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Things to Consider When Choosing a Ski Resort

Every year, millions of people travel to ski resorts all around the world to feel that rush of excitement that only speeding down a mountain can provide. Of course, not all ski resorts are the same and not all are created equal. Different skiers have different agendas too, so it’s important to consider a handful of elements before choosing a resort for your next ski vacation.

Location The location of the ski resort will make a huge difference in terms of: • Overall expense • Travel time • Accomodations • Amount of time you’re able to ski Consider this step carefully, before making a final decision.

Lodging If you live in close proximity to a resort you won’t have to stay overnight, but if not you’ll have think about accomodations when planning the trip. Some ski resorts have lodging on-site, but others won’t so you’ll have to do some research ahead of time. Ideally, you’ll want to stay as close to the hill as possible so you can get there nice and early and won’t have too far to go at the end of each day.

Skill Level Taking a bunch of beginners to an advanced ski hill won’t make for a fulfilling trip, nor will a group of advanced skiers going to a resort full of bunny slopes. Think about the skill level of all the skiers in your family or group, then look for a resort that can accommodate everyone. Many resorts have a blend of introductory and challenging slopes, so take the time to ensure there’s a hill for everyone before you go.

Budget Obviously, budget is going to be a major consideration for most people when choosing a ski resort. Popular destinations will naturally cost you more, as will resorts that are in another province, state or country. Watch for discount packages and plan for travel during lower volume times if you want to save and still get the full resort experience.

Resort Facilities Chances are you aren’t going to ski the entire time you’re there, so look into some of the other resort facilities before you book. See what types of restaurants, bars and other activities are available before you go to help make your stay complete.

Time of Year Depending on when you plan to go on your trip, you may want to look into the typical snowfall totals and snow history of the resort before you commit. Many resorts are still open well into the spring, but if snow totals are inconsistent you may want to consider an alternative. For travel to lower altitude resorts, find out about their snow making capabilities so you’re ensured of snow regardless of the weather.

Non-Skiers If you are taking your family on a ski vacation and there happens to be one or more non-skiers in the group, consider some activities for them as well. While a ski resort is all about providing the best ski experience possible, some will still offer other activities like a skating rink, snowshoe hikes or easy access to beginner hills to watch the action.

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Ski Resort Considerations  

While you plan your next vacation, here are some things to keep in mind!