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Quick tricks to sell your home fast There are a number of reasons why people find themselves in the position of selling a property quickly: it could be they’ve just gone through a divorce and are now needing to sell the family home; perhaps a new job means relocating elsewhere and they need to sell the current place before they can invest in a new property; it might be a case of repossession. Whatever your reason might be for needing to sell fast, you still need to make sure you’re going to get the kind of price you’re looking for and that you’re not forced to compromise in order to get that quick sale. Obviously, this can be easier said than done, as anyone who has ever bought or sold a property will be able to tell you. But don’t be discouraged by what can seem like a vast job or the horror stories you might here along the way of houses that have sat on the market for months only to eventually be sold for a fraction of the original asking price. Yes, this can happen, but that’s not to say that it has to happen to you or that that tight deadline necessarily has to work against you. There are some quick tips and tricks that you can do that will help prepare your house for a speedy sale and still ensure you’re getting the kind of price you’re looking for. Bear these in mind and your chances on the property market will improve immeasurably.

Aim for the right time of year Obviously, when you’re on a tight deadline, getting picky about the time of year you put your house up isn’t only unrealistic, it’s completely unfeasible and not something that you’re really going to be able to consider. However if you’re trying to prepare your house for a sale around spring time or autumn, an added incentive to get moving as fast as possible with listing your property is the fact that spring and autumn are commonly known to be the best times of year to do so, with houses listed in these seasons finding buyers fast and selling for higher prices. During these times of year, potential buyers tend to have more time on their hands to look for a property, as school term-time means holidays are less likely to be booked and busy parents won’t have the children around; the weather is more inclement than the potential extremes of either end of the temperature gauge of the summer and winter, both of which can make hunting for a new home a less than inviting prospect; and you’re able to work

on the exterior of your house, making sure that kerb appeal is working in your favour.

Get it out there It’s an obvious point to make but shouldn’t be overlooked: you need to make sure your property is going to be seen by as wide and as relevant a market as possible. Choose an estate agent that can get your property listed on the big online property sites to ensure it reaches that market. It’s estimated that properties get the most interest from potential buyers when they’re first listed, so don’t let it stagnate.

DIY and décor All of those basic repair jobs that need doing, like creaking hinges, carpet curling at the edges or peeling paint work that you’ve been meaning to get round to doing for months but haven’t quite found the time for? Now is the time to do so. These are the kind of minor snags that can lodge in a potential buyer’s mind and be the reason they go for the other property they’ve been looking at. The majority of the time, buyers want to know that, after the stresses of trawling the market and buying a property, when the legwork is over they’ll be able to move into their new home with as little preparation of the house as possible. Knowing they’ll have to spend an extra week elsewhere while they get all those basic repairs done to make the space more liveable is going to be a turn off, so it is important that you sort them out before you open doors for viewings. While you’re doing the DIY, consider the décor too. When you’re trying to sell a house, neutral decorating schemes will work in your favour. Overpowering paint jobs can distract from the actual property and be a turn off. Buyers want to be able to envisage themselves in the space and that can be hard to do when staring down orange wallpaper with brown carpet. You don’t want something as simple as the paint you chose 15 years ago to be the reason you can’t sell your home, so invest in some cream or beige paint and give the walls a once over. You won’t regret it.

Declutter your space On a similar theme, consider giving your home a good spring clean. Having everything clean and sparkling might seem like an obvious point to make (especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, where hygiene is a particular issue) but it’s also important to make sure you have as much of your personal clutter tidied away as possible too. A cleaner, tidier, more basic space will once again help those viewing the property imagine themselves in the space, with their own things. Clearing away personal belongings can also help to open a room up, making it seem bigger than it might actually be, which will also work as a plus for those looking around. So while you’re scrubbing the floors and dusting the ceilings, consider the other bits and bobs lying around that might work against you.

Kerb appeal You’ve probably been warned about your kerb appeal and it is an important one to consider as it’s going to affect people’s first impression of your house and when it comes to property, the first impression can be a lasting one. Before they even see your high ceilings and spacious rooms, they’re going to be looking at the exterior of your house and making immediate judgements on it, so it’s equally important that you ensure the exterior is looking its best as it is the interior. Clean out the gutters, tidy up any lawn or plant life you might have, check the roof for any missing or broken tiles. Basically, make sure there are no glaring issues that are going to be seen and spotted by those coming round for viewings. And while we’re discussing the exterior of your house, if you have a garden, treat it as you would any other room in the house and smarten it up. If those first impressions stick, you want to make sure you give yourself an advantage by making sure they’re positive ones. Selling a house on a deadline doesn’t have to be as daunting a prospect as it might originally seem, so if you are in this situation, consider applying these quick tricks to your home and see the kind of results you’re after. For more information about selling your home visit the 4sale2u website

Quick Tricks to Sell your Home Fast  

Follow some easy tips and getting the right price for your home might not be as difficult as those late nights of worrying would leave you b...

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