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Binghampton Christian Academy

by Sandi Butler Hughes | Photography courtesy of Binghampton Christian Academy

Chances are pretty good that you have driven past a small, private school campus along the welltraveled stretch of Tillman Street between Sam Cooper and Walnut Grove; chances are also good that you have never heard about the amazing work happening within the beige complex of buildings you whiz past, en route elsewhere. In the heart of the Binghampton neighborhood, Binghampton Christian Academy offers students not only a great education, but a hopeful future amid the hopelessness that often plagues our inner city children. Founded in 1993 as The Neighborhood School, Mrs. Jo Walt envisioned a private, Christian school for the children in one of the poorest areas of Memphis who face significant barriers in education and in life. Renamed a couple of years ago, Binghampton Christian Academy (BCA) nurtures children who often fall between the cracks in the public education system. In addition to the traditional school environment, BCA offers the only boarding school facility in Memphis.

This is just one of many differences making it a unique, urban oasis. As a private school, students apply for admission to one of the 134 coveted spots in Pre-K through 8th grade. Tari Harris, Head of School at BCA, explains that only children who live in Binghampton are accepted, and most all of the students, once admitted return each year through graduation in the 8th grade.

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