combined): 35.3 (8.0) *CO2 emissions: 160g/km, Ecosport ST-Line 1.0L EcoBoost (125PS) Manual Petrol. Fuel economy Mpg (l/100km) (Combined): 43.5 (6.5) *CO2 emissions: 119g/km. Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. *There is a new test used for fuel consumption and CO2 figures. The CO2 figures shown however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration.




54-56 Higher Bridge Street, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 2HQ

CALL 03300 960786



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STEVE HOWARTH'S TESTDRIVE An indepth look at two popular models

auto. Our excellent 123bhp 3-cylinder engine can get the ecoSport to hit 0 to 62 in 12.7 seconds and go on to a top speed of 111 while returning up to a shade over 61mpg. The new ST-line trim adds sports suspension, a body kit, 17-inch special alloys, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, part-leather seats and ST scuff plates which help it to stand out - especially in the striking two colour finish of our test car.

FORD ECOSPORT LIKE most of the other major manufacturers Ford are investing heavily in the booming small SUV/Crossover segment. The latest version of their popular ecoSport is evidence of the efforts Ford are putting into getting a share of this lucrative market as their baby SUV recently had a comprehensive makeover and upgrade. Our test car was a very distinctive ecoSport ST-Line in smart black and ‘Tiger eye’ orange, which came packed with tech and safety aids. Now the ecoSport has been criticised by motoring journalists in the past, who suspected it had been ‘cobbled together’ to get a share of that booming supermini SUV market, so Ford have bitten the bullet and addressed the issues raised against it. In 2015 they gave the ecoSport a boost by removing that ungainly spare wheel, overhauling the suspension and upping


the equipment list. Then last year Ford has gave the ecoSport another major restyle, plus moved production to Romania. The 2018 updates include exterior styling to match the Kuga and Edge, an interior to match the excellent new Fiesta and new trim levels with increased personalisation options. And it has to be said the 2018 version is a lot better for the changes with improved handling, ride, noise levels, equipment lists and styling. The light and responsive steering is almost as good as the latest Fiesta, on which the ecoSport is based, and engine choices now include Ford’s three-cylinder 1.0 ecoBoost with either 123bhp (our car) or 138bhp plus a 1.5 diesel with either 99bhp or 123bhp. The more powerful diesel is only available with AWD (a first for the ecoSport), while a six-speed manual is standard – only the 123bhp petrol is offered with a six speed

In the interior is a new Sync 3 infotainment system from the latest Fiesta that uses an 8-inch touchscreen mounted on top of the dash which is easy and simple to use with clear graphics and Apple CarPlay, DAB radio and Bluetooth included. Also on the ST-Line equipment list are: cruise control (non-adaptive), auto air con, rear view camera, parking sensors, auto lights and wipers, keyless start and a large rear spoiler. Options fitted to our top-of-the range trim car include that ‘Shadow Black’ paintwork (£495), 18” machined alloy wheels (£600), comfort pack including heated seats and steering wheel (£250) and rear privacy glass (£250) which took the final on the road price up from £20,745 to £22,490. However, ecoSport ownership can start from £17,050 for the base Zetec model and £19,050 in Titanium guise. I found the upright design of the ecoSport worked well giving very good ground clearance, should you ever venture into the rough stuff. It stands out from the crowd too (quite literally) - but it was a bit of a ‘Marmite’ car dividing opinion, with younger drivers seeming to be more in favour. So, six years after its launch, the ecoSport can finally make its mark in the crowded small SUV segment after Ford brought it bang up to date. Better looking, betterequipped and better to drive than ever it is sure to win lots of new fans for Ford. More information at

country lanes bringing a big grin as you go. For a Fiat 500 £25,895 is a lot – but not for the kind of performance and fun factor this little pocket rocket brings.

FCA (Fiat, Chrysler Automobiles) SOMETIMES you just know if you love your job… and for a complete petrol head like me a day spent in the beautiful (if a little wet) Cotswolds countryside trying out a selection of great cars is right where I want to be. Those lovely people at FCA (Fiat, Chrysler Automobiles) invited yours truly to try out their latest line up on a media drive day and I was like a kid in a sweet shop! Where to start? Well as a true off road fan it had to be the new Jeep Wrangler and I was let loose in the 2019 top of the range Rubicon 2.2 diesel version. What a great truck – having been on a Jeep event in the Utah desert a few years ago I can testify that there is no better 4x4 when the going gets really tough. But this time it wa s almost all on road and the big SUV, with its bright red paintwork and huge alloy wheels, was a prefect pose-mobile as I trundled through quaint villages and small market towns. Despite its size the Wrangler is surprisingly easy to drive – especially as other motorists tend to get out of your way – and has all

the creature comforts you would expect including an excellent eight speed auto box and full time all-wheel drive. At £48,365 on the road it may not be cheap – but the big Jeep undercuts rivals like Porsche, Range Rover and Mercedes by a long way on price yet has kerb appeal to rival the best. Then it was from FCA’s biggest car to their smallest – the Fiat 500 – but this was no ordinary 500, it was the Abarth 695C Rivale 1.4 T-Jet, which means an amazing 180bhp and 0 to 60 in a breathtaking 6.7 seconds with a 140mph top speed.

And talking about performance, I then got behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2.9 Bi-turbo – which has a staggering 510bhp. Here we are in supercar territory with a 0 to 60 time (in track mode) of 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 191mph… in a saloon car! And the noise it makes from those four exhaust pipes – an Italian automotive opera which was music to my ears. Like many motoring journalists I have a soft spot for Alfas and this latest one is probably the best yet – what an amazing machine, although you will have to find over £63,000 to buy one. These were just the highlights of a great day and full reviews on the cars mentioned will be in your motors section later in the year. For more information go to or or

What a hoot! With the canvas roof down dodging the showers the 695C was perfect for flashing along





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Make Your Lasting Power of Attorney or Risk More Expense Later As we age, thoughts about how we might cope if we’re diagnosed with a debilitating condition can become more persistent. Suffering a physical impairment is bad enough, but when your mental health starts to fail you, it can feel overwhelming. News reports of celebrities, such as Barbara Windsor have highlighted the importance of making arrangements should you lose mental capacity, and with the number of people being diagnosed with degenerative illnesses like dementia increasing, it’s more important than ever to make plans.You need to make sure that should anything like that happen to you, arrangements will be in place to care for your health and wellbeing, and your finances.


This is where a lasting power of attorney comes in to its own. It’s a specifically designed legal document that allows you to select an individual to act on your behalf should you lose mental capacity due to an accident or illness. The person you choose is known as your attorney and can be anyone

Judith Bromley Russell & Russell

you like as long as they’re over the age of 18 and haven’t been declared bankrupt. When setting up a power of attorney you need to bear in mind that timing is everything; you have to be of sound mind when you do it, otherwise it won’t be valid. Deciding who will be your attorney is key. All too often people choose their children, but this can be a terrible idea. Being an attorney is a job that comes with a great deal of responsibility, so if your children are not good at managing money or there’s a possibility they may steal from you, they’re the last person you should elect. It’s a hard decision to make, but at the end of the day, it’s your money and your welfare and they both need to be looked after by someone who will respect that.

If you prefer, you can have more than one attorney, but if they don’t see eye to eye it may end up in a conflict about what’s in your best interests. To alleviate this, you can stipulate whether they all need to agree on decisions made on your behalf or if they can act independently of each other. Alternatively, to save any falling out or ill feeling, you may want to appoint a solicitor to act as your attorney. Of course, they’ll charge you for it, but the advantage is that they’re neutral and are accountable for any wrongdoing. There are two types of power of attorney; one covers property and finances while the other deals with health and welfare. A property and affairs LPA allows your attorney to handle your finances, such as any property and savings you may have, paying for care fees or arranging the sale of your home if necessary. A health and welfare power of attorney addresses your personal well-being. It outlines what medical treatment you should receive, where you live and can even give your attorney the power to accept or refuse lifesustaining treatment on your behalf. Whether it’s the expense or the time needed to do it, failing to make provisions like a power of attorney can cost much more than you think. In the event that you haven’t put any arrangements in place, your loved ones will need to apply for a Court of Protection to be legally responsible for you. A Court of Protection is a specialist document which grants permission to safeguard someone who has lost the ability to look after their own affairs. It allows those who apply for it – a deputy – to make decisions about finances and welfare on your behalf if you can no longer do it yourself. Applying for a Court of Protection can be a complex and lengthy process, which requires specialist assistance from a solicitor. The application fee to be a deputy is £400 and it takes around six months to complete. The solicitor’s fee, which is fixed by the court, is £950 + vat and a medical report can cost in the region of £150-£250. On top of this, there are ongoing supervision charges from the Court of Protection to safeguard the vulnerable person; you. There may also be care fees to pay while the deputyship is being processed. So, when you weigh up the price of setting up a power of attorney against applying for a Court of Protection, it’s not difficult to see which is the most cost effective and least time consuming. At Russell & Russell, we have a team of qualified lasting power of attorney experts. We also offer a free, no obligation consultation where we can talk you through the process and answer any questions or problems you may have.



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A secure future with EQUITY RELEASE? THESE days we have to look at a variety of ways to raise cash and ensure that our future will be secure and one popular way for anyone over 55 to do just that is via equity release, which offers the chance to access the cash – the equity – tied up in your home. It can be as a lump sum or in several small amounts, or a combination of both. There are two equity release options: lifetime mortgage and home reversion. The Money Advice Service explains that a LIFETIME MORTGAGE means that you take out a mortgage secured on your property, provided it is your main residence, while retaining ownership. You can choose to ring-fence some of the value of your property as an inheritance for your family or you can choose to make repayments or let the interest roll-up. The


loan amount and any accrued interest is paid back when you die or when you move into long-term care. Most people who take out equity release use a lifetime mortgage. Usually you don’t have to make any repayments while you’re alive and interest “rolls up” (unpaid interest is added to the loan), meaning the debt can increase quite quickly over a period of time. However, some lifetime mortgages do now offer the option to pay all or some of the interest. Some will let you pay off the interest and the capital. In the same way ordinary mortgages vary from lender to lender, so do lifetime mortgages, and if you’re looking at this option it’s worth knowing that the minimum age for this is usually 55. As we’re now all living longer, the earlier you start the more this is likely to cost in the long run.

The average borrower in their late 60s can usually borrow around 35% of the value of their home, but how much can be released is dependent on your age and the value of your property. The percentage typically increases according to your age when you take out the lifetime mortgage, while some providers might offer larger sums to those with certain past or present medical conditions. Many lenders offer interest rates which are fixed or, if they are variable, have a “cap” or upper limit which is fixed for the loan’s duration. Check whether the product has a “no negative equity guarantee” This means that, when your property is sold and agents’ and solicitors’ fees have been paid, even if the amount left is not enough to repay the outstanding loan to your provider neither you nor your estate will be liable to pay any more.

It’s also worth finding out if you have the right to move to another property, subject to the new property being acceptable to your product provider as continuing security for your equity release loan, as different lifetime mortgage providers might have slightly different thresholds. Consider whether you can pay none, some or all of the interest. If you can make repayments, the mortgage will be less costly. However, with a lifetime mortgage where you can make monthly payments, the amount you can repay might be based on your income. Providers will have to check you can afford these regular payments. Look at whether you can withdraw the equity you’re releasing in small amounts, as and when you need it, or whether you have to take it as one lump sum. The advantage of being able to take money out in smaller amounts is you only pay the interest on the amount you’ve withdrawn. If you can take smaller lump sums, check if there is a minimum amount. A HOME REVERSION involves you selling part or all of your home to a home reversion provider in return for a lump sum or regular payments.You have the right to continue

living in the property until you die, rentfree, but you have to agree to maintain and insure it. You can ring-fence a percentage of your property for later use, possibly for inheritance - the percentage you retain will always remain the same, regardless of the change in property values, unless you decide to take further cash releases. At the end of the plan, your property is sold and the sale proceeds are shared according to the remaining proportions of ownership.You will get a lump sum or regular payments – normally between 20 per cent and 60 per cent of the market value of your home, or the part you sell. With home reversions, it’s worth checking whether or not you can release equity in several payments or in one lump sum and the minimum age at which you can take out a home reversion plan. Some providers insist you’re at least 60 or 65 before you can apply. Keep in mind the percentage of the market value you will receive. This will increase the older you are when you take out the plan but might vary from provider to provider. Also check whether you have the right to remain in your property for life or until you

Empowering you with the retirement you deserve

need to move to long-term care, provided the property remains your main residence and you abide by the terms and conditions of your contract. Again, check whether you have the right to move to another property, subject to the new property being acceptable to your product provider as continuing security for your equity release loan and whether the product has a “no negative equity guarantee”.You will also need to know what level of maintenance you’ll be expected to carry out and how often your property will be inspected – this could be every few years. Overall, equity release might seem like a good option if you want some extra money and don’t want to move house, but it’s worth bearing in mind that equity release can be more expensive in comparison to an ordinary mortgage. It’s also worth considering any additional changes taking out equity release could make to existing arrangements, with the potential to lose means-tested benefits being key among them. It’s also worth considering involving your family throughout the process, as any equity taken out of the home will impact their inheritance later down the line.


• Lifetime mortgages are helping more and more over 55s finance their retirement • To see if it could be the right option for you, contact an independent financial adviser


Company registered in England and Wales No. 7240896. Pure Retirement Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registered No.582621.



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DON'T MOVE HOUSE CHANGE IT THIS is often the time of year when you look around and consider the whole thorny process of moving house. It may be that you have outgrown your present property, or your family is now independent and living in their own home or just that you’re fed up with where you live and need a change. Moving house is always a reasonable choice but can be stressful. Instead, what you might well consider is CHANGING your current property to make it very different to suit your changing lifestyle. For example, when your family is young, your home needs to be practical and easy

to run. Life is lived largely in the kitchen for many families and rooms allocated to suit the basic needs of all members of the household. It may be that your home has – by its geographical position and the type of property – been ideally suited to the regular juggling of job, school and interests. Remove at least some of these areas - like when you retire - and a fresh assessment of your home is required. So, it’s time to cast a fresh eye on your home and see if you can alter it to become the property of your dreams.

Assess the ROOM SPACE you have and see if you want more or just want to reconfigure space. Would you prefer a dining kitchen or maybe the addition of extra rooms to suit hobbies or current lifestyle? Do you want to open up rooms for a more contemporary look? An EXTENSION to your property not only changes the space proportions but also adds to your property’s value. Consider where this might go to be the most use and look the best. Do you use your garage regularly or could you convert it into living space? GARAGE CONVERSIONS are very popular, especially with the increasing number of people who work from home or who are looking for an extra lounge or to create a gym. Finding a builder on recommendation is one positive way forward, especially

The condensing boiler specialists











Supplied and fitted by our family business with over 30 years experience


Showroom: 12 Marsden ST. Westhoughton BL5 3AQ Tel: 01942 811541 1211



PremierStores Bed, Sofa-Bed and Rise & Recline Centre

Independent Family Business Est. 1986

Our prices are lower than the Multi-Nationals

Come and view our wide range of when you can see examples of their work. Another is to go to influential websites like the Federation of Master Builders at www. or the Guild of Master Craftsmen on www.guildmc. com or try It’s always best to go to accredited and experienced companies rather than just pick a name from a directory or online. The same criteria applies if you want to have a CONSERVATORY or ORANGERIE built. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations and then go to their showrooms if possible and certainly see some of the work they’ve already done.

Rise & Recline Chairs & Sofas Prices from £499 + vat

Having NEW WINDOWS installed makes a huge difference to both the look and the insulation of your home. Take advice on the right style for the age and type of property you have. The installer’s experience here is invaluable. It’s also worth having the outside of your home PAINTED and areas like fascias and soffits addressed. At the same time, look at the garden or area in front of your house. Would gravel rather than grass look better and be more practical? Does your garden want a re-think and overhauling? Call the experts in for a quote. While PAINTING and DECORATING internal walls will always make a difference to the smartness and lightness of rooms, it can

Premier Stores - Queens Buildings Central Street (Off Deansgate), Bolton, BL1 2AB Open: Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm Sunday 12pm - 4pm

T:01204 363 493 25


All our blinds are made to measure here in the UK and installed by highly experienced installers. We can offer a solution for all shading and privacy issues including motorised blinds and tracks, external blinds, window films and Plantation shutters. We have no false discounts or silly offers just good products and straight forward honest customer service.

be crucial in areas like the hallway. Is this the welcoming place you want to portray? Is it light enough or would new lighting help to improve it? Strategically placed spotlights can work well in halls, especially when combined with large, unusual mirrors.You don’t have to spend a fortune on either and you might even pick up a really eye-catching mirror in a charity shop, saleroom or online. Re-think your ROOMS. It may be that you want to knock through a kitchen and dining room to create one big dining area or even create a new lounge in an upstairs bedroom. Homestyle magazines and websites can offer plenty of ideas on modern, alternative living. This is not always expensive but does requires a willingness to expand your ideas about day-to-day life at home.

We specialise in:

If your LOUNGE SUITE is looking rather shabby and you can’t afford a new three-piece suite, take a look at the price of having new covers made as these can bring an old suite to life.

• Shutters • Wood • Roller • Vision • • Anti allergy blinds • Motorised • • External • Office Blinds • and much more, with the latest fabrics and colours!


T: 01204 292087 176 St George’s Rd, Bolton BL1 2NZ


Select a signature colour if you’re thinking of having new WALLPAPER or painting your walls. Take a sample of colour with you to look at new CURTAINS or BLINDS so that you can mix and match for a smart new co-ordinated look. There are many kinds of blinds available now and they can really open up a room.

Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from hayfever? Benchmark Blinds have a unique range of Pollergen™ treated fabrics, offering helpful relief for the whole family against hayfaver and dust mites. Easy to clean and and wipe down they are an essential in the home all year round. HOW DOES POLLERGEN™ WORK? Developed by chemists our treated fabrics are cleverly designed to de-nature up to 50% of pollen and dust when they come into contact with your blinds. A deployed blind can dramatically decrease the amount of active pollen and dust that can enter a room.You can even eliminate irritations whilst you sleep as they are particularly beneficial when closed at night, making sure you wake up your best. Take a look at the latest types of FLOORING and choose the right one for the right area.You need something durable and easy to clean for an entrance hall. Porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles are all good choices as is solid or engineered timber. Natural fibre flooring is also suitable for hallways and stairs. In open-plan kitchen diners, having two different flooring types for each area can work well, both visually and practically. Stainresistant flooring that’s easy to clean is best. There are also many types of vinyl flooring on offer now so ask your local retailer. Wooden floors of all kinds can enhance a lounge area, interspersed with cosy rugs or you may prefer a good-quality carpet. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are useful in bathrooms but don’t rule out vinyl here, either.


Ch de in


Many people prefer carpets in bedrooms for their warmth and feeling of relaxation but look at your décor before you decide. New KITCHENS are always a welcome change and make a terrific difference to the look of your home and lifestyle. But, if funds don’t allow for new units, changing your unit doors or just having the old ones painted makes a difference. A change in colour scheme in kitchen furniture, utensils and appliances can also give this vital room a real facelift. The same is true of BATHROOMS where even a new shower curtain and different coloured towels and accessories can brighten up the whole place. Add new LIGHTING around the house and you’ll feel like this is a new property – but still right where you want to live.

J Oc aRr Gp eUt Ss JO R G U S

o u t d o o r s

Quality British Carpets Genuine Factory Prices

Visit your local factory shop and we guarantee - you won’t go anywhere else!

Simply J ORGUS Open 7 days a week | Fitting service | Free estimates | Commercial and domestic | Roll ends also available

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asthma and allergy sufferer?

Sapphire Luxury Bed Purify your bedroom with Purotex £999.00 coatings by Purr-O-Lux.

Purotex is a revolutionary technology based on 100% natural probiotics. Purotex is nature’s own technology for a clean, fresh and healthy sleep.

Purr-O-Lux Mattresses are turnable for LOngevity and even wear.

Fillings available in: Bamboo DOuBle mattresses From £199 Cashmere large selection of motorised Beds Circle of Dreams Alpaca with pocket sprung latex mattresses. All Luxury Bed variations and sizes available. Lambswool 2 YEAR £1,985.00 G uarantee on Pocket Sprung £199 motors

Head Movement

£379 Street, Bury BL8 2AD Albion Divan Base with 797 sprung4044 Interior | 0161 mattress finished in Knitted Head & Foot Movement fabric.Opening Times: £489 Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 11am - 4pm Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm High back wing chairs with pocket spring seats & rise & recline chairs From


Take away VAT if you are registered disabled. Albion Street, Bury BL8 2AD

Tel: 0161 797 4044

viSit OUr SHOwrOOM OPen 7 DayS a weeK: Mon-Fri 9.30am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 5pm & Sun 11am - 4pm


Our emphasis is on superb quality and customer satisfaction



Call in to see us anytime. You are always assusred of a warm welcome and absolutely no high pressure sales! OPEN TIMES: 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday

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It’s surprising how much the colours and fabrics in a room can vastly improve and change the look of it. Picking a new colour for the walls, or buying a new rug or carpet can mix up the style of your home and make it look brand new.

For a more sophisticated feel, stick to neutral tones, whites and creams. Not only do these provide a blank canvas to incorporate furniture and patterns, but allow the room to become a peaceful setting, which looks elegant and refined.

Colours in the living area are so important and have a big impact on the feel of the room and the mood of the people within it. Painting a room is a much quicker and cheaper way of decorating because it is then easier to change and redecorate in the future, without the hassle of removing and replacing wallpaper.

Combinations of fabrics and patterns are also hugely inspiring when it comes to decorating and can create a theme for your house that you may wish to follow; from a cosy cottage to a Tuscan villa. If your tastes cater to soft pastels, floral fabrics and rustic wood furnishings, then a cottage style home may be your cup of tea, where as finding wallpapers with an old plaster texture, tapestry style rugs and cushions with gold, coppers and greens infused can give the feel of Tuscany in your home.

If you are looking for a warm and energetic environment, try a red or orange tone. This may not be suitable for those wanting to relax with the family as they are loud colours, but if you are the type of person who likes entertaining, then the warmth will brighten up the vibe of the room.Yellow is the perfect warm colour for livening up your space, but try to keep it to a feature or accent wall. Too much of it can be overpowering. For those folk who want to feel laid back and relaxed, a cooler blue or green room might be more suitable. Do be careful of the shades you pick however. An icy blue may make visitors feel unwelcome. A warmer shade, such as turquoise, may give the desired effect you want, but make others feel more welcome as well.

Carpets are a highly important part of a room. Many people prefer plain, block colour materials on their floors, which are great for flexibility when designing and changing styles. However they can make a large room look empty. Going for a patterned carpet might seem a bit risky, but if the right one is selected, it can make a big difference. Patterns can create a focal point in a big room if you feel like keeping the furniture quite simple, but try and avoid busy patterns in a small room as this can make the space seem closed in and cluttered. Fabric texture is also important. Kristen Schmitt says on Better Homes and Gardens


50 plus magazine

that: “Texture adds dimension to a room. It appeals to our senses, both visual and tactile, which makes the room interesting.” Add some pillows and cushions to your bed and sofa; fluffy, ruffled, floral,tartan, anything that takes your fancy. Even a textured throw for the end of the bed can provide a contrast in a room. Bring in a patterned rug to create a focal point and make small rooms look larger. Round shapes in a square room can also soften the space. Don’t be afraid of contrasting patterns and colours either, but try not to go beyond three and use samples to decide on the best combinations. You may think that adding a splash of colour to your home will get expensive but that isn’t the case. Paint is a much cheaper option than wallpaper, but how about just re-painting and wallpapering one wall in a vibrant colour or pattern to add some variation. If you can’t afford a new sofa or lounge chair, find some new fabric you like and get the existing furniture reupholstered. Wooden furniture is easy to transform too. Take an old chair that needs a make over, or buy a cheap one from a second hand shop. All it needs is sanding down and a coat of paint, to fit whatever mood you are going for in the room, and you have a brand new piece of furniture. The same can be done with tables, cupboards, and fireplaces.

FINAL TIPS... Fabrics can easily change up a room, don’t be afraid to experiment. l Be aware of light and colours. Warmer light coming into your house allows for cooler colours.With colder light, try a warmer colour. Something as simple as adding a mirror can instantly make a room look bigger. l Patterns are good, but don’t go overboard. l Buy a signature piece of furniture or rug you like and base the colour scheme around that. Bright ornaments and furniture can look great in an otherwise plain, white room. l You don’t need a massive income to completely change your style. l


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS KEY AT PREMIER STORES Premier Bed Stores have been in business for over 33 years now and are pleased to announce a brand new showroom area dedicated to Adjustable beds. Julian explained that Premier Bed Stores have always sold adjustable beds but with increased demand not only from customers who require them for mobility reasons but for people who just like to go to bed to watch TV or read then this type of bed can be fantastic. With the new display we offer 11 different types of mattress from the traditional pocket spring to the Cool Gel mattress with the added option of choosing a softer, medium or firmer feel depending on the customers requirements. Julie Robinson who has been in the bed business for well over 20+ years is

passionate about finding the correct bed for her customers. Nothing is too much trouble for Julie (as some of the reviews will testify) and she always goes the extra mile to help select the correct combination of mattress and adjustable divan. The beds come with the option of drawers and matching headboards and the superb Elite divan also has a built in massage to help lull you gently off to sleep! Prices start for a single bed at £499.99 + Vat (qualifying customers get Vat exemption) Premier Bed Stores is located just off Deansgate on Central Street and once inside this unassuming building, first time customers are amazed by just how vast the store is and a stair lift makes it accessible for all.

Buy British The vast majority of our products are still manufactured here in the UK and Premier Bed Stores still offers FREE local delivery and set up of your new bed. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our satisfied customers say Excellent choice of beds, excellent service and excellent advice. This is the third bed I have purchased from Premier Stores and I keep coming back. Would definitely recommend the store. Carol McKinnon hhhhh Brilliant customer service. Our second visit to Premier Stores (purchased both times). Julie is really trustworthy, means a lot when buying such a personal item. Barry Rothwell hhhhh Superb friendly advice with no pressure to spend more than required. Delivery on time. Angela Lomax hhhhh

Dream Team: From left: Julian Holt, Julie Robinson, Iain Wilding, Scott Robinson


Everything done as promised. This independent family firm is deserving of support. The service provided by them is as good today as it was when we first dealt with them in 1993. Graham Wilkes hhhhh

New Display Now In-Store

11 Adjustable Bed Options with prices from £499 + vat VAT exempt for qualifying customers


Independent Family Business Est. 1986

T: 01204 363493



Bed, Sofa-Bed and Rise & Recline Centre




Premier Bed Stores Queens Buildings Central Street, (Off Deansgate) Bolton BL1 2AB


Open: Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm Sunday 12pm - 4pm





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Getting your pots in order Growing plants in good old-fashioned pots offers many exciting opportunities, even in the smallest of gardens says gardening writer Julia Heaton. Pots brimming with plants are a wonderful way of adding colour, vibrancy and scent to your garden. Plus, they really come into their own in the smallest of outdoor spaces. One of the great advantages of planted containers is that they can be easily moved around, allowing you to alter the appearance of your garden in minutes. They also enable you to grow tender plants that can be easily shifted to a sheltered position come winter where they’ll be protected from the elements. Adding pots to your outdoor space opens up a world of opportunity as your choice of plant doesn’t have to be dictated by the quality of your soil. So, even if it’s alkaline, you can still enjoy acid-loving types like camellias by potting them up in ericaceous compost. The first thing to do when choosing a pot is to get the size right. Plants with deep roots like perennials, large bulbs, shrubs and trees need a deep base for roots to spread out in. The pot also needs to balance visually with the size of the plant. Try to go for a ratio of around two thirds plant to one third pot. The material a pot is made from is an important choice too. A broad heavy base 34

to anchor taller plants will stop them from blowing over in high winds. Terracotta or earthenware is ideal here but may be heavy to manoeuvre so standing it on a wheeled pot caddy will help. Look for a frost resistant label and be prepared to water more frequently as terracotta can suck moisture from compost. Plastic is lightweight, so ideal for moving around. Style-wise it’s come a long way in recent years and can look quite attractive. Pots on steps

It retains moisture better than terracotta and is naturally frost proof. The same goes for metal containers, which are ideal for modern garden styles. However, they heat up quickly in summer and are very cold in winter offering little insulation to plant roots. They also need to be treated against rust. The best way to use a metal container is as an ornamental cover for a plant in a plain plastic pot, which can be removed in the winter. Wooden designs by comparison offer plenty of insulation from the cold but will eventually rot, even if treated. A plastic liner with holes punched in the bottom will help extend life.

Plant choice Most plants can be grown in a pot. The traditional choice for summer containers is summer bedding such as petunias, pelargoniums, salvia, marigolds and lobelia, verbena, pansies and violas. These can be grown from seed, bought as seedlings or pot grown ready for planting out. Just remember not to put outside until all risk of frost has passed, usually late May or early June. Summer containers are also ideal for displaying more tender and exotic plants, which can be moved to protect them from the first frosts. Exotics like cannas, with their stunning foliage and late summer flowers in orange and red. Tender palms like Chamaerops humilis and fig leaved fatsias look great too. For an effective display choose plants and containers that complement each other. For example different sized containers, made from natural materials like wood and terracotta, will work well together, especially when filled with a range of similar Mediterranean sun-loving plants like rosemary, lavender and verbena.

Planting up Lavender

Use a pair of containers to strike a more formal note. Two large glazed urns containing standard bay trees or a square wooden planter with an obelisk of evergreen box (Buxus sempervirens) make a real statement and a welcoming touch either side of a front door. Identical pots, this time running in a row down one side of a series of steps, will soften the look, add interest and lead the eye when filled with the same seasonal blooms. Don’t forget wide shallow bowls either. As long as they are at least 4in deep they are

ideal for succulents like sempervivum, it’s spreading rosettes providing year-round interest. Exotic echeveria, with its pink and orange flowers and succulent leaves, looks good in bowls too. Sometimes it can be a pot rather than a plant you want to be the focus. If you have a large ornate container that you wish to highlight choose planting that’s simple and unfussy like marguerite daisies. Another good trick with container growing is to have a taller base plant with interesting foliage like cordyline, phormium or canna to add structure and height. Then change the planting around it with annuals or tender perennials that also have exciting foliage like heuchera, iresine or sage. Height can also be added to a display by using a taller container. In this case trailing plants are essential. For a lush green backdrop go for ivy trailed over a small frame to give height or grey leaved Heliochrysum petiolare, then add colour in the form of nasturtiums, lobelia and verbenas. Once you’ve been bitten by the bug of container growing you’ll discover a whole new dimension to gardening – one that will bring you pleasure time and again, whatever size area you’re looking to add interest to.

Choosing the right compost for your potted plants Annuals: Grow in a lightweight peat-based multipurpose compost or a peat substitute type. Improve with water retaining granules and slow release fertiliser. Shrubs and trees: These long-term plantings are better off with a soil based compost like John Innes No3, which is heavier and gives a pot more stability. Improve it with a slow release fertiliser.


"On seeing the product, I was convinced, the brown fence looks very similar to the fence it replaced – only new!"

ARE YOU A FOLLOWER OF FENCE FASHION? DEDICATED or not, many of us are followers of fashion whether intentionally or because we see something that we like and decide to adopt it ourselves. A lot has changed since The Kinks had a top five hit about a trendy young man eager to embrace the latest trends, not least our gardens.

Gardens today are very different from the 50’s post WW2 “dig for victory”, gardens that extended into the swinging 60’s. Back then, gardens were more likely to have a veg patch, home to rows of potatoes, beans, rhubarb and blackcurrants, marked out by hedges or chain link fencing, than be geared towards leisure, privacy, or the careful design associated with modern gardens. Today’s gardens are often lower maintenance with paving, gravel, small flower beds and pots as owners spend spare time relaxing, pottering or on other hobbies. When Storm Callum sent John Pilkington’s traditional wooden garden fence across the lawn in pieces, he found himself looking at replacements, eventually deciding on ColourFence. John explained the reason behind the transition from 36

traditional to a more modern, low maintenance product.

We love our garden but are not what I would describe as ‘gardeners’. My wife potters with bedding plants and I manage the lawn and maintenance; but my real passion is taking care of our garden birds and wildlife. The storm left us comparably unscathed (there was flooding a few miles away) apart from a fence that my neighbour and I had lavished care (and paint) on over the years. In researching a replacement, a family member suggested ColourFence. At first, metal fencing sounded industrial, but I was convinced enough by the photos to get a quote. On seeing the product, I was convinced, the brown fence looks very similar to the fence it replaced – only new! The bright side is it will stay looking that way for 25 years!

ColourFence have been selling maintenance-free fencing in the UK for almost 15 years and understand

My wife potters with bedding plants and I manage the lawn and maintenance; but my real passion is taking care of our garden birds and wildlife.

that John is not alone in assuming metal fencing will look industrial. The truth is, that ColourFence often spreads down streets; people see it, love the look and the low maintenance and want it in their own garden. The distinctive colour combinations and styles that are possible without the need for time spent painting and mending, mean that you can create a look that really complements your garden and style. For a fence that will allow you to do more ‘Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon’ and less painting, request more information or a free, no-obligation quote by calling

01204 819069 and let us ‘set you free’ from those garden chores!

No painting or repairs for 25 years? It must be a ColourFence!



Guaranteed not to warp, crack, shrink, rot or peel until 2044 – at least! †

With the warmer weather arriving, there’s always plenty to do in the garden. However, with ColourFence, one of the most tedious, time-consuming jobs disappears overnight. Not just for 2019 but for the next 25 years! That’s because there’s no need to paint or repair ColourFence. It’s guaranteed not to warp, crack, shrink, rot or peel for the next 25 years. Making it one of the world’s best maintenance-free fences. And, unlike other fences, ColourFence can withstand wind speeds of up to 130mph. There’s a choice of colours to harmonise and enhance your garden’s design. You’ll find our prices surprisingly competitive too. To see the full product range, call us today and find out why it makes sense to choose ColourFence.

Withstands wind gusts of up to 130mph No painting or repairs for 25 years Create your look with a choice of colours, designs and sizes

To see our wide choice of sizes, colours and designs – contact us today!

No risk professional installation AS FEATURED ON TV

Despite many coats of preservative, the structure of the wooden fence in our front garden rotted pretty rapidly, and a recent autumn storm sent it off down the road, thankfully missing the neighbour’s car. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and we now couldn’t be more pleased with the ColourFence replacement which was erected a few days ago. As well as looking good, we are looking forward to years of summers without the burden of cleaning and treating this fence.

Mr & Mrs P. Glamorgan

Guaranteed† not to warp, crack, shrink, rot or peel


LOVE YOUR †Hose down occasionally – terms & conditions apply.



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Plants for problem gardens Choosing plants for the garden should be fun and exciting but when you’re battling difficult growing conditions, like the dry shade of a tree or permanently wet soil alongside a pond, it can turn into a real headache. Knowing which plants are most likely to thrive in a problem area will allow you to plan ahead with confidence and ultimately avoid disappointment.


If yours is a smaller garden go for Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’. But if space isn’t an issue the gigantic clump forming perennial Gunnera manicata is pretty imposing with sharply toothed leaves that can reach up to 4ft (1.2m) across and tiny brown-red flowers in summer. It’s most definitely a statement plant that adds a tropical feel, however it does need protection from frost in winter. Others worth considering are the elegant grass Molinia, the pure white arum lily CLE FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS Zantedeschia aethiopica and Euphorbia Permanently wet soil VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES!paulustris with its large yellow flowerheads There are bargains Wet, poorly draining areas of the garden that appear in spring. • BRIC-A-BRAC BOOKS S can be a real challenge so try to• improve galore in our new the soil before planting by digging in grit • ELECTRICAL GOODS OM FURNITURE Dry shade solution electrical shop...... to help with drainage and organic • CHILDREN’S TOYSmatter AND FURNITURE S to reduce compaction and improve soil Deciding what to plant around base of a New andthe second UR GOODS ANDAstilbe is one perennial that structure. tree can often be tricky, especially when its hand electrical likes CALL a lot of moisture and can cope over-hanging branches create shade. Trees OLLECTION itemswith sitting in wet conditions during can also deprive plants beneath them of the winter months. It’s upright feathery moisture and nutrients as well freezers, as light, so fridges, plumes of tiny star-shaped flowers in prepare the planting site by incorporating washers, cookers, summer turn into lovely autumnal seed compost or well-rotted farmyard manure dryers, lamps...... heads. While it will happily in or leafmould and water in plantings well shade, a position in full sun will help it afterwards. Where the tree canopy is reach full size. Then there’s Cornus alba, low or evergreen, causing deep shade, a a great deciduous shrub for tolerating lovely evergreen shrub to go for is Daphne soggy, waterlogged conditions, providing pontica. With its clusters of sweet smelling brilliant stems in different shades of yellow-green flowers in mid to crimson in winter. It will grow well in both sun and shade but sunnier sites will ensure the colours are more vibrant.

APPLIANCES NEW & SECOND HAND ELECTRICAL GOODS There are bargains galore in our new electrical shop ... New and second-hand electrical items: fridges, freezers, washers, cookers, dryers, lamps ....

Better value than the High Street Better value than the High Street Come on down.....

... Come on down

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Nepeta Catari

late May, it will grow to just over 3ft (1m) and can spread to 5ft (1.5m). If there’s more moisture in the soil because the tree canopy is higher or the tree is deciduous, consider ground-spreading Cotoneaster salicifolius ‘Gnom’, which has small white flowers in summer, followed by red berries. Ferns for shade include Hart’s tongue Asplenium scolopendrium and there are many grasses that can offer the ideal solution too, among them Hakonechioa macra ‘Aureola’, which enjoys part shade and will slowly spread to produce gorgeous bright yellow leaves with green stripes that tinge red in autumn and early winter. Of course it’s not just trees that cause shady problems – buildings, fences, walls and hedges all play a part, leaving the soil

beneath dry and lacking. One useful ground cover plant is the understated epimedium that not only thrives in shade but loves dry soil. Some varieties, like Epimedium x Warleyense ‘Ellen Willmott’ even retain their foliage in the winter. This clumpforming plant spreads freely and has cupshaped yellow and orange flowers in mid to late spring. St John’s wort, Hypericum calycinum, is a good choice too and great value for money as it will creep across a wide area once established. It’s almost evergreen and has bright yellow flowers in summer. Take a look at Ivies and variegated large-leaved periwinkle as well.

Working with clay By its very nature clay can be extremely difficult to work but as it is able to retain nutirents it can also be quite fertile. Be prepared to help it by digging it over in autumn to expose the clods of soil. This way, when the water in the soil freezes and then thaws it expands, helping to break down the clods and make them easier to work. Dig in some course grit to aid drainage and open up the soil along with plenty of organic matter like leafmould and manure. There are lots of plants that will tolerate a heavy soil that’s slow to drain. Again, the wetloving astilbe and gunnera are perennials

that favour the wetter conditions along with monarda and trollius. Shrubs you can count on are Hydrangea macrophylla, Kerria japonica and weigela and for trees choose ash, birch or elder.

Hot spots In a south-facing bed that becomes hot and soon dries out in summer ideal shrubs and perennials are: • Cistus ladanifer, an evergreen shrub. Its beautiful large white summer flowers have blotches of red at the base of each petal; • Eryngium, with its thistle like flowerheads; • Allium sedums, penstemons and hebes; • Helianthemum, a low growing rock rose, available in a variety of colours

Stones and chalk If you want to plant some low growing hardy perennials in chalky soil look at • Allyssum saxatile; • Ajuga reptans; • Hypericum calycinum; • Campanula; • Primroses; • Nepeta

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Transform Your Shed into a Wellbeing Haven Health conscious Brits are being encouraged to use their humble garden sheds as a base to focus on their physical and mental wellbeing this year. A group of experts behind shed specialists have teamed up with lifestyle website to offer their favourite tips and tricks for transforming neglected garden buildings into wellbeing havens. With a few simple changes, humble garden sheds can be converted into idyllic retreats away from the hustle and bustle of the main house.


A spokesman said: “Sheds often sit neglected at the bottom of gardens for months on end, but with a few cheap and easy changes they can be the perfect space to concentrate on your personal wellbeing. “Our suggestions include adding soft furnishings and installing plant stations or yoga mats, but it’s really about making

the building a place that works for you personally. A spokesperson added: “Whether you like to read, write, play music or exercise, sheds can be more than a simple storage solution – they could be a cost-effective solution to help you concentrate on your physical and mental wellbeing.”

SOFT FURNISHINGS If you’d like to make your shed a personal space but it just feels too bare and uninviting, treat it as you would any other room in the house. There’s nothing to prevent you from hanging a pair of plush curtains over your shed’s windows – and from a security point of view it actually makes a lot of sense. A hardy rug will brighten up the room too, as well as a variety of scatter cushions or fabric wall hangings.

PAINT EASEL Painting can strengthen memory, build problem-solving skills, and offer stress relief, so it’s the perfect activity for those wanting to home in and concentrate on their general wellbeing. Install a paint easel in the shed away from the commotion of everyday life – and you won’t be so worried about spilling paint on the furniture, walls or floors!

YOGA MATS The benefits of yoga are innumerable. Not only does it result in increased flexibility, muscle strength and energy levels, but it also helps cardio and circulatory healthy and to maintain a balanced metabolism. The hustle and bustle of home is often not ideal for this ancient practice, but retreating to a building at the bottom of the garden could be the perfect solution.

PLANT STATION For most people, their sheds will house all the equipment they need to keep their gardens

looking preened and perfect, but why should flower power stop there? If you’re planning on spending more time in your shed, there’s no reason why you can’t install a couple of shelves to place potted plants. Many varieties help to reduce airborne dust and pollutant levels, and they can help reduce stress and create a general feeling of wellbeing.

MEDITATION Sometimes, all you need is a few minutes to yourself away from the distractions of everyday life, so take a wireless speaker and a comfy mat or cushion down into the shed for a spot of meditation. Meditation is all about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective, and so sitting amongst the peace and quiet of your garden, surrounded by greenery and nature could be just the trick.

The Benefits:

J Oa rRt Gi f Ui cSi a l g r a s s

Beautiful Grass whatever the weather

A natural grass alternative No more mowing No more watering No mud No more fertilisers Ideal for pets Durable - looks great all year round

JORGUS GRASS is available in 7 different qualities from our 20mm ‘Classic’ Grass to our ‘Supreme’ 38mm grass. All available in 2 metre and 4 metre widths.

Now is the time to consider replacing that tired lawn that you have spent hours every year maintaining and it still looks tired!! There are many reasons why installing an artificial lawn is a good choice for your home or business. Maintaining a real grass lawn is a tiresome business but an artificial grass lawn always looks great!

Jorgus Carpets, Grimeford Mill, Grimeford Lane, Adlington, PR6 9HL

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You can usually borrow up to 60 per cent of the value of your property. How much can be released is dependent on your age and the value of your property. The percentage typically increases according to your age when you take out the lifetime mortgage, while some providers might offer larger sums to those with certain past or present medical conditions. Interest rates must be fixed or, if they are variable, there must be a “cap” or upper limit which is fixed for the life of the loan.

unlock the cash in your home THESE days we have to look at a variety of ways to raise cash and ensure that our future will be secure. And one popular way for anyone over 55 to do just that is via equity release. This offers the chance to access the cash – the equity – tied up in your home. It can be as a lump sum or in several small amounts, or a combination of both. There are two equity release options: lifetime mortgage and home reversion. The Money Advice Service explains that a LIFETIME MORTGAGE means that you take out a mortgage secured on your property, provided it is your main residence, while retaining ownership. You can choose to ring-fence some of the value of your property as an inheritance for your family or you can choose to make repayments or let the interest roll-up. The


loan amount and any accrued interest is paid back when you die or when you move into long-term care. Most people who take out equity release use a lifetime mortgage. Usually you don’t have to make any repayments while you’re alive and interest “rolls up” (unpaid interest is added to the loan). This means the debt can increase quite quickly over a period of time. However, some lifetime mortgages do now offer the option to pay all or some of the interest. Some will let you pay off the interest and the capital. In the same way ordinary mortgages vary from lender to lender, so do lifetime mortgages. If you’re looking at this option, it’s worth knowing that the minimum age for this is usually 55. As we’re now all living longer, the earlier you start the more this is likely to cost in the long run.

Check whether the product has a “no negative equity guarantee”. This means that, when your property is sold and agents’ and solicitors’ fees have been paid, even if the amount left is not enough to repay the outstanding loan to your provider neither you nor your estate will be liable to pay any more. Find out if you have the right to move to another property, subject to the new property being acceptable to your product provider as continuing security for your equity release loan. Different lifetime mortgage providers might have slightly different thresholds. Consider whether you can pay none, some or all of the interest. If you can make repayments, the mortgage will be less costly. However, with a lifetime mortgage where you can make monthly payments, the amount you can repay might be based on your income. Providers will have to check you can afford these regular payments. Look at whether you can withdraw the equity you’re releasing in small amounts, as and when you need it, or whether you have to take it as one lump sum. The advantage of being able to take money out in smaller amounts is you only pay the interest on the amount you’ve withdrawn. If you can take smaller lump sums, check if there is a minimum amount.

HOME REVERSION involves you selling part or all of your home to a home reversion provider in return for a lump sum or regular payments. You have the right to continue living in the property until you die, rentfree, but you have to agree to maintain and insure it. You can ring-fence a percentage of your property for later use, possibly for inheritance. The percentage you retain will always remain the same, regardless of the change in property values, unless you decide to take further cash releases. At the end of the plan, your property is sold and the sale proceeds are shared according to the remaining proportions of ownership. You will get a lump sum or regular payments – normally between 20 per cent and 60 per cent of the market value of your home, or the part you sell. With home reversion, it’s worth checking whether or not you can release equity in several payments or in one lump sum and the minimum age at which you can take out a home reversion plan. Some providers insist you’re at least 60 or 65 before you can apply.

You will need to know what level of maintenance you’ll be expected to carry out and how often your property will be inspected – this could be every few years. Overall, equity release might seem like a good option if you want some extra money and don’t want to move house, but it’s worth bearing in mind that equity release can be more expensive in comparison to an ordinary mortgage.

If you release equity from your home, you might not be able to rely on your property for money you need later in your retirement – for example, to pay for long-term care. You will also have to pay arrangement fees, depending on the plan being arranged. For free, impartial advice on equity release and mortgages go to debt charity StepChange at or call 0800 027 4538.

Are you finding life is too short? Equity release allows homeowners over 55 to remain in their much-loved home and release an income or lump sum from their property allowing them to enjoy life to the full. Lorraine is our specialist Equity Release solicitor who can help you if you are considering releasing money from your home. She will guide you through the process and help you avoid any pitfalls. For more information on Equity Relase contact Lorraine on freephone

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Or by email

Keep in mind the percentage of the market value you will receive.This will increase the older you are when you take out the plan but might vary from provider to provider. Check whether you have the right to remain in your property for life or until you need to move to long-term care, provided the property remains your main residence and you abide by the terms and conditions of your contract. Again, check whether you have the right to move to another property, subject to the new property being acceptable to your product provider as continuing security for your equity release loan and whether the product has a “no negative equity guarantee”.

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Six things you may not know about divorce and separation, and why you should. Did you know divorces could soon be easier to obtain? The Government says it’s committed to changing the law to allow ‘no fault’ divorces. This means you will no longer have to prove your partner is at fault, or live separately for two years if you’ve both agreed to divorce.   If this makes ending your marriage more likely, it’s worth learning first just what can be involved in divorce and separation. Some of it might surprise you. Here are just a few of the potential pitfalls:   1)    You have no right of access to your children - TV divorce dramas often include a tug-of-war between parents over controlling access to their children. This is as much a fiction as the rest of the script because, as parents, you have no such rights. Children have a right to see their parents,


not the other way around. The primary concern of the court will be the best interests of the children, it’s always better to try and agree arrangements for children whether this be direct via mediation or via solicitors. It can also come as a shock to grandparents to find they also have no right to contact with grandchildren. One

Victoria Melling, KBL Solicitors Head of Family Law

solution can be to visit their child when the grandchildren are present. 2)    You cannot use adultery as grounds to end a same-sex marriage or civil partnership - You might assume adultery is an accepted legal reason for ending a marriage. Not so if you are in a same-sex marriage or civil partnership. That’s because the legal definition of adultery is a husband or wife having sex with someone of the opposite sex, clearly less likely in same-sex marriages. Some people have no idea this distinction still exists in the 21st century, but it appears the law has some catching up to do in this aspect of equality.   3)    You have no legal right to assets as a common-law wife or husband, no matter how long you have been in a relationship – The longer you live with someone outside of marriage, the easier it

is to assume you share everything, from children to your worldly wealth and belongings. Sadly, the law sees it differently, and this can have massive implications if assets need to be divided following separation. If you took on most of the child raising duties in your relationship, you will have made a significant, but non-financial, contribution. Will this be considered and how is it calculated? What about the earnings you could have earned if you had been out working instead? And do you hold joint ownership of your home? It’s painful to accept but partnerships based on trust and little else can prove unreliable safeguards for your wellbeing in later life. Legal commitments offer you real protection. 4)    Your half of the money in a joint bank account is not safeguarded -  Among the complex negotiations and disagreements, it can be easy to make assumptions about what, in contrast, seems straight forward, like your joint bank account, you share this half and half, right? Then your partner withdraws all the money, to your disbelief and dismay. Unfortunately, you’ve overlooked that joint bank accounts simply give joint access to your funds. There is no requirement on the bank to restrict either account holder to only half the money on account. Something to watch.   5)    Divorce can be particularly complicated if you jointly own a business - Is it an asset, to be sold and its value realised, or an income stream to be maintained to support the future of, say, your children?  Input from an experienced professional is crucial to investigate and address issues such as the value of the business, its liquidity and who’s entitled to what.   6)    You can easily overlook a key asset - It’s still quite common for one partner to ‘run the finances’ in a marriage, leaving the other with limited knowledge of the assets they own beyond bricks and mortar, cars, etc. This makes it easy for one of you to overlook the full value of a private pension, particularly if you are not the pension holder, even though it could be worth more than your family home. Changes in the law now make it easier for pensions to be cashed in, and/or assets shared, but the pension holder may be reluctant to do this. Even with full disclosure of assets, it’s a potentially complex area requiring expert help.   The introduction of ‘no fault’ divorces will not make ending a marriage straightforward overnight. As can be seen, plenty of potential hazards remain, plus procedures that can take months to complete.   Getting divorced remains a difficult, and often painful, journey. The ‘six things’ we have listed is just a sample of what you need to know. But you mustn’t feel you are alone. At KBL, we can guide you along the right path and avoid the pitfalls.   We will listen, advise and remain by your side.   For a free no obligation appointment please call Victoria Melling on 01204 527777.

We provide #GreatKBLsupport for businesses and individuals across the North West.

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Crab cakes with homemade mayonnaise Brown crabs are extremely commercially important and the crab fishery in British waters is one of the largest in the world, although the bulk of crabs are still exported to Spain and France. Brown crabs are found all over the British Isles where the rocks and weeds provide cover and, of course, the cold water. I’ve never eaten crab as good as the ones I tasted in Cromer and in the Orkney Islands on this trip. These cakes showcase the delicious flavour of fresh crab. Start by making the mayonnaise. Whisk the egg yolks, mustard and vinegar together in a medium bowl until smooth. Slowly pour the vegetable oil into the bowl, starting with a little drizzle and whisking well. This is easiest to do with an electric hand whisk. Continue to drizzle in the remaining oil, whisking all the time, until the mixture has thickened. Season to taste. Put the crab into a large bowl with the potatoes, spring onions, chives, lemon juice 52

and egg yolk. Season and mix everything together well. Divide the mixture into 8 portions. Dust your hands with flour and form each into a round fish-cake shape roughly measuring 8–10cm in diameter and 2cm thick. Heat a large, non-stick frying pan over a medium heat until hot. Drizzle with a little oil and pop the fish cakes in. Cook for 2–3 minutes on each side until golden and heated through.You may need to do this in batches, depending on how big your pan is. To serve, pop 2 crab cakes onto each plate, garnish each with watercress and a lemon wedge and serve with a dollop or a little pot of mayonnaise.

S E RVES 4 400g white crab meat 400g cooked potato, pushed through a ricer 6 spring onions, sliced small bunch of chives, chopped juice of 1/2 lemon 1 egg yolk sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 25g plain flour, for dusting olive oil, for frying For the mayonnaise 3 egg yolks 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar 200ml vegetable oil sea salt and freshly ground black pepper To serve small bunch of watercress 1 lemon, cut into 4 wedges

working to live and give Opening Times: Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm

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Whisky chicken with wild mushroom & mustard sauce Heat a large, wide, non-stick sauté pan over a medium heat until hot. Add the butter and heat until melted, then add the chicken pieces, skin-side down. Season them all, then fry for about 10 minutes, until deep golden. Stir in the shallots and garlic and cook for 3–4 minutes, until starting to soften. Turn the chicken over so it’s skin-side up. Pour the whisky into the pan and bring to a bubble to burn off the alcohol. Stir in both types of mustard, then add the potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes. Season well then stir in the stock, cover and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 20 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through. Cut through the thickest piece of meat and check there are no pink juices. When the chicken is cooked, pour over the double cream and stir in the parsley. Add the wild garlic to the pan and cook for around 1 minute until it’s wilted, then remove from the heat, sprinkle the flowers over the top and serve.


S E RVES 6 25g butter 1 x 2-kg chicken, jointed into 8 portions sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 shallots, diced 1 garlic clove, chopped 50ml whisky 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon grainy mustard 200g new potatoes, halved 100g wild mushrooms 4 medium tomatoes, quartered 750ml chicken stock 75ml double cream small bunch of flat-leaf parsley, chopped small bunch of wild garlic, plus wild garlic flowers to serve




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Bread & butter pudding with cherry compote The keys to a great bread and butter pudding have to be the egg and egg yolk combo, the cooking time and temperature of the oven.Too many eggs and it tastes eggy, too hot an oven and the mix will soufflé and split, too long in the oven and it will be too firm. When made right, it’s a great dessert and one that should be on menus around the country. By the way, Paul Ainsworth doesn’t make a bad one at Number 6 in Padstow. Preheat the oven to 150°C (130°C fan)/300°F/gas 2. Butter each slice of bread on one side only, then cut off the crusts. Slice each piece in half diagonally to make 2 triangles. Lay them in a 30 x 20cm ovenproof dish, overlapping each slice as you go. To make the custard, put the eggs and egg yolks into a large bowl and add the sugar and vanilla bean paste. Whisk together to break down the eggs then pour in the milk and cream and continue to whisk until smooth. Pour as much of the mixture over the bread as possible to cover and set aside to soak for about 20 minutes – you won’t use all the custard at this stage. Keep topping up with more custard until all of it has been poured into the dish. 54

Transfer to the oven and bake for 35–40 minutes. The pudding should be bubbling hot but not necessarily golden brown. To make the compote, put the cherries and sugar into a saucepan. Heat gently to dissolve the sugar then bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Allow to cool slightly and pour into a bowl. Dust the bread and butter pudding with the icing sugar and use a blow torch to caramelise the sugar or place it under a hot grill for a couple of minutes. Spoon into bowls and serve with the compote alongside.

S E RVES 6 – 8 100g butter, at room temperature 1 loaf medium-sliced white bread 4 eggs 8 egg yolks 200g caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste 300ml milk 300ml double cream 2 tablespoons icing sugar For the compote 200g cherries, pitted 50g caster sugar

Extracted from James Martin’s Great British Adventure by James Martin (Quadrille, £25) Photography © Peter Cassidy

0161 764 3645 3645 0800764 612 2483 Bolton 01204 822958 Bury 0161 764 3645



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Wearing black doesn’t make us look truly slimmer and only just over quarter of us actually suit black. There we have said it. But before you run to the hills, colour specialist personal stylists from House of Colour advise us that we all have neutrals that look incredible on us and wearing these, and the other colours that truly suit us, can be transformative and supersede many of our need to wear black. Managing Director of House of Colour, Helen Venables says: “Whilst black absorbs light so less detail is detected by the eye in the hope that lumps or bumps may appear to disappear, what actually makes us look slimmer is wearing the right colours because this draws the eye up to a face which looks radiant and healthy, so the focus is no longer on the body and its wobbly bits. “Black is also often worn at work in the hope that is symbolises professionalism, prestige and power, however, is it memorable? Black on the wrong person will drain us and make us look unhealthy, whilst wearing the right colours and styles makes us look attractive and glowing and we feel good about ourselves.” Venables is quick to point out she is not demonising black clothes. “It 56

looks gorgeous on some people. It’s just that it only looks good on just over 25% of us, the Winters.” In the 20th century the Swiss artist Johannes Itten established that each of us has a basic skin pigment which falls into four groupings which are defined by the unique combination of depth, hue and tone. According to Venables and her 100 strong team of colour and style consultants, which colours suit us is determined by the pigments in our skin and

eye colour. “We all fall into one of the four seasonal categories which have an array of gorgeous colours that look amazing on you and some of these will be your wow colours. ‘Autumns’ are best suited to muted, soft, warm colours such as rust, and dark olive. ‘Springs’ look best in bright, clear, warm colours such as like geranium pink and apple green. ‘Summers’ wear muted, soft, cool colours like dusty pink and smoked grape. ‘Winters’ wear bright, clear, cool colours like electric blue and raspberry, and yes they are the ones that can wear black!” Ok so we know that black doesn’t suit all of us (some of us begrudgingly), but we have neutrals and other gorgeous hues that truly do. So how does colour really impact our look, mood and indeed how we present ourselves to the world?

Helen Venables Managing Director

“There are many years of research that show the effects of light and dark on our wellbeing. We know that to see gorgeous colours is mood lifting, which can even affect our physiology including improving our blood pressure, as well as our mood. Many of us wear dark clothes when we are grieving or low in mood, whilst we wear bright clothes as

symbols of hope and positivity. Colour also is proven to have a deep impact on the way people view others, objects and brands, helps us makes decisions, and is linked to memories. No one can doubt that our spirits are lifted at the first signs of spring and we try to warm ourselves as autumn becomes established.” It is interesting when you consider that colour is everywhere, yet nearly impossible to describe. Venables says: “Clothes are just fabric, it is the person that is important, but our relationship with our clothes and our colour and style is highly influential and sometimes transformative. Wearing the wrong or right clothes and colours can trap or free you. One good example is if your

whole wardrobe is full of colours and styles that suit you, it makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier. Accessories are the beautiful finishing touches.” But Venables hastens to add that it is not about wearing to wear a rainbow of bright colours but choosing the right colours that suit us, not those that look good on someone else. “Great quality neutrals ooze style kudos especially using a pop of colour. We all have our own wow colours that always look amazing when worn close to our face. Even the wrong lipstick will drain us, but the right colour will make our complexion glow and can lift your whole look. Once you know what colours suit you, you can successfully make unlikely pairings and change things up a little bit if that is your style personality.”

R. Allen Footwear T:01204 523948

47, Great Moor Street Bolton BL1 1SW We are a local family shoe shop that has been trading in the town for 70 years. We take time and care to ensure that the customer is getting a pair of comfortable, fitted and supportive footwear that’s suitable for their needs.

Here are Helen Venables’ 5 best ways to be bold with colour 1) Use colour to look vibrant and radiant, this includes the neutrals that suit you. When you think colour, think both contrast and combinations. 2) It is true that once you know your colours, most of us need to do a spring clean of our wardrobes, but after that every piece should work effortlessly together meaning you can be more eco-friendly and don’t need an endless supply of new items. Instead boost your wardrobe with gorgeous accessories as the icing on the cake. 3) We all have a colour that we wished suited us, but we feel healthy and radiant when we are wearing the colours that best suit us. 4) Primary red is the only colour that suits every skin tone because it is neither yellow nor blue toned. 5) Know that colours are thought to be over 60% responsible for our first impressions of one another. For those of us who are more conservative at work, use good quality neutrals for professional kudos. A pop of colour can have the final say.




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STOPPING THE ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS OF FAST FASHION (AND STILL LOOKING STYLISH) The fashion industry is the second largest contributor to global landfill, largely due to the amount of clothes we throw out. Do you bear in mind the processes that are needed to make our clothes including the environmental impact of them being picked or produced, washed, spun, knitted, woven, finished, sewn and transported when you go shopping? We need to make our wardrobes sustainable and ecofriendly. Even making small changes could make a difference. Here are some of the best ways of how to do just that. People are buying more clothes and wearing them less. See the contents of your wardrobe as an investment with longevity in mind. Knowing what truly suits you and seeing past fad trends is an important step. Aim for timelessness. Buy less but concentrate on cost per wear ie actual cost is not the purchase price, but the price divided by how many times you are going to wear it. Choose better quality clothes to get great cost per wear. Avoid cheap tat. Look out for products that are made from recycled fibres, organic cottons and quality materials. Use locally sourced renewable materials when you can. Avoid polyester or nylon because they’re non-biodegradable.

Synthetic fabrics are fashion's equivalent to single-use plastic. Typically (but not always) middle and higher end retailers tend to have better supply chain ethics than their fast fashion retail compatriots. Buy cheap and someone else pays.The likelihood is if your ‘perfect’ dress was only £20, then it was probably made in factories practicing cheap labour and poor conditions. Buy from brands who are actively working to improve the environment and put pressure on fashion firms to eco-fy their labels, by choosing companies committed to eco fashion practises. Having a disposable mindset is not good for the planet’s health. Be choosey and ask yourself do you REALLY love the garment you are about to buy. Don’t buy something on the sale which you wouldn’t have bought otherwise. Consider where you are making purchases – look out for vintage and pre-loved items (including charity shops). It goes without saying - never ask for a plastic shopping bag. If an existing garment doesn’t feel quite right for you, ask a friend who is nifty with a sewing machine to alter it or take it to the tailors. Changing the neckline, leg length or hem length is a classic way to make an item that has always felt slightly wrong, feel really right.

Create a virtual filter on your wardrobe. Always offer hand me downs and see if any of your friends are interested in a few wardrobe swaps. Re-gift unwanted presents, take unwanted clothes to the charity shops and sell through dress agencies or online such as eBay. Water wastage is very environmentally unfriendly so cutting down on your laundry or always doing a full wash will help. Create a capsule wardrobe that makes you look and feel amazing. A capsule wardrobe is the minimum number of items to create the maximum number of outfits. Don’t repeatedly buy items you already have - how many coats, neutral tees and pairs of trousers do we actually need? Don’t double up.The strongest basis for a capsule wardrobe is using your colour palette and understanding your style profile because you should be able to wear any of the clothes in your wardrobe with one another. Educate yourself about landfill.The North Face and Marks & Spencers allows consumers to drop off unwanted items in their stores, regardless of condition or brand and they are then repurposed for another use. High-street names such as H&M, Levi’s and MAC reward you for recycling your unwanted goods. Being wasteful is far from cool.

National Helpline 0800 917 7650

Alcoholics Anonymous has over 4,400 groups throughout Great Britain dedicated to helping those with a serious alcohol problem learn how to stay sober. Groups are made up of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Through friendship and mutual support, members assist each other in coping which is made easier by meeting others with the same problem. There are no dues or fees for membership and anonymity is carefully preserved. Anyone who believes they have a drink problem can contact Alcoholics Anonymous by using the helpline number above or email; Further information may be obtained from the web site above or from the General Service Office at the address below. For information: P.O. Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York. YO1 7NJ Tel: 01904 644 026 58

SPRING INTO SUMMER WITH SHOEMED Treat your feet to a personalised shoe fitting at ShoeMed this summer and find the perfect footwear for those long hot summer days and nights. ShoeMed is an award winning, unique, specialist, retail shoe shop that provides a professional, personalised measuring and shoe-fitting service so you can find shoes that look as good as they feel.We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service so that every visit to ShoeMed is a pleasure and an experience you will remember. Our customers visit us from all over the UK. Painful feet can affect the rest of our body so it’s important we look after them. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, bunions, back pain, arthritis or problematic feet in general, then look no further! ShoeMed stock the world’s best comfort and specialist footwear, in a range of widths and sizes, for men and women - some of which are exclusive to

ShoeMed shops - and we continually strive to to find shoes that are comfortable to wear, stylish and fit properly. At ShoeMed we understand that everyone’s feet are different, and the importance of wearing footwear that fits correctly.We are dedicated to to helping people with problem or hard to fit

feet, or people who just want excellent quality, comfortable, well fitting shoes. By measuring your feet, then fitting and tailoring shoes in store, we ensure you leave with shoes that are right for you. No appointment is necessary just call into the shop.

So much more than just shoes! Fit for life 32D King Street, Clitheroe Lancashire, BB7 2EP

t: 01200 425399 e:

@ShoeMed @ShoeMedUK 59



We have the perfect solution for your hair loss

Why not try our and Whylatest not try ourmost Why not try our Why not try ourand most latest up to date latest and most latest and most up to date Why try ourfor solution upnot to date for up to datesolutionFree WigsFree with NHS Prescriptions Wigs with NHS Prescriptions latest and most thinning hair. thinning solution for hair. solution for Why not try our Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions up to date thinning hair. thinning hair. Our no 1 BEST latest and most solution for BEST seller. Our no Why not try 1our Hair Loss with Solutions Free Wigs NHS Prescriptions up to date Our no 1 BEST thinning hair. Our noand 1seller. BEST latest most Simple quick seller. solution for Why not try our Bespoke Wigs and easy to fit. Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions upseller. to date thinning hair. Our no 1 BEST Suitable for all latest and most Simple quick Simple Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions solution forquick ages. Why not try our seller. Real Hair/Fibre Hair Wigs with NHS Prescriptions Why not try our fit. Simple quick upand to date fit.easy to Free thinning hair.toand Our noand 1easy BEST Suitable for all latest and most latest most Available in and easy to fit. solution for Suitable for all Why not trydate our latest andWhy most upour ages.human not try Head Wear/Turbans/Scarves up to or Wigs fibre Free with NHS Prescriptions upseller. to date Simple quick Suitable for all thinning hair. Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. Our no 1ages. BEST solution for latest and most to date solution for thinning hair. solution for and easy to fit. Free Wigs withtry NHS Prescriptions ages. Available in Why not our thinning hair. Transgender seller. Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions up to date Simple quick Call Sandra for your consultation thinning hair. Suitable all human or fibre Our noAvailable 1 for BEST Our no 1 BEST seller. latest and most in solution for and easy to fit. Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair ages. Why not try in ourfibre hair. Free Our no 1 BEST Available Integrated Systems seller. Wigs with NHS Prescriptions uphuman to date or Simple quick thinning hair. Simple quick and easylatest to fit. Suitable for all Our no 1 BEST seller. and most human orhair. fibre solution forfit. Call Sandra for yourHair ToppersSystems For Thicker Fuller Hair and easy to consultation ages. MaleWigs Integrated Suitable for all ages. Free withFor NHS Prescriptions Available in upseller. to date Hair Toppers Thicker Fuller Hair hair. Simple quick Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair Simple quick thinning hair. Suitable for all no 1orBEST Why not try our Our human fibre solution for and easy to fit. Available in human or fibre hair. ages. and easy to fit. Call Sandra for your consultation seller. Free withFor NHS Prescriptions HairWigs Toppers for Thicker Fuller Hair Hair Available in tation Hair Toppers Thicker Fuller Simple quick latest and most Our hair. thinning hair. Suitable all Call Sandra for your consultation Suitable for all no 1orfor BEST human fibre and easy to fit. ages. in ages.up to date seller. Available Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair Simple quick hair. Suitable all Call Sandra for your consultation Our no 1orfor BEST solution for human fibre and easy to fit. Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions Available in ages. in seller. Available thinning hair. Simple quick Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair Suitable for all human or fibre Callhair. Sandra for your consultation human or fibre and easy to fit. Hair Toppers For Hair hair. ages. Available inThicker Fuller Hair Simple quick Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. Suitable for Call Sandra all for your consultation Our no 1 BEST human or fibre and easy to fit. Call Sandra for your consultation ages. in Available seller. Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair.for all Suitable CallinSandra for your consultation I feel my 30 years knowledge and experience human or fibre ages. Available hairdressing has led me to this moment. I feel Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. infor your consultation Simple quick Call Sandra human privileged to be in this position where I can use or fibre Available and easy to fit. Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. infor your consultation my skills to help many people who suffer from Call Sandra human or fibre Suitable for all Hairloss. Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. ages. Call Sandra for your consultation Hair loss can affect women, men and children of all ages, for many different reasons. Hairloss can Callbe Sandra for your consultation Available in devastating and affect peoples confidence. Many human or fibre people I have treated say having their hair back Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. gives them confidence back, making them feel like themselves again.

Sandra Kotecha -

Original Hair Loss Clinic

Call Sandra for your consultation

I work with the Little Princess Trust charity. If a client comes into my salon who has long hair and chooses to cut it short, if the hair is of 8� in length we donate it to the Little Princess Trust, who will make a wig for a child suffering from cancer.

I am a wig agent for the NHS. I select, fit and cut wigs for people undergoing chemotherapy free of charge with an NHS prescription. I have spent the last 2 years studying Hairloss/wig fitting and cutting, integrated systems, bespoke wig making and hair thickening solutions. We also specialise in helping clients that suffer from Alopecia. To book in for a consultation with Sandra or for any further information please contact: or call 01204 300325.

Call Sandra for your consultion

01204 300 325 Original Hair Loss Clinic, 28 Higher Bridge Street, Bolton BL1 2HA

We can all have beautiful hair Wigs - 100s to choose from



50 plus magazine Wednesday afternoons from 1.30-4.30. Bridge at the Barlow

We play “duplicate” Bridge in the café at the Barlow on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30 – 4.30. The subscriptions are £2 per session to cover room hire and equipment. In order to ensure balanced table numbers, if you are interested in playing, please contact Brian Frew (on 0120485298901204-852989 or via bfrew7@ at least a couple of days prior to the afternoon you would like to attend. 216 Bolton Road, Turton, Bolton 01204 852216


A Guide to what's happening in your region ... 23 June 2019 Manchester Day 2019

Manchester Day is an annual event that celebrates everything great about the city. It is a day for families, residents and visitors to get together and celebrate all things Mancunian that have made Manchester one of the world’s most iconic cities. Each year, we give Manchester Day a theme. Find out more about the process of how Manchester Day is 17-22 June 2019 Spring and Port Wine

Rafe Crompton is not a stern man really, but he has such unswerving integrity that his family is forced to hide their slight peccadilloes from him. His younger daughter Hilda particularly resents this and her refusal to eat a herring which is placed before her at dinner soon makes the situation explosive, as truths begin to surface. Performances start 7.30pm at Bolton Little Theatre Hanover Street Mon-Sat. Monday night 3 for 2. Group bookings 10+ £9.00 (please book through the theatre Box Office) Wheelchair space available (please book through the theatre Box Office). You can book at Bolton Little Theatre box office in person or by telephone on Monday night from 7.30 to 9pm and Friday mornings from 10.30 to 12 noon. Bolton Little Theatre, Hanover Street


Manchester City Centre

Take a fresh look at


For the people of Prestwich and surrounding areas, Prestwich Carnival has been a key celebration in the summer calendar spanning back over 90 years! Once a year St Mary’s Park plays host to a great family day out including a fun fair, variety of stalls, live music and much more! Plus… don’t forget the grand parade which passes through the streets of Prestwich. For 2019 we will be having a car boot sale along with the usual fun fair on Saturday 22 June 2019 – so come and join in the celebrations and be part of our community! St Mary’s Park, Prestwich


n chi masite h Cas on

Free special events

A tradi�onal market with over 200 stalls, Fleetwood market is a shopper’s delight for gi�s, clothing and household goods! Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all year round, 9am - 4.30pm Also open Tram Sunday Each coach driver receives a refreshment voucher from the market café on arrival Drivers receive a raffle �cket for a chance to win £100 in cash in a monthly draw! Free Coach Parking Offer available for par�es of 20+ only

Meet and greet service with special offers on pre-booked coach trips

T: 01253 887651 W: Victoria Street / Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6AB

Dem frienen�a dly

30 June 2019 Bury Agricultural Show

Making a warm return for this year is the farriers who have to use accuracy and speed to ensure that their horses shoes are perfect in allotted times. We also have the return of the food hall showcasting lots of local produce which on top of the vast number of trade stands is the perfect treat for shopaholics. In the main ring we have The Falconry School showing you what a bird of prey can really do up close. There will also be displays from the ancient art of side saddle, a gundog display and a death defying mountain bike team who show what can be achieved when you push yourself to the limit. There is also a fun dog show, arts and craft classes for adults and children and lots of opportunities to be interactive with animals, along with vintage and military vehicles. As you walk around the show ground remember to keep your eyes peeled for The Spectre Squad. Burrs Country Park

Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum

This Grade 1, 16th century half-timbered hall is one of the north-west’s most important buildings. Visitors can enjoy displays of 17th and early 18th century furniture, objects and artefacts, learn more about the life and work of Samuel Crompton and discover all about life in Stuart and Tudor times.The rooms have been accurately refurbished to retain their homely atmosphere. Hall i’ th’ Wood Museum started life as a rich merchant’s home during the mid-17th century.Years later the building was split into several rented dwellings and, whilst living in one of these with his family, Samuel Crompton famously invented the Spinning Mule in 1779. The mule went on to be one of the most significant spinning machines used by the textile industry. The house and grounds were presented to the people of Bolton in memory of Samuel Crompton and opened to the public as a museum in 1902. Green Way, Off Crompton Way, Bolton 01204 332370

4 July 2019 Summer Diesel Spectacular

Make the most of the summer and come along to take a ride on your favourite locomotive from the East Lancashire Railway’s much vaunted diesel home fleet. Running an all diesel timetable, the event will also feature special guests from further afield. Bolton Street Station 0161 7647790

5 July 2019 Ramsbottom’s Friday Nite Bite

There are up to 6 street food stalls around the Urn, ranging from halloumi fries to burgers, pizza, Indian street food, dumplings, South American food and much more. Each month the stalls will differ from the last. In Ramsbottom Civic Hall there will be cask ales whilst the gin bar offers you a find selction of gins to try. If that wasn’t enough there is also a cheese stall and cakes and sweets which will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. There is lots of seating in the civic hall too. Ramsbottom Civic Hall 0161 2535513

Thu 6 - Sat 15 June 2019

A wonderfully witty and deliciously decadent comedy masterpiece guaranteed to leave you smiling. Brought to life by a cast of celebrated stage and screen actors:

Sarah Ball

David Cardy

Dean Vicky Entwistle Fagan

Jack Melissa Hardwick Lowe

Dan Sheader

Elizabeth Twells

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: best available seats only £20 Use promocode 'FIFTYPLUS' when booking T & C's apply

At the Albert Halls, Bolton

Box Office 01204 520661


The market has over 200 stalls to choose from located both indoor and outdoor which are all under cover. Customers travel for miles just to visit the famous fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetable halls, lifestyle hall and food court seating area. The outdoor, undercover market compliments all our halls on Bolton Market. The Lifestyle section offers everything from furniture to flowers, bedding to broomsticks. Plus much, much, more along with a friendly service, hints and tips. There are plenty of eateries to choose from and a food court for the more leisurely where you can sit and watch the world go by whilst eating and drinking both continental and traditional foods. Bolton Market provides everything you need for your weekly shop and more, all at fantastic value. Fruit and vegetables can be plain or exotic, but always fresh and healthy. The famous fish and meat market is considered to be the best and largest in the north west, offering outstanding variety, low prices and excellent quality fish, meat, eggs, poultry & frozen foods. So there is only one place to be when planning for great shopping and free family fun, Bolton Market. How To Find Us Bolton Market Ashburner Street Bolton BL1 1TQ Tel: 01204 336825 Opening Times Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm


Contact Us: Customer Services: 01204 336825 Business Enquiries: 01204 336824 or 336823 email: If you are interested in becoming a trader at Bolton Markets call 01204 336825




Ashburner Street Bolton BL1 1TJ Open : Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Bolton's award winning market is a great day out and has everything you need for a freshly prepared meal. With everything under one roof at good prices and from all local businesses.

Contact: 01204 336825


@ Bolton Markets

Bolton Markets

boltonmarkets 65



50 plus magazine 21 July 2019 Peel Tower Open Days

Bury Market has a well deserved reputation for friendly service, fantastic produce and great value. As one of our customers recently said ‘Traditional market with great atmosphere and great product choices. Fish, meat and veg is second to none. You can be sure of a bargain. I recommend it to - family and friends. Too good to keep to myself'

14 July 2019 Disability Awareness Day

The world’s largest not-for-profit, voluntary-led, free, pan-disability exhibition, hosted by Warrington Disability Partnership. A huge tented village will house over 220 exhibitors - equipment suppliers; transport; holidays; leisure and employment providers; and support groups and services. Performing Arts Marquee, Sports Zone with have-a-go events, a Main Arena and children’s entertainment.

Peel Tower was one of two monuments erected in the memory of Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister of Britain 1841-1846, founder of the modern Police Force and repealer of the Corn Laws. He was born in Bury in 1788, the other monument can be found in Market Place in the centre of Bury. The Tower cost £1,000 to erect and the money was raised through public appeal. Today the Tower offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, after climbing the staircase to the top you can sometimes see as far as Blackpool and Wales. Volunteers open the Tower at least once a month and a small charge made for entry. Other requests have been made for abseil opportunities as well as a quirky place to propose. Holcombe Hill, Ramsbottom 0161 2535111

Visit or call 01925 240064 Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington, Cheshire

14 July 2019 Ironman UK Triathlon 2019

Bury Market Hall: Open every day except Sunday Full Markets Open: Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays “Winner Great British Market Awards” Britain’s Favourite Market “Winner National Coach Tourism Awards” Coach Friendly Shopping Destination of the Year

Bury Market Management: Tel: 0161 253 6520 Email: Web:

Ironman UK has earned a reputation for being a challenging race with some of the best spectator support and race atmospheres in Europe. This year will see a full, three-day festival weekend in Bolton with the addition of the Night Run on Friday, July 12, followed by the world’s biggest Ironkids race on Saturday, July 13 and the main event, Ironman UK on Sunday, July 14. The Ironman UK triathlon involves a 2.4mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride finishing with a marathon into Bolton town centre. Come along and join in the action and cheer on the athletes as they take on the grueling challenge to become an IRONMAN! Victoria Square, Bolton 01865 596266

27 - 28 July 2019 FESTWICH

The UK’s biggest Free tribute festival. Festwich has grown from strength to strength from its original conception 7 years ago! They are now entering their 8th year and it just gets bigger and bigger! The festival’s ethos has always been to give away the tickets for free and for visitors to come and experience 2 days of the best tribute bands on the planet. They spare no expense in creating the best possible free festival experience possible and delivering high production values in an extremely fun filled safe family environment. The festival attracts like-minded festival revellers of all ages from all corners of the UK and beyond! St Marys Park St Anns Road, Prestwich


6 - 10 Aug 2019 Amélie

A story of an astonishing young woman who lives quietly in the world, but loudly in her mind. She secretly improvises small, but extraordinary acts of kindness that bring happiness to those around her. But when a chance at love comes her way, Amélie realises that to find her own contentment she’ll have to risk everything and say what’s in her heart.

27th - 28th July 2019 Chorley Flower Show

Chorley Flower Show returns to Astley Park for the fifth year on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July. This spectacular event, which scooped a prestigious Lancashire Tourism Award for ‘Tourism Event of the Year’, is the perfect day out for anyone who likes gardening, plants and flowers. Plus, with children’s activities and delicious food and drink, it’s a treat for all the family. Chorley Flower Show is a two day event, where you can see and speak to goldmedal winning entrants from some of the country’s biggest shows in the professional exhibitors’ marquee.

Hartshorn – Hook Productions, Selladoor Worldwide and Broadway Asia Company in association with The Watermill Theatre present Amélie. Opera House 3 Quay St, Manchester

17 - 18 Aug 2019 Sci-Fi on the Sidings

A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY… Push back the final frontier and boldly go where no steam railway has gone before at the fourth Sci-Fi on the Sidings event! Celebrate your science fiction faves on this themed family day out.

Astley Hall Coach House And Park in Chorley

26 august Bolton Food and Drink Festival 2019

Bolton Food and Drink Festival is organised by Bolton Council, in association with Aldi, and the four-day foodie spectacular takes place annually on the August Bank Holiday weekend. The event sees celebrity chefs delivering cookery demonstrations in the town centre, amid a backdrop of artisan food stalls, children’s activities and free street entertainment. Voted the best Food Market by the National Association of British Market Authorities, the festival attracted over 267,000 visitors last year.

East Lancashire Railway Bolton Street

Victoria Square, Bolton 01204 334321

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Do you think that you have damp problems in your home? Can you see darkened or flakey patches on the walls? Contact our damp proofing experts who can fix any of these problems permanently without any fuss, or permanent damage.

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could benefit from hearing services. Collet-Fenson says: “With age related hearing loss, the delicate hair cells of the inner ear are worn down, so they are not quite as effective as they used to be and need more volume to be stimulated, so you start to lose clarity.” Fatigue is another factor that is not commonly discussed. The listening effort required with any degree of loss is considerable. “A comment we often hear as audiologists is ‘just the effort of listening – physically exhausts me’.


Now is the time to get your hearing checked if you have been delaying it. Approximately 11 million people in the UK are currently suffering from hearing loss which equates to roughly one in six of us. Of the six million people in the UK who could benefit from hearing aids only two million have them and of this group only 30% use them regularly. Get Tested Now Untreated hearing loss is now being routinely linked to several medical conditions including an increased risk of dementia, depression, falls and even strokes. Untreated hearing loss also leads to longer hospitalisations, readmissions and more visits to casualty.


Duncan Collet-Fenson, Audiologist and Managing Director of Aston Hearing, says we should regularly check our hearing in the same way we get our eyesight checked. “If you realised your sight wasn’t as good as it was previously, you would probably go to the optician. Unfortunately, people tend to wait much too long to get their hearing assessed and the longer they wait, the harder it is to treat hearing loss. Your hearing should be checked throughout your life increasing to every three years between the ages of 45-60, every two years if you are over 60 or sooner if you suspect any sort of hearing loss.” Age-Related Hearing Loss Although hearing loss can affect anyone at any age there is a direct correlation with ageing; with around 50% of us above the age of 75 experiencing hearing loss. Agerelated hearing loss often comes on slowly, making it harder for people to know when to take it seriously. There is often a 10-year delay between the onset of hearing loss in older people and them seeking help with the condition, due to failure to recognise the symptoms, denial and stigma, as well as some GPs failing to refer some adults who

Hearing Aids But even when people are assessed and prescribed a hearing aid they often sit in a drawer. Collet-Fenson says: “Hearing aids are not the same as glasses. Unlike when you get a new pair of glasses and you can instantly see well; the brain needs to adjust to the heightened awareness of sound coming from the hearing aid. It is therefore difficult to restore full hearing with hearing aids immediately and the aids may need multiple adjustments. The right one though can make a truly significant difference and can be life changing.” Hearing aids still carry the burden of huge social stigma and yet the truth is hearing technology is now extraordinary, for example we now have the ability to seamlessly stream phone calls, the TV and music straight to our hearing aid. Hearing aids are no longer big and obvious bits of plastic that clasp over your ears; many of them are barely visible. Some even allow you to text, translate languages, monitor your activity and even measure your blood pressure! Collet-Fenson says “Many more people could benefit from hearing aids than are currently doing so. We can only hope it won’t be long before attitudes start to change towards hearing technology.” Dementia Research has shown that many symptoms of hearing loss are easily misinterpreted as early signs of dementia such as memory loss, repetition, disorganisation, a feeling of vacancy, loss of confidence and concentration, trouble socialising and making poor judgements. All of these symptoms could be either as a result of hearing loss or dementia. In fact, hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia by up

to five times, but evidence also suggests that hearing aids may reduce these risks. Collet-Fenson says: “People who can’t hear well often become socially isolated and deprived of stimuli that keep the brain cognitively engaged thereby even potentially affecting brain function.”

“If you suddenly lost your sight you would most likely go to casualty but its extraordinary how many people accept sudden hearing loss without seeking

Excessive wax build-up Wax build up can be a major problem for effective hearing. Microsuction is the safest method of wax removal and is highly recommended over ear irrigation and it is also unnecessary for the client to use any oil beforehand to loosen the wax. Wax removal is often no longer carried out by GP’s on the NHS. Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) – also known as sudden deafness - is an emergency and typically occurs in only one ear but can appear in both. This is a serious medical condition and requires immediate care, so if you have a sudden loss of hearing seek medical advice as soon as possible as it may just save your hearing.

help. 50% of people with SSHL recover within two weeks if they receive prompt treatment.”

Advice for general hearing difficulties from Duncan Collet-Fenson 1. Make sure you are in the same room when you are talking to someone with hearing difficulties and preferably in front of them for optimal hearing, possible lip reading, as well as body language to provide visual cues. 2. When watching TV with someone who has hearing difficulties, try to turn the TV volume from quiet to loud rather than from loud to quiet as you are more likely to get an outcome that all the family can enjoy. 3. Do your best to interact and empower those with hearing loss. For example, choose restaurants with good acoustics and encourage them to get their hearing tested. Collet-Fenson says “The fact is as we age, so do our ears. We will all need to be hearing well for longer in order to stay employed, stay social and as part of good overall health. By 2035, it is estimated there will be around 15.6 million people with hearing loss across the UK – which is one in five. We need to start prioritising our hearing now.”


Care in your home If you live in Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich, Tottington and Ramsbottom, we can provide you support with: • Your daily routine, helping you get up and having a wash, to getting dressed and ready • Help with taking medication and medication collection from the pharmacy • House work tasks including laundry and cleaning • Help with your shopping, pension collection and anything else you may need • Support with activities such as gardening, visiting people, going for a walk and pet walking • Awake Night Care

Contact us now for a no obligation chat on:

0161 763 4228

We are now recruiting for care staff in Bury, call for details. Care Connect Homecare Services Unit 7, Brenton Business Complex, Bond St, Bury, BL9 7BE T: 0161 763 4228


We’ll get you smiling ... Many denture wearers suffer with poor fitting, worn out or artificial (false) looking dentures that cause the wearer to feel a lack of confidence in their dentures. This can present itself when chewing or even by just worrying about the denture dropping during a conversation. All these are issues that Bolton Denture Centre specialise in correcting.

Bolton Denture Centre houses the only qualified CDT in Bolton, solely focusing on provide the highest quality dentures. What is a Clinical Dental Technician? A Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a qualified dental technician that has under gone further Education and Training in areas such as Medical Emergencies Cross Infection Control and Oral Pathology (cancers and anomalies) to name just a few sections that make up the Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology as Awarded by the Royal Collage of Surgeons (RCS).

is this qualification, which means that only Dentists and Clinical Dental Technicians are the only Dental Professionals permitted to supply dentures direct to the public. A dental technician is not qualified to supply a denture directly to the public. However, despite this being an act of Mal practice many technicians will still practice illegally without informing the patient that they are not qualified. If you are unsure if your denture provider is qualified; ask them for their GDC registration number, then contact the GDC to see if they are registered not just as a dental technician but as a CDT.

It is this qualification that allows the clinicians at Bolton Denture Centure to be able to be registered and regulated with the General Dental Council (the official body for protecting the public with regards to dentistry) and carry indemnity insurance. It

Over recent years there have been many improvements in both the way we construct dentures and in the materials and denture teeth that we use. This means that the end result looks more natural than ever before. Why not call for a FREE



Consultation to find out more about these new innovations in denture design and manufacture? Dentures Need Regular Servicing Dentures are in constant use almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are also in a pretty hostile environment in the mouth, being attacked by strong acid, bacteria, hot, cold and spicy food. Denture material absorbs liquids and food odour. Daily cleaning is essential as well as professional ultrasonic cleaning in a dental laboratory at least once a year. Due to constant bone resorbtion dentures will become loose sooner or later. Loose dentures will increase damage to the gums and bone structure, and increase the risk of breakage. Have them re-lined as soon as possible to get a good fit. It only takes a day or two. Have your dentures inspected by a Clinical Dental Technician at least every two years, or more frequently if necessary. Your Dentures need Attention 1. When they become loose. 2. When teeth or denture base discolours. 3. When tooth surfaces become flat. 4. When denture base does not fit around natural teeth (in partial dentures). 5. When you develop deep lines around your mouth. 6. When your chin sticks out, and the corners of your lips are constantly wet, developing sores. 7. When you stop smiling and feel embarrassed. My Dentures have become loose! This is easily remedied by a procedure know as Re-lining. A new layer of Denture base is added to your existing Denture, improving the fit and restoring confidence.

Call for FREE your consultion

01204 382244


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Dentures on Implants This type of Denture is constructed in conjunction with the Dental Implant Surgeon. This is a very good procedure when the patient has limited control and retention of their Dentures. The finished Dentures ‘click’ into position offering the ultimate in Denture Retention. Should I have a spare set of Dentures made? Yes, it is very important to have a spare set of dentures for emergencies in case of breakage. Constructing a Good Set of Dentures Constructing a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of dentures is the most difficult task in dentistry. We are not only replacing lost teeth, but also lost tissue matter and bone. In other words, we have to re-create your facial features as they were before the loss of your natural teeth. In most cases we do not know what your teeth looked like, what size they were or what position they were in originally. We have a few indications but mostly we have to rely on our visual and artistic judgement. At the same time we have to use our technical expertise in order to make the denture stable and functional. Denture construction is more art than science. Bolton Denture Centre can offer all aspects of denture care including; Free Consultations Denture cleaning and polishing service l Repair of broken or cracked dentures l Relining existing dentures to improve fit l New full dentures l New partial dentures (following treatment plan from dentist) * l Sports mouth guards *Dentist treatment plan can be arranged. l l

Testimonials Thank you for putting a smile on my face again. S I cannot thank you enough for your patience and expertise on my recent visits. Not only have you given me m smile back, you have given me “ME” back. I now feel I can re-join the land of the living. I’m off to “Party” if I can remember how. Thank You V Just a small gift to say a big thanks for all the work you have put in and what a big change it is making to my life! Many thanks E Really appreciate the kindness and work you put into making my denture. I am over the moon with them. S Just a few words to thank you for the work you have done. Everyone has been saying how well I look lately not knowing why. You have given me my smile back and I thank you so very much, you have made me so happy. C I thought I would write to thank you for the service I received when I came to your practice for dentures recently. I am very pleased with the fit and the look of my dentures. I would also like to than your staff. Yours sincerely B Bolton Denture Centre, 44 Higher Bridge Street, Bolton BL1 2HA.




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10 THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T HIDE FROM YOUR GP AND WHY 3. Sharp pain in head or eyes.

“Being open to your GP about any health worries is really important. Some things may seem a little embarrassing for us to talk about but remember that doctors have seen it all countless times and having an examination or showing your doctor a lump may just save your life. If you have something that doesn’t feel or look quite right, always book an appointment and tell your GP all your symptoms, so they can either help or put your mind at ease. Here are some things you should never hide from your GP.

1. Unexplained weight loss. It is important for everyone to monitor their weight, and noticing an unexpected change in weight should not be overlooked. Unexplained weight loss for example is a symptom associated with type 2 diabetes. It is estimated that 1 in 17 people in the UK have diabetes – diagnosed and undiagnosed. If type 2 diabetes goes untreated it can lead to various health problems such as kidney damage, eye damage and increases the risk of heart disease. So, if you feel you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed, we encourage you to contact your GP talk about these problems as soon as possible. 2. Feeling faint or fainting. Feeling faint or fainting is relatively common, and most people have experienced this feeling at least once in their lifetime. Fainting or syncope is caused by a temporary reduction of blood flow and/ or oxygen to the brain. It is often caused by a trigger which may be something like an unpleasant sight, heat, shock, standing up suddenly or dehydration. However, there are some more serious conditions which may trigger you to faint or feel faint such as neurological conditions or diabetes. For this reason, a fainting episode is always best discussed with your GP. 72

A sharp pain in the eyes or head is usually nothing to be too concerned over and may be linked to medical problems such as sinusitis or a migraine. Still seek medical advice if you find yourself experiencing these symptoms because in rare cases you could be at risk for seizures, blood clots and brain damage.

warfarin to name just two and aren’t always as holistic as they seem. Always check with your GP if the supplements you wish to take are ok for you.

4. If you are overly stressed.

8. Whether you smoke or not.

Although we all experience stress throughout our lives and a little stress is good for us, sometimes things can feel overwhelming. Too much stress is a major health issue that can put you at risk of heart attack, stroke and mental health issues, as well as affect your relationships and work. It is important to share this with your doctor because they be able to find ways to help you cope. 5. Lumps, bumps and moles. Although most lumps and bumps are normal, it is important to always get them checked by your GP especially if they grow in shape or size, become painful or red and if they are found in specific areas such as the breasts or testicles. 6. Blood in stool or urine. Although finding blood in your stool is relatively common, it is always something you should flag with your GP. Rectal bleeding can be a sign of bowel cancer, and therefore should always be checked. Similarly, blood in urine is also something you must discuss with your GP, even if it has only happened once and you have no other symptoms. Also if you find you are passing stools or urinating very frequently, straining whilst you urinate or have a feeling that you haven’t completely emptied your bladder, visit your GP to get things checked out. 7. Taking herbal supplements. Although herbal supplements may seem harmless, they can cause adverse side effects and there is little evidence to show that many of them actually work. Supplements can also worryingly interfere with other medicines such as chemotherapy and

By Dr Riccardo Di Cuffa, Director and GP at Your Doctor

Those that deny to health professionals that they smoke typically tend to be the occasional or ‘social smoker’. By only smoking here and there you are still putting your health at severe risk. If you smoke at all then you are a smoker no matter how few cigarettes you smoke. By letting your GP know they can provide you with the necessary advice if you wish to give up and you are far more likely to be able to get rid of the habit entirely. Smoking causes 84% of lung cancer related deaths in the UK. 9. You take sleeping pills. These days we are often not sleeping enough and in order to function and feel our best, some of us turn to sleeping pills. Never take them without medical guidance or buy them off the internet. It is important to also understand that they can cause constipation, diarrhoea, daytime drowsiness and dizziness and there are risks associated with sleeping tablets including addiction and long term health issues. There are alternative ways to help with sleep, so seek advice from a GP before taking sleeping pills or let your GP prescribe the right ones. 10. How much alcohol you drink. Both men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week. It is important to note that these units should be spread over the course of the week rather than being consumed at once on the weekend! Drinking in moderation is ok but drinking too much can cause damaging effects to your heart and liver disease and is associated with cancer. If you’re worried you drink too much, try having dry days; dry January may be something you should try. Tell your GP so they can help support you.



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Volunteering with Bolton Dementia Support is FUN! Having a good sense of humour makes a world of difference. One of the most important roles a volunteer can fill is to take time to sit and talk to people and be an active listener. We can provide training in any aspect of volunteering and dementia awareness that a volunteer may need and they can be assured of support and supervision from trained personnel.

Can you spare a couple of hours to help make a difference to the lives of others? Bolton Dementia Support relies on the contribution made by its fantastic volunteers without whom we could not manage to support the 150 -200 people that use our service each week. Volunteering can have a tremendously positive effect to both the volunteer and to the community. People often approach us when they are at a low ebb themselves and need an aim in life particularly if they have retired or lost a job. The benefits of volunteering are enormous. The right match can help you to reduce stress, find friends, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career. Giving to others can also help protect your mental and physical health.

One volunteer stated, “Volunteering gave me an enormous sense of job satisfaction and achievement. Also an awareness that you don’t need to be someone in power to make a difference. For me it was a twoway process, my contribution was greatly appreciated and I totally enjoyed the whole experience so all parties benefited”. Volunteering and helping others can help you reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. While it’s true that the more you volunteer, the more benefits you’ll experience, volunteering doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time out of your busy day. As little as two hours a week can make a huge difference.

Four or five times a year we organise outings to the coast or to the theatre and again volunteers are needed to help to supervise people on the outings. All out of pocket expenses are met by the Group. We have a charity shop on Bury road and volunteers help to sell in the shop and to sort donations. We also offer a pick up service for donations and need someone to help with this. One of the better-known benefits of volunteering is the impact it has on the lives of others. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people who are living with dementia and those who care for them. Volunteering is a two-way street it benefits you and the people you are helping. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills. And have FUN! Please give us a call if you can offer your help; 01204 386696 or 01204 773435 Thank you.

Bolton’s own Dementia Support

The Dementia Support Group. The Dementia Support Group. Bolton Dementia Support

Supporting people with dementia and those who care for them. Proud to serve the people of Bolton.

If you would like information or advice please contact:

Bolton Dementia Support Registered Charity No : 1123776

Carers Resource, Thicketford Road, Bolton BL2 2LW.

Bolton’s own Dementia Support Group.

Telephone: 01204 386696

porting people with dementia and those who care for email: them. Proud to serve the people of Bolton.


Hidden carers: the ‘sandwich generation’ looking after parents and grandchildren For many, it seems that ‘retirement age’ is when the work really starts. But what impact does caring for generations of family have on those in their 60s and 70s? Susan works part time. She also helps her son by taking her grandchildren to school every other day and spends two evenings a week and every Sunday with her 87-year-old mother, who lives alone and is increasingly frail. “This isn’t quite how I imagined life at 60. I thought I’d be slowing down and have more time to myself, but I’m now busier than ever - juggling work whilst caring for the younger and older generation in my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Grandchildren and Mother dearly, but sometimes it all gets a bit much! And heaven forbid I get ill!” Susan is part of the ‘sandwich generation’ – people who care for

ageing parents while supporting their own children and grandchildren. When the term was created, it generally referred to people in their 30s and 40s. Now the ‘sandwich generation’ has grown older and deeper. People in their 50s, 60s and 70s are caring for their elderly parents, adult children and lively grandchildren.


The figures are striking

A third of the country’s 6.5 million informal carers are aged 65 and over.

One in five people aged 50-64 in the UK are carers to an older family member.

The number of those aged 75 and over has increased by 35% since 2001.

Contact us If you would like to talk to someone or find out about what we do, please get in touch. I’d be our privilege to help. 74

Warm Friendly Caring

Many carers of elderly relatives show a deep sense of obligation and go to extraordinary lengths in order to care for their parents. Inevitably, the evidence is also widespread of carer fatigue and breakdown – carers are twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems as well as discrimination in the jobs market. Caring for an elderly relative is a big responsibility, there are no two ways about it. There’s lots of support out there, but the key is knowing how to access it. Remember, being a carer isn’t just a matter of looking after your loved one. It’s about taking good care of yourself, too. There are a few things you can do to help it go smoothly: • • • •

Or perhaps you need help caring for someone with dementia?

Do your research Access the right support Look after your health Take time for yourself

With the right support, caring for an older relative can be rewarding, satisfying and enriching for all involved.

Bolton Cares is here to help Let us help you to support your loved one Do you have a family member or friend who would welcome some company, companionship and somewhere safe and warm to go during the day? If so then Bolton Cares Day Services for older adults could be just what you’re looking for! We have three vibrant centres across Bolton with lots going on for people to get involved in as much or as little as they wish.

Activities include: • • • • • • • • • • •

Exercise classes Thai chi History groups Intergenerational activities with school and nursery age children Themed events throughout the year Writing groups Trips out Bingo Quizzes Armchair exercises Gardening

Our warm, friendly and caring teams are there to offer a friendly face, hot cuppa and to support you to live an enriched and fulfilled life.

Our centres are in Brazley (Horwich), Washacre (Westhoughton) and Thicketford Road, Bolton.

Phone us on (01204) 331111 or email:

Our specialist warm, friendly and caring team can help you care for a loved one with dementia. We work with you to plan support to help families care for loved ones. We want families to stay together helping everyone to live enriched lives. Maybe you need someone to be with Mum whilst you’re at work? Or maybe you’d love to go to the gym, meet a friend for coffee or just have some ‘you’ time. Being able to have a bit of time to recharge your batteries can make all the difference. All of our registered services are rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can rest assured that our services are externally verified as providing good quality care and support.


Do You Need Help To Stay Well? ✔ Are you over the age of 50?

Daily Life Work, Training and Hobbies

Child and School

Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Health and Lifestyle House, Money and Environment

✔ Live in the Borough of Bury Council ✔ Registered with a GP in the borough ✔ Not currently in receipt of any Social Care Services If the answer is yes then this service may be for you.

For further information, please contact the Staying Well Team:Phone: 0161 253 5151


Have you visited the Bury Directory? The one-stop information point for advice, support, activities, services and more for the people of Bury.

Bury C O U N C I L

Bury Clinical Commissioning Group

WHEELCHAIRS LTD regain your independence

Established over 35 years


OPENING TIMES: Monday till Friday 9.00am till 5.00pm Saturday - 10.00am till 4.00pm Sunday - CLOSED

3 MONTHS FREE INSURANCE is included with every powered wheelchair or mobility scooter purchased





Motability Partner Can you benefit from Motability? If you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance, the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement or P.I.P. supplement you can benefit from this worry-free package. The choice is yours With over 200 products to choose from, ranging from small, boot scooters to large, road legal (Class 3) scooters and powered wheelchairs, you can be sure to find the right one for you. Your allowance will then be paid directly to Motability Operations every four weeks, in exchange for your scooter or powered wheelchair. And most of the models available cost less than your four weekly higher rate mobility allowance, which means you get some money back! It’s the perfect package With Motability, not only do you get the scooter or powered wheelchair of your choice, you get all the support and help you need.


BLACKPOOL BRANCH 269 TALBOT ROAD BLACKPOOL FY3 7AZ T: 01253 394853 OPENING TIMES: Monday till Friday 9.00am till 5.00pm Saturday – 10.00am till 4.00pm Sunday - CLOSED

“Mum was on her own when she fell...

...but she wasn’t alone” help at the touch of a button

0161 253 5151


Includes: Hearse, Limousine, Coffin, All fees, All Disbursements. Any Crematorium* No Hidden Extras

low cost funeral specialists

Prepayment Plans

are available starting from less than £1 per day or interest free for £98 per month over 24 month

The passing of a loved one is a challenging and difficult time.

ALSO AVAILABLE Low cost Burials Call for pricing

We believe these challenges should remain emotional, not financial It’s a call we hope you never have to make but in the sad event of a loved ones passing we are here to help you at anytime We cover any North West Crematorium * Private Crematorium surchages apply

01204 208111

(Bolton Area) Tel: Email:

0161 343 7230


What’s On Guide... Saturday 25th May Sir Ian McKellen On Stage 26th July - 30th August

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Thursday 6th Saturday 15th June The Importance of Being Earnest

Saturday 29th June Rock For Heroes

Friday 9th - Sunday 11th August Gin Society

Tuesday 20th Thursday 22nd August Mr Stink

Friday 6th September You’re In My Heart, You’re In My Soul

Friday 13th September Magic of Motown

For more info, visit; For tickets, visit; or call 0843 2080500

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Bolton & Bury issue 62  

Local magazine for the over 50s, includes leisure, lifestyle, travel, finance and health

Bolton & Bury issue 62  

Local magazine for the over 50s, includes leisure, lifestyle, travel, finance and health