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Memphian Kelly Fischer to Exhibit

“The Most Beautiful Color of All”

Art Collection at GPAC in September and October elly Fischer is no stranger to Memphis. Or Switzerland, or Italy, or France. The list continues and she is bringing new paintings and collectable works to Memphis— her home, for a special exhibition opening at GPAC (Germantown Performing Arts Center) September 23. Curated by Mariavelia Savino, the show will include paintings of vibrant color—some abstract and some more structured. The big difference in this Memphis show (vs. her shows all over the world) will be the pricing. Kelly has established special pricing for her hometown in order to give back to GPAC and the Memphis arts community. Her prices have increased over the past few years as she has collectors and buyers who love her style and the size of some of her pieces. The show will include some paintings that are 8’ x 6’ in size. “I love big paintings and when you go to New York or Italy and see a massive painting in a room, it makes a huge impact,” says Kelly.

Painting since the age of six, Kelly says that art and writing are her passions. She has also published a series of children’s books—one of which is the inspiration for the upcoming show. “When I was six and we took painting classes, there was a girl in our class who sold one of her paintings for $5. I remember feeling that surge of wanting that—people wanting to buy my art--and it is as real today as it was then,” says Kelly. Since that point, she has evolved as a trained and former Montessori School founder and Headmistress (English Montessori School of Bern, Switzerland), writer, publisher and artist. Kelly is a wife and mom to four children and resides both in Bern, Switzerland and Memphis, TN. “I love to come home to Memphis and paint. A single painting can take me a week or two or it can take me up to six months, depending on the structure.” When in Memphis painting, she uses her garage as her studio due to the size of the canvases as well as the massive amounts of paint she uses. “I can get paint everywhere and not have to worry about it here,” she says. One of the inspiring things about Kelly is her ability to connect with people and engage to get their feedback on her work. “I like hearing people react to my art—both the good and the bad, and most artists don’t want that. I love it,” she says. Kelly’s engagement has certainly paid off. Recent exhibitions include locations like Palm Beach, FL; Bosina; London, England; Santa Fe, NM; Miami, FL; Venice Italy; and Zurich, Switzerland, to name a few. After the GPAC show, it’s back to Italy for Kelly. “It’s hard work and you have to put yourself out there and go do these shows to grow and improve,” says Kelly. And the people she meets love her work, buy her work and collect her work. In fact, when the word gets out that Kelly’s paintings are priced especially for Memphis, it

36 / September 2017

would not be surprising for her collectors across the globe to purchase them over the phone. Depending on size and structure, Kelly’s paintings are selling on average for about $8,000. Some of her commissioned work has sold for $17,000. The GPAC show will include approximately 20 paintings all priced under $4,000 and less. So it is possible that buyers from out of town will find out and purchase over the phone. This pricing is a one-time, only available in Memphis type of show because Kelly loves Memphis and GPAC and believes in giving back. “I love Memphis and I want people to have my art at a more affordable price than what I can get internationally or in New York or Miami.” The exhibition opens at GPAC with a reception (open to public) September 23 from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Her art will hang in GPAC through October 31 and will be for sale immediately. In fact, Kelly has already sold 3 paintings as the word is spreading but don’t worry—she’s painting everyday until the show and is replacing what she has sold. “I get up at 5:00 a.m. everyday and start painting so there will be a lot to choose from in this show.” Kelly’s email is

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