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The Vikings: Training camp has started and I am excited about the upcoming season for the hometown team. I’m predicting a NFC north championship and a successful playoff run. With a season under his belt and a few new weapons at his disposal in the passing game Tavaris Jackson I believe will be one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFC. With the healthy running back combination of Peterson and Taylor and returning all 5 starters to the offensive line and a solid defense I think 11-5 is not out of the question. For you fantasy football players pick up Sidney Rice he’s going to be a red zone target which means Touchdowns and added points too your fantasy team.


The Twins: The Twins are still in contention for the playoffs and central division title. It seems like year in and year out the Twins manage to pull together a group of talent that understands the game plays together and expects to win no matter what the critics have predicted. There players hardly ever have off the field issues and with the new stadium a few years out and Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau under contract they have a bright future.


The Wolves: I have prayed to the basketball gods and I hope Kevin Love isn’t Sam Bowie and OJ Mayo isn’t Michael Jordan. No disrespect to Mr. Love but I’m sure he doesn’t understand my frustration. Year after year as a wolves fan I have suffered on draft day outside of KG and Marbury there has been complete dissapointment. Donyell Marshall,Luc Longley,Christian Lattner,JR Rider, Ndi Ebi (over Josh Howard this was a really bad one for me),Paul Grant just to name a few. Randy Foye looks like a solid player McCants can score but needs to play some D if he wants to take his game to the next level Gomes is solid and you no Mr Jefferson has the makes of a franchise player. So I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that after all these years Mchale and staff have a clue about what there doing.


The key to obtaining wealth is creating revenue; and multiple strands of income. If you change your thinking and the words that you use, you can be on your way to financial wealth. The first step to creating revenue is to create your own lane to generate cash flow. This doesn’t necessarily mean looking for a better job. A job doesn’t create revenue it provides an income for your basic needs. Think about the fact that everything that you see day in and day out in your life at work, on TV, at the gym wherever you are all started as a simple idea. Create your own wealth by putting your thoughts/ideas on paper. Write it out exactly how you see it even if at the moment it only makes sense to you.


The next step is to researching the need for your product or service. You have to know what your target market wants and needs in order to be efficient and not duplicate efforts. Think about what makes you stand out in the marketplace. What will make you unique and in-demand?


Step three - if it makes sense make it happen! “If it don’t make dollars it don’t make a difference” at least in most cases. After you have researched the product or service which you would like to provide, develop a plan (business plan) for your idea. If you are seeking investors or lenders it is important that you have a plan on paper. It will make your job easier when it comes to funding your ideas, if you can’t fund them yourself. Most businesses fail within the first four years of business because they have a great idea, product or service but lack the booksmarts to get them to where they need to go. Start with step one and write those million dollar ideas on paper! Check out the next issue of 4SEEN where we cover steps 4-7.



Every page of every issue will offer very sought after information and advertisements which will create a positive resource displaying achievements and services while inventing an outlet for growth potential and profitability. Stay tuned.

Moments of change and self evolution come to us each day as we wake and greet ourselves with a new vision of possibility. Each day welcome the beginning with the knowing that you have the ability to make the day whatever you choose. You are the creator of your reality and the maker of your day. Trust your ability to rise above and be transformed in your life each day. Greet each day with freedom and transcendence.



Some talents and businesses showcased are new, while others have been key contributors in the Minneapolis community for the past four years.

Each day as the sun rises it is important that we begin the day by greeting ourselves. As we break the silence of our slumber we have the ability to determine what each day will provide. Each morning has the ability to provide self transformation or condemnation. We have the power of choice. In our waking we give birth to the newness of ourselves and the possibility for infinite transformation. In allowing ourselves to accept this new reality as possible we transcend the hundreds of years of familial and communal oppression. We are no longer held captive by the world ouside of ourselves because it is in greeting ourselves in the way of hope and opportunity that we find our freedom. We find the freedom to decide who we are. We create the image of how others see us and in this we take ownership of our lives. In his 1967 speech “Beyond Vietnam” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. states, “Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, and dejected with a lost opportunity.” However, he continued to have the audacity to hope and believe things could be different.


4Seen Publications distributes a monthly magazine which is used as a creative resource to assist in enhancing the lives of individuals, as well as provide quality information to expose talents of artists and businesses in the Twin Cities.

I thought I knew what it was about, I thought I had it this love thing all mapped out. Maybe that was the problem. Too busy thinking and not loving. Too busy talking and not loving. Too busy looking for wrongs, couldn’t fix my heart to see the rights. Too busy wanting love, wanting this, wanting that. Too busy wanting and wanting and wanting.


But now I’ll be busy giving. Giving all I want and more, even if it’s not a two way street and just a one way tour. I’ll be busy listening, not talking. Walking not running. Loving not liking. I will love. I’ll love with all I have and if I can give it, then more than that. It’s more than just the past and deeper than making it last. I want to fall in deep this time. No thoughts, no excuses, just giving love no matter the cost or fine.


This question was for me, to get me to think. Even though it’s a good question to ask I was asking myself not a potential mate. So again I ask; If I asked you to love me would you know how? I can honestly say, I found the answer now.

Not that I didn’t give before, it’s just that when I saw it was just me and not the other party, I fell back. And when it was time to leave I denied to accept their plea. All I’m saying is next time I fall, I want to stay down. Next time I love, I want to give beyond and above.

Imagine music blasting, lights flashing, drinks pouring and people laughing. The ambiance of the White out Affair is like no other club or party experience in the Twin Cities. For many this is the long awaited event of the summer, a reunion of sorts and the place to be if you think you look good in white that is. 2008 makes the 8th annual White Out Affair; the master mind behind it all is the Sumthin Special dream team and a host of supporters. The White Out Affair was held on Saturday, June 28, 2008. The crowd at this year’s event was of diverse ethnicities, ages, status and economic stature; however that had no factor in having a good time. Each year the event is held at a new location, which gives party goers the opportunity to witness new venues. This may have been the largest crowd (with 2,900 people in attendance) that Epic event center has housed since it’s grand opening in 2007. The price of VIP included an excellent assortment of appetizers and tasting eats created Angela Tucker owner of The Favor Catering, LLC. If you’re a big spender and I mean big spender, the option of a booth was also offered for a small fortune. Overall, the venue seemed to flatter the party goers that walked around with their heads held high. The white out is always an event to look forward to as it gets better and bigger each year. Ray Seville of Sumthin-Special, also extends a special thank you to those who continue to support this event year after year as well as those who travel into Minneapolis from Iowa, California, Chicago and Hawaii (to name a few) to participate. It’s important to mention that no violence was reported during the event and we would like to publicize that the urban community knows how to party with class. Be on the look out for information related to Sumthin-Special’s Black Out Event not to be confused with the all black party imitations.


What if you loved so deep and made me your main focus? And if after you did all that, I wonder would I even notice. Or would I be too caught up in what I thought I needed. And not able to see that you were giving your all and that in love, you indeed succeeded.


If I asked you to love me, would you know how?

Mr. FIC is a talented artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has several projects under his belt and is currently working on getting artists together to create a movement to shine the spotlight on the many talented artist in the city. We were able to sit down with FIC and pick his brain to figure out where he’s been, who he’s working with and where he’s headed. 4SEEN: What is the umberella? FIC: “Umbrella is a unit. We up north with it. StreetPrez LLC; that’s mine.. We are under tha umbrella.. along with G.m.E., Been One and Long D.o.E Ent.” 4SEEN: What is the movement trying to create? FIC: “I’m all about the unity. We got that up north street sound.. So with that, we goin’ appeal to kids just like us..Kids that’s wakin’ up everyday, just tryin to get it.. However it is.. whatever it takes.I’m tryin’ to create room for that!” 4SEEN: Who are the members?: FIC: “Well..Right now the circle is tight.. Its Million Dollar Kid, Clev, Schnagz, G-Mill, Dj Fu, Wiz, Bones, Young Tyson, Mike the Martyr, Imperio, Trigga.. and the list will keep growing.” 4SEEN: How did u come together?

We have all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And this is a true statment! before you head out the door or arrive at your destination when you leave home make sure that you put some fuel in your tank to get your day started. Eating breakfast will not only boost your energy, but it will also increase your metabolism which makes keeping in shape an easier task. Next time you consider a junk food breakfast of doughnuts, fast food breakfast sandwiches, or pop; try some fruit, yogurt and granola, or oatmeal eggs and toast with milk or orange juice. Cut back on the coffee or coffee coolers if possible and follow that with healthy eating choices for the remainder of the day. Practice eating 5-6 small meals a day and 30 minutes of physical activity; and you will be on the way to becoming a healthier you! Take advantage of nice weather, and get outdoors. There are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota to explore; and its a great way to meet new people as well.



Healthy Living


R&B Soul 13 This mixtape is good music, easy listening and relaxing. Featuring artists from the likes of Lenny Kravitz, India Aire, Alicia Keys, and Musiq...just to name a few.


FIC - Forever In Control Is the latest release from FIC if you had a chance to check out Arm n Hammer or Rocky vs. FIC you would be cheating yourself if you have yet to purchase this one. Carter vs. Carter What else do we need to say.

FIC: “Real Recognizing Real.. We run into each other all the time, as artists up here. And everybodys reppin’ their own sh**, and turning their nose up at wat everybody eles got goin on.. Over here, we are like, u don’t gotta quit reppin’ wat u rep.. Bring it on over here so we can all support each other. Unified front u know? 4SEEN: Is Fic the face off the current movement? FIC: “I’m definatley one of the headliners/front runners..But my dudes have that A-1 product as well, as far as music goes.. nahmean..U can check us all out on” 4SEEN: Are u looking to expand member wise and geographically? FIC: “For sure..There are a lot of talented cats that are feelin’ this whole movment and want to b down..And I wanna let them. We just need to show strength in the Music and the moves we make out here.”

All these selections and many more all available at:

4SEEN: What do u currently have out?

Digital City Music 905 West Broadway Avenue North Minneapolis, Minnesota Ph: 612.588.2000

FIC: “My project that’s heavy out here right now is Forever in Control.. Don Cannon from the Aphilliates hosted it.. It’s a Masterpiece. Then there is my old school joints, Midwest True Story, Rep MN Vol. 1, the Umbrella Mixtape, and Arm & Hammer.. If u r not familiar with those. U should Get Familiar.”


Muja Messiah Muja Messiah a talented artist out of the southside of Minneapolis. He has his own style and is very creative; definitely worth checking out.

4SEEN: Who/what is the next to drop? FIC: “Personally..I can’t wait for the Young Boi, MDk (Million Dollar Kid) to drop.. He is a beast on the mic. Then there is a strong line up following right up after. So, keep ya ear out for that!” FIC: “Cannon is the coolest ni*** in the A, as far as I’m concerned. My dude Cave Man was working as his assistant about a year back. Street Prez/GmE took a 17 hour drive down to the A..He peeped the music, Dug the music.. And its history now. Now my big Bro Dj Fu is one of Cannon’s assistants. They call they selves, “The Weather Men”.


How that came about? Difference between ATL and MPLS as an artist? “If u reppin MN, u only get about 6 months of good weather to do it, so u have take complete advantage of your time.. cause you’ll never get that time back. And then, its cold as sh**. Nobody is going out of their way, trudging though the snow, just to see what you got poppin’. There is a real lack of support for good music..maybe that’s because the market is so saturated with the bullsh** know” “In AtL, u gotta have ur game face on. All the time. Who knows who your gonna run into..U BETTER B READY! AND THE MUSIC BETTER B TYTE..That’s all there is to it.. And u can win.” 4SEEN: What’s ur next project/move? FIC: “I’m working on a project called Tra-Fic..Emazin of Trak House is doing the majority of the production. It’s definatley going to be somthin to hop in the whip an’ ride to.. Its time for yall to see the growth. Also, We are bringin’ Dj Don Cannon up here to “Element Night Club”, downtown Minneapolis on Hennepin, monday, August 11. That should be crazy. We are starting a new line of events called Mixtape Monday’s with Peter Parker of B96. We will be bringing the hot djs up here about two mondays per month, to create an industry night. don’t miss that!”

With all the talk and emails circulating everyone is wondering should they support Trocadero’s Night Club or continue to forward the emails along informing patrons to boycott the popular venue. There have been many occurrences that would cause promoters and patrons to question whether or not Trocadero’s supports the urban community or is just willing to profit from our music and interest. For example the scheduled Plies concert that generated a large crowd of fans that grew angry once they found out that the entertainer would not be performing. Is Trocadero’s really to blame for this incident? In past years the Twin Cities lacked a solid following of concerts; now amazingly a concert is scheduled at least monthly and they seem to be popping up at Trocadero’s! For every person who has had an unfortunate experience at Trocadero’s there is a person who speaks highly of the establishment. Truthfully if boycotting this establishment is a consideration the first step lays with promoters, which would mean promoters seek out other venues to host their events. Negative press circulating about such places as Gabby’s, Johnny A’s, and haunting stories of violence at long gone establishments such as The Riverview and Shark’s Night Club have created stereotypes. Night clubs, restaurants, and banquet halls owners in the twin cities have a genuine concern about security during concerts and events. Have the reputations of these clubs, crowds, and locations caused business owners to turn away our business? Promoters may be doing business where they can and not necessarily where they want to. Nonetheless, a closed mouth will never be feed so we have to speak out about our concerns in hopes to create positive change. Stay tuned as the story regarding Trocadero’s will continue to be covered.


4SEEN: Tell me about working with Cannon?


Discography: - Kison “Believe” (all tracks) -”Rocky Vol. 1” (all tracks) -”Rocky vs. FiC” (all tracks) -”Who Made the Beat Bang Vol. 1” (all tracks) - Street Kingz “Crown Gang Family” (4 tracks) - T-Hud “Undrafted” (6 tracks) - FIC “Forever in Control” (8 tracks) Produced by Rock City: - FIC ft. Freeway, “Beat Bang (remix)”

- FIC ft. Memphis Bleek, “Timing” - Chuck Wooley ft. Freeway, “Out” - T-Hud ft. UGK, “Good Weather Music” - T-Hud ft. 36 Mafia, “Gangsta”

restaurant REVIEW

- Small World “Same Ol’”


Musashi 533 Hennepin is a (Japanese) restaurant/sushi bar in downtown Minneapolis. It resides in the former Olive Garden on the corner of 6th and Hennepin. It’s a great alternative to Sushi Seven if you just want to eat some good food without having to be in dress code or wait in line when your hungry. With late night happy, hour specials on drinks and appetizers and some of the main menu we suggest you give it a try. Musashi serves until 1:30 on the weekend it’s a great place to lay low eat, drink and politic for business or personal pleasure. Log onto for more information.

Accolades: Twin Cities 2006 Hip-Hop Festival Beat Battle—1st place Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards 2006 Producer of the Year KMOJ 2006 Song of the Year, “I Rep MN” Hot Beats! *Rock City Productions* Visit rockcityproductions and to read Rock City’s Biography and more!

Fic Issue 1  

Fic music and ent

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