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500 comes 3rd in Borough Cup

he Edinburgh 500 Football Club, has placed 3rd in the Borough Cup that ended on the 31st of October 2010. Featuring different teams from the Borough of Chaguanas, the knock-out competition got off to a rocky start with a number of teams’ tardiness causing them to be instantly eliminated. Edinburgh 500’s team played in the opening exhibition match, trouncing the opposition 6-0. In their first competitive game, the team qualified due to the absence of a team from Cunupia. A 3-2 Victory over “Cold War”, allowed the team to advance through the quarter-final. The Semi-Final against Felicity All-Stars was filled with controversial decisions

which led to the game being called off. When the game was re-played however, Edinburgh 500 recorded their first loss of the competition, which meant that they were required to play in the 3rd place play-off match. Edinburgh 500 proved

to be too much for the other team from Felicity as they were victorious at the end of the 90 minutes, scoring 2 goals and conceding none. The team collected $1500 for their efforts. The Counsellor, Mr. Dwarka Singh has promised to keep the competition every year.

Edinburgh 500 football team with coaches and the Councilor

Question Time with Fadda Moses by Serron Thomas

Born Devon David Paulson Moses, this twenty-six year old Edinburgh 500 resident has taken the music industry by storm. ‘Fadda Moses’, is an artiste, a radio announcer at 94.1 Boom Champions and a part-time electrician. are. I loved music, writing and performing from a young age. Alternate profession: Electrician… but self-employed or a police officer since I grew up with my parents being police officers. Favorite food and/or drink: Definitely macaroni pie with stewed chicken and potato salad… the drink would be orange juice Creation of your stage name: It was something that just happened. Friends would call me ‘Moses’ just because that’s my surname and then ‘Fadda’ was just added. Influences towards this career path: Older artistes like Shadow, Machel Montano. Used to look at their accomplishments and wanted to be successful like they

A beautiful day is…: A beautiful day for me is when I’m on my bed, phone on silent, action movie on my TV just waiting for me to press play; I got lots of food to eat and nothing else to do. Other skills or hobbies: I can draw real good. I’m good at building stuff etc. I would like to collaborate

with: I’d like to work with Destra and Shadow because we are so different musically. Fabolous and Kanye West; I just like how they do it, real creative. Music for upcoming season: Well, I’m hoping to release two socas for carnival and may do one parang for Christmas. The public can look out for me in a few fetes too. Advice for aspiring, young local artistes: When you get airplay that is when the work starts. Remain humble and focus. If you’ve created about 20 songs and still don’t get a hit, don’t stop making the music. If you stop then you will never have a hit and that’s when you will fail. Be prepared for the best and the worst. Favorite local saying or quotation: ‘Respect in all aspects’- If I respect you and you

respect me, the world will be a better place. I think that all the crime and negative things stem from disrespect. BONUS QUESTION: What do you want for Christmas: ‘First world’ status for this country… on a more personal note… maybe a fully-loaded Mitsubishi Triton ‘Fadda Moses’ is a member of the ‘Millionaire Family’ and some of his hits include ‘Never bite’, ‘Bess Ting’ and most recently, ‘Gyal Flex’.

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Monthly Community Newsletter Bringing Edinburgh 500 Together

November/ December 2010

Another Bridge to Connect Montrose to 500 The connection is expected to alleviate Chaguanas Main Road traffic

Mr. Jack Warner cut the ribbon to open the bridge that joins Montrose Main Road to Kestrel Boulevard in Edinburgh 500


he bridge on La Clave Street which leads to Subway is not the sole bridging gap to Montrose from Edinburgh 500 anymore. On the 10th of November, 2010 the opening ceremony for The Montrose Edinburgh 500 Connector Bridge took place at the very location which is just to the east of Value Supermarket in Montrose. In the ceremony, Mr. Austin Jack Warner, Mayor Orlando Nagassar and Member of Parliament for Caroni Central, Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh addressed the residents and media. A common message was expressed by the trio, about the bridge’s ability to alleviate the intense traffic issues experienced

on the Montrose Main Road during peak hours. Director of Highways Division, Roger Ganesh has estimated that traffic on the main road will be decreased by 25% to 50%. Edinburgh 500 community activist, Mr. Earl Alves addressed the ministry officials and public and expressed his gratitude to the Ministry for having the foresight to complete such a positive step forward for Chaguanas so swiftly. He still however expressed his concerns of the heavy traffic flow that will now go through Edinburgh 500 and the danger to the students of the Edinburgh Primary School, since a number of them cross the intersection every morning

and afternoon. Mr. Ganesh responded quickly to Mr. Alves by telling him that pedestrian traffic lights will be constructed within the next 2 weeks and he reminded commuters that the speed limit is 45km per hour. After walking on the bridge, members of the media had other concerns about the bridge, realizing that it is a one-lane, temporary Bailey bridge. Mr. Ganesh responded by saying the reason for this is to swiftly facilitate the need of the Chaguanas residents and their traffic woes. He also went on to say that the bridge will be re-built in the near future.

Issue #007 Contents: Pg. 1 - New bridge connects Edinburgh 500 to Montrose Pg. 2 - Town Meeting in Edinburgh 500 - Council seeks to bring community together Pg. 3 - Voice of the People - Portrait of a giant: The Joel Pitt Memorial Pg. 4 - Edinburgh 500 has 3rd best team in Chaguanas - Question Time featuring Fadda Moses

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of the People

Town Meeting in Edinburgh 500 Residents get an opportunity to speak, but will we see any change?

Residents listen attentively to community’s proposals

For years the people of Edinburgh 500 have been looking for an avenue to voice their concerns and it finally came. On the 19th of September 2010 a town meeting was scheduled and held at the Edinburgh Government Primary School. The purpose of the meeting was to address the MP for Caroni Central with proposals that would identify solutions

to problems that have plagued each community within the Edinburgh/ Longdenville district. Hundreds gathered at the Edinburgh 500 Primary School for what was meant to be an event that would mark the beginning of positive change. Scheduled to begin at 6pm, the meeting got off to a rocky start with a number of attendants choosing to leave

500 groups eager to make a difference Ms. Gilliana Guy was recently appointed as the interim president of the Edinburgh 500 Community Council after their recent elections. Ms. Guy was just one of the persons involved in the revamped council which appears to be adamant about working towards bringing the community together. The council has begun working towards measures to ensure that residents “Know their Neighbours” and they also seek to help the needy for the Christmas season. The both initiatives are only a small representation of what the ambitious Council has


in store. The Council also seeks to develop a working relationship with the Edinburgh 500 Youth, Sport and Cultural Organisation. The youth group hosted the monumental Sports Day entitled “Represent” earlier this year and now works on the monthly issues of 500 News. Combined with the assistance of the Councillor, Mr. Dwarka Danan Singh, there seems to be great things on the horizon for Edinburgh 500. Both Community Council and the Youth group are urging residents to join the groups and be active in the community to assist in developing Edinburgh 500. The Edinburgh 500 Council currently holds meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at the Village Plaza, all interested residents are asked to call 364-2751 for more details. For information on the Youth group, call 471-0205. Residents can direct issues to the Councillor via

due to the late start an hour and a half later. It began in the presence of Mayor Orlando Nagassar, Councillor for Edinburgh/ Longdenville Mr. Dwarka Danan Singh, former president of the Edinburgh 500 Community Council and Chair of the meeting, community activist Mr. Earl Alves at the head table. The residents present soon became restless as proposals from representatives of the communities went on without any sight of Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh. His late arrival accompanied by his quick departure caused the crowd to become perturbed as they wanted to be heard. One woman from Gentian Park was so angry that she stopped the Minister before he could leave to voice her concerns about the deplorable living conditions that they are forced to live in. The minister did admit that he was willing to work with the people towards fixing some

of the issues that were raised. The Mayor and Councillor were left to deal with a barrage of complaints from disgruntled residents until after 10pm. Despite the Minister’s absence, representative for Edinburgh 500, Ms. Gilliana Guy, went ahead with the presentation that highlighted the consensual agreement for improved security measures and a solution for flooding. The comprehensive 15 page document was put together by a group of residents with the assistance of the Councillor. The proposal that was still submitted to the Minister’s secretary also included; proposals for lights around the savannah, implementation of increased road safety measures and a community centre just to name a few. There has been no official response to the requests made from the government to date.

Councillor’s Corner

Councilor for Edinburgh/ Longdenville Mr. Dwarka Singh

It is with great pleasure and pride that I am involved in the re-introduction of your 500 Newsletter. As your councillor I pledge my continual support to both the 500 Youth Group as well as, the 500 Village Council. As we journey together one step at a time to develop, enhance and improve the lives of the people

of Edinburgh 500. I am committed to stay the course, fare the challenges and enjoy every moment of our next three years together. I would also like to extend seasons greetings to all residents of Edinburgh 500. Sincerely, Councillor Dwarka Danan Singh

Call 471-0205 or e-mail to share your views

Resident’s views on issues affecting Edinburgh 500 How do you think the new Montrose Edinburgh 500 Bridge will affect Edinburgh 500?

Cynthia Peters

Primary School Student

Shevelle Thomas

Eden Pantor

It will ease up the Traffic on Siskin and La Clave but there will be more traffic on the boulevard.

You can get rob easy now because everybody can pass, before they couldn’t pass.

Along with reducing traffic, I can now get to school easier and faster. It has been very useful to me and other students.

I think it will only benefit residents that want to go towards Longdenville. It will also leave a backdoor open.

Portrait of a Giant: The Joel Pitt Memorial It was just in January of this year when 500 News published a story about Joel Pitt, praising his success as class valedictorian. No-one could have imagined that such an ambitious young man would have lost his life cruelly when he was hit by a vehicle outside of Prive nightclub 1 week before he was scheduled to be married. The following is a memorial to the widely admired Joel Pitt done by close friend, Jovan Ravello. The Trinity Cathedral was supposed to host the happiest day of Joel Daniel Pitt’s life, instead it was where we said goodbye to him. A 25 year old with the heart of a middle aged man, JP meant more to the people he interacted with than most others ever will. His fiance Valiene Laurie can lend credence to the kind of emotions he drew out of people. “The first time I met JP was at the age of twelve,’ she recounted “we knew each other before but never did we see one another as soul mates. We had our first kiss that same year to KC & Jo Jo “all my life” and that was it. There was no longer Valiene or Joel it became us.” The last time we saw Joel, Valiene put on her bravest face and brought tears to every eye with her rendition of ‘their song’, as testament to the strength ‘JP’ gave everyone close to him. “Self assured” is one of the superlatives his parents attach to this giant of a man. When asked to describe the son they gifted to this world David and Janice Pitt simply said “He was loving, friendly, polite, helpful, positive, ambitious, intelligent, humble, genuine, respected, honest, warm, charming, inspirational and full of high moral values. He was, in all senses of the word, settled. Joel was an example to all of us, even those older than him. His scholastic career is the best example, Joel excelled wherever he went. His latest achievement was a Bachelor of Science Degree with

First Class Honours in Computing and Information Systems from London Metropolitan University which, by no means was the end of his plans, he would have gone on to his Master’s Degree and Doctorate had his star not fallen. When he graduated Valedictorian of his year at the school of accounting and management Valiene nicknamed him Mr Bsc, a moniker which, most likely, would have changed in years to come because as she revealed, “He never hesitated to grasp an opportunity to learn.” According to Valiene her ‘prince’ wanted a big family. “five children before he was 30.” “He loved family, hence the five children,” she intimated “and in their absence he spoilt every one of his nieces and nephews till they were sated.” This Christmas may be especially hard for the residents of 500 who grew accustomed to playing alongside Joel in the requisite December 25th sweats and everyday without Joel Pitt here means a big hole in all our hearts but he was a loan from God one we’ll forever be grateful for. Valiene later wrote: “I learnt that for everything there is a season and inevitably seasons end, it’s up to us to take all that we could get and cherish the ones we love while they are here not after they are gone. “He did what he came to do for all of us in our own way and he just had to go home to his father in this season. He was truly blessed and carried a light with him for all to see, he will be missed but never forgotten.” The first thing his mother did, that fateful morning in San Fernando General Hospital was thank God. Thank God and pray, that’s all we can do. That and Remember who he was to you, honour his memory and trust that nothing happens without reason.

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500 News #7  
500 News #7  

Newsletter directed at improving communication within Edinburgh 500; an expanding community located in Chaguanas, Trinidad