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4PM Milwaukee Issue 9

September/October 2010

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masthead Editor in chief Brandon brown Chief Of operations Kyle Blades Design Director bryon eser ART/Photography director t. h. taylor Managing Editor ADAM VanderVeen ASSISTANT EDITOR MATT EHRMANN GRAPHIC DESIGN Danny Mancuso BRAND BROKERS Dustin barker Jarred Penkalski dot com editor Jeffrey G. Winzenried, Jr. WRITERS Kyle Blades Leah Busse Tara Cribb Valencia Davis Amanda Ford Danielle Gaquin Melissa Glenn Randall Sharpe Michelle williamson Jeffrey G. Winzenried, Jr.

Editor’s letter I recently visited Madison for the first time in the two years I’ve lived in Milwaukee and had one goal in mind; what is this college town all about? Ranked in the top five for party schools – somehow ahead of my Arizona State Sun Devils – UW carries a certain swagger when people boast about the town. Seeing firsthand the happenings on State Street and Camp Randall, this fashionable city is no joke. Fall gear fills the shelves, students are back hitting the books from a long summer vacation, and Halloween Express locations are popping up everywhere. It’s a booming scene in The Mad Town and 4PM wants to be a part of it. We’re constantly focusing on the future to stay ahead of the curve. New to 4PM this issue is our mobile tag system, or colored bar codes located in some of the articles, which are linked to all access videos. Also, with the fresh release of, we are ready to tackle another city and Madison is the target. Hope they are ready for us because we are more than prepared to share the 4PM love with them.

Brandon Brown scan for all an access video.

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04 SEPT/OCT 2010

Adam, Brandon & Kyle

Living Health & Fitness

DOwnsizing Corporate trends towards fitness in the workplace. By Jeffrey G. Winzenried, Jr. • Photography The Furious Brothers

As we approach the end of summer, the last thing we want to do is hang up our Sunday Funday beachwear. Just like the years prior, we begin to migration back indoors remembering our crazy drunken’ summer through pictures, stories, and tacky Facebook comments. If Fall approaches with the sudden regret of all the bad choices you made and how you never “worked out,” please don’t freak out and post your emotional dictation all over the World Wide Web. That would be childish! Maybe in the months of September and October you can start rethinking about improving yourself, your lifestyle, and your health through reflection and commitment to a fitness action plan. Committing to a plan through the holidays is the only way to sustain your summer body and keep those holiday pounds off. Assuming this is your goal, you can try changing up your workout plan or rethinking where you work on your fitness. Why go to the gym when you can exercise at work? The corporate environment is now the spot for boot camps, yoga, and weight loss programs. With losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising on everyone’s mind; what better place to introduce lifestyle change concepts than at work? So, what are companies offering their employees? Milwaukee companies are doing Biggest Loser challenges, boot camps, group fitness classes, Yoga & Pilates, Weight Watcher’s groups, organized walking, healthy choice meal plans, lunch & learns on various health topics, gym membership reimbursements, and much more. You may be asking yourself, why the sudden shift to a workplace full of wellness? Obesity costs U.S. companies $45 billion annually in medical expenditures and work loss (Barrington & Rosen 2008). That’s a start. The American College of Sports Medicine’s 2010 Fitness Index states that 77.2% of Metro Milwaukeeans (Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha, Washington Counties) reported not having any physical activity or exercise in the last

30 days and 25.1% of Milwaukee is obese. That’s a problem! If you’re not fortunate enough to work for a company that offers one of these programs, you are not alone. Working out at your job is a new trend. You can get your company to trend towards fitness as well. The first step is to get the management on board. Here are a couple quickies to help convince them to adapt this new health approach. • More than half of all companies are budgeting for wellness programs, so jump on the band wagon, everyone is doing it. • Employees with lower risk factors save the company money. Adapting a wellness program is an investment. If you are approaching the managers of your company, make sure you have a plan. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Most companies with successful programs use these tactics: • They offer appropriate financial incentives for program completion • They deliver information effectively to their employees • They provide quality care in their programs • They use metrics and evidence to sustain accountability • They maximize health and productivity in their employees Lack of activity, bad vending machine choices, and eating fast food for lunch are major contributors to an unhealthily lifestyle and your employer’s bottom line. To help with both, you can start by asking for help, begin a corporate wellness program, or have a trainer run an onsite boot camp. Whatever you do, start trending towards fitness today.

scan for all an access video. SEPT/OCT 2010


Living Food & Drink

Throwbacks that your Daddy used to Throwback. By Randall Sharpe • Photography shot at Distil by T.H. Taylor

There is an adage that goes something like this, ‘what is old will be new’, and that has never been truer than in today’s world of cocktail mixing.Welcome back to prohibition Milwaukee, welcome back to the swinging 30’s, hike up those knickers grandma we’re going

Rob Roy

Scotch, sweet vermouth, lemon peel and a little maraschino cherry give this drink a smooth, sweet roll down the throat, In fact I am drinking one right now, just to get into the swing of things. Don’t let the taste fool you, as this highlander will put you to bed a little early.

06 SEPT/OCT 2010

for a ride! It’s true that most of the popular cocktails of the era have gone the way of Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson, but a few have kept a foothold here in good old Milwaukee, and are experiencing a renaissance right under our very noses.


Timeless; yes this drink has been sugared and bastardized but there really is no substitute for the original. Daddy would be proud to see his little girl sipping on a real Martini. Yes the ingredients are simple, Gin and dry vermouth, but this has been the defining drink of generations.

Living Food & Drink


Now this is truly daddy’s drink. Take three parts rye, one part sweet vermouth add a dash of bitters and a couple of ice cubes and there you have it, Clearly mom and dad knew how to party as this drink is not for the faint of heart. That dry burn inside of you is just to remind you that goodness has just passed your lips… more please.

Old Fashioned

Sweet, sour, it makes no difference. This tasty little gem has never lost its popularity in Brewtown. Go to any corner watering hole and they will whip one up in mere seconds. Made with brandy, (traditionally whiskey) bitters, muddled orange, cherry, sugar and of course the secret ingredient… love. The Old Fashioned has found a new audience with today’s drinkers.

Whatever your poison may be, these five classics give us a glimpse into our spirited past, These drinks are as old school as it gets and bring a style to your drinking experience that you just don’t get from modern twists. Drink up Milwaukee… Enjoy SEPT/OCT 2010


Living Food & Drink

Distil A new level of lounging to Milwaukee Street. By Danielle Gaquin • Photography T.H. Taylor

Milwaukee is getting ready to welcome a new and innovative are here to offer unique and delicious specialty drinks. With plans to specialty cocktail lounge, Distil, to the downtown area. Continuing develop an experimental cocktail and spirit program, Distil will provide the tradition of SURG Restaurant Group – which also owns several other what no other bar can. Milwaukee favorites such as Umami Moto, Centanni, and Carnevor – Their food menu offers mainly cold, small plates which cater to a this new endeavor located on Milwaukee Street is sure to please. before and after dinner crowd. Their specialty meats and cheeses are Distil is on track to open at the end of September and will be offering displayed proudly in the basement VIP section’s three show coolers. a wide range of beers and spirits, along with an exclusive menu Within these display coolers, one will notice a loyalty to supporting that brings a whole other level of taste to Milwaukee. Wisconsin’s local food community. Two of the cases Boasting a classic “old-Milwaukee” feel, Distil creates Distil focus on their meat selections. Their premium aged 722 N. Milwaukee Street an ambiance to take you back in time, with modern beef comes from the local Hidden Creek Farm. In Milwaukee, WI 53202 accents. The heavy wood and leather cushioned addition to the beef, a wide array of sausages and 414.220.9411 seating allows for a comfortable setting as you sit back hams are featured on the menu, complimenting the and enjoy the night. In addition, the long and narrow many cheeses and bourbons they have to offer. layout of the lounge and the absence of any windows Along with the meats, Distil displays an extensive offer a mellow feel that allows the patrons to get lost in the night. Tying selection of over 80 different cheeses. Over half of the cheeses are together the well designed lounge is a stunning copper plate ceiling made in Wisconsin; however their selection also expands to cover and the modern artistic touches of Schlitz Brewery along the walls. many European producers. Wrapping up an already detailed small Overall, everyone will be treated to a high end, casual outing. plate menu will be their specialty dessert selections. Each of these Along with focusing on pre-Prohibition and classic cocktails, their plates will be made with local and fresh ingredients and vary daily. true treasure is in their extensive bourbon selection. Currently offering With such a unique meat and cheese menu, Distil aspires to offer over sixty choices, ranging from the traditional to their list of reserves, culinary education courses in the future. Distil boasts a selection incomparable to anything else in Milwaukee. This cocktail lounge will be like nothing Milwaukee has ever As time goes on they hope to only expand this collection by researching experienced. Distil is raising the bar for Milwaukee nightlife and and collaborating with several other bourbon distilleries. For those adding a new dimension on an already flourishing street. drinkers with a more adventurous spirit, Distil’s talented mixologists 08 SEPT/OCT 2010

Living Home & Away

Groom your ROom Fashion your place can wear. By Amanda Ford

Let your living space be a reflection of you – whether you live in a dorm room, apartment or house. It’s all about color and it’s all about nature. Ah, shopping on the web: one of your favorite things. You save yourself gobs of time, plus who doesn’t love getting mail? It also

leaves you more time to deck out your new place with the awesome stuff you find. This issue I’m focusing on the living room (or livingsegmentofyourdormroom). My rule of thumb: anything quirky goes and pops of color are completely necessary. These days, you don’t even have to get all matchy-matchy.

Nothing’s more annoying than guests who get sweaty rings all over the coffee table! Be blunt. Be ring-free with these “Use Me” Coasters. $15.99 for a set of 6

Speaking of coffee tables, this one gives a fresh spin on your ordinary wood kind (I never liked those anyway). Graphic Square Glass Table: for $345.99 (made by Innovation)

Be bold, trendy AND comfy all at the same time. The Petrie Sofa $1599 at

Make your new sofa snuggly with some pillows from – my favorite place to find colorful ones. Mixing is better than matching! Get color ideas from one printed pillow and go from there. DO: use different textures. Don’t mix in TOO many different prints and patterns (a few is okay). $19.95-$39.95

Add a tealight array to set the mood! (jpg Tealights) $29.98 Hurricane Candleholder Stand on

Cover up those bare walls! You can get this in almost any size you want, in all different mediums, but no matter how you frame it, it’s all about love. $34.99 or prints SEPT/OCT 2010


Living SEX

Here’s the


Why argue who holds the remote, when you can argue who holds the vibrator? By Tara Cribb • Photography The Furious Brothers

Ah, the beginning of a relationship. This is what you would call a time of “limbo.” You don’t know when to cross into new territory or if you’ve crossed into the wrong territory. Such as, who pays for dinner? Who holds the remote? Or if it’s ever right to go “number two” in their bathroom? This is also the time when you’ve mastered your signature sex moves and lead into more adventurous regions such as using sex toys. However, every couple is different. One may already be out in the field while the other is still warming the bench. Sex can be a hurdle of a discussion, therefore bringing up sex toys could give any shy person an ulcer. That’s why it’s important to approach this carefully because nothing is more sensitive than a libido’s threshold. So here are a few quick tips to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. Baby Steps If your partner is a sex toy virgin and you need to approach this in a subtle manner, then I wouldn’t pull out the vibrating cock ring just yet. Instead, try using household items first to open the sexual horizon. For example, try using a few pillows for new sex positions. Place the pillows underneath the lower back creating an arch for further entry. Another common household item that could be used is the adjustable showerhead – try initiating this while the two of you are in the shower. It’s a great way to keep clean while feeling dirty. 10 SEPT/OCT 2010

Be Playful in this situation. By doing this, I suggest to I understand nothing can be more open your curiosity and knowledge about intimidating than a partner pulling out sex. Believe it or not, books are a great way an eight-inch dildo. Try to make the toys to learn a thing or two. For women, Tickle His playful and fun. It’s a great way to make Pickle is the bible to male oral sex. Another your partner at ease and open to explore. stellar recommendation is The Big O: The Tool Shed on Murray Avenue has a lot Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them, of great toys that are playful yet seductive. Check out their mini bullet vibrators called Bullet Buddies. These bullets of women are able to orgasm come in all different shapes during intercourse alone and colors. From caterpillars to the other 70 percent need bunnies, you can collect them all. You can also try an eatable a bit more attention and approach. No one can pass stimulation. That’s why it’s up strawberry flavored graffiti paint or a man-made sundae. not unreasonable to bring in However, I would suggest going another hand or shall I say easy on the chocolate sauce. You would never expect how a “toy” into the bedroom. little goes a long way! No One Likes a Negative Nancy and Keep Them Coming. Some partners love the idea of adding Here was your quick fix on how to introduce sex toys to the relationship; however they sex toys into the bedroom. Whether it’s your will never make a move because they’re first time or not, it’s important to go about unsure of a mutual feeling. That’s why it’s this subject in a sensitive manner. Let’s be important to be positive and open when honest – we all enjoy an amazing orgasm trying something new. For once, listen to more often than not. So why not add a little your mother’s advice when she said always something extra to the Holy Grail? Why short try something new at least once. She was side an orgasm? I only feel that it is your civic probably referring to eating your vegetables duty to yourself and your partner to explore at the time, but the rule of thumb stays true new horizons.

Only 30 percent SEPT/OCT 2010


Conversation Q&A

Fabric of a Family Business

With two trendy styles and one family, Valentina and Falcon Boutique keep Milwaukee looking fashionable. By Michelle Williamson • Photography Seville Media

For the past four decades, Valentina has been Milwaukee’s link to the world of high fashion, courtesy of founder Cheryl Chirchirillo. It’s a labor of love inherited by her daughter Gina Frakes, who introduced Falcon to the Third Ward’s shopping district in 2009. 4PM sits down with these tastemakers to discuss the past, present and future of the boutiques that keep Milwaukee looking its best. 4PM: What’s the background of Valentina? Gina Frakes: Part of what I love about the history of Valentina and where we’re at today is that it’s definitely the American dream. My mom grew up poor, oldest of eight, had to make everything, meets my dad, who’s from New York. They move to New York and she sees all the boutiques there and is inspired. Then they come back here and that was the one thing she wanted to do. She started in Sidney Hih, wanting to give Milwaukee a slice of what she was seeing in Manhattan. With $400 and no support, she opened up a boutique and much like what’s happening today, she was the ultimate recycler. Finding thrift and vintage, finding all these 1930s and ‘40s silk nightgowns, tie dyeing and reworking them, really creating her own boutique with nothing and becoming an entrepreneur. And here we are today, forty years later, opening a store in Kohler, expanding our portfolio, second generation, hopefully third generation will be coming in with my girls. That’s how the country was built and it’s nice to see that’s what’s going on and is very much alive today, especially with the recession. Cheryl Chirchirillo: Also, at the time when I started my business, women were not really CEOs or heads of companies. I wasn’t offered a bank loan. In fact, I was turned down many times when I went for financial aid. So one of the reasons I stuck to it was because I believed in women’s liberation. I’m the oldest of eight children, six of us being girls, and it was important to me to be a leader in the frontier of women becoming more independent, more powerful and also equal in the working field, whether it was by becoming an entrepreneur on their own or becoming a corporate CEO. I had to get a tubal ligation in order to get a loan from the bank. In other words, I had to prove that I would not be capable of having children and 12 SEPT/OCT 2010

therefore, not having the ability to run a business and be pregnant and have a child. That’s how backward things were in the 1970s. The changes that have occurred [since then] are really radical. There are still a lot of difficulties out there, but there’ve been some huge steps forward. GF: At that time, you were one of maybe three or four boutiques in the city. CC: I was really more of an artisan, more of a European-style boutique, which in Middle America at that time was pretty rare. Sidney Hih was really trying to be fashioned after Piccadilly Square in England. None of that was really happening here yet. Then, there was HaightAshbury going on at the West Coast. I started the store because there was nothing here in Milwaukee, or even in the state, that offered women of my age anything outside of the box of what you would find at department stores. 4PM: How has the industry of fashion changed over the years? CC: Well, the biggest changes that I see is the way in which things are being put together, from a designer standpoint or a manufacturer standpoint. With technology today, with things being digitally created, whether it’s prints or materials or a machine that can cut thousands of layers at one time, everything is mass-produced today. So a lot of the artistic techniques of creating material, from the weaving aspect of making fabric, from the spinning of the yarn itself, to painting or dyeing or silk screening of materials, are really becoming lost arts. GF: But you know, there are new arts. In terms of the digital age, the laser cutting… CC: Right, it’s gone to the digital, but that’s completely different from having the capabilities of actually being an artist and creating things from scratch. A lot of the things that have been a part of couture are really not going to exist much longer if the world keeps going the direction it is now. So vintage is going to become even more important. GF: And more expensive. CC: And upcycling, because the fabrics are not being made any longer. GF: The trades are becoming lost because young people don’t want to learn those methods because it takes too long. CC: And the devotion, because everyone wants everything like this [snaps fingers].

Conversation Q&A

GF: That’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen Zac Posen. First of all, he understands pattern grading and fit, unlike many. And all of his work is done in house, in New York by Americans. It’s not sweatshop labor in China. When we go to buy, we’re in one room and his sewers and cutters are in the room next to us. And you’re seeing the items being handmade right there and he’s one of the few designers that still work that way. Doo-Ri Chung is another one; all of her sewers and cutters are right there on-hand. 4PM: What differentiates Falcon from Valentina? GF: Falcon is much more that kind of vibe of quiet, edgy, interesting, you must be in the know to get what I’ve got on kind of look. Valentina is more with a Peter Som, or a Zac, or a Doo.Ri, definitely more label driven, but labels that are still young and emerging. I have a lot of CFDA [Council of Fashion Designers of America] winners in my store and that’s something that’s important to us to promote and foster. Valentina’s more refined and at Falcon, we’re more edgy, more urban. I think there’s something very real about opening a magazine and then being able to get what you see in there. I think especially for people in the Midwest, who grew up not being able to get to the Coasts, it’s so important to go to this place right in your neighborhood and actually see what you saw there [in the magazines] and touch it and maybe even buy it. And that it’s a reality, not just a fantasy. 4PM: Your boutiques house some of the most unique and wellcrafted looks in the city. How do you select the items the stores carry? GF: So much of it is from my gut. Does it speak to me? So much of it having a certain sensibility and an eye for what is current before it becomes current. I want something that’s provocative, something that has some intellectual value to it. I think of my customers when I go [to market]; any number of my orders will have clients’ names right by the item. It’s important to me that we really love what we’re seeing. It’s those things that stay with you that are the must-haves, the key pieces we’re going to build our collection around. So when we go to buy, we write down what we want, however many months later we get those samples in, we create our photo shoots, and then we have to wait however many more months before the stuff starts to roll in and we do our floor. And then the ultimate reward is if we’ve sold it to the person whose name we had written down six months earlier and that they love

it and they feel what we were feeling. It literally takes about six months to a year to get to the end, from A to Z, and when that happens then it’s like “We did our job.” And it’s exciting. That’s when you’re reminded that you’re on the right page. 4PM: So what are you bringing in for the fall season? GF: For Falcon, that Nicholas K collection is amazing. I’m hopefully getting in Barbara Bui. I’d like to see a good third or more of menswear. I’m thinking of John Varvatos; I love his look. Libertine, I’ve had them on my mind for a while and they’re stuff’s incredible. I just see Falcon as being that urban outpost. I’m working with Levi’s to do a couple of their signature classic pairs and have those collaborations where it’s just classic things, but reinterpreted in a modern way: things that you can wear all the time. I’ve always loved leather and fur, man’s oldest fiber. It just never gets old; the more you use it and abuse it, the better, so I’ll always have things like that in the store, even though it’s a bit more pricey. I think it’s essential to your wardrobe, especially since we’re here in coat country. 4PM: What does the future hold for the business? GF: The American Club in Kohler will have a Valentina, both men’s and women’s. And again, that’ll be a little more polished. Paul Smith is probably going to be one of the men’s lines I carry there. It’ll be luxury items, but especially because it’s through The American Club, items that you can fit into your carry-on. So, you know, a dynamite pair of cufflinks, Diptyque Galliano scent candles, things of that nature that are just amazing. They could be expensive, they could be inexpensive, but are they amazing? Are they covetable? Are they hard to find? That’s what you’ll get there. I hope that whatever happens there can expand there beyond The American Club, but that’s going to be a great marriage.

Valentina 1505 W. Mequon Rd. Mequon, WI 53092 262.241.4122

Falcon 315 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI 53202 .414.271.9100 SEPT/OCT 2010


Conversation All Access


Pop Delux

Mad Shopping in MadTown No matter what you’re shopping for, Madison is sure to have a shop to fit your needs. By Kyle Blades

When many think of Madison, they picture the state’s capital and a school that knows how to party. Although these are honest depictions of MadTown, the city has much more to offer. One of the greatest treats about Madison is its shopping. Whether you’re looking for the best in apparel, accessories or gifts, the city has plenty for everyone. We at 4PM scoured the city streets and are happy to present to you the very best. 14 SEPT/OCT 2010

Best place to feel manly: Context There’s something about denim that just feels manly. Through in some plaid and you can’t help but want to cut down a tree or wrestle a bear. Context is the perfect place to feed such male testosterone without looking like you took a trip to Farm and Fleet. Their blend of clothing mixes the classics with a new age vibe and delivers outfits that are current but unmistakably manly. Even if you’re already convinced you have the biggest cojones in all the land, Context will ensure that you walk away looking the part. Best place for random gifts: Pop Deluxe We all have that difficult friend or family member to shop for that makes any holiday a time to dread. It seems like there’s never a thoughtful gift that will fit that person’s demeanor. Cue Pop Deluxe. The store has everything from cards to books to the craziest knickknacks that you can think of. Although the store’s footprint is small, it is easy to spend a large amount of time perusing the shelves. If you have no

Conversation All Access



Strictly Discs


idea what to get for that special someone, this is the perfect place for you! Best place to dress to impress: Jazzman I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love me the ladies! The problem is that the feeling is seldom mutual. To compensate for my brash mouth and extra large body I need some good looking threads. That’s why Jazzman and I get along so great. Once you walk in the door you are surrounded by clothes that will ensure you look and feel your best. Whether you want to dress up or simply get dressed, the store will have what you’re looking for. Come prepared to walk away with several new outfits and some extra pep in your step. Best place to shop for days: Ragstock Although this is a chain, with stores throughout the Midwest, it still deserves being highlighted

in Madison. Ragstock’s new and used clothing selection pales in comparison to just about anything else I’ve ever seen. Rack after rack and isle after isle is filled with clothes for just about any occasion. Besides the great gear, they also have a slue of accessories with everything from jewelry to bullwhips. If you go, make sure you give yourself a few hours to get through the entire store! Best place for the ladies: Bop Bop is probably the biggest deal you’ve never heard of. Its online store is internationally renowned and owned by a small company called Amazon (yes, THAT Amazon). However, there is only one physical store in the world and it’s right here in Madison! A quick visit makes it easy to understand why the store is so popular throughout the world. The clothes and accessories set the standard in global fashion. Just make sure you bring the plastic,

I’m sure they’ll be a lot of “must have” items! Best place to keep it old school: Strictly Discs A lot of people talk about keeping it old school but few actually put their money where their mouth is. For those that like to walk the walk, Strictly Discs has you covered with a huge assortment of vinyl. Whether you want to scratch like it’s DJ Hero or simply prefer the sound of the phonograph, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Sure they have CD’s and other merchandise, but with an entire basement dedicated to records, why would you waste your time scan for all an access video. ▼ with anything else? Do your grandma a favor and try out some vinyl today!

Style Fashion


Is the recession putting a cramp in your style? Try thrifting in Milwaukee. By Michelle Williamson • Photography T.H. Taylor

Don’t let the mall know it but secondhand shopping’s popularity has bubbled up in recent years, due to a more mainstream acceptance of pre-worn clothes. While a subculture of shoppers who prefer to scour through racks of other people’s trash has always existed, there’s also been a stigma attached to the idea of wearing recycled duds. The thought that secondhand clothes were just dowdy castoffs incapable of being components of a stylish outfit have been challenged by the rise of fashion bloggers, many of who seamlessly pair dollar-bin finds with designer heels. But the pinch of the recession likely challenged consumers’ narrow thinking with the most impact, influencing many to reconsider how they spent their money. Here’s a guide around town for first-timers. We dare you not to get hooked.

Tip: • Don’t be afraid to do some minor alterations. Like the blouse, but not its football player shoulder pads? A couple swipes of a seam ripper will do the trick. • Lines for the fitting rooms can rival those at 618 Live On Water on a Saturday night. By wearing leggings and a close fitting tank that clothing can easily slip over, ladies can try on their picks without having to get stuck in traffic.


Goodwill 5555 W Capitol Dr. 3900 N. Palmer St. 6055 N. 91st St. 12121 W. Feerick St. (Wauwatosa) 11000 W. Oklahoma Ave. (West Allis) 3540 S. Moorland Rd. (New Berlin)

This is the down and dirty of shopping secondhand, but can yield finds at the best bargain. Since stock relies on donations, which come from folks of all walks of life, the merchandise has a lot of range. There’s no discrimination of style, as long as an item’s in decent condition. Most thrift stores are merchandised similarly, first by garment type and then by color, which can help you sift through apparel based on your taste. Many don’t accept credit or check transactions, so come armed with cash.

Where to go: The Salvation Army 7713 W Greenfield Ave. 4747 W. Bradley Rd. (Brown Deer)

Value Village 324 W. North Ave. 729 S. Layton Blvd. 3100 E. Layton Ave. (St Francis) St.Vincent De Paul Society 2320 W. Lincoln Ave.

16 SEPT/OCT 2010

Resale boutiques: This is a good way to ease into secondhand, since resale boutiques are quite selective about their merchandise, requiring that items be relevant to today’s styles and in very good condition, almost like new. These shops generally offer well-known brand name items from past seasons, along with a smaller selection of vintage picks. The décor tends to be more thoughtfully considered in order to create a comfortable atmosphere. Many, like Rethreads, operate on a buy/sell/trade program, while some sell on consignment. Tip: • “Employee picks” racks are often set up, featuring new arrivals of either interesting design or killer deals on higher end labels. If something catches your eye, pick it up and don’t let it go; it probably won’t be there next time. • Many resale boutiques also sell new, one of a kind, items by local crafters. Take a look! Where to go: ReThreads 2943 N. Humboldt Blvd. 410 State St. (Madison) U-Turn 6905 W. North Ave. (Wauwatosa) Retique (Goodwill) 190 N. Broadway East Town Women’s Shop 159 N. Broadway

Vintage: Here you’ll find a very focused stock of clothing and accessories that are, as a rule of thumb, two decades and older. Many vintage stores have a particular era they specialize in, but aren’t necessarily limited to that genre. While some shops’ merchandise is strictly apparel, others carry retro houseware, decorations, furniture and just plain random items. The price point for vintage can vary, but is generally higher than what you’ll find at thrift or resale shops. Tip: • Don’t be shy about inquiring an item’s history. Every so often there’ll be an interesting tidbit about its past life. • Be prepared to replace the heel tips if you’re purchasing vintage footwear. But don’t worry; it’s inexpensive to do so. Where to go: Vintageous 2210 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. Annie’s Second Hand Chic 1668 N. Warren Ave. Dragonfly 1117 E. Brady St. Tip Top Atomic Shop 2343 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. 18 SEPT/OCT 2010

Conversation Q&A

06 SEPT/OCT 2010

Style Image

Wearable Art How to compliment your body type. By Valencia Davis • Photography T.H. Taylor

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what was once considered taboo has come to be known as near beauty marks on today’s modern celebs. One of Hollywood’s hottest stars Angelina Jolie has been known for her eccentric back tattoos, consisting of a beautiful vertical buddhist pali incantation along her shoulder blades which is written in the language of Cambodia, Khemer Script. A tattoo in this placement is perfect for a back that somewhat has muscular definition and is appealing in a thinner, angular sense. Megan Fox, who has been compared on countless occasions to Jolie, has several tattoos to compliment her youthful physique. Her most visible and recognized tattoo is a medium-sized image of Marilyn Monroe that is in a very popular placement, the inner forearm. Placement of a tattoo on this part of the body is undoubtedly popular due to its high visibility, and the neutrality of the the placement, as this part of the body is less subject to change over time, and will help maintain the original shape of the tattooed image. Another hot placement for a tattoo is along the ribs, hip and waistline, which seems to well-compliment the curvature of the female body. Though this placement is a bit more intimate, the shape and size of this specific area gives room for more extensive and intricate designs. Kat Von D is a tattooed Hollywood starlet first discovered on Miami Ink, and recognized internationally for her incredible tattooing skills and her countless colourful tattoos. Von D’s glamourous full figured

body type and variety of innovative tattoos is a perfect example of a wide array of tattoo designs being acceptable, attractive, as well as a hot creative way to express one’s personal views on the body. As celebrities are obviously not the only part of the tattooed community, similar theories for placement still apply for everyday men and women of all shapes and sized. Another very neutral area for tattooing is the ankle and the calf, as these areas tend to change the least during standard physical maturing, and is suitable for both men and women. Chest tattoos have proven to be popular among today’s tattooed males, as they seem to be somewhat worn as a badge, or a representation of something held dear. Also, during an explosive fad in the early 00’s, men and women across America became intrigued with the idea of the “Tribal tattoo”, as arm bands and sleeves of the popular design were showing up everywhere. Though some may believe that a more muscular physique would pull off this type of tattoo best (especially considering popular stereotypes that have been known to accompany the acquiring of a tribal tat) whether the male wearing the art is more robust or slender, sleeves in general have been known to be worn quite well (with contingence on the wearable art being well executed) on the most muscular of men as well as the smaller, more frail body types. There is as little something for everyone in the acquiring of tattoos, as the tattoo artist as well as he/she who is being tattooed and how the art is worn are of most importance. SEPT/OCT 2010



Fashion for a cause Joseph Ryan Clothing sells clothes while helping those with disabilities. By Kyle Blades

Chris and Nick Fare are just like a lot of brothers. They saw an opportunity to work together to create a clothing company and they went after it. Since then they’ve started Joseph Ryan Clothing to create the types of quality shirts that they like to wear. The only thing different about Chris and Nick is that they both suffer from muscular dystrophy and because of that, they donate 20% of all proceeds to charity. We sat down with Chris and Nick to learn more about Joseph Ryan. 4PM: So what is Joseph Ryan Clothing?

Chris: Do you want to go first or should I? Nick: Go ahead C: Joseph Ryan clothing was basically created to help people with disabilities. It’s all about creating what we call “shop back.” Having the customer be able to shop and buy clothes like they normally would anyways but at the same time give back to those with disabilities. 4PM: What made you want to start a clothing company? C: We started it because clothing has a lot of appeal and we thought it would be fun. Obviously everyone wears clothes so we joke around that we’ll go out of business when people stop wearing clothes. 4PM: How does the shop back program work? C: That was his great idea, I’ll admit it! N: We started it to give 20% of proceeds back to charity. So it’s basically 20% of any shirt you buy goes back to the Muscular Dystrophy Association or other charities. 4PM: What does your product line consist of now? C: It’s 100% Lima Cotton luxury shirts. N: We have 23 styles in both men’s and women’s. C: Eventually we’ll get into the full apparel. 4PM: What has been the fashion industry’s response to your company? N: They’re all down to earth people that like clothes, like fashion, like looking good but at the same time like helping people just like us. The stereotypical fashionista was kind of broken in my mind. C: That’s a good point, that’s a real good point. N: Thank you! C: I’ll give it to you when its due! 4PM: Where are your clothes sold? C: Right now, you can go to HYPERLINK “http://www.josephryanclothing. com” 4PM: Where do you see Joseph Ryan in 5 or 10 years from now? C: BALLIN’! N: Ballin’, sure, that’s a good word. scan for all an access video.


t h g i N r u o Y e t a e r C … r e b m e m e to R

Completely Personalize Your Event... Complimentary Cocktail & Dinner Music... Two Professionally Dressed DJ's at Every Event... Our Packages Are All Inclusive... We Guarantee to Have Every Song...

FREE Ceremony Music

Serving Milwaukee and surrounding areas

A Personal Touch DJ

! r e v e r o F …

(262) 510-5061 Matt Collins SEPT/OCT 2010


SCENE Health & Fitness

Red Rock Saloon 1227 N. Water Street Milwaukee, WI 53202 06 SEPT/OCT 2010

Style Scene

Ready to

RED ROCK? Local rodeo masters bring a little bit of country and rock n’ roll to Water Street. By Amanda Ford • Photography Joshua Benishek

Water Street better prepare itself, and hold on tight. Red Rock Saloon has opened its doors and the all-day Grand Opening Party is set for September 25th. There will be cowgirls, dressed in the obligatory plaid and pigtails. “There are chaps involved, that’s all I can say,” says Drew Duester, one of the owners of the new Red Rock Saloon. If country isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Red Rock will be Rock & Roll too. Joshua Janis (another of the owners) describes the vibe of Red Rock Saloon this way: “It’s one part country, two parts rock and roll… Come enjoy our South West cuisine, ride Red Rock, our mechanical bull, have a double Jack & Coke in our mason jars or rock out to local and national talent”. I know you read that twice. Mechanical bull, you say? Heck yes. The bull’s name is coincidentally Red Rock, but he’s not the only bull to have been given the name. Not too long ago there lived a Rodeo bull named Red Rock. In fact, he bucked off 309 riders before he was retired in 1988, never ridden the full 8 seconds in Pro Rodeo Competition. “He was one bad ass bull and since we have a mechanical bull, we thought we would pay him homage by calling our bar ‘Red Rock Saloon’,” says Drew. The site where Sullivan’s was is where the new Saloon calls home (1227 N. Water Street), but you won’t recognize it when you walk in. It’s more open than before, complete with two bars and a stage. The front bar is open every day of the week and has more of a country feel, complete with cowgirls. Behind garage doors, which are opened during busier nights, is a sweet rock-themed bar featuring staff wearing vintage rock and roll shirts. A 1981 Harley Sportster, donated by House of Harley, is the backdrop for this rockers’ bar. The guys have totally stripped the bike down, replaced the frame, wheels, tank, handlebars, and gave her a custom paint job.   There’s also a stage where local and national acts will grace Milwaukee with their talent. When there aren’t bands, “We’re challenging our deejay friends to come up with a way to mix rock and country,” says Josh. “We’re going for high-energy and upbeat.” That means even those who don’t normally dub themselves as countrylovers will also enjoy the atmosphere of the Red Rock Saloon. Come hungry, too. There’s a great Southwest-inspired menu complete with ribs, wings, pulled pork and mac n’ cheese. Chef Jon Gustavson creates all of it from scratch, complete with signature wing sauces. In the future, there are big plans for the bull-riding saloon. Look for a slew of awesome acts coming to the Red Rock stage, as well as a 3-season back patio to open in the spring of 2011. Eventually the upstairs bar will be finished, possibly including a patio overlooking Water Street – for people watching, of course. One thing is for sure; with the rock and roll, country atmosphere, homemade fare and a mechanical bull, it will definitely be one of 4PM’s new favorite places to throw back a few... in mason jars. Be sure to look for specials like the mandatory ladies’ night, motorcycle night, rock n’ roll night and country night. Also watch for the National Acts coming to the Red Rock Saloon this fall.

Sin Bin – “Milwaukee’s Alternative Sports Bar” Josh Janis, Bob Adams There’s only one place you can get the Wolf Bomb and I’m not telling you what’s in it. I can tell you that it’s strong, and there’s howling involved. The bar’s name is rugby slang for the penalty box: the sin bin. You’re guaranteed to see rugby games, as well as MMA & UFC fights there; you may even run into some local fighters as they’re known to hang out there. September 26th there’s a Sunday Funday Pig Roast for the last Brewers Home game of the season. You can even win tickets to the game! Make sure that you get your Wolf Bomb bracelet before you leave! Decibel/DeepBar Dustin Bowie, Drew Deuster, JJ Kovacovich Decibel has quite possibly one of the best ladies’ night in Milwaukee on Thursdays: Ladies get in free and drink free until midnight. Everyone gets $3 Stoli mixers all night long. Keep your eye out for the next time DJ Sye Young comes to town and make sure you get there on Tuesday nights for Service Industry Night: No cover, $3 44-North & Zygo, featuring the energetic DJ Fred-X (and other Milwaukee DJ’s). Make plans now to get there early for Halloween because they always have the craziest costume contest.

Josh, Drew & JJ SEPT/OCT 2010


Style Scene

SPiN MILWAUKEE Balls are their business: get into it Milwaukee. By Leah Busse • Photography Adam VanderVeen

Let’s face it, Milwaukee; everyone loves balls. We shed them in extreme temperatures, complain about chicks sweating them, and even declare them as sacred (Can I get a, “Holy Balls, Batman?!”) What’s the hot new thing in ball-ism? Whacking them; I’m talking Ping Pong, kids! And thanks to Susan Sarandon and SPiN Galactic, you can take this activity from the shame of your parent’s basement and into a trendy, stadium-like restaurant and lounge on Chicago Street in the Third Ward. You can even feel free to bring a friend… or three. Curious as to why the name sounds so familiar? It could be the fact that SPiN already has two clubs open in trend-setting Hollywood and New York City. A quick visit to their website reveals a barrage of bonerworthy celebs all brandishing white-hot smiles and wooden paddles. Got HBO? Then you already know the boys SPiN Milwaukee of Entourage took to the 233 E. Chicago Street table-sized courts of Milwaukee, WI 53202 SPiN when ping pong 414.831.SPiN (7746) was featured as John Stamos’ latest obsession. Vanity Fair,, The View, GQ, The New York Post and even MTV are getting pulled into SPiN’s ever-growing popularity orbit. Comedian and author Chelsea Handler was even diving balls-deep into SPiN on a recent taping of her show, Chelsea Lately, declaring that she was going to, “ping-pong the s--t out of Milwaukee!” when she is here in November. SPiN isn’t just about a leisurely game between friends; they also cater to the hardcore, whack-or-die ping pong enthusiast as well. In addition to their Olympic-Quality playing surface, SPiN also offers amenities such as group instruction from US Table Tennis Certified Instructor, Michael Jenders, a ping pong pro shop (yeah, try saying that one five times, fast!), locker rooms and even showers! The SPiN Milwaukee facility was 26 SEPT/OCT 2010

also built using sustainable materials, and many of the appliances are focused on energy conservation. Notice the complete lack of water in the urinals (don’t ask me how I know)? Now you can indulge your inner ping-pong champion and feel like a full-on environmentalist while doing so. If being able to loofah off, after an intense table tennis session isn’t enough to make you throw-down $360 for the annual membership, then maybe their full-service bar and restaurant will loosen-up your wallet, and belt, a bit. Jill Wellskopf, director of marketing and events for SPiN Milwaukee has described their menu as, “simple, beautiful, great food, at an affordable price.” Created under Chef Audrey Vandenburgh (formerly of Potawatomi Bingo and Casino), I can only guess that this translates to, “sandwiches so amazing, you’ll forsake whatever fad diet you’re on just for one bite.” If you’re more interested in whetting your whistle then satiating your stomach, fear not! Local favorite Sprecher Brewery has gotten in on the action, and have served-up two custom brews made exclusively for SPiN Milwaukee. As one of their sponsors, Sprecher also plans on featuring custom-label beers and sodas for special events. What’s the best part? You don’t even need to be a member to bingeand-pong. Everything, including the waterless urinals, is available for use by the general public. However, you do enjoy a decent amount of perks by becoming a SPiN member, including one free hour of play monthly, 50% off standard table tennis rental prices, discounts on room rentals, invites to exclusive events, and your balls signed my Susan Sarandon. Ok, I may have fabricated that last part, but it’s not entirely out of the question. Milwaukee is quickly gaining recognition as one of our nations hot spots, and the installation of SPiN Galactica just goes to show that we’re just as cool as those rehab-hoppin’ Hollywood types, minus the controversy. So gather muster up your proverbial balls and bring them to the court at SPiN Milwaukee. Oh, and Chelsea; game on.

Style Scene SEPT/OCT 2010


Military Fashion:

Larger than life Photography & Illustration by Chad Edwards. Styling by Michelle Williamson.

Atten-tion! Military influence marches on big and strong for Fall 2010, with utilitarian looks sent down many a runway, notably Junya Watanabe, Dries Van Noten and Rag & Bone. It’s a simple trend to incorporate into even the most casual of wardrobes, so get in gear by adding some Army green pieces to your layering. At ease indeed.

Scoop tank: Michael Stars, $41 Hooded sweater: Tulle, $45 Pants: Army Surplus & Navy Surplus Sales, $9 Leopard leggings: stylist’s own Jacket: Billabong, $69 Leather utility belt: Bed stu, $85 Bracelet stack: Erica Weiner, $40. Shoes: Lamb, model’s own. All at Ma Jolie except for pants and shoes.

28 SEPT/OCT 2010

Tee: Chaser Collection, $38 Jacket: See Thru Soul, $85 Jeans: Hudson, $187 Scarf: Joy Susan, $24 Boots: Palladium, $79 Hoop earrings: Erica Weiner. All at Ma Jolie. SEPT/OCT 2010


Style Image

the Look

These must-hav looks for fall will compliment any fashionable woman. By Melissa Glenn • Photography Joshua A. Benishek




4. 1. Laurence Decade Python Leather Sandal available at Falcon. 2. Chloe Shades available at Falcon. 3. Nicholas K. Python Clutch available at Falcon. 4. Yestadt Millinery Mink Velour Fedora available at Falcon. 5. Heart Necklace Carz Cronniger Part Resin available at Falcon. 6. T-Shirt and Cardigan. Dirty Earth Jeans Ross Carra available at White Star.

6. 30 SEPT/OCT 2010


a ニ値air for


photography by t.h.taylor make-up by n&t productions hair by jeff mcConachie and ericka auth styling and custom designs by audra. e additional fashions available boutique viex et noveau

Audra. E lace accented top and lace applique skirt. Audra E. Bed Head Bow Hat. SEPT/OCT 2010


32 SEPT/OCT 2010

34 SEPT/OCT 2010

36 SEPT/OCT 2010 SEPT/OCT 2010


38 SEPT/OCT 2010

Style Gear



Televisions of the future, worthy of the wall above your fireplace and that big game. By Matt Ehrmann

At one point, in time not so long ago, it was ok to hit Goodwill and pick up a rusty old TV for your pad. That was back when DVD was dominating the market and the Playstation 2 still had the latest version of Madden coming out every August. As with all technology, things evolved, and now you can’t hook up a Playstation 3 to just any old CRT PLASMA: Panasonic TC-P50VT25 A plasma TV works by way of running UV lights through groupings of red, green and blue phosphors that flow in a sea of neon and other delightful chemicals behind the screen. Whew. Anyways, Plasma TV’s are at the front of the trend these days, and with good reason. They weigh very little (even the big ones), they run the range from super expensive to not too expensive at all, and they make things look real purdy like. Panasonic makes a fine Plasma TV. Just like this here P50VT25. Aside from the, now market standard, inclusion of 3D capabilities, the set smirks with more or less the best quality picture you can find. While it is a little pricey, the internet connectivity is a plus, and so is the fact that it’s 50 inches of eyeball sex.

TV, and those Blu-Rays won’t look too clear on anything but HD. And let’s not forget about the introduction of 3D televisions. So, evolve or die. It’s time to start thinking about dropping a little extra cash on a TV fit for prime viewing and football season.

PLASMA: Panasonic TC-P50VT25 A plasma TV works by way of running UV lights through groupings of red, green and blue phosphors that flow in a sea of neon and other delightful chemicals behind the screen. Whew. Anyways, Plasma TV’s are at the front of the trend these days, and with good reason. They weigh very little (even the big ones), they run the range from super expensive to not too expensive at all, and they make things look real purdy like. Panasonic makes a fine Plasma TV. Just like this here P50VT25. Aside from the, now market standard, inclusion of 3D capabilities, the set smirks with more or less the best quality picture you can find. While it is a little pricey, the internet connectivity is a plus, and so is the fact that it’s 50 inches of eyeball sex.

LCD: Sony BRAVIA LX900 Series XBR-60LX900 60” LCD TV An LCD TV works by running electricity through liquid crystals to stimulate and modulate the amount of light that each crystal transmits. Suffice to say that is the abbreviated version, but the LCD TV is still one of the best selling set types out there, and shouldn’t be overlooked. Sony has always been a market leader in this department, and their Bravia LX900 series of LCD’s pretty much owned this summer. Incorporating 3D into the frame, making use of a special transmitter and using a special panel that removes reflection while improving black levels, it’s not a bad way to get in a few games of Madden. SEPT/OCT 2010


Style Gear


TAILGATING Three ways to elevate your tailgating game. By Matt Ehrmann

In my opinion, tailgating is more fun than being in the stands at the big game. I’ve gone tailgating and not even bothered buying a ticket to get in. No need. In the parking lot the beer is cheaper, there are games to be played, food to be made, and let’s be honest, there’s just more fun and excitement to be had than sitting in the bleachers.

Motorized Cooler Scooter Sure is a long walk around the parking lot of a stadium. It makes you thirsty, and tired. Enter the electric Motorized Cooler Scooter. We’ll be the first to admit, you’re going to look like a jackass on this thing if you use it for the wrong purposes. It’s a drivable cooler that you can fill with beer. It can also go up to 15 miles before needing to be recharged. Clearly it can be used for good or evil. If you use it to get from your parking spot to your buddy’s spot in the lot across the stadium and wanna keep your brew cold, that would be a cause for good. If you use the Motorized Cooler Scooter to scour for chicks, high fiving every d-bag along the way, that would be evil. Use wisely. 42 SEPT/OCT 2010

That isn’t to say you can just show up, park, and the good times just happen. No sir, you need to be properly equipped, and there are a few things a person (or group) needs for a tailgating session to be properly instigated, food and transportation, for example. Good thing we’re on your side with a few little suggestions. Score.

Weber Smokey Joe Gold A grill is a given when it comes to tailgating. George Foreman’s are portable and easy to clean and all, but that’s a little obvious, don’t you think? Get yourself a Weber Smokey Joe Gold, dammit. It’s charcoal, which is important, and more importantly, it looks like a classic grill. Tailgating ain’t no fashion show, so stick with the old school on this one. It’s dirt cheap, it’s no frills, and it’s the definition of a tailgating grill.

Ultimate Tailgater It’s a bitch trying to get to the stadium, there’s no way around that. So if it’s already going to be a monumental pain in the ass, you might as well suck it up and make it worth it. Hitch this puppy up to your ride and you may as well scalp your ticket, cause there’s no reason to go in the gates. The list of amenities this trailer has would run me over my allotted word count, so suffice to say that if the built in LCD television and direct TV antenna doesn’t make you wanna stay in the parking lot, the private bathroom will.

Style Gear

Admit one Fall Guide to TV and Cinema. By Matt Ehrmann

Fall is cold, and decaying organic matter is everywhere. No reason to be outside, what’s on TV or at the movies? The summer movie season is dead and gone, and the days of sitting at the bar talking the philosophy behind Inception is a foggy memory. Fortunately, we have a new fall television lineup to look forward to, and even a few movies here in the summer postseason that might be worth the ridiculous 3D prices they’re charging us, maybe.

Television Boardwalk Empire: HBO Sunday at 9:00 PM This is the kind of show you wouldn’t find on basic cable. It’s the kind you have to pay a little extra for, and it’s no wonder, with a pilot episode rumored to have run around 18 million dollars. So what the hell is it about? It’s a period piece, set during the Prohibition Era, and we here at 4PM do not like prohibition, no sir. Anyway, suffice to say there are a lot of politics, shady dealings and drama to go around. The A-list cast includes Steve Buscemi, Mr. Pink himself, which is more or less worth an HBO subscription on its own, screw True Blood. Oh, and directed by Martin Scorsese. Is that important? That name sounds vaguely familiar. The Big C: Showtime Monday at 10:30 PM What’s the C stand for? Oh, cancer, right. It’s comedy about cancer, starring Laura Linney playing a character with an untreatable melanoma illness. I guess she was in Frasier, or something (thanks IMDB). Kidding aside, this is a solid series that’s already earned some heat for its original title, ‘The C Word’. But any publicity is good publicity, and this show scored some good press and solid ratings during its debut in mid August. It’s definitely a more melancholy affair, with some good laughs sewn into the impending doom of the character’s death

Boardwalk Empire 44 SEPT/OCT 2010

sentence. It’s a far more engrossing affair than the kitschy teen drama you can find on the CW any weeknight.

Movies The Social Network: October 1st Ok ok ok, we’ll be the first to admit, this doesn’t sound too good on paper. Here we have a movie about the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and his surely interesting rise to fame and fortune and Justin Timberlake stars in it. The tag line is hilarious… “You don’t make 50 million friends without MAKING A FEW ENEMIES”. But now listen. It’s directed by David Fincher, the guy who directed Fight Club. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is providing the soundtrack and has gone on record saying “It’s really fucking good”. And it’s supposed to be dark as hell. Also, it might be the last movie to ever be released in 2D. What the hell, we’ll cough up ten bucks. Jackass 3D: October 15th If you know what Jackass is, you’re probably going to see this movie. If somehow you’ve escaped the guerilla juggernaut, you probably wouldn’t be interested anyway. Suffice to say, we’re going to be there the first weekend. Based off the uber-successful MTV show and two other movies, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O (sober, no less), human Muppet Bam Marguera, and other hideous bastards, hurt themselves in shocking, disgusting, epic ways, just to amuse you, in 3D! To quote Jack Nicholson in one of his best roles, “I may not know art, but I know what I like”. This may not be art, but we like it. Saw 3D: October 29th You know what, just…just never mind.

The Big C

Jackass 3D

Photographer: Brit Woollard Styling: Ragstock Clothing / Brit Woollard Model: Titania Lyn MUA: Teresa Hagen GRAY FEATHERED FEDORA $15 WINTER COAT BY LAST KISS $30 LACE CAMI BY ZENANA OUTFITTERS $ 10 SEPT/OCT 2010



46 SEPT/OCT 2010




July/August 2010 39 SEPT/OCT 2010 49


Entourage Night Sights

4 PM Dodgeball Release party 7.11.10 Photos by: Seville Media SEPT/OCT 2010


Entourage Night Sights

Fashion Show at Aloft 7.15.10 Photos by: Seville Media

54 SEPT/OCT 2010

Entourage Night Sights

Buckhead Saloon 7.30.10 Photos by: Seville Media

Entourage Night Sights

BrAdy Street Fest 7.24.10 Photos by: Seville Media

56 SEPT/OCT 2010

Entourage Night Sights

SpiN Milwaukee 8.27.10 Photos by: Seville Media SEPT/OCT 2010


Entourage Night Sights

Mac Fashion Show 8.11.10 Photos by: SEVILLE MEDIA

58 SEPT/OCT 2010

Entourage Night Sights

4 PM & Hyde Party 8.7.10 Photos by: Seville Media SEPT/OCT 2010


SMOKIN scan for all an access video.



Nail Spa

Feel good. Look good. Manicures Pedicures Facials Waxing Nail enhancement

1/2 off one-hour facial when you Mention this ad. 1545 N. Water St. Milwaukee Wi, 53202 414.273.1741 mon-fri: 9:30am - 7:30pm • sat: 9am - 6pm sun: 11am - 4pm (Thru november)


MILWAUKEESept//Oct September 24 I’m not sure if this is a picture of the band Of Montreal or attendees at a viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I suppose you could dress up and go to either that night at the Pabst or the last night of Point’s Fish Fry and a Flick.

OCTOBER 2 With big names Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, and Kenny Chesney, the Farm Aid 2010 concert at Miller Park is not one to be missed.

September 24

9/19 HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’

September 19 Don’t Sunday Funday too hard or else you’ll miss the premier of HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’. If you’re in the neighborhood, you can guarantee the 4PM staff will be breaking out the moonshine for this one.

Experience Milwaukee’s first true artisan establishment, with classic pre-prohibition cocktails, cheese varietals, cured and dry-aged meats, fine wines, and the largest bourbon selection at Distil’s Grand Opening.

September 25 No summer can conclude without a good ol’’ fashioned Chocolate Pudding Wrestling Tournament, brought to you for the fifth year in a row by GCI. This year’s tournament will again be at MOCT.


September 21

While the Muse concert at the Bradley Center will get non-stop press, many of you might not hear about ‘Goddess: The Style Show’ happening at the Wilson Center that night.

No one’s going to Brewers Games for the baseball this year, but if you want to meet the next future ex, check out Singles Night at Miller Park.


September 23

Check out newcomer Art Milwaukee in their first of monthly art galleries designed to introduce Milwaukee’s bar crowd to young local artists. With live tattoos and body painting, this won’t be your mothers stuffy gallery night.

Even though they’re from Canada, the indie rock band Tokyo Police Club was good enough to tour with Weezer, so they’re good enough for us. Plus Turner Hall is a bad ass concert venue.

10/1 Milwaukee Public Museum

September 26 Enjoy what’s likely to be your last Pig Roast of the year at Sin Bin.

September 27 Break out your Chmura jerseys for the Packers first Monday night game against the Bears.

OCTOBER 1 9/23 Tokyo Police Club 62 SEPT/OCT 2010

9/8 Jason Derülo

The Milwaukee Public Museum opens its new Frogs exhibit. P.S. Don’t lick the frogs.

OCTOBER 8 Explore the rainforest with nothing but a flashlight during Rainforest Night at the Domes.

OCTOBER 9 Regardless of whether you go to the Jason Derülo show at the Rave or the Milwaukee Admirals home opener at the Bradley Center, you’re likely in for a night of fist pumping.

OCTOBER 13 Indie rock band The Temper Trap from Australia just rocked out at Lollapalooza, now watch them do the same here at Turner Hall.

Calendar Madison

MadisonSept//Oct OCTOBER 15 Not sure if Pharell’s gonna show, so the Run Up to the Runway show at the Art Museum’s After Dark event might be a safer bet than Clipse at the Rave.

September 21 Be one of the first to hear Matt & Kim’s new single ‘Candles’ live, when they play at the Majestic. Oh, and bring a towel to this highenergy show, cause you’re gonna sweat.

OCTOBER 6 While the Muse concert at the Bradley Center will get non-stop press, many of you might not hear about ‘Goddess: The Style Show’ happening at the Wilson Center that night.



After the last 4PM Dodgeball Tournament at Horny Goat for the year and a few bottles of Rumplemintz, we’ll all be ready let Mike Posner at the Rave know if we think we’re cooler than him.

We’re not sure what’s a bigger deal, homecoming or the battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe. We do know that when you combine the two, you’re in for one hell of a party!


If you see a lot of black hair and nail polish on State Street, don’t be alarmed, just re-live your angry teenage years and join the crowd at the Bullet for my Valentine show at the Orpheum.


If you’re not taking your girlfriend to go see Lady Antebellum at the Riverside, we assure you, someone else is.

OCTOBER 24 There won’t be a lack of fans to cheer against when the Packers take on their former leader and the Minnesota Vikings. Hopefully everyone can be friends again in the morning.

10/9 Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe

September 22 Although the only Toadies song you probably know is Possum Kingdom, who doesn’t love a classic grunge band. Break out your flannels and watch the Toadies play at the Annex.

OCTOBER 4 Having a case of the Mondays? Let it out by rocking out at Uproar Fest at the Alliant Center featuring Disturbed.

10/14 The Walkmen

OCTOBER 14 The indie-rock band The Walkmen have come a long way since their days performing on The O.C. so take a trip out to the Barrymore theater and hear them play their just released album ‘Lisbon’.

10/21 Lady Antebellum



After a stand out rookie season, fans have been anxious to see if Brandon Jennings can continue to elevate the Milwaukee Bucks in their home opener at the Bradley Center.

Ohio State is always one of the biggest games of the season. We have them at home this year, pack the stands and help the Badgers spoil their run at another title.

OCTOBER 30 4PM will be hosting the Hellevate Halloween Party at Mo’s Irish Pub. If you’re not there, you will only be excused by providing a mug shot from getting arrested in Madison that night.

10/16 Badgers vs. Ohio State SEPT/OCT 2010


Conversations rants & Raves

dressed for success? Your clothing brands and the stereotypes that stick to you. By Matt Ehrmann • Collage Danny Mancuso

Mark Twain said “clothes make the man”. The quote is usually neutered right there, but it goes on to say “naked people have little or no influence on society”. It’s a joke, get it? It’s the best kind of joke: one that has a truth about it. Since that little gem was bestowed on us hundreds of years ago, much has changed, and it should be slightly amended for modern times. Might I submit the addendum “yet naked people have more influence on society than a man wearing an Affliction shirt”? I’m not completely serious, of course, but certain clothing brands have been hijacked and beaten into a bloody mess, unrecognizable as anything resembling of what they once stood for. Admit that certain people are drawn to certain brands. If clothes really do make the man, what do your clothes say about you? Tap Out: You are a male knuckle dragger with attitude (issues). A slow-witted, semi violent man who starts a lot of bar fights that oftentimes end horizontally for you. You are under the impression that the brand was where it was years ago, a statement in the name of competition and strength, and are blissfully unaware that the stigma, which you yourself have perpetuated, is like a plague upon the trend. You also had a lot of Starter gear when you were growing up, and you ruined that too. North Face: You lived in a college dorm for some amount of time in your life. You couldn’t care less about fashion. You prefer the comfort only fleece can provide you, and anything you can’t throw on in two seconds isn’t worth the trouble. Staying warm is second to nothing, and you sure aren’t willing to suffer in the name of style. You might have your hair in a ponytail right now. Ed Hardy: Ed Hardy shirts are the new tramp stamps. With designs that could have been stolen from a 25 cent temporary tattoo dispenser, it’s for the girls (they have guys clothes too? whoa) who want to appear arty but get their culture from department stores. It’s only high art if they sell it in a mall, right? Affliction: Sparkly, shiny things sure as hell didn’t make vampires cool, and it doesn’t work here either. A three legged dog with a charcoal pencil taped to his ass could come up with better graphics. You wear Affliction because it’s kinda sorta like Tap Out, only more metro. It’s another example of a brand gone severely wrong when it was adopted by a bunch of stupid honky posers. 64 SEPT/OCT 2010

Issue 9: "Fall Fashion"