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EDUCATION YOUR WAY Hands-on education Career fields in demand Graduate in 9 to 18 months Financial aid available No out-of-state tuition Low to no debt Personalized instruction Transferable credits Job placement guarantee Industry recognized credentials



North Central Kansas Technical College


PATH TO SUCCESS NCK Tech Nursing student, Bianca Okinda, first came to the United States during her high school years. Hailing from Kenya's capital city of Nairobi, she earned a scholarship in order to finish 12th grade in the U.S. She even attended an extra year in order to do so. Once she graduated, Bianca knew she wanted to stay in the Hays area for several reasons. "I didn't think about going out of town. [NCK Tech] is affordable and the whole learning environment is good. The people are very nice," she offered. So Bianca began taking general education classes from NCK Tech in 2013. She then completed coursework to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN), and recently graduated from the registered nurse (RN) program.


Although nursing had been on her radar from a young age, it was not initially what Bianca considered as a career. As a skilled artist, she was looking into a job involving fine arts or graphic design. "When I came to the U.S. I thought nursing would be a better career," she said - a decision she made after considering factors such as job security and her varied interests. "I thought maybe I could do that sort of thing (nursing); I like making people comfortable and seeing them get better.� Soft spoken and with a nurturing personality, she talks with her patients as though they are friends. She pointed out that nursing is very demanding work, but when her schedule allows, she genuinely enjoys getting to know others on a more personal level.

"We talk, not just about why they are in the hospital," she said. "Some are very informal and I talk to them about their backgrounds. We just get to know each other a little more; it's a reward just getting to know them." Aside from enjoying her work, Bianca knows nursing will be a viable career for many years to come. With her RN in hand, and credits that will transfer, Bianca is looking into attending a four-year college to earn a bachelor's degree of nursing. Eventually, she's interested in getting a master’s and doctorate degree as well. "There's a chance to get a [nursing] job everywhere. You can go different places and do different things, it's a field of experience where you change a lot and never stop learning."

There's a chance to get a [nursing] job everywhere. You can go different places and do different things, it's a field of experience where you change a lot and never stop learning. Bianca Okinda, Nursing



North Central Kansas Technical College



DISCOVER. Solomon Valley Cinema Beloit Bowl Campus Activities

Brush up on your bowling skills at the bowling alley. Whether you are a master or a newbie, relax a bit at Beloit Bowl.

The Student Union has TV’s, ping-pong, foosball, movies, pool tables, and more.

“During bowling league night I have met some really friendly community members” - Danea, Welding

The Wellness Center has weights and machines for any workout, group classes and locker rooms. Beloit NCK Tech students receive membership to the Wellness Center through their student activity fees.

After class grab your friends and check out the latest releases. With $5 tickets and buttery popcorn, this is a student favorite you can enjoy any day of the week.

“I enjoy hanging out here and playing pool when I just need a place to get away. They always have fun tournaments in the evening when we don’t want to hang out in the dorms.” -Austin, Agricultural Equipment Technology

Chautauqua Park The Kettle

The Kettle is a new spot in Beloit. Check out their custom Grilled Cheese of the Week, the perfect pick-me-up coffee bar and delectable desserts. “It gives me a good opportunity to meet and see more people within the community. It's also a cheap and affordable place for students to go when they want to get out of the dorms. The environment is always fun and friendly.” - Erron, Diesel Technology

A favorite spot for outdoor activities including disc golf and horseshoes, this park also hosts Chautauqua Isle of Lights Display from Thanksgiving to New Years Day every year.




North Central Kansas Technical College


Big Creek Crossing

Formerly known as “The Mall”, this shopping center hosts 27 retail stores including JCPenney, The Buckle and Stage, and hosts many community events throughout the year.


Hays has a variety of restaurants to choose from, including German favorites, burgers, sushi, and more!


Union Station, Hays’s newest coffee shop hangout, offers a variety of fresh roasted coffee and tea items, breakfast and lunch options, and not to mention free Wi-Fi.

Watch all the newest releases with your student discount. Grab tickets online or at the theater and kick back for a bit.

“Union Station Coffee Shop is a great place to meet friends for study group or just hang out.” -Beth, Business Management

“I usually watch a couple movies a week; they have a great student discount!” - Daysi, Nursing

Frontier Park

Once a military fort, Frontier Park now houses walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds and an 18-hole disc golf course.

Centennial Lanes

Calling all beginner and master bowlers. After a day of classes check out Centennial Lanes Bowling for some fun and friendly competition.


FINDING A LIFELONG CAREER: Veteran Returns Home to Tend to Family Business

A friend told Chris to “keep his pack going,” a military reference on not giving up. Chris Dreher | Carpentry/Cabinetmaking



North Central Kansas Technical College

Attending college wasn't part of a long-term plan for Chris Dreher. He graduated 12th grade, went to work, and then decided to follow in his parent’s footsteps. “I was in a dead-end job and needed a change of scenery, plus my parents were always encouraging me to join the service.” So Chris joined the Marines, and in his typical fashion, he went all in. He worked hard and tried to excel at everything he did. Chris picked up rank quickly and he started to develop a plan to remain enlisted. He had hopes of earning his way into the Marines security force, but when his father passed away his plans changed. “I knew the military would always be there, but I needed to be home with my family.” Coping with his father’s death, a friend encouraged Chris to, “keep his pack going,” a military reference for not giving up. To this day he uses the saying as a reminder to be a good example, especially to his three­-year-­old daughter, Deanna. So Chris kept his pack going back to Hays, Kansas. While back on the 30-day leave for his father’s funeral, he visited NCK Tech with a buddy who was already enrolled. It was then that Chris decided to take the Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning program. “The staff at NCK Tech helped me through a lot of the paperwork,” says Chris. “I just called them and asked them for help, they were great!” They helped make the transition easy, but that didn’t mean Chris was completely at ease. “I was scared to go to college,” Dreher says. “My family was very encouraging. I wasn’t a great student in high school and I wasn’t sure I could do it.” As he turned to his training and experience to help him, he gained confidence. “The military drills into you the importance of deadlines and discipline, which has served me well as a student and in everyday life.” Chris also learned something else that helped

him succeed, the importance of asking questions. “I used to worry about what others might think if I asked a stupid question. Then I started to realize that most times others had the same question — they were just too afraid to ask.” Combining the lessons he took from the military with the strong work ethic he learned from his dad, Chris successfully completed his first program. Instead of going on to work in the field, he decided to pursue an Associate degree and his true passion, something he had learned alongside his father. He helped his dad with construction since he was eight years old, and although he didn't know it at the time, Chris discovered that he really wanted to be a carpenter. “I knew a little bit from working with my dad,” says Dreher, “but I learned even more while taking the Carpentry program.” The handson experience of actually building a home from the ground up was very beneficial, equipping Chris with a true understanding of the structural aspects of building and the fine details of finish work. "Now I can see things that I could never see before," said Dreher. Once Chris completed the Carpentry program, he didn’t stop there, as he knew if he wanted to be self-employed he should also learn more about managing a business. “I understood some accounting because of my responsibilities in the military, but these classes helped me learn about taxes, insurance, social security, mark-up, and accounting. Which helps you be more successful financially and to keep better relationships with your customers and your vendors," he stated.

Chris with his father at NCK Tech and the ability to learn new skills and fine tune the ones he already had. "Everything I learned has helped me. I’d keep going if I could, it was definitely worth it," he advised. Chris is now back with his old connections in Hays, using the skills he acquired from the military and NCK Tech to work as an independent sub-contractor. He helps with remodels, assists in builds, lays flooring, inspects roofs, and more. He's now aspiring to obtain a certified contractor's license – because he wants to prove he knows how to do it right. "I might spend a little extra time doing things, but when I'm done I want the homeowner to know they have the best home that can be built,” he said with pride. Chris performs the work in his customers’ houses at least as good as what he would do in his own house. He offered, "Then I let my work speak for me. I know it’s the little details of the work you do that make it everlasting.” That’s the attitude of a true craftsman and something he knows his family, especially his late father, would be proud of.

Before leaving NCK Tech, Chris graduated from three separate programs and earned two associate degrees. He enjoyed the atmosphere



BUILDING QUALITY EDUCATION FOR A LIFETIME Customers of Access Control Solutions, a Manhattan-based commercial construction company, know exactly what they want. They want precision work and quality service. In the same way, Nick Acheson, owner of Access Control Solutions, knew what he wanted. After discovering his love for carpentry while working for his grandfather’s construction company, he wanted to turn his passion into a career. That dream became reality thanks in part to his education at NCK Tech. While in school, Acheson was able to apply his skill, but also gain more knowledge of why things are done the way they are. It was an opportunity that has proven to be invaluable. “This is something that would have taken years to learn, if ever, had I just went to work,” Acheson said. “Working for Grandpa, or I am sure anyone else, you’re just working. Usually co-workers aren’t taking time to explain why things are or aren’t done certain ways, like they do at NCK Tech.” Acheson fell in love with the hands-on nature of the courses, even before he enrolled. During a campus visit he met Mike Cheney, instructor of the Carpentry and Cabinetmaking program, and had a chance to talk about the trade and the focus of the program. This interactive visit - something he was unlikely to experience at a traditional college - left him feeling great about the mission at NCK Tech, as well as the instructor. “I just felt that he had a true passion for the trade,” stated Acheson. Acheson remains dedicated to the NCK Tech program and serves on the advisory board. Nick often donates his time to speak to students. By doing so, he hopes students will be passionate and take pride in their work. “I have really found that you have ‘construction workers’ and then you have those that really know the trade and are proud to be a carpenter,” added Acheson. His input on the industry is insightful for students and his company benefits by sharing upcoming opportunities with Access Control Solutions. 10 |

North Central Kansas Technical College

Though Nick’s college days are over, his support of NCK Tech and the carpentry program continues. “The program is not a 'go on-site' and build the house like others,” Acheson said. “It is truly an exceptional program having the house, shop, and classroom all within walking distance of a couple hundred feet. I feel this gives students more time in all aspects, as they don’t have lots of travel. Nor are they trying to do ‘shop’ type items in the basement or garage of the project.” Using the education he gained at NCK Tech, Acheson established Access Control Solutions after finishing his coursework. While he initially began with residential work, after several years he moved into commercial construction. As his business grew, Acheson began hiring graduates of NCK Tech. Being familiar with the instruction and knowledge students were being taught through the program, he knew exactly what he was getting. Overall, Access Control Solutions has employed more than 25 NCK Tech graduates. “One year I got a job large enough that I hired a total of six guys graduating from the same class. That doubled the size of my business overnight.” Running his own business, Acheson still knows what he wants. He wants to do quality work. He wants to keep his customers satisfied. And, he wants employees with a passion for their trade who really care about their work.

I have really found that you have ‘construction workers’ and then you have those that really know the trade and are proud to be a carpenter. Nick Acheson, Owner of Access Control Systems

Around the world there is an increased need to bury fiber optics, electrical lines, water pipes, sewer lines, and more. Directional drilling is the best option and the fastest-growing skill needed among utilities, municipalities, and communications companies. The Kansas Institute of Underground Technology combines classroom and field training sessions so participants develop the skills needed to operate a directional drill according to best practices. •Use locating devices to identify underground utilities and obstructions. •Safely operate horizontal directional drilling equipment •Learn a variety of techniques that limit disruption to the environment

Visit for more information.



IT'S NEVER TOO LATE Non-Traditional Student Works His Way to His Dream Job

Rathbun said. "If you ask him to do a job, he's really eager and he sticks with it until he gets it right."

"All my life I've been working on vehicles," he said. "I knew that's what I wanted to do, but I never pursued it. Life just kept getting in the way."

Aside from learning from relatives, Jesse said much of his automotive knowledge, prior to attending NCK Tech, had been gained through trial and error. Rather than taking his vehicles to an auto shop, he fixed them himself, even if it took a little longer. Now, as a result of his training, he has been given the chance to see how things can be done differently.

NCK Tech instructors are positive and real encouraging. I'm blessed to be able to go to a school of this caliber. Jesse Gil, Automotive Technology

Since childhood Jesus Gil—known as Jesse­— has enjoyed working on cars. It started as a way to spend time with his father and brother. He learned a lot from his family, then more on his own by tinkering on vehicles without formal training. Somewhere along the way, working as an auto mechanic became Jesse’s dream job.

For Jesse, at age 37, that meant 19 long years of admiring cars while focusing on other work. Though he had a steady job as a roofer, the thought of working as an automotive technician was always on his mind. He kept wondering if he would ever be able to pursue his dream. Then he looked into it at NCK Tech and found a way. "I was really nervous, I was like 'I'm too old to go to school.' I had so many 'what-ifs' but it was laying heavily on me," he said. But after talking to his wife, Leona, who supported him from day one, he enrolled in the Automotive Technology program on NCK Tech's Hays campus. "Once I did it, I was so glad. I’d always wanted to pursue my passion," he said. His instructor and department chair, Mark Rathbun, was impressed by Jesse’s knowledge and work skills. "He's really, really good. Very conscientious and not afraid to try anything,"

"I was doing it the hard way all this time. I'm learning the right ways now with computers and how to diagnose," he offered. Jesse is on track to graduate with an associate degree in May of 2017. He’s committed to improving himself and is excited about his experience. “I love what I’m learning and what NCK Tech has to offer! I’m so glad I made this decision and can’t wait see what doors open up for me in the future!” Jesse and his wife are hopeful he can launch his career in automotive technology by landing a great job in the Hays area. However, they are prepared to go wherever the best opportunity arises. Thanks to the investment he made in himself, his determination, and the training he’s receiving at NCK Tech, Jesse Gil will soon be “living the dream!”




DIGITAL WORLD online advertising • social media ethics • campaign measurement

Become an expert with our new DIGITAL MARKETING program at NCK Tech

Visit to learn more!

ALUMNI THROWBACK '96 The Alumni Association at NCK Tech can connect you to past friends or future career options. As part of our dedication to NCK Tech graduates, we are working to find new ways for you to be in touch with employment possibilities and networking opportunities while introducing you to the right people to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Not just an Alumni Association in the traditional sense, we focus on moving our graduates-past or present-to the next level of their professional journey. Visit our website or LinkedIn page to learn more about connecting with NCK Tech alumni.

Join the Alumni Association at

REDEFINING HIGHER Factors like program length, cost and loan debt can affect life after graduation in major ways. By focusing on hands-on learning, emerging technology and personalized attention, NCK Tech has become a leader in education - not only among technical colleges, among all colleges. See for yourself how financial aid, starting salaries and less debt make the money add up.


$127,000 The added cost of interest makes the overall expense of receiving an education significantly higher for the average student.




1 IN 5



Those with high debt can be pressured into jobs with slow wage growth over time, stifling their lifelong earnings.

WHAT IS A TECHNICAL COLLEGE? A technical college is an educational institution that exists to teach skills related to a specific job. They take a more streamlined approach to education, with curricula focusing on developing a particular skill set and knowledge base for a career.

16 |

North Central Kansas Technical College




2 + 2 - 2 = $140,000
















TECHNICALLY SPEAKING Business & Industry Leaders Talk About the Value of Technical Education

Joseph Glassman, President and CEO of Glassman Corporation in Hays, Kansas, knows the value of technical education. He sees it every day in the technically trained employees of his multi-million dollar heating and air-conditioning business. “They’re the lifeblood of our corporation, there’s no question about it,” Glassman said. “We wouldn’t function without trained employees.” Although the demand for trained employees is high, there’s a shortage of technically skilled people in the workforce. It is a national phenomenon, often referred to as a ‘skills gap,’ and it’s creating problems for companies. “There just aren’t enough students in the classrooms,” Glassman stated, “which really puts a pinch on businesses and their ability to grow. It really means everything to us to have well-trained personnel. It is the top issue that we have on the human resources side.” While the skills gap is a huge challenge for businesses, it’s a tremendous opportunity for those seeking training and employment in these fields. “There’s a demand for skilled labor,” Glassman said, “so we’re going to every

school we can to try and pick it up.” Skilled tradespeople are in demand and that demand is increasing as more and more workers are reaching retirement age in several industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 65% of jobs in today’s workforce are classified as ‘skilled and technical.’ Jobs in this category require training beyond high school but do not necessarily require a four-year degree. That’s where NCK Tech can serve as part of the solution for employers and for individuals seeking to work in these high-skill, high-tech, high-wage fields. For those who need to acquire the skills to obtain these types of jobs, there are definite advantages to a small twoyear technical college like NCK Tech. “You get that individualized assistance and closeness that comes from being able to know your instructors,” said George Eakin, President and CEO of Osborne Industries, a manufacturer of swine management equipment and other products in Osborne, Kansas. “They really are great instructors, and they really care about their students,” Glassman said. “That shines through everything else.

From my experience, most of the instructors really are there to propel the school and to give a great education to the student, which is the bottom line.”

There's a great demand for skilled labor. Joseph Glassman

Glassman Corporation

Along with the advantages of being personalized and hands-on, technical training is also affordable; especially compared to other forms of education. A 2012 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average cost of attaining a bachelor’s degree is $127,000. That's 285% more than a two-year degree. To cover those costs, nearly 70% of students enrolled at four-year colleges and universities take out student loans, and over 20% of those students leave school with over $50,000 in debt. In contrast, NCK Tech graduates enter the workforce an average of two years earlier. This



means less student loan debt and a quicker path to income — an income that is often higher than graduates from four-year colleges. Additionally, graduates possess a skill that is needed in almost any community, enabling them to return home or go anywhere in the world to work. “A technical education can provide you with the ability to earn a reputable income,” said Nick Acheson, owner of Access Control Solutions in Manhattan, Kansas, a company that specializes in interior finish carpentry. “With the demand for trades you will always be needed.” Considering the affordability, quick entry into the field, mobility, and solid wage potential for graduates, NCK Tech provides an incredible return on investment. Brent Cunningham, Vice President of Cunningham Telephone and Cable in Glen Elder, Kansas describes it this way, “NCK Tech students have a head start

NCK Tech students have a head start at their new job. Brent Cunningham Cunningham Telephone & Cable

20 |

North Central Kansas Technical College

at their new job. They require less on-the-job training and thus are much more valuable to their new company, which equates to higher starting wages for the students.” “I wasn’t a bad student in high school, but I wasn’t a great student either,” said Acheson. “I saw an opportunity to go to NCK Tech at a very affordable cost and learn stuff that would be a value my whole life,” he reflected. Because of his experience with NCK Tech, both as a student and now as an employer, Acheson knows when he receives a resume from an NCK Tech alumnus, he’s getting a candidate who can learn new things and adapt quickly. “Unlike someone off the street,” Acheson said, “NCK Tech graduates come to us with tools and knowledge of construction concepts and applications, and without the bad habits of a previous employer.” Not only are NCK Tech graduates prepared for entry-level positions, but many also move up the ladder quickly. “The employees we’ve hired from NCK Tech normally are able to advance in the company at a quicker pace,” stated Acheson. “The ones that work here have become supervisors and management.”

After completion of their training, NCK Tech graduates are equipped with the skills necessary for success in their field. “I believe, if these graduates are truly passionate about what they are doing, they will be naturally ascending leaders and be very successful in their field,” Eakin said.

hands-on, can be completed in 9-18 months, require less student debt, and result in high wages and opportunities for advancement. It’s no wonder more and more students are looking to NCK Tech to acquire the skills to enter these jobs, and for the businesses relying on them, they can’t graduate soon enough!

So technically speaking, the training for technical fields are in high demand, taught


NCK Tech Foundation offers our students over 80 scholarships. Help yourself lower your financial contribution! Less debt is best.


HEALTH PROGRAMS ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEGREE IN NURSING The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing program is a full-time, 18-month program. Receive training to perform nursing interventions with precision and efficiency based on current concepts and evidencebased practices. Nursing professionals provide instruction in nursing theory and supervision in extensive clinical experiences. Upon successful completion of the first 9 months of study, students are prepared for licensure through the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN®). Career Opportunities: • Hospital/Long Term Care Facility Nurse • Medical Offices/Clinics Nurse • School/Camp Nurse • Mental Health Facility Nurse • Hospice Nurse Accreditation: Kansas State Board of Nursing Accreditation: Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.

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PRACTICAL NURSING Practical Nursing program students receive training to perform nursing intervention with precision and efficiency consistent with current evidence-based practices. Nursing professionals provide nursing theory instruction in the classroom, the campus laboratory and at clinical sites. Students obtain extensive clinical experience through hands-on experiential learning. Upon completion of the 9-month program, students receive a Practical Nursing Certificate and are prepared for licensure through the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN®). Career Opportunities: • Surgical Scrub Nurse • Physician Office Nurse • Long Term Care Facility Nurse • Health Department Nurse Accreditation: Kansas State Board of Nursing

PHARMACY TECHNICIAN The Pharmacy Technician program provides the fundamental knowledge, skills and training needed for entry-level employment. Students receive training in pharmaceutical calculations and pharmacy practices, operation and management as well as preparation techniques for pharmaceutical products. Upon successful completion of the 9-month program, students receive a Pharmacy Technician Certificate and are registered as a Pharmacy Technician with the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy. Students are then eligible to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE) and may become a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician. Career Opportunities: • Medical and Surgical Center Pharmacy Technician • Chemotherapy Technician • Nuclear Pharmacy Technician • Insurance Medication Reviewer • Pharmacy/Hospital Inventory Management Accreditation: Research and American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists



BUSINESS PROGRAMS BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY The Business Technology program prepares students for positions in the business environment. This 9-month program provides training in business software including Microsoft Office and the possibility of earning Master Microsoft Certification, business communication, multimedia applications and effective business practices. Special attention is paid to the digital and social aspects of business technology. Upon successful completion of the program students receive a Business Technology Certificate. Career Opportunities: • Office Manager • Customer Support Specialist • Office/Sales Clerk • Administrative Assistant



The Culinary Arts program provides the job knowledge and skills to enter the food service industry. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in nutrition, quantity foods, buffet decoration, catering and baking. During the 9-month program, students craft amazing and fun foods using flames, knives and creative chemistry. Students work alongside a professional chef to create gourmet cuisine, cakes and pastries while developing entrepreneurial skills. Students who successfully complete the program receive a Culinary Arts Certificate.

The Digital Marketing program prepares students for a career in the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of social media. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to effectively manage a variety of social and digital media platforms for the purpose of business marketing. Students receive training in social media applications, marketing, web development and privacy and security issues. Students also research social media ethics and trends. Second-year students gain practical experience in creating and executing social media campaigns. Students have the option of earning a Digital Marketing Certificate (9-month program) or an Associate of Applied Science Degree (18month program).

Career Opportunities: • Pastry Chef • Kitchen Manager • Prep Cook/Line Cook • Banquet Chef • Sous Chef • Food and Beverage Director

Career Opportunities: • Social Media Manager • Online Marketing Manager • Marketing Strategist • Digital Media Marketing Specialist

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT The Business Management program prepares students with the skills necessary to be successful in a variety of career opportunities including marketing, management and entrepreneurship. This comprehensive 9-month course of study provides a well-rounded experience for the student to understand numerous facets of business and how each department affects success. Students will establish business plans, explore risk management, create integrated marketing strategies, and study business operations and leadership. Business management is a universal skill that can prepare students for various career paths including leadership roles and business ownership. Students receive the Business Management Certificate upon successful completion of the program. The Business Management program can be combined with any NCK Tech program to earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Technical Studies. Career Opportunities: • Entrepreneur • Banking Professional • Insurance / Risk Management • Customer Service Manager

24 |

North Central Kansas Technical College

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The Carpentry/Cabinetmaking program is based upon the National Center for Construction, Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum. The program is designed to provide the skills, knowledge and quality workmanship necessary to become a successful carpenter or cabinetmaker. Students gain hands-on experience in drafting blueprints, designing cabinetry products, framing, roofing and interior/ exterior finishing. Students apply those skills to construct project homes on the Beloit and Hays campuses. Upon successful completion of the 9-month program, students receive a Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Certificate.

The Electrical Technology program offers students the opportunity to gain technical knowledge and experience in both residential and commercial wiring and industrial electrical maintenance. Students are trained in electrical theory, blueprint reading, motors, motor controls, programmable logic controls (PLC) and the National Electrical Code. Students study the fundamentals of renewable energy sources and experience hands-on training in all facets of electrical technology. Upon successful completion of the 18-month program, students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree and are eligible to sit for the state Journeyman Electrician’s License examination.

The Heavy Equipment Operation program incorporates the National Center for Construction, Education, and Research (NCCER) curriculum. NCCER certified instructors provide hands-on training using scrapers, motor graders, dozers, excavators, loaders and backhoes. Students check grade using GPS equipment and hand and laser levels. The program also includes theory training in rollers, asphalt and concrete paving equipment. Students may complete internships during their 9-month course of study and, upon successful completion of the program receive a Heavy Equipment Operation Certificate.

Career Opportunities: • Construction Project Manager • Cabinet Shop Designer/Craftsperson • Residential Framing Crew Member • General Contractor • Labor Foreperson/Lead Carpenter • Trim Carpenter

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26 |

North Central Kansas Technical College

Career Opportunities: • Journeyman Electrician • Plant Maintenance Technician • Master Electrician • Technical Support Electrician

Career Opportunities: • Field Survey Team Member • Department of Transportation Staff • Road and Highway Construction Crew Member • Soil Conservation Project Staff • General Construction Employee • Underground Utility Installer

PLUMBING HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING The Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning (PHAC) program prepares students for entry-level positions in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry. Students receive training in all aspects of PHAC systems and water pumps. Internship opportunities with local employers, provide valuable on-the-job training. Upon successful completion of the 9-month program, students receive a PHAC Certificate and have the opportunity to sit for the Journeyman license and industry competency examination. Career Opportunities: • HVAC Installer • Service Technician • Plumber • Journeyman Plumber • HVAC Mechanical Contractor

WELDING The Welding program provides specialized training in welding safety, welding theory, mathematics, cost analysis, blueprint reading and pipe template development. Students learn a variety of welding techniques including SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW as well as oxy-fuel welding/ cutting and carbon arc and plasma cutting/gouging. Students become proficient in all national code and standard positions on mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel plate and pipe. Upon successful completion of the 9-month program, students receive a Welding Certificate and are eligible to sit for certification examinations in a wide variety of welding disciplines. Career Opportunities: • Structural Construction Welder • Pipe Welder • Pressure Vessel and Boiler Welder • Oil Field Maintenance and Repair Employee • Metal Fabricator

Accreditation: NCK Tech's construction programs are aligned with the Kansas Board of Regents and are founded in curriculum provided by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). NCCER was developed with the support of more than 125 construction CEOs and various association and academic leaders who united to revolutionize training for the construction industry. Sharing the common goal of developing a safe and productive workforce, these companies created a standardized training and credentialing program for the industry. These portable credentials are tracked through NCCER’s Registry System allowing organizations and companies to track the qualifications of their employees and/or check the qualifications of possible new hires.





The Automated Controls Technology program provides students the opportunity to receive innovative instruction and training in AC/DC electronics, analog electronics, digital and microprocessor systems, programmable logic controllers, networking and microcomputer systems. Courses will focus on electronic and electrical theory and systems. Lab projects and live work aid in emphasizing theoretical material presented in lecture sessions. Upon completion, students are prepared for high-tech careers in automation engineering, industrial maintenance, controls engineering and programmable logic controller programming and repair. Students will earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree upon successful completion of the 18-month program.

The Information Technology program provides training in network administration, web page design, intranet/internet operations and computer diagnostics. Coursework prepares students for numerous certifications, including A+, Network+ and Microsoft Certified Application Specialist. Upon successful completion of the 9-month program, students receive an Information Technology Certificate. Upon successful completion of the 18-month program, students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Career Opportunities: • Production Support Technician • Control Technician • Instrumentation Technician • Manufacturing Control Technician • Test Technician/ Computer Test Technician in Aircraft

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28 |

North Central Kansas Technical College

Career Opportunities: • Web Developer • Desktop Publisher • Mobile Application Developer • Audio/Video Specialist • Management Information Systems Analyst • Network Administrator • PC Technician • Software Programmer

TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORK TECHNOLOGY The Telecommunications and Network Technology program provides the technical knowledge and skills needed for a career in the communications and network technology industry. Students receive training in all aspects of telecommunications including circuits, devices and cabling, digital logic, wireless communication, fiber-optics theory and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In addition, students analyze computer data networks, LAN/WAN design and Class 5 central office applications. Upon successful completion of the 18-month program, students are awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Career Opportunities: • VoIP Design Engineer • Communications Technician • Network Administrator • Field/Plant/Facility Technician • Telecommunications Engineer



As an Automated Controls Technician you will have the ability to work in many sectors of the manufacturing industry. Automation is the way in which equipment runs with limited human intervention.




The Agricultural Equipment Technology program provides a quality learning atmosphere and hands-on training designed to prepare students for this rapidly changing industry. Classroom time focuses on the engine, A/C, electrical, power trains, hydraulics, integrated systems, fuel systems, electronics, and hay and harvesting systems components and diagnostics of agricultural equipment. Students apply classroom knowledge through hands-on experience in the equipment laboratory. Upon successful completion of the 18-month program, students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

The Automotive Collision Technology program utilizes the I-Car curriculum and equips students with the knowledge and basic skills for all phases of the auto body industry. Using the latest equipment and training materials, students learn estimating, metal and body work, painting, glass replacement, structural/ non-structural repair and molded compound repair. Upon successful completion of the 18month program, students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree and may become ASE and I-CAR welding certified.

Career Opportunities: • Service Technician • Field Technician • Sprayer Technician • GPS Technician • Parts Specialist • Shop Foreperson • Service Manager

Career Opportunities: • Shop Manager • Auto Body Technician • Independent Shop Owner/Operator • Auto Frame Person • Paintless Dent Repair Technician • Auto Glass Installer • Insurance Adjuster Accreditation: The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation


The Automotive Technology program provides the fundamental knowledge, skills, and training needed for entry-level employment or career advancement. Students are trained in advanced brake, electrical and fuel systems, electronic automatic transmission drive trains and alternative fuel vehicles. The program’s emphasis in electronics and computerization prepares students for the changing demands of the automotive industry. Internships with employers are available and, upon successful completion of the 18-month program, students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Career Opportunities: • Independent Shop Owner/Operator • Service Technician • Service Advisor/Writer • Parts Specialist • Small Engine Repair Technician Accreditation: The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation

DIESEL TECHNOLOGY The Diesel Technology program provides specialized training in engine overhaul, electrical systems, torque converters, power trains and diesel equipment testing. First year students learn the basics of large equipment diesel engines and gain practical application of classroom training. During the second year of study, students develop skills in electronic engine control and diagnostic evaluations. Internships with employers are available and, upon successful completion of the 18-month program, students earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Career Opportunities: • Shop/Line/Field Mechanic • Product Support Technician • Service Technician • Service Dispatch Manager • Locomotive/Marine Technician 30 |

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SHORT-TERM PROGRAMS BIODIESEL This course will consist of lecture and lab time and is designed to inform local technicians, farmers and diesel fuel consumers of the benefits of using biodiesel. In addition, the course will address the myths and misconceptions about biodiesel and participants will receive hands-on training in small batch biodiesel production.

COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE (CDL) NCK Tech’s Commercial Driver License (CDL) program utilizes state of the art simulation training, classroom instruction and on-theroad driving time to prepare students for the Department of Motor Vehicles Commercial Driver’s License Examination. Coursework prepares students for all three license classes (A, B and C), as well as endorsement for tanks, doubles and triples, hazardous materials and passenger and school buses. A State of Kansas Examiner administers the license examination on the college campus.



CMA courses provide students with basic training in medications and medication administration. The course prepares students for employment as a CMA and to dispense medications, under the supervision of a LPN or RN, in a long-term care facility. The course is developed using curriculum from the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Service. Coursework includes lecture, skills lab and clinical components. Upon successful completion of the course and the required clinical hours, students are eligible to sit for the State CMA Certification Test.

CNA courses provide students with training in basic nursing skills such as bathing, grooming, mobility, infection control, feeding and vital signs. While the course is focused on the care of older adult patients, the skills learned may be applied in a variety of health care settings. The course is developed using curriculum from the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Service. Coursework includes lecture, skills lab and clinical components. Upon successful completion of the course and the required clinical hours, students are eligible to sit for the State CNA Certification Test.



This eight week course, designed for entry level employment, provides insight into the oilfield industry. Coursework includes an industrydesigned curriculum, field trips and an introduction to oilfield skills and knowledge. After an initial face-to-face meeting, the majority of the course is delivered online. Field trip participation is strongly encouraged.

This course will enable the participant to perform safely and competently the intravenous fluid therapy activities as defined in the Kansas Nurse Practice Act. The course is based on the nursing process and current intravenous nursing standards of practice. The student must be prepared to complete all the pre-clinical requirements for the Department of Nursing. Prerequisite: All of the following must remain valid through the last clinical date: proof of current LPN/RN licensure in Kansas, CPR for Health Care Professional or BLS card, proof of negative TB test within the past year, proof of current individual professional liability (malpractice) insurance. Mandatory pretesting required for Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology and Asepsis.



GENERAL EDUCATION WE BELIEVE there is a core of valuable learning experiences common to all students, regardless of their program of study. The general education courses provide students the educational background for effective social interactions, progression in the workforce and, if desired, enrollment in other institutions of higher education through transferable credits.

9-MONTH For our 9-month certificate options, 3 general education courses are required. Students may choose from the following courses: Math- Choose One Math Course

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Basic College Math Business Math Computer Science Computer Applications Social & Behavioral Sciences General Psychology

18-MONTH For our 18-month certificate options, 5 general education courses are required. Students may choose from the following courses: Math- Choose One Math Course Business Math Intermediate Algebra* College Algebra* Computer Science Computer Applications Communications English Composition I* Fundamentals of Oral Communications Social Sciences General Psychology

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ELECTIVES Electives Courses

Also Available Online

Human Biology (w/Lab) Human Anatomy & Physiology (w/Lab)* Microbiology (w/Lab)* Business Management/Entrepreneurship Chemist’s View of the World (w/Lab) English Composition II* Medical Terminology Principles of Nutrition Elementary Statistics* Introduction to Sociology Human Growth & Development

*Prerequisite requirements may apply to courses within this category. Not all courses are offered on both campuses. For enrollment requirements and campus location contact Admissions at 1-800-658-4655. **North Central Kansas Technical College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the Kansas Board of Regents

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NCK Tech offers several certificate courses online, including: Certified Medication Aide (CMA) * Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) * Commercial Driver License (CDL) * Health Support Specialist * Introduction to the Oilfield *

Higher education is not a one size fits all journey. That’s why NCK Tech offers several online courses that fit your schedule and budget. Take advantage of the flexible class times, affordable tuition, and an easy credit transfer process that makes NCK Tech perfect for your life. General education credits you earn at NCK Tech are easily transferable to any public college in the state of Kansas. No matter where your path leads, you can rest easy knowing your credits will be right there with you. Online courses offered by NCK Tech allow you to complete program requirements easily, without disrupting your family or work schedule. Save time. Save money. Learn on your schedule with online courses through NCK Tech.

For further information and enrollment forms, visit:

*Courses may require some classroom time or in-person instruction. To learn more about requirements contact Admissions at 1-800-658-4655.



ASSOCIATE COMBINED DEGREES Associate combined degree programs provide students with the opportunity to personalize their Associate of Applied Science Degree. This degree is based upon a student's individual needs and desires . Completion outcomes vary from program to program and should be discussed in detail with an NCK Tech representative. Examples of ACD programs include:

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the building construction industry by combining two construction related programs, such as Carpentry/Cabinetmaking, Heavy Equipment Operation and Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.

GENERAL BUSINESS Students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for owning and operating a business by combining two business related programs, Business Management and Business Technology.

TECHNICAL STUDIES Students design an individualized program of study in each of the two technical disciplines to fulfill a unique career goal which cannot be achieved through the completion of any single technology program offered by the college.

WELDING ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY (In alignment with Fort Hays State University) Students apply basic engineering principles and technical skills to the design and engineering of welding and joining systems. Students also gain knowledge in materials science, computer-aided design and welding processes and metallurgy. This degree allows graduates of NCK Tech’s ninemonth Welding program (offered in Beloit and Hays) to transition into a second-year Associate of Applied Science Degree program.

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Some students are selected for verification. NCK Tech will notify you directly if you are selected. Please submit all requested documents to the NCK Tech Financial Aid Office.

The NCK Tech Financial Aid Office will send an Award Letter indicating the amount of federal aid you are eligible to receive for the given year. Note: If you do not receive an Award Letter within 30 days after submission of FAFSA, contact the Financial Aid Office at 800-658-4655.

Students seeking Stafford subsidized, unsubsidized or PLUS loans must complete a master promissory note with the William D. Ford Direct Loan program.

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