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Finance Credentials & Case Studies

Introduction 4mediarelations are broadcast PR specialists who offer everything you need to deliver the most effective, innovative and influential broadcast campaigns. Whether you are interested in TV, radio or online we will provide you with a targeted broadcast PR plan that will connect your brand with your key target audience.


“Build your brand through the power of broadcast�

Our Dedicated Broadcast Finance Team 4mediarelations have a dedicated finance account management team so you can benefit from their deep industry knowledge and expertise for your broadcast campaign. Our finance consultants are always at hand to offer their expert advice on the best creative solutions for your brand and capitalise on the broadcast opportunities for your PR campaign.

Our account management teams work hand-in-hand with our independent lifestyle news content agency, News Data Network to create the most productive media campaigns across TV, radio and online platforms. News Data Network are a trusted news source that provide newsworthy editorial content to the broadcast industry.


Our Promise To Your Brand • 4  mediarelations will give your brand a voice that will influence opinions through the power of broadcast media • G  row your brands impact through direct and powerful messaging • Give your campaign the right creative steer that will get people talking • Deliver tangible results • Ongoing support from our dedicated account management team


“Give your brand a voice and get people listening”



“Broadcast editorial content trusted by the media.�

Our Expertise •  A senior account management team with over 70 years combined experience in broadcast PR and journalism • An excellent track record of producing innovative, integrated and effective broadcast PR campaigns • Run a specialist Lifestyle News Content Agency called News Data Network who are a trusted news content provider to the broadcast industry • Secure over 3,000 IOC per month • Fully equipped in-house radio and TV studio, incorporating all the latest technology • Success related so clients only pay for the coverage that is secured • Work with some of the UK’s leading consumer brands including SONY, Estee Lauder, Garmin, Hitachi, Panasonic, BMW, Nikon, Warburtons, Nationwide, Royal Bank of Scotland, Good Year, Dettol.


Our Methodology Creative Treatment Process A creative meeting will be arranged to discuss key messaging and devise a media plan before the creative copy is written Ongoing Campaign Support A dedicated Account Manager will be at hand to offer guidance and advice throughout the campaign Reassurance You will be kept informed every step of the way with regular campaign updates Lifestyle News Content Agency News Data Network, our in-house media team of journalists and media professionals will work on your behalf to secure key coverage Success Related You only pay for the coverage secured, working to an agreed and capped budget set by you Campaign Analysis You will receive a full campaign breakdown including audio of all the coverage secured Guarantee Our methods work because we work with the best teams to deploy a media plan that will make the headlines


“Broadcast the right way and get people talking about your brand�


Our Services Broadcast

Video & Online

• ISDN Live Link Radio & TV Interviews • Radio Audio Features • Outside Broadcasts • Radio Competitions • Product Reviews • Spokesperson Sourcing • Voiceover Recordings • Podcasts • Media Training

• Video Features for Online Seeding • Lifestyle Web Videos • Video Biogs • Company Videos • Video News Release (VNR) • B Roll / D Roll • Vodcasts • Online Competitions • Online Features & Reviews

Research Services • PR Surveys & Consumer Insight Solutions • Mobile Surveys & Focus Groups • Qualitative & Quantitative Survey Results • 1,000 respondents in 24 hours • 2,000 respondents in 48 hours • National, Regional, Age & Gender Breakdown • Unlimited number of standard questions • Bespoke packages available on request • Consumer, Specialist & B2B Research Panels • No entry fee or minimum question entry


“Broadcast specialists with strong media contacts across the country”



“ 11

% of the UK population tune into radio every week”

In-house Facilities Our studios offer cutting edge technology to deliver the best possible live-link radio interview sessions in complete comfort and style. Based conveniently just off Regent Street in Central London, we cater for all your pre and post production requirements. Our in-house broadcast facility provides the latest radio and television technology in a clean and client friendly environment. Our technicians and producers are experienced, professional and onhand to offer advice and support

for your broadcast needs. You will benefit from having our dedicated broadcast team within reach to keep you informed leading up to and during the radio day to ensure you don’t miss out on any last minute radio presenter requests. We also offer bespoke courses in both media training and voiceover work.


Specialist Sectors • Food & Drink • Finance • Travel & Tourism • Health & Wellbeing • Pharmaceutical • Technology • Gaming • Home Interest • Music & Festivals • Celebrities • Fashion & Beauty • Education & Parenting • Sports • Motoring • Publishing


Knowledge and Expertise


with Finance Brands The brands we have made a difference for...


Testimonials “I have been so impressed with the speed, service, presentation and value that 4mediarelations offer. It is so rare to find a broadcast PR agency who responds so quickly to requests and to display such willing proactive helpfulness. Truly a company that goes the 'extra mile' and a pleasure to deal with.”

“Broadcast expertise across a wide range of industry sectors” 15

“It’s always a pleasure working with 4mediarelations and we’ve had some really successful campaigns with them. They really ‘get’ our business and always come back with proposals and creatives that meet or exceed our expectations.”


of Brits feel obliged "1to/5answer a call, text or email when their phones go off while driving due to work or time pressures! "

using their phones "35% admiwhit ltoe behi nd the wheel."

80% of Brits say "Almost they would not get into a 17

car with someone who was driving while on their mobile phone or gadget."


Esure Summer Mobile App Campaign The Campaign

Broadcast Interviews:

4mediarelations were approached to raise awareness of esure’s new free mobile application The DriveOFF App, which automatically blocks signal to your mobile phone, preventing incoming calls and texts when travelling over 10mph. The new devise ensures that drivers are more focused on the road while driving and not distracted by the temptation of beeps, flashing lights and ringtones.

4mediarelations hosted a radio day to talk about the research and what it revealed about Brits attitudes towards using mobile phone devises while driving and how it can impact and invalidate your car insurance. This tied in nicely to announce the free DriveOFF app.

Audience Reach: 5,195,279 Total items of Coverage: 30

The Strategy Approach

Air Time Duration: 4hrs 03mins 16secs

Market Research: 4mediarelations commissioned a survey with Atomik Research which revealed Britain’s love affair with the mobile phone revealing that Brits feel obliged to answer a call, text or email while driving due to work and time pressures. Despite 8 in 10 of us saying we would not get in to a car with someone who was driving whilst using a mobile phone, it’s been revealed 35% still admit to using their phones while behind the wheel.

hRadio Scotland hRadio Norfolk hRadio Surrey & Sussex hRadio Derby hRadio Devon hRadio Sheffield hRadio Shropshire hRadio Ulster hRadio Oxford

The Results

Campaign Budget Achieved: £7,940.00 Total AVE: £102,683.40 PR Value: £256,708.50 ROI: 18:1 Coverage Highlights Coverage across 16 BBC Radio Stations

hRadio Coventry & Warwickshire hRadio Hereford & Worcester hRadio Leicester hRadio Nottingham hRadio Stoke hRadio Suffolk hRadio Tees 18

"On average 3 in 10 Brits (29%) take 500 worth of gadgets on holiday"

"More than 1/5 of Brits say they will not take out insurance on their gadgets"


"76% of Brits believe our high value gadgets are covered by existing travel, home or bank account insurance the reality is in many cases they may not be"


Protect Your Bubble Broadcast Campaign The Campaign

The Results

When it comes to planning a holiday, gadget insurance is very rarely on the check list so Protect Your Bubble approached 4mediarelations to educate Brits on how to keep their gadgets safe when travelling or abroad.

Audience Reach: 2,882,155

The Strategy Approach

Campaign Budget Achieved: £5,465.00

Market Research: 4mediarelations managed two Atomik Research surveys 1) Holiday gadgets and 2) Use of phones while driving, and used the results to generate a news story relevant for broadcast.

Total items of Coverage: 29 Air Time Duration: 2hrs 51mins 20secs Total Campaign Budget: £10,000.00 Spokesperson Budget: £3,500.00 Total AVE: £62,059.00 PR Value: £155,147.50 ROI: 13:1 Coverage Highlights Coverage across 30 radio stations, including 6 BBC radio stations.

Broadcast Interviews: 4mediarelations secured The Gadget Show presenter, Pollyanna Woodward to accompany Paul Taylor from Protect Your Bubble as a spokesperson. The two complimented each other when talking about the latest gadgets and the risks of being uninsured when taking your gadgets on holiday.

hRadio Radio Nottingham, hRadio Solent hRadio Northampton hRadio Coventry & Warwickshire hRadio Surrey & Sussex hRadio Guernsey


"H alf (49%) of Brits don’t fully understand the different types of savings accounts on the market."


"Almost half (47%) of Brits are saving less now than they were last year"


Savings Campaign The Campaign Nationwide Building Society approached 4mediarelations to highlight the lack of knowledge around savings accounts and make people more aware of what products and services are available to them which can help them save. The Strategy Approach

Money Matters Audio Feature:

Market Research:

4mediarelations recorded and packaged up a Money Matters Audio Feature which was distributed to a preapproved list and broadcast across 78 radio stations.

4mediarelations launched a survey to get a better understanding of the British public’s knowledge or lack of, around savings accounts. The results indicated that almost half (47%) of people are saving less. Half (49%) of Brits don’t fully understand the different types of savings accounts that are on the market and more than half (52%) are unaware of the rate they are getting on their existing accounts. Broadcast Interviews: To maximise exposure around the survey 4mediarelations hosted a radio day to talk about what the survey revealed on how Brits save and educate people on how to get the most out of their savings especially in times of the recession.

The Results Audience Reach: 8,819,379 Total items of Coverage: 91 Air Time Duration: 3hrs 38mins 18secs Campaign Budget Achieved: £13,085.00 Total AVE: £68,148.40 PR Value: £170,371.00 ROI: 18:1 Coverage Highlights • 13 radio interviews • 78 radio stations broadcast the Money Matters Audio Feature

hRadio Swindon hRadio Wiltshire hRadio Kent hRadio Surrey & Sussex hRadio Devon 22

"80% of Brits still intending to holiday in 2012 despite the economic climate." "65% of the nation sought more freedom to explore." "Just under half (47%) were aware of what car hire excess protection is."


"77% of Brits had never taken out car hire excess insurance."


Insurance4carhire Broadcast Campaign The Campaign 4mediarelations were tasked to generate a campaign that would highlight the benefits of Insurance4carhires rental excess insurance while educating people about car hire excess cover and get more people taking out an annual policy. The Strategy Approach Market Research: 4mediarelations commissioned a survey with their sister company Atomik Research looking into the increased popularity of the self drive holiday. The research revealed that three in five Brits were planning or considering a driving holiday that year but 77% of the nation had never taken out car hire excess insurance and just under half (47%) were not aware of what car hire excess protection was.

Video Production: 4mediarelations generated a video, presented by Vicky Butler-Henderson highlighting the self drive holiday as a growing trend offering tips on how to make the most of your holiday on the road, keeping kids entertained and revealing her top 10 driving holidays in the UK and abroad. The Results Total Campaign Coverage Breakdown: Audience Reach: 8,978,208 Total items of Coverage: 39 Air Time Duration: 2hrs 58mins 41secs Achieved Coverage Budget: £8,755.00

Broadcast Interviews: 4mediarelations hosted a radio day with Fifth Gear host, Vicki Butler-Henderson where she spoke about the benefits of a driving holiday and revealed her top 10 driving routes across the UK and abroad, encouraging Brits to take to the roads for a holiday. This tied in nicely with

hRadio Derby hRadio Devon hRadio Shropshire hRadio London hCoventry and Warwickshire

educating people about car hire excess insurance and Insurance4carhires annual policy so they don’t leave themselves exposed to potentially high excess charges in the event of an accident.

Total AVE: £108,378.16 PR Value: £270,945.40 ROI: 2:1 Coverage Highlights Coverage across 13 BBC Radio Stations.

hRadio Hereford and Worcester hRadio Leicester hRadio Nottingham hRadio Stoke hRadio Cornwall

hRadio Oxford hRadio Jersey hRadio Guernsey




Customer Satisfaction Broadcast Campaign The Campaign First Direct wanted to make a noise around them getting nominated as having the best customer service within their industry in the country; with a customer satisfaction rating of 93% in an article published by Which? The Strategy Approach

The Results

Broadcast Interviews:

Total Campaign Coverage Breakdown:

4mediarelations hosted a radio day to talk about the importance of customer satisfaction, why customer service is generally viewed badly in the industry and what First Direct have done differently for customers to be happy with their services.

Audience Reach: 1,745,079

Coverage Highlights

ROI: 15:1

Air Time Duration: 1hr 47mins 18secs Total items of Coverage: 17 Achieved Coverage Budget: £3,450.00 Total AVE: £38,658.00 PR Value: £96,645.00

Coverage across Kiss and 17 other major market radio stations.

hRadio Devon hRadio Newcastle hRadio Cornwall hRadio Coventry & Warwickshire

hRadio Stoke hRadio Jersey hRadio Guernsey


Contact our finance team for the best expert advice. 11 Masons Arms Mews London W1S 1NX Tel: 020 7099 0400 Fax: 020 7009 0401 Email: @4mediarelations


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4mediarelations has a dedicated finance team who work with some of the largest brands in the UK, including Nationwide, KPMG, RBS Insurance a...

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