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It’s true that women are recognizing strength training as a major player in the battle against fat loss. Here are the top 10 benefits women receive from strength training: 1) Increased Metabolic Rate- adding muscle increases our metabolism naturally. 2) Increasing and Restoring Bone Density- prevent and fight osteoporosis by building strong bones. 3) Increased Lean Muscle Mass- each pound of lean muscle mass burns 35-50 calories per day.

4) Injury Prevention- a solid foundation strengthens our bones, ligaments, and tendons. 5) Improved Balance- strong leg and core muscles help stabilize us. 6) Decreased Risk of Coronary Diseasestrength training can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 7) Aids Rehabilitation and Recoverythe best way to strengthen and recover from an injury is to slowly build your strength around the injured area.

8) Enhanced Performance in Sports, Exercise and Life In General- climbing stairs, carrying the kids, or walking with your spouse becomes more enjoyable. 9) Aging Gracefully- strong muscles build a strong body. Strength training and fitness can help keep aging bodies in well-working condition. 10) Feeling Better and Looking Betterstrength training reduces overall body fat, it tones our muscles and it builds confidence. These top 10 benefits all come for free when you begin a proper strength training routine.





Words By: Nicole Flowers Interview By: Lionel Barnes


veteran of the rap game, Jaz-O has more than 20 years of spitting feature rhymes and blazing trails under his belt. After being the first rap artist signed to EMI records, he crafted masterpiece records as both a rapper (“Have You Had Your Love Today”) and a producer (“Ain’t No Nigga”), and helped many a struggling new artist find their footing in the game. He counts Jay-Z, Sauce Money, Memphis Bleek, and The Lox among those whom he gave a push toward stardom. Despite his numerous accomplishments in the industry, mainstream success as part of the blockbuster Hip Hop genre he helped create has eluded Jaz. 50Fifty Magazine chopped it up with the legend about Jay-Z, Southern rappers and the state of the game. Jigga who?

What was it like growing up in Marcy? It was unique and serious. It’s a contrast, like [between] what people think, and what it really was. I remember my first thoughts was like the bullshit in the hood, street shit. When we was little in my hood, on the 6th floor people could leave their doors open. We was running around play tag. The one thing I can say is, it was unity in Marcy Projects. It was a strong [housing] project. There was 2 or 3 gangs that really held down Marcy, like way back in the early 70s. You had the Pythons, the Tomahawks, those was the main ones around then. It was a very educational experience. People don’t really get the whole concept of how Jay-Z got his name from Jaz-O. Yeah, I think that a lot of people are aware, and a lot of people come to me constantly. It kind of balances out, because a lot of people are enlightened by it, and there are a lot of people that are actually familiar with my work. A lot of people are still shocked. They be like “I didn’t know you did that! I knew you did this, and that you did this, but I didn’t know you did that!” A guy called me from St. Louis, and said that he knew that I started Jay-Z out in the game and [about] the similarity between the names, [and he said] “I didn’t know that you started this nigga Irv Gotti! I didn’t know that you started Chad Elliot. I didn’t know that you did tracks for MOP.” Dude [Jay-Z] got like a few hundred million, and he’s like the preacher man that’s in the big white church, and even though he’s talking a bunch of bullshit, it’s like his presentation is so right because, people are socially programmed to love the money. When a motherfucker is eating and shining on that level, then everything that comes out of his mouth is the truth, and it’s the gospel. But you can have this vagabond motherfucker on the sidewalk, saying some real shit, like the realest shit in the world, but since he doesn’t have that presentation, all that window dressing, its like ain’t nobody really paying attention to him.

It’s a lot of crazy shit going on, but this year it’s a real good time. A lot of people when I talk, they think I’m going to do something to Jay, but it’s really not like that. I want to take one of his quotes; I’m trying to kill a nigga, [but leave him] breathing. I want him to see, look you did things dirty, you didn’t just leave a nigga alone after a nigga did everything he could to launch you on your own, but you worked in my demise. How can you hate on a nigga that ain’t even doing what you doin’, unless you know something that you don’t want everyone else to know. Do you and Jay-z still have a friendship or a business relationship? Naw, I can’t be a friend to a motherfucker like that. I can’t be a friend to him. People call me all the time, saying we need to be cool again. But I ain’t sitting around like a broad, like, “Give me a call”. If he was fucking with me anyway, none of this shit would have ever happened. I never felt like I had to leave any of my niggaz behind to in order for me to succeed. This nigga knew he couldn’t shine standing next to me, or [with] me being in the picture. Some people might think its overkill, but I follow the street code, man. The only thing [left] for me to do besides lay a nigga down for violating like that, is go on about my business, and not fuck with him. For any amount of money, even if this nigga came to my crib with a whole bag of money, like, “Yo, let’s do something”, I would take the bag of money from him, and slam the door in his face. I lost a lot of respect for Nas when that shit went down, ‘cause I’m like, “Yo dawg, you ate this nigga food, and then you gone turn around to the world and to all the fans that don’t really understand the street”. Ya’ll niggas is cool now! Even though I know the nigga don’t really fuck with Jay like that. It’s like you showing the world that even though the nigga worked to your demise, he was too big of a monster for him to handle. But, you notice every time that nigga (Jay-Z) get in like a battle situation, he doesn’t do well. Even with the R. Kelly shit and R. Kelly don’t even rhyme [laughs].

“You can be Hov around me too, but don’t play that game with me, trying to slap box around like I’m a little shorty or some shit, ‘cause nigga, I’ll put you on your back.”

You’ve been in the game for quite awhile now. Do you regret some of the decisions that you made or working with some of the people you have worked with? Nah. Because I’m a heart person, dawg. When I help somebody, it’s because it’s from my heart. To this day, I help niggaz, and even chicks. I speak at different music conventions around the world, and I’ll give them [attendees] my contact info and they’ll contact me. You know, I’m regular folk. They’ll be like, “Why you helping me?” and I be like, “You asked for help, didn’t you?” If I’m gonna help you, that means I’m gonna help you, with no strings attached. You’ve produced a lot of major records on platinum albums. When do you think they are going to give you the true credit that you deserve, as the originator? I feel like they not, if I don’t do it myself, which this year is really about that. I don’t wanna be like a lot of producer niggaz, like J.Dilla, [where] they gotta pass away before they said, “That nigga was incredible”. I don’t need that. I started doing this because I loved the music, but I gotta eat too. Once it’s done, I gotta do it right from now on. As an artist I got music everywhere. It’s just that I don’t have a deal, because I got too many people that’s on the Jay-Z thing. What I had did, a lot of people in key positions hate, because pain is envy, they just petty like that. I been around so many cats, and how these faggot ass niggaz all in the industry be talking, a lot of people in those positions shouldn’t be allowed to be doing what they are doing. I’m not angry about it, but that’s what was allowed to happen. A few record label A&Rs were quoted as saying that the current state of Hip-Hop in New York is really dark and unexciting, and there is a lot of hating going on amongst New York artists. What do you say to that that? It’s not true. The problem is you got too many deals being made. It’s not deal being made based on an artist being fire. There’s no A&R development, there’s no artist development, there’s no provisional for a lot of these artists. At the same time, if the condition is being created for a nigga like me to stand up, a lot of people wont fuck with me, and it ain’t because of my music, but a lot of motherfuckers won’t fuck with me, [and] a big reason for that, is that dude [Jay-Z]. Its not like they don’t like me, its just that they are so enchanted with what he says. Me and a lot of cats that I fuck with from around the way, the old way [Marcy Projects]; we know better. He don’t want us around because he can’t talk like that. We was in Baseline Studios back when it was up and running, and he couldn’t even act right around me, with all his underlings and yes men around him. I was like, “Nigga if you want to be Hov around me, that’s cool!” You can be Hov around me too, but don’t play that game with me, trying to slap box around like I’m a little shorty or some shit, ‘cause nigga, I’ll put you on your back. They [record labels] are not signing our [New York] artists. They signing motherfuckers because this dude is this dude’s man, or this DJ works at Hot 97 or he’s on Power 105, and that’s his show, and you gonna hear all the bullhorns and explosions, but at the end of the day, without all the bells and whistles, you look at the artist and you like, “Nah!” Where the chicks at? There are a whole bunch of chicks in New York and everywhere else that put it in. It’s like there is a whole big sausage party. Hip Hop is turning gay, man! I don’t want to hear that rah-rah shit all the time. How do you feel about the Southern Hip Hop movement? Do you agree with Nas when he says that the South killed the game? Nah. They been making that music in the south since it started. You got southern artists like Outkast, that even said in an interview that their endeavor was to be like New York rappers. The southern rap shit is not conscious. The thing with New York rappers is that even though they talking that gunplay, there is a whole conscious movement. The southern form of rap music is really about getting money, I got work in the street, I got bitches riding my dick all day long.

I got so much money, I got so much jewelry, and I’ll lay this nigga down, and that’s it. And the beats sound the same; the shit is almost like Reggaeton [laughs]. I’m not criticizing, but you got music from Southern artists that’s hot, and you got music from Southern artists that’s garbage. It’s the same with any other place. With being from New York, a lot of niggaz might try to say like, “Oh, he from New York”, but that’s where the monkey is anyways. Any monkey want to rub they knuckles on the ground and beat they chest, I got something for that. I ain’t worried about none of that. A lot of the southern music is kinda ignorant. Not saying that it’s bad, [because] a lot of New York shit is ignorant, but some of the shit be like nursery rhymes. They sign you, they make a bank roll off of ring tones and they don’t care what happen to you after that. Look at half the niggaz from anywhere. They had a hot single, and they album don’t do anything because they make the money off of ringtones. You’ve worked with and launched a lot of careers for a lot of major artists, are you still building new talent? Yeah, I got a couple of cats. I got this cat named Sidney Carson, Million, and I work with a girl named Whit Martez. She’s out of Red Hook Projects in Brooklyn. She’s hot. I know a lot of niggaz that’s turning over in they graves right now because [of] the way shit is, so I feel like I have to keep doing this music, [both] as an artist and a producer. What’s the next calculated move for Jaz-O? Kings County Records, man. I had the company for a few years. We dropped a compilation back in 2002, and I kind of fell back after that. I still produce. I got joints going on worldwide, tracks I produced for cats in Germany and Japan. My plan right now is to expand Kings County into a legitimate independent record company. Of course, I’m the feature artist. If I feel like I fell off, then I’ll find something else to do, but I got a fan base worldwide. Mothefuckers are checking [for me], they know what time it is. I made a couple of private connections with certain people that’s willing to ride with a nigga till the wheels fall off.

“..a lot of motherfuckers won’t fuck with me, [and] a big reason for that, is that dude [Jay-Z].”

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