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A relief to many businesses

get to know about SMS Short messaging service Short Messaging Service, is one such thing; it is a move or a step that can showers you with multitudes of benefits if you use it in the correct and appropriate way. It is the means with which you can send one message to a number of people at the same time; allowing you to reach out to numerous people all at the same time.

Some stats about SMS

The first text message was sent on December3, 1992.

8,000,000,000,000 text messages were sent globally in 2011.

In 2012, 200,000 text messages were sent every second worldwide

Sms broadcasting The Great Way to Keep in Swift Contact from Your Computer

What is SMS Broadcasting ? SMS BROADCASTING SMS Broadcasting is an emerging tool, we understand that. Thus we have looked in to ways to provide you with the best possible SMS broadcasting solutions that nobody could have provided you with. We understand that SMS broadcasting is a tool that is steadily replacing other marketing strategies and now mostly is used as a marketing tool. It is a tool that allows you to spread the word faster and to a lot of people all at the same time.

Sms broadcasting for Businesses Business sms broadcasting Small businesses are always in need of ways and strategies that can help them get their word around in the lowest possible budget. We allow them to use our SMS broadcasting system to their benefit. We can guarantee that our SMS broadcasting will allow you to spread your word fast and to a lot of people in no time. Compare the price of the SMS broadcasting packages with those of printing pamphlets, posters or having advertisements posted on various forms of media. Obviously, of the two the SMS broadcasting is no doubt a far more feasible and reliable option.

Out of all texters surveyed‌ 81% use text messaging for Business communications. 41% send 150+ Text messages Per week.

31% say half Of daily texts are Business related.

Of those who send business texts Over half send 16 or more Texts per day. . .

How & why ? How can we help your business? Mostly business owners take numbers of a few reliable customers and then keep on updating them about products which would hold their interest, marketing indirectly yet enticing people to come and have a look at the various assortments of things in the shop. Gradually the word spreads and a larger number of people get to know about the shop and the things it sells; helping in increasing the amount and number of possible purchasers and shoppers.

75% of people prefer Receiving ads via Sms 15% 15%

of people prefer Receiving ads via mobile internet of people prefer Receiving ads via mobile APPS

Why should you prefer sms broadcasting? Well the answer is quite simple; in this way your approach is direct. There is no doubt about that. A cell phone is something that almost everybody has with them all the time. It is a gadget that you can quite easily access most of the time of the day. Mails could act as marketing solutions too but you must keep in mind that mails are not easily or immediately accessed by everybody as SMS are. SMS can be read quite easily right when they are sent. Besides people can read them when they are in groups too, sharing the information with others all around them; spreading the word further.

mobile phone users have Their phone within an arm’s reach 14 hours per day mobile phone campaigns are Opted out less than 5%.

The great way. . . The great way to keep in swift contact from your computer Many companies offer you SMS Broadcasting for your important messages, business or personal. Many provide SMS Broadcasting for all mobile devices, portable gaming systems with text capabilities and all in a fast response time.

Sms broadcasting for emergency situations SMS Broadcasting to many of the most popular text capable devices is a fantastic way to get your message out to many people at once. This is great for business partners that need to keep each other up to date instantly. Another vital use for SMS Broadcasting is for emergency situations. Communicating instantly to crisis areas can be the difference between life and death, depending on the emergency. Whatever the situation may be, SMS Broadcasting can keep you abreast of the situation; can help raise your situational awareness and help to get aid exactly where aid is needed.

sms broadcasting SMS Broadcasting can be used for a wide range of purposes: announcing new product, one-day specials, new store openings, special events‌etc. Subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only they have access to, increasing loyalty, purchases, and speed of communications.

Branded Sms Your step towards success

Are you ??? Looking for opportunity?

Are you looking for an opportunity to flourish your business literally by leaps and bounds? Interested in making?

Are you interested in making your product be known to everyone around? Still confused?

Still are you unsure where to start from and what to do?

Your Solution. . . Branded sms service Your solution is Branded SMS services from 4S Telecom. Along with a number of other SMS based promotional services that are being utilized by all the new and old business people all around the world, this service is getting much appreciation. This SMS service is used for the promotion of a product and also to increase the reputation of the company manufacturing this product.

Branded sms service for your brand Sms service that assigns a name to the client . . . The branded SMS, as its name implies, is such a type of short message service that assigns a name to the client. You might be wondering what use that could be. Well it has facilitated the business community a lot. Now, in order to promote your brand, all you will be needed to do is to buy a number of your own from a certain network services provider. Then each time you will send a message to any one across the country, they would simply get the message by your name. It is all up to you to choose the test of the sender’s name. If you want it to be your name, let it be else you can use the brand or product name if you are interested in promoting it. No matter the receiver has got your number saved in his contact list or not, he would simply get the message with the brand name.

New message Received from

Your brand!

Branded sms in other industries Educational institutions The educational institutes have said welcome to this service with open arms, where it is mandatory to get to each and every student in the least possible time.

Financial services

Banks and other financial services are also using Branded SMS to notify their customers on each transaction or update.

Confirmation messages

Flight reservation and e-ticketing services are now facilitating their customers through SMS confirmation.

Educational institutes Financial Services Confirmation sms

Long & Short code Sms Be The Winner

Long code SMS What ? The long code SMS services by 4S Telecom are based upon the idea of getting some feedback from the customers. For this purpose, the services provider company offers the client to lick a specific code from a big permutation of number available. These numbers could be based on some specific code or the client’s business organization’s name. Now it is up to the client to choose the number that he feels is feasible for him. This specific code for a specific organization is regarded as a keyword in the long code community.

How ? The client, after choosing the keyword for his organization, then decides which group of audience he wants to add as the receivers for the long code SMS services. The services providers then keep the record of that audience and if the client sends a message that includes the keyword as the first part of the message, followed by a space, then that specific message is automatically sent to the assigned list of receivers

Why ? This way the person using the long code SMS services can easily target his audience by sending the desired information followed by the selected keyword in the beginning. Some of the major advantages of this long code service are the ease of delivering a single message to a number of people at a time, well protected information and the peace of mind for not having forgotten the desired audience as 4S Telecom itself has the record of the audience.

Something about Short code sms What is Short code sms service? One of these methods that 4S Telecom is providing is widely in use these days to promote a company’s product and to enhance the marketing of their business that is called short code SMS service which is literally a very short code and is easy to memorize by the people. It is somehow linked to either the initials of the company or some other key item.

What is the Purpose of short code sms? The basic purpose behind these short code messages is to advertise the products and to attract people towards various offers and discounts.

Why short code sms are used? The short code SMS service is usually used for promotion of a certain item or to acknowledge the people about the launching, up gradations, sale points and packages. This service enables a customer to get to respond to the offer instantly.

A2p Sms Does your organization need a massive messaging system?

Get to know ABOUT A2p SMS. . . a2p ? Our mobile phones have made our lives easier in many ways. 4S Telecom’s A2P Messaging is no exception to the rule. A2P Messaging have revolutionized the way people are able to communicate. With this ability expanding into the realm of voting, massive communications, and the growing business and personal messaging needs of the population has created a burst of SMS traffic, and a need for new technology like A2P Messaging. For people who have a large need for SMS services and other text message services, this type of messaging provides the next step in SMS. Messages can be sent from applications to peers, creating A2P messaging. 4S Telecom’s common A2P Messaging uses include group messages, reminders, event notification, stock exchange information, and even weather. A2P Messaging has been generating value and even revenue for many. A2P is one of the many ways to exchanging large amount of texts between computer and mobile phones. Typically accomplished with short message service providers as the middle man, A2P Messaging allows third parties such as news centers and stock exchange information services to send messages in bulk to all of their clients and partners.

Rise of A2P messaging What we can offer you ? 4S Telecom A2P Messaging providers can give you a competitive rate for this vital service which is also so affordable. This type of messaging is even the cheapest method for handling massive transfers of information. A2P Messaging makes business and even scholastic collaboration easier than ever. Many of these companies are already aware of the growing usage of A2P Messaging as the new way to handle large amounts of internal messages, and have expanded network capabilities and rates suiting all levels.

2-Way Messaging Another horizon in the world of telecommunication

2-way Messaging What 4s telecom provides? We, 4S Telecom are here to provide you a complete telecom solution based on modern technology. 2-way messaging is one of such services. As its name shows, it is an amazing technique in the world of telecommunication. Today this thing seems like a mere joke, but it is a fact that there were times when your mobile phones were capable of performing one task at a time. If you can are sending message, forget about receiving it. But today this is a part of routine and many of us are using this technique most of the times each day. This type of communication, does not only provide you with sending and receiving the text messages but also the MMS, emails and pages, thus making communication a lot more easier than it used to be. So now you can use your system for doing all the jobs simultaneously.

Hlr look up & sms api A part of the new sms technology

New SMS Technologies HLR LOOK UP HLR Look Up actually is, HLR stands for home location network. Well, it is a way for a company to find what the home network of a person is who has subscribed for SMS marketing. Along with that, the company can also find about what country the subscriber is in at that time. This technology is particularly helpful for the company and it is used with the SMS billing so that company should know which network they should send the SMS to. In case, the user has turned off the phone, the company would also know whether the SMS has reached him or not. It may also allow the company to find out whether the particular subscriber is using that number, or the number has been blocked.

SMS API When you think of APIs, you think of internet, similarly, SMS APIs are linked with sending SMS using the internet. This way, anyone can send messages worldwide. Not just can you send SMS this way, but you can also receive them, and this way you can save your money to a great deal. Another great benefit and use of this is to get payment from your customers through this SMS system. Strange, isn’t it? But no doubt, it is true. Payment includes small amount of payments like those for ringtones, and wall papers etc. There are many companies that use email alerts method, but nowadays we, 4S Telecom, are going for SMS alerts, which can be more effective, giving quick responses. This means that with an email alert there is also an SMS alert sent the clients, for ease of them and the company as well.

Other sms services Attract more customers

Bulk SMS & SMS RESELLER CENTER Use of bulk sms software for marketing purposes Bulk SMS marketing is a way to send the same message to a large number of people. So many companies are using this way of our Bulk SMS Software to reach to a large number of audiences in one time. Since mobile phones have become a good way of communication, and it is easier to communicate through mobile, this is being used as a tool for marketing for small and large businesses. 4S Telecom’s Bulk SMS Software is a great opportunity that they must not miss in any case. This is because they lack a number of resources, whether they are financial ones or human resources. With the help of this software, they can voice their message to thousands of people simultaneously. Using bulk SMS technology can make the marketing business easier and quicker.

What Should You Look for in SMS Reseller Center? There are many things to consider when searching for a reliable SMS Reseller Center. • Does it provide dedicated servers? • Support for yourself and key clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week • Does it help you get started with advice and tutorials? • Help you set a selling price? • Keep client account records and other valuable information. • Does the SMS Reseller Center offer 2 way messaging? • Support for many styles of message. • An address book to help keep your client lists up to date and organized. • Detailed SMS Reseller Center information such as graphs, tabs, and usage meters.

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