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How to Send Us Your Designs 1. Use your imagination to come up with a killer design. WE WILL NOT DISPLAY ANYTHING WE DEEM TO BE OFFENSIVE: NO SEXIST, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC ETC DESIGNS PLEASE. 2. Scribble it down on paper and scan it to a PC or use any computer graphics programme to electronify your design. 3. Save as JPEG. Please make sure that the file is no bigger than 100kb and around 300 pixels (around 2 inches) wide. 4. Send an email to 5. Put the name of your design as the SUBJECT (this will show on the homepage) 6. Write the text in the body of the email as you want it to appear on the site – Things you may want to include: a bit about yourself, why and how yo came up with the designs etc Remember to remind people to use the buttons to the left of the site to share on Facebook and Twitter. 7. We will try and approve your design asap and publish it right away 8. All you have to do then is start sharing your design with as many people as you can. If you get 10 SHARES or LIKES then we may put it in our online shop. How to Make Money Those designs that get enough SHARES or LIKES may be eligible to go into our online shop. We reserve the right not to sell EVERY DESIGN. Please note we may need to change your design slightly in order to be able to print it economically. For example, if you have more than one print position, a really large print area or a really complicated design we may ask you to simplify it for us. Help us to help you make money by sending your designs as VECTOR images. The best formats are CDR, EPS if not PDF might cut it. 1. Email the correct format to 2. We’ll send you a contract stating our terms and conditions. We will tell you how much it’ll cost to print, press and post that design on particular garment and tell you how about the profit share. You’ll receive between 50% and 75% of the PROFITS from each sale. 3. Mail back the terms and conditions s stating that you agree to them and we’ll upload your designs. 4. Get sharing on social networks, the more people that see your designs the more chance you have to make some money. 5. We’ll send your share of any profits at the end of each calendar month via PAYPAL. 6. Easy really!!

How to Send Design  

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