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mini bonzer

4XT1C•G / 4Q2•G X-small



4A5•G small

4KS2•G medium





CENTRE: Base length: 108mm 4.25” Fin Depth: 121mm 4.76” Surface area:





83.33cm2 24.76in2

SIDES: Base length: Sweep: 29˚ 112mm 4.41” Fin Depth: 127mm 5.00” Sweep: 32˚ Surface area: 92.93cm2 36.58in2

If you want speed as well as hold then the F-16 gives you everything to make you “fly”! The uniquely shaped F-16 gives you the hold, whilst the double sided foil allows for smooth rail to rail transitions.

4X2NG•G medium

Base length: 109mm 4.29” Fin Depth: 113mm 4.45” Sweep: 32˚ Surface area:

Base length: 111mm 4.37” Fin Depth: 115mm 4.53” Sweep: 30˚ Surface area:

94.62cm2 37.25in2

94.31 cm2 36.78in2

This is an ideal fin for tight turns and snappy surfing in smaller waves. Most commonly used with smaller boards in beachbreak conditions.

4AY•G medium

The 4X2 fin is great for medium sized surfers and is ideal for speed in pulling off those big moves. The slightly wider tip when compared to the 4A ensures that it generates extra drive.

4MK•G medium

Base length: 123mm 4.84” Fin Depth: 104mm 4.09” Sweep: 28.5˚ Surface area: 95.32cm2 37.532 The Bushrat 4MK is short with a low rake and large base and has a clean inside foil and a progressive twist through the length of the fin. The fins are built to pivot, turn and drive. Light surfers can use the 4MK as a twin fin, heavy more powerful surfers can use 4Z as front and 4MK as back fins in Quads.

4KS3•G medium

4GZ•G medium

4Z•G large

4AM•G large

4XT1•G X-large

Base length: 138mm 5.43” Fin Depth: 136mm 5.36” Sweep: 30.5˚ Surface area: 206.24 cm2 A performance twin fin that works great on standard boards as well as fish style boards.

GFK Factsheet  

GFK Factsheet

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