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How to Sell a House Out of Season You might already be aware that the seasons can have an impact on how well a house sells. It has been shown that houses sold in the spring and autumn consistently do better on the market, selling for higher prices. This makes sense, as those looking to buy are more motivated to search for a house when the weather is milder, any children are at school, and the expenses of Christmas are either long behind or still far enough away to not come into the equation too much. So conversely, this also means that winter and summer are two of the worst times to try and sell your house. Facing the extremes of the British weather, with the schools broken up and in the latter case, with the expensive festive season taking its toll on the bank account, suddenly people are a lot less motivated to start the process of looking for a new home. Your estate agent will most likely advise you to try and sell in one of the more optimum seasons but for some, time is a luxury you can’t always afford and sometimes, this isn’t going to be a possibility. But all is not lost and if you do need to sell your home in either summer or winter, there are still things you can do to try and make your experience of the property market a more positive one, that will help you sell your home more quickly and still get the kind of asking price you want. Summer

The last thing most people want to have on their to-do lists when the weather is finally heating up is start hunting around for a new home. Ideally, this is the time to hit the beach or the garden, enjoy the weather and book holidays away. With schools broken up for the summer holidays, there may also be a difficult six weeks when it’s necessary to juggle family commitments and childcare with work life. So it’s fairly obvious that the majority of people don’t want to add to their existing schedules the trials of house hunting.

However, if this is the situation you’re facing trying to sell your house, don’t be too discouraged by the unseasonable timing: there are still benefits to selling in the summer that you can take advantage of. First of all, use the weather to full effect. This one may be against you in some ways, but it can also work for you. Now is the time to get working on the outside of your house and your garden. In other words, it’s the perfect time to be considering your all-important kerb appeal. The chances are, the exterior of your property and any garden space are going to be looking their best in the summer and the presence of a garden is only ever going to be a plus. For those tramping around in the hot weather, the outdoor space will be seen as a welcome refuge for future summer days, so use this to your full advantage and get sprucing! Whether it means ensuring flowers are blooming, the lawn’s freshly trimmed or you simply have some garden furniture out, make sure your garden looks like an appealing place to relax and enjoy the weather. In other words, treat it as another room in the house. As for the exterior: clear gutters, make sure there are no loose or missing roof tiles, clean the windows and make sure the paintwork is fresh. This is the first and last thing that people looking at your house are going to see, so you need to make sure that they’re going to get a good impression from it. Of course, whether you have an outdoor space or not, there are still other things you can do to take advantage of the season. Make the most of the weather by making your house appear as a light and airy space, creating a welcome retreat from the hot weather outside and an appealing, summery prospect. Further this effect by investing in furnishings in seasonal light colours, such as cushions, curtains and wall hangings, that will further reflect the summery weather. Finally, use this time to take some great photos of your home. Flooded with natural light, they are almost guaranteed to look better, and combined with images of any outdoor space at its best, are more likely to make an immediate impression and garner some interest. Winter

It’s safe to say that come the winter, you have more things working against you when you’re trying to sell. For starters, the bad weather is a quick disincentive to head out on house viewings. Combined with this the fact that schools are once

again breaking up for the holidays and the expensive festive season is approaching and those looking to buy are more likely to wait til spring to start looking again. However, as with the summer, there are still things you can do to improve your chances on the property market. The garden may be fairly off limits at this time of the year, but you can still make the weather work for you by making your home appear warm and cosy: a retreat from what’s going on outside. If you have an open fire, now is the time to get it lit and roaring, just in time for people coming round to view the property.

Further enhance this with furnishings in rich, rustic colours, like reds and browns, to create a warmer atmosphere. You have Christmas working against you so if you have to sell at this time of the year, try to put it off until after New Year, around January or February. By this time, more people will be beginning to think about starting the process early, with the added inspirations of the New Year’s sense of new beginnings and resolutions to spur them on. But, if you can’t wait, take heart from the fact that Christmas is going to be a deadline for those looking too, eager to get settled in their new home beforehand. Much as with summer, you can also use this season to take some great photos of your home. If you see snow, take the opportunity to romanticise your images of your home in the snowy weather: it will work in your favour and add to the sense of a winter wonderland. And as this isn’t the ideal time to put a house up for sale, be encouraged by the fact that, at the very least, you should be seeing less competition from other homeowners also looking to sell, so make the most of this time and try to bag yourself a better price. Once you have go your home ready to sell, we can help you sell it within weeks – to find out more please see

How to sell a house out of season  

An in-depth guide to selling your house out-of-season.

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