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How to Sell Your Home Quickly in the Current Market The UK housing market is undergoing a shift. Although there was a sharp decline in home prices in 2008, they have been on the rise in most parts of the country for the past few years. However, the housing market has not yet fully recovered, nor has the economy overall. But, things are moving forward and upwards in terms of the market. One of the biggest changes is that sellers requiring a speedy move no longer need to accept offers well below market value. It is possible to sell your home quickly in the current market; you just need to know how.

Value Your Home Correctly; Price It Accordingly The reason homes remain on the market too long is because of pricing. Local estate agents often aim for the highest possible price knowing that a home is unlikely to move at that rate. It is like a bonus if it does, but typically, agents are continually reducing the advertised prices of their stock. Unfortunately, when a house sits for awhile, buyers become nervous about a property – and what could be wrong with it. If you need your house to sell quickly, then listing it at the right price according to current market value is crucial. Consider How People Shop for Houses Today In today’s online economy people shop for houses differently than they did before. They are no longer spending time with the weekly paper (although they may do that). Instead, people are looking for potential homes online. They will search property websites daily, continuing to narrow down their focus through searching functions on those sites. Houses that feature plenty of photos with their listing tend to get

significantly more online hits and offline views. That is because buyers no longer want to spend time visiting a home unless they are fairly certain it meets their needs beforehand. So, if you want to get traffic in the door, then you need to supply enticing photos to make it happen. Understand the Buy to Let Property Market With the world economy in a recession, and banks increasingly restricting their lending policies to individual homeowners there are plenty of buy to let investors on the market today. And, while they may be looking for a viable home at the right price just like every other buyer, they are not looking at your property for themselves. These potential buyers are not in the least bit concerned about how a home makes them feel, but more whether it is worth their time and money. Ensuring that your home is ready to move into makes it easier for you to sell quickly to these investors. That doesn’t mean that you need to upgrade your home, only that it needs to be liveable straight away. Dress Your Home for a Sale When potential buyers enter your home, they want to see themselves there. Or, if they are buying to let, then they want to see something neutral that will easily make others feel at ease. Either way this means that you need to clear your stuff from your home, removing anything that says you personally. You will also need to let plenty of light into your home, whether you do this by opening up window treatments or filling your space with artificial lights. And, don’t forget to consider the outside areas, from the front walk to the back garden. Every single space counts when you need to make a quick sale. List Your Home with the Right People If you want to make a quick sale, then your local high street estate agent may not be the best place to list your property. There are a few reasons for this, largely to do with inappropriate pricing structures, but also their range of advertising outlets. Although the ads in their office windows may be appealing to some, the sort of buyers ready to pounce on a quick sale are not waiting for those agents to add a new picture to their collection. To make a quick sale, you need to list your property with an established national company that is ready with a list of buyers to whom they advertise directly. If your agent doesn’t have this sort of database, then your home is likely to sit for awhile. Do Your Research Just because you need to sell in a hurry, there is no reason that you should rush through a process which takes time. You will need to do some research to make sure you get the best deal possible. Allow a few property valuations, and call different agents to understand the terms they offer before allowing one to represent your property. Never trust an agent that doesn’t recommend taking these steps as they are unlikely to keep you properly informed throughout the process. You are likely to list your home with a fast sell housing agent, but that doesn’t mean you

should only look in those quarters. They’ll get you a fast offer on your home, but that doesn’t mean that you should miss critical steps of the process. Take the Emotion out of It This is a tricky one for most sellers that need to move quickly. Even if the reasons for speed are positive, such as a new job in a foreign country, it is bound to be an emotional time. However, most sellers requiring a fast offer are likely to be battling some unexpected negative stressors in their lives. Unfortunately, this emotion often comes through in the sale and is likely to put off potential buyers. Start by taking the sentiment out of your sale. Remember that the sale of your home is part of the solution, and usually not the problem itself. And, above all, remember that a quick sale of your home doesn’t mean that you need to sell far below market value. It’s only a matter of putting all the pieces into place, thinking through each part of the process, and then getting ready to move because it is truly possibly to sell your home quickly in the current market. For more information about selling your home in the current market please visit the 4sale2u website -

How to Sell Your Home Quickly in the Current Market  

One of the biggest changes is that sellers requiring a speedy move no longer need to accept offers well below market value. It is possible...