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The Work From No Home System Review *Honest*

The Work From No Home System Review So I know you’ve probably heard a lot recently about The Work From No Home System by Peng Joon. Right? And you might even be thinking about possibly buying Peng Joon’s program so you want an honest review about The Work From Home System. I bet you’re wondering if this guy, that you’ve probably never even heard of before, really rakes in all the dough that he claims? I mean who is this guy? So here’s the deal And this is very important… Before you go out and buy Peng Joon’s program, I highly recommend you read this whole page all the way to the bottom. (Now, I know some of you might not want to read all this so here’s Peng Joon’s official site) Here’s why.

I’ve gone through this product so everything I share with you is REAL not hype. Now, with that said, there are some things I really like about The Work From No Home System and there are some things I don’t like about it. I’ll get to those is just a minute, I promise. First off, I want to talk about The Work From NO Home System and what it is. Inside this training course, Peng Joon talks about making money with just a laptop and Internet connection. Then he sits down with a fresh Clickbank account and on the 3rd day of opening the account, he’s made his first sale. He goes on and over the next 30 days he generates over $12,000. The way he does it is called affiliate marketing. For those that don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s when a person drives traffic to a product that he or she does not own and in return receives compensation if a sale is made. Affiliate marketing goes on EVERYWHERE. Amazon is a great example of this and is a great way to make quick cash if you don’t have a product.

So who is this Peng Joon anyway and does he have the credentials to show you what it takes to become an successful affiliate marketer? As you may know, Clickbank is one of the top affiliate centers in the nation. There are over 100,000 vendors who have products inside the Clickbank marketplace. In 2010, Clickbank awarded Peng Joon a certificate of recognition for being one of the top vendors. Basically you have to sell a ton of stuff. So according to Clickbank, he’s sold a ton of products, either his own or for other affiliates. Which brings us back to The Work From No Home System Review. Does Peng Joon’s system walk you step by step and teach you how to become a Master Affiliate Marketer? The Work From No Home System is a training course with step-by-step tutorials, instructional videos, case studies and a day to day action plan for outlining each step of the process. It’s designed to help anyone beginning or even those with experience, become a master affiliate marketer. Here are a few things inside the members area… 

Picking Your Market

Finding A Product

Setting Up Your Webpage To Convert Into Sales

Driving Traffic Without Paying For It

Getting The Most Views As Possible

Getting It Ranked On The First Page Quickly

How To Replicate The Process Over and Over

And How To Make Others Do It For You

There is a ton of information in this course. He even goes into great detail of setting up your “on page” SEO and how to play by Google’s new rules. He also gives out a ton of ways to drive traffic to your site just using existing pieces or profiles that the web has to offer for free. Here are some of the benefits 1) Well Presented Each of the modules are laid out very nice. The material is easy to understand especially if you have never made any money online. Each module includes a video presentation with more training and insight. Each tutorial within the module is compiled with detailed instruction, personal experiences and images to help the viewer understand the topic being presented. Each day for 30 days, Peng Joon gives you specific assignments to carry out in order to see results. 2) Way Over Delivers

The information contained in The Work From No Home System for the small investment is extremely generous. Especially if you see what else is presented out there on the Internet in terms of affiliate marketing and most of it doesn’t even come close to what’s in this training. Bottom line, it’s a steal for the price. There are a few pieces of content presented that most marketers guard as their “secret sauce” and don’t like to share it because it really is cutting edge. Peng holds nothing back in this training and now you’ll know all the little secrets of the GOOD affiliate marketers. Here’s part of the problem though with The Work From No Home System WordPress – One of the pieces to affiliate marketing is setting up a website. Now although the course shows you exactly how to set up a website, it doesn’t go into great detail navigating through WordPress. So if you’re not familiar with WordPress, you’ll want to watch a few video’s on YouTube on how to create pages or posts. The best thing to do is just to spend some time playing around inside WordPress until you get the hand of it. Plugins – He also doesn’t tell you what important plugins to install. Plugins are snippets of code that are installed within the WordPress site and allow you to add certain functions to really spice up your site. For

example, one plugin might be a contact form. When you install this plugin, you can create a form on a page so people can contact you if they have any questions. There are thousands of plugins and some definitely worth mentioning because they can help you optimize and make your site look professional. The Work From No Home System Breakdown OK, so now that you have a pretty good understanding of what the training entails, let’s break it down for you a little bit so you can see what you get. 1. Access to all training videos. Pictures paint a thousand words and these Quick Start Videos reveal exactly how you can start a money making site from scratch, as early as tomorrow. 2. High Octane Guides – These guides will walk you step by step through the entire process from A-Z setting up your website to making money with it. 3. The Work From No Home Blueprint – Designed to keep you on track day to day and motivated from start to finish

4. Secret List of All Peng Joon’s Go To Guys – These guys will do all the work for you completely hassle free. It’s a lot of training material, trust me… However, is it for you? Here is my recommendation. You need to ask yourself these questions? Are you looking to make money online? Are you looking to drive more traffic to your site(s). Are you looking for help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you answered yes to any of these, you won’t find another product that gives such detailed step-by-step instructions on affiliate marketing for the price. Now, I’m not saying this is the one and only product on affiliate marketing, but for the price, you can’t beat it. Even if you’re an affiliate marketer right now, there are some real gems in this training. With all that being said, I fully stand behind Peng Joon’s product. I wouldn’t have created this Work From No Home System Review if I didn’t.

Work From Home No Experience Needed  
Work From Home No Experience Needed