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Fully cultured,

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You may think that I’m confused, but I’m not. Every fall season my “Life” starts. October marks the official start of basketball season. First starts the National Basketball Association, followed by high school and college in November. Every year in August when school starts my eyes begin to dilate and dance knowing that I’m only days away from my annual adrenaline rush! Sure, there is spring and summer season, but those are just minor fixes to a major basketball junky. It’s around this time of year that my basketball jones goes into full effect.

The Preseason The fall preseason is when all basketball players around the country debut the improvements to their games, similar to the debut of the new Apple iPhone! The audience expects something new and the players love to deliver, receiving the oohs and ahhs of the crowds with smiles filled with pride from ear to ear.

produces the lessons that will carry the team and the coach into the winner’s circle.

Coaches gather round and take full stock of the returning and new players that are applying for the job of winning the season and hopefully hoisting a trophy at year’s end. Head coaches along with their staffs begin to ponder regular season roster possibilities that might produce playoff births leading to gold rings that leave legacies establishing their presence like a name engraved in an eternal stone. We all dare to dream.

The playoffs feel. They feel like an electric current running through your sweating body. No matter how much you apply, your deodorant will fail you.

The Season When the regular season starts, the countdown to greatness begins. No team is ever the same from year to year. One change on the roster affects the dynamic of the unit. New lessons will be learned and old lessons will be heard as if for the first time in the ears of those now reaching a certain stage of maturity. Every practice and game matter. The most efficient and committed effort

The Playoffs Enter the post season: We call this the playoffs. The playoffs are an extension of life to a basketball team. The relief of knowing that you’ve made the playoffs smells like the ocean breeze.

As the gym begins to fill with spectating fans, students and supporting families, the levels of anticipation begin to manifest in chants from the crowd in favor of their team and often in opposition of the opponent’s team. Everyone knows that each possession impacts the outcome of the game, which could send a team to the locker room with sorrowful tears or cause to dance in celebration. Everything is magnified. The deeper you go into the playoffs, the more focused you become. The magic happens when all players mature at once, like opening the perfect bottle of wine at the right time. The energy of the team pours out on the court, overcoming opposi-

tion like a tidal wave. Every coach dreams of his or her team riding a wave like this in hopes that it will take them to the enshrined shores of ultimate victory. Even if you never reach the glorious coastline of champions, the love of the pursuit never dies for the competitor who enjoys the thrill of the chase. It is the same for those whose names have been etched in the great wall of history; they too have become addicted to the pursuit. When the season is done, win or lose, players, coaches and fans wake up one morning and realize there is new life coming soon. This ritual takes place every year. You may call it another sports season, we call it “Life.” Get Ready! Buckle up and get ready for another adrenaline filled roller-coaster ride in this 2015-2016 episode. New stars will rise and returning players will try to re-establish their shining moments. Time will tell who will fade into the darkness and who will be elevated on stage under the lights. It’s game time!

Jason Stewart can be reached through his website at or by email at


FITNESS with Max Wettstein


10 ways to Hack Your Fitness

We used to call ‘em fitness tips but now the latest trend is to call them fitness hacks, and I desire to be a trend follower. I suppose there is something more to a hack: If something is going to be a labeled a hack then it had better be some sort of game-changing, time-saving short cut. It should be so significant, in fact, that it should almost feel like you’re cheating. Well, I can’t promise you anything quite that mind-blowing here, but I have compiled a pretty worthy list of my favorite fitness hacks, which will definitely save you time and get you results. While those who know me know I am an advocate of making fitness part of a holistic lifestyle, and that I am not into trendy, fad diets or one-size-fits-all approaches, there is nothing wrong with optimizing or streamlining your training to maximize exercise value. Training smarter and not just harder should always be a welcome strategy. Of course, there really are no shortcuts or miracles, but there are some hacks. Some of them are so simple they should be common sense, while others hopefully are new ideas to you.

DISCLAIMER Not medical advice. Opinion only.



“Optimum health is a method of life. Focus on your fitness and your ideal physique will follow.”

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: 01 Train using full-body, functional movements. Skip the isolation exercises unless you’re rehabbing an injury or bringing up a weak body part. Isolation exercises should be left to bodybuilders, physique athletes and fitness models who are paid to look perfect and symmetrical. While you no doubt want to look good, your primary goals should be mobility, health, longevity and perhaps athletic performance. Full-body, functional exercises that synergistically involve multiple muscle groups accomplish all these goals in the shortest amount of time. These include burpees, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges, planks and boxjumps. It’s amazing what a nice physique these movements will produce inherently. 02 Train at high intensity most of the time. High intensity training maximizes your exercise value, giving you the most bang for your buck, in the least amount of time. It also triggers a lot of post-exercise, metabolism-boosting, pro-hormone affects, lasting hours afterwards. You can increase your intensity level by reducing your rest duration between sets, using circuit-training principles where you alternate antagonistic muscle groups, increase load, increase reps or any combination of the aforementioned. If you desire to reach failure levels, then you must follow with a brief resting interval, usually performed using a 1:3 workingto-resting interval ratio, also known as high intensity interval training (HIIT). 03 Adopt an adaptable and flexible training mindset. This open-minded mentality needs to reach across all aspects of your training because that is what uber-busy, successful people do. They always have a back-up plan and can call the workout audible at a moment’s notice. Had a morning yoga session planned but now the surf is going off? Go surfing. Had a morning workout planned but now the wife says you have to take the kids to school or the boss calls a meeting? Shift training to lunch or after work. Had chest-day planned and all the bench presses are taken? Do dumbbell presses or push-ups. Gym is closed? Train outdoors with just your bodyweight. All this means you always should have a set of workout clothes with you. Keep them in your car and/or your office. Opportunities abound to fit in random, bonus workouts, especially if you’re a runner. The unexpected benefit of this type of type of training mentality is you never get stuck in a plateau-inducing, complacent, routine rut. Some call this the training principle of muscle confusion. 04 Build accountability into your fitness. This is a topic I covered before that is absolutely critical to every successful training or weight-loss plan. There are many ways to create workout accountability in your life. The number one way is to hire a trainer. Once you’re forking out money every month, you’re not going to waste it, and that is what trainers do best: Hold you accountable! Think about it: How much work would you get done if you didn’t have a boss holding you accountable? Other more simple ways are to buy a home scale and weigh yourself weekly if not daily to at least track trends before they get out of hand. A more fun way is to join a sports competition team or meet-up where you have teammates counting on you to show up. Another way is to shamelessly declare your fitness goal on your social media feeds so all 5,000 of your trolling “friends” will be sure to offer their encouragement. Enter a race, perhaps? At the very least, schedule your workout into your digital calendar the night before via your smartphone! 05 Use supplements. I am well aware, thanks to all my Encinitas’ hipster friends, that nothing beats eating organic, locally sourced, sustainable, non-GMO, unprocessed whole foods, but for those rare occasions when we don’t have access to or time to prepare them, supplements can conveniently fill in the gaps! I know the supplement industry can be shady, is unregulated, and costly, but it is worthwhile to have some trusted brands of protein or MRP powders and bars always on hand. Readyto-eat and no refrigeration required, or they shake-up in seconds, either providing you instantly the fuel you need to train or the nutrients you need to recover. What’s more, the top shelf brands nowadays are so good many of them are more nutrient dense than their whole-food counterparts. Plus, with a trusted bar always on hand, you’re less likely to make a bad snack choice when food options are limited.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 15

FITNESS with Max Wettstein

MORE MAX Follow Max at


on Instagram and @max_wettstein on Twitter.

06 Maximize your daily fat-burning window by performing cardio in a fasting state, before breakfast. If fat burning or weight loss is your primary fitness goal, then know that the most ideal, naturally occurring window of opportunity to maximize your chances is when you first wake up after fasting all night (because you were sleeping). At this critical moment upon waking you are currently burning mostly stored fat for fuel, your stomach is empty and your blood sugar is stabilized. The stage is now set to access and burn even more stored fat by training aerobic-cardio while in this fasting state. To mobilize and access yet even more stored fat, you can consume a serving of caffeine via black coffee, tea or a preworkout supplement. (Caffeine unlocks and mobilizes fat-stores.) Note: If you are concerned about catabolizing muscle tissue for energy then you can also consume either one scoop (20 grams) of whey protein powder mixed with water or eat a teaspoon of coconut or MCT oil along with your black coffee or tea. The MCT (medium chained


virtual trainer everywhere you go while automatically updating your workout log, only for hardly any cost! I should know, I helped create one. 08 Multi-task. Let your ADD diagnosis work for you. Need to make some phone calls? Put on your Bluetooth headset and talk while you walk. Have to take your kids to their practice? Train with them or train while they train. That’s what I do. Wife or girlfriend has you pinned down for a lunch date? Take a rain check on lunch and make it a fitness date instead: Go for a run, hike or bike ride together. Listen, Cosmo says if you agree to do a yoga class with your chick, you will be her hero for the week. Need to listen to some podcasts or audio books for work research? Again, put on your Bluetooth headset and listen while you work out. Have a progressive, hipster boss? See if he’ll invest in a treadmill desk or standing desk for your office space; you’ll be less likely to fall asleep without a chair and be twice as productive.

triglyceride) fat found in coconut burns like a car-

bohydrate but without triggering insulin or disturbing blood-sugar balance. To be clear, if your primary training goal is athletic performance or building muscle, then training before consuming a balanced breakfast may not be ideal as your energy levels will not be topped off.

09 Make it FUN. Perhaps the biggest hack of all. If you can find a way to make your workout the highlight of your day–literally your dopamine-boosting drug of choice–you will then discover that you miraculously possess endless amounts of energy to give to exercise. You won’t want to quit. The best way to do this to find a sport or activity you love and then do it at all costs. My wife and I are only half way joking when I say she thinks she’s a pro beach volleyball player and I think I’m a pro surfer … at age 45! The fitness magic happens only once it becomes literally addicting. Veteran world class athletes call this feeling, this state of mind, FLOW.

07 Get smart with your smartphone. Gadgets can be good. Download a workout application on your smartphone or wear a fitness bracelet for immediate physiological feedback. Immediate performance and completion data feedback, such as how many calories you’re burning, your heart rate, distance traveled or elevation gained, is very rewarding and empowering. It can serve as a catalyst to propel you to the next level or workout, track trends/progress and serve as another accountability tool. Fitness bracelets and their associated downloadable smartphone apps do all this and more, plus they can suggest workouts and provide detailed exercise guidance via photos and videos. It’s like having your own

10 Use positive self-talk and affirmations daily—or go get hypnotized. Instruct yourself daily (without judgment) that you are “fit and strong” and that you are “a powerful, fit warrior,” or something to this effect. Repeat this out loud to yourself several times daily. If you have the motive and the means, visit a sports psychologist to experience the sincere power of suggestion (hypnosis) and learn about self-fulfilling prophecy to instill within you that you are becoming the confident, fit athlete you desire to be. You think I’m kidding? I couldn’t be more serious. You also have to hack into your mind. Ask yourself this: If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? Get radical with your fitness and realize your full potential. The time is now.



North County is divided into two regions, coastal and inland. Some people may have varying geographical definitions but generally the coastal cities include Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oceanside. The inland cities include Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista and Fallbrook. The North County coastal communities are very well known for their affluence as the average house price is well above $1 million in many neighborhoods. In these areas, most of the beaches and lagoons are protected so that it preserves the natural beauty from overdevelopment. North County also is home to many top San Diego businesses that contribute to the economy of the Greater San Diego area. North County San Diego is probably best known for it’s pristine beaches

that span from Torrey Pines all the way up to San Onofre. It’s a surfer’s paradise with a mix of point and beach breaks as well as many reefs and sandbars. Even if you don’t enjoy the waves, the coastline is virtually uninterrupted with beaches that sun worshipers can enjoy with whatever activities they like. With three of the four campgrounds being right on the water, you can even spend the night with the stars if you don’t want to check into one of the many hotels available. Don’t want to get wet? North County also boasts more than 40 golf courses, including world famous Torrey Pines that was featured in the 2008 U.S. Open. There are also several hiking trails that will satisfy everyone from beginners to experienced hikers. Still not satisfied? There are tons of skateparks and many other activities to be enjoyed in this great part of San Diego.


DEL MAR Horses and More Horses

ENCINITAS Gardens and Enlightenment

North County San Diego is synonymous with the surf culture. Not as well known is the huge equestrian culture there. Del Mar Fairgrounds, Rancho Camino Equestrian Center and San Diego Country Estates International Equestrian Center are among the equestrian destinations. You’ll also find one of the country’s best horse racing tracks. This is the birthplace of many Olympic hopefuls.

Formerly known as the Quail Botanical Gardens, new ownership has taken over what is now the San Diego Botanic Garden. The 37-acre grounds feature plant life ranging from that found in the desert to rainforests. Four miles of trails allow you to enjoy the many landscapes and plant life that the garden has to offer. It’s a fantastic day with the kids, with your significant other or just alone getting lost in a little piece of paradise.

From the grand event of opening day to the fall classic, the Del Mar Race Track doesn’t disappoint by having exciting horse wagering for all levels of fans as well as great concert guests throughout the season. Don’t forget, you can take a shuttle free of charge from the Solana Beach train station if you don’t feel like dealing with parking.

SOLANA BEACH Music and Festival The Belly Up Tavern is the best intimate North County music venue. They bring in the best in new, up-and-coming artists as well as established legends in genres ranging from alternative rock, indie rock, rock, reggae and hip-hip to blues, folk, jazz, Latin & more. If you haven’t heard, it was also recently host to private party show by the Rolling Stones! Yeah, this place is a big deal.

Fiesta del Sol has something for everyone on May 21-22, 2016. Food trucks along with other great specialty food vendors will be back as well as the arts & crafts area, sponsor area, Solana Beach Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast and much more! Check out the special place exclusively for local artists. The beer and wine gardens will be in full swing with the local Del Sol Lions Club returning to serve, while raising funds to support their local causes.

The Self-Realization Fellowship Temple is the real reason why the world famous surf spot next to it is called Swamis. The center’s architecture is reminiscent of that of India and the Middle East. What people don’t realize is that it is an actual religious center founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920 to teach techniques of energization, concentration, meditation and higher technique of Kriya Yoga as instructions on how to live a balanced material and spiritual life.

CARLSBAD Flowers and Running

OCEANSIDE Pier and Museum

Every year when you drive by the windmill off Palomar Airport Road, you see a beautiful cascading hillside of Tecolote Giant Ranunculus flowers. These 50 acres are magnificent in a blink of an eye while driving down the freeway, but if you actually stop and go visit the Flower Fields it will take your breathe away whether it is your first time or your hundredth.

As the only pier in North County, it’s a fantastic attraction for the family and for fishing. Just to the north, you are minutes away from the harbor where you can launch, moor, dock or charter a boat. There are restaurants, hotels, fire pits, and picnic areas all within walking distance.

Every year, Carlsbad hosts a marathon, a half marathon and a kids 1 mile fun run. The full marathon starts and finishes at Westfield Carlsbad. After the starter’s gun goes off, runners head for the coast passing the Buena Vista Lagoon and out to Carlsbad Boulevard (Highway 101) north to the north Carlsbad city limit, then south on Carlsbad Boulevard (Highway 101), east on Palomar Airport Road for a three-mile trip inland, then out to the coast and south on Carlsbad Boulevard to a U-turn at La Costa Avenue, then back up the coast to the finish line.

The Surf Museum founded in 1986 has had an estimated 500,000 visitors come through the front doors in the past 25 years. If you’re interested in seeing and reading about the rich surf culture, you’ll be in the right place. When 4L Magazine needed information for our recent Surfing San Diego issue, we sat down with historian Jane Schmauss to get the 411.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 19


San Diego Zoo Safari Park The park has a large selection of wild and endangered animals from around the world. It is one of the largest tourist attractions in all of San Diego. The Africa Tram takes riders up close and personal with the park’s animals. The Balloon Safari allows guests to see a panoramic view of the animals in the habitat.

Legoland Based on the Lego toy brand, this is the their third theme park to open in North County. It is considered the second largest theme park company in the world behind Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Parents and their kids can enjoy rides, the water park and the Sea Life aquarium. What makes this a kid favorite are all the interactive Lego toy features.

Del Mar Fairgrounds Each year, the fair comes into town with promises of wild and crazy rides as well as wild and crazy foods. There are spectacular shows as well as a petting zoo. This is an all-ages venue that brings in thousands of people every year to experience the carnival atmosphere and all around wholesome fun. There are also adult-themed attractions like concerts and beer fests.


beaches DEL MAR | SOLANA BEACH | ENCINITAS | CARLSBAD | OCEANSIDE | INLAND NC Del Mar Two miles of sandy beach offer a great place to relax, walk or run. Two coastal parks are located just above the 15th Street surf break. Go a bit north and you’ll run into one of San Diego’s favorite dog beaches.

Cardiff by the Sea The Cardiff Kook is watching you! This great area epitomizes the surf culture. Don’t be surprised if you see Rob Machado giving you a friendly smile and peace sign on the beach or in the lineup.

Solana Beach As you walk down to the water, you run right into Fletcher Cove Beach Park with great grassy areas, a vista to that overlooks the ocean and even a half basketball court. Keep walking down to the water and you can go surf the popular Pillbox surf spot.

Encinitas Home of world famous point break surf spot Swamis, Encinitas is also the home of Moonlight Beach, where families go to hang out at the fire pit, play volleyball or chase their kids around the playground.

Leucadia Best known for two popular surf spots, Beacon’s and Grandview, Leucadia also caters to those not hungry for waves. The beaches are nice during the summer with lower tides and is not too crowded. Carlsbad Whether you’re surfing at Ponto or cruising the walkway at Carlsbad State Beach, you’re in a sweet little slice of North County beaches that are mellow with family friendly beaches.

Oceanside It’s easy to park with plenty of street parking and large parking lots, too. The pier and harbor attract a lot of tourists as well as locals. The neighborhood is up and coming and has an insurgence of great bars and restaurants. San Onofre One word … Trestles. Might be the best wave ever, any pro will tell you so. It’s a bit of a walk to get to but well worth it. Old Man’s and the Trails also offer great surfing but since there isn’t much of anything else around, you need to make sure you bring all the stuff you need.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 21

hiking DEL MAR | SOLANA BEACH | ENCINITAS | CARLSBAD | OCEANSIDE | INLAND NC William Heise County Park Home of one the of most scenic campgrounds in San Diego, William Heise has a number of camp-accessible trails in a variety of landscapes. Mountains, woods, desert—there’s a trail for every taste. Trail distance: 3 miles / Difficulty: 4 / Scenery: 7 Volcan Mountain Hiking in the Julian area is great because it offers a change of scenery from local chaparral. Volcan Mountain does not disappoint with conifer forests and desert to ocean views. Trail distance: 3.2 miles / Difficulty: 6 / Scenery: 9 Torrey Pines State Reserve After the steep climb to the trailhead, it’s all downhill from there. Which is good, because you’re going to want to focus on the scenery as much as possible. Trail distance: 5.6 miles Difficulty: 6 / Scenery: 9 Santa Margarita Trail This loop follows San Diego’s last wild river, so you’ll be treated to wildlife and shade. Though the trail itself is flat, it is SANDY, so be prepared for a workout and possible knee-high river crossings. Trail distance: 6.2 miles Difficulty: 6 / Scenery: 8 TORREY PINES


Cedar Creek Falls If you’re ready for an uphill butt-kicker, Cedar Creek Falls should be on your list. One of San Diego’s hidden spots, the Devil’s Punchbowl is best in the spring, after the snows melt. Trail distance: 4.2 miles Difficulty: 5 / Scenery: 9

Palm Canyon Trail The most popular hike in the Anza-Borrego State Park (be prepared for more foot traffic than on other trails in the park), it is the home of one of California’s last natural oases. This trail is kid-friendly and treats hikers to waterfalls and shade in the scorching desert. Trail distance: 3 miles Difficulty: 3 / Scenery: 10

Lake Poway Loop Most people come to Lake Poway for the trails that branch from it (Mt. Woodson, Blue Sky), but the loop itself still has plenty of gorgeous views. Trail distance: 2.9 miles Difficulty: 6 / Scenery: 7

Pacific Crest Trail This monster of a trail stretches from Canada to Mexico. For a shorter trip, the Laguna Mountain Ridge skirts the boulder-filled mountains to the west and Anza-Borrego Desert to the east. Trail distance: 6.46 miles Difficulty: 3 / Scenery: 6

North Lake Hodges Lake Hodges has a number of trails to explore, including the Elfin Forest. The North Trail offers enough variety to appeal to a greater range of experience levels. Trail distance: 14.8 miles Difficulty: 3 / Scenery: 8 Los Penasquitos Canyon Looking for a hike with great views without the steep mountain trails? Los Penasquitos is relatively flat with streams, marshes and ponds that set the scene for impressive bird watching. Trail distance: 4.7 miles Difficulty: 4 / Scenery: 7

Source: San Diego Hikers Association (


campgrounds San Onofre Perched atop six trails that lead down to great surf, the beach is bookended by a nude beach to the south and world famous Trestles to the north. Each campsite includes a fire pit and picnic table. Water and electricity hookups for recreational vehicles are available. Other amenities include a dump-station, hot indoor showers and flush toilets. Camping is available year-round. Oceanside (Guajome Regional Park) Just eight miles from the Pacific Ocean, the park is close to many entertaining and historical points of interest. A developed 33-site campground offers partial hookups. Two ponds attract a wide variety of migratory birds and serve as home to a variety of fish that will test the skills of any angler. Carlsbad State Beach This San Diego beach features swimming, surfing, skin diving, fishing and picnicking. The large bluff-top campground is very popular, especially in the summer. Stairs lead to the beach. San Elijo State Beach Located on the San Diego coast, San Elijo offers swimming, surfing, showers and picnicking. The narrow, bluff-backed stretch of sand has a nearby reef popular with snorkelers and divers.

Source: and

golf NORTH COUNTY COASTAL Pendleton Marine Memorial Golf Course Aviara Golf Course The Crossings at Carlsbad Rancho Carlsbad Country Club Del Mar Country Club Del Mar National Golf Course The Grand Golf Club Center City in Oceanside El Camino Country Club Emerald Isle Golf Course Ocean Hills Country Club Oceanside Municipal Golf Course Lomas Santa Fe Country Club Lomas Santa Fe Executive Crosby National Golf Club Fairbanks Ranch Country Club Morgan Run Resort & Club Rancho Santa Fe Country Club Rancho Santa Fe Farms Golf Club The Bridges Rancho Santa Fe NORTH COUNTY INLAND San Luis Rey Downs Castle Creek Country Club Escondido Country Club Meadow Lake Country Club Reidy Creek Golf Course The Vineyard Golf Course Fallbrook Golf Club Lawrence Welk Resort Village Pala Mesa Golf Resort The Golf Club of California Pauma Valley Country Club Maderas Golf Club Stoneridge Country Club Mt. Woodson Golf Course San Vicente Golf Bernardo Heights Country Club The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Course Oaks North Golf Course Eagle Crest Golf Course Lake San Marcos Country Club Lake San Marcos Resort Twin Oaks Golf Course Skyline Ranch Country Club Shadowridge Country Club Vista Valley Country Club

Military Public Public Par 3 Private Public Public Par 3 Private Par 3 Par 3 Public Private Par 3 Private Private Private Private Private Private

Camp Pendleton Carlsbad Carlsbad Carlsbad Del Mar Del Mar Del Mar Oceanside Oceanside Oceanside Oceanside Oceanside Solana Beach Solana Beach Rancho Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe

Public Public Private Public Par 3 Public Public Par 3 Public Private Private Public Private Public Public Private

Bonsall Escondido Escondido Escondido Escondido Escondido Fallbrook Fallbrook Fallbrook Fallbrook Pauma Valley Poway Poway Ramona Ramona Rancho Bernardo

Private Public Public Par 3 Public Private Par 3 Public Par 3 Private Private

Rancho Bernardo Rancho Bernardo San Diego San Diego San Marcos San Marcos San Marcos San Marcos Valley Center Vista Vista

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 23




“We are miracles and we’re not alone.” - Lyrics from Switchfoot song “This is Home”

From their catchy pop songs and spirited live shows to their profound, authentic lyrics, we are all familiar with the magic that is Switchfoot. With their 2003 hit “Meant to Live,” the group ascended to stardom and went on to win a Grammy eight years later. Their biggest hit, however, has not been produced in a studio or on stage. Rather, Switchfoot’s greatest success has come through the miracles they have produced through their charity work. In mid-July, the 11th annual Switchfoot Bro-Am once again showcased

the group’s commitment to the San Diego community and local children’s charities. Through funds raised at a pre-event auction night soiree, an evening concert at the Bro-Am Studios, and the Switchfoot Bro-Am event at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, the group supports various charities such as Feeding America, StandUp For Kids and Doors of Change: Solving Youth Homelessness, to name a few. When asked what draws him to these particular charities, Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman responded, “The central focus is youth. All of these

charities are working to combat different struggles that our youth face. [They’re] working to solve the problem from different angles.” It was evident that Switchfoot’s dedication to youth programs resonated with the attendees of the auction night soiree. “I’m looking around and there’s all these kids that are future surfers and future musicians … and ambassadors of all the good, healthy living. So anything I could do to be a part of it, I wanted to contribute,” explained Todd Glaser, professional surf photographer.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 25


BRO-AM Along with Todd’s extraordinary art being auctioned, attendees bid on a wide range of incredible items, with the most-coveted prize being a once-in-a-lifetime surf session with Rob Machado and the guys from Switchfoot with Todd shooting it all. Whether they were the lucky winner of the highly sought-after prize or one of the many who won one or more of the other amazing prizes, everyone won when Rob Machado and Switchfoot played a set as a thank you to all those who attended. As a result of the funds raised that evening, it would not be surprising to see a young band or artist join their benefactor on stage at next year’s auction soiree. Along with the charities mentioned earlier, Switchfoot has also established and supports a nonprofit music school, Bro-Am Studio, where youth can express themselves through the various mediums of art and music.

performed at the Bro-Am Studio the evening before the Switchfoot Bro-Am and shared beautiful music and authentic lyrics. “I’m excited to see it launch … like I’m excited to see the lessons actually start and everything take off,” explained Ms. Corn when asked about the opening of the studio. The excitement around the Switchfoot Bro-Am “week” intensified with each event and overflowed into the main event at Moonlight Beach. Complemented by the day’s gorgeous weather, warm water and fun surf, local food vendors and talented music acts kept the more than 14,000 grommets and adults stoked. “For me, it marks the pinnacle of summer,” said Chris Cote, the event MC, with a huge smile. “There’s nothing like it. I go to tons of surf events and it’s serious … and gets aggro. And this event … the fact that you have to go switch (opposite to your natural stance) on a wave is the great equalizer and it just makes it a thousand times more fun than any other surf contest.” To add to the smiles and light-hearted surf contest, Chris Ahrens introduced “surf jousting” several years back. Dressed as gladiators and armed with padded paddles, these valiant surfers battle the ocean and each other until one man is left standing.

result of their efforts, Switchfoot has created a positive, communal event, “that delivers what the ‘60s promised,” according to Ahrens. Or, in Chris Cote’s words, “it’s one of those events where even if you don’t care about surfing, if you don’t care about Switchfoot, if you don’t care about anything, you still want to go because you get that insane community vibe.” “The Bro-Am exists because of other people’s support,” Foreman says. “We’ve been blown away by how supportive San Diego has been. There are tons of ways to get involved, whether that’s through donations, financial support or just showing up. There are ways to get involved with” And that’s exactly the miracle that Switchfoot has created with the Switchfoot Bro-Am: They have organized a community of miracle-makers that positively impact the world around them and particularly the youth of San Diego. To get involved and make a positive impact, please visit

But at the end of the day, it’s the five young men standing on the stage who are the winners. As a

Bro-Am Studio is “providing music as an outlet for kids to connect with other kids that feel the way they do and have a way of expressing the things that are inside,” according to Foreman. The positive impact was apparent when local artists, such as Caroline Corn,


FROM DAY... DAILY SPECIALS Monday - Friday Your NFL Headquarters!

HAPPY HOUR Monday - Friday 3-6pm

We show all Maryland Terrapins Games!

117 W. Plaza Street, Solana Beach | 858.436.7016 | |



...TO NIGHT OPEN ‘TIL 2am 7 Days a Week Tuesday Goldfish Races KARAOKE NIGHT Every Wednesday LIVE MUSIC & DJs Friday & Saturday Open Mic Sundays


123 West Plaza Street, Solana Beach | 858.755.5007 | |

/Saddle Bar



vacation time C a r l s b a d California

____________________________________________________________________ Stay! CARLSBAD BY THE SEA RESORT | 850 Palomar Airport Road | Carlsbad | 760.438.7880 Play! THE CROSSINGS AT CARLSBAD | 5800 e Crossings Drive | Carlsbad | 760.444.1800

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 29




Magazine LAUGH


There’s only one place to be on a Thursday night during pre-season football and that is Draft Republic. With 36 beers on tap and delicious innovative cuisine, there is no mystery why EvoTek, a local San Diego VAR, picked this place for their quarterly Pursuit of Hoppiness. EvoTek and guests, technology partners and customers, flooded Draft Republic’s outdoor covered patio picnic area for a premier San Diego networking event.


EvoTek’s Pursuit of Hoppiness social networking series kicked off at the beginning of this year, and its popularity among the technology field continues to grow. With more than 100 thirsty and hungry people in attendance with the expectation that Draft Republic would satisfy and exceed expectation, by no surprise they certainly did. Draft Republic was able to keep pace with the large crowd by serving up endless Buffalo Chicken Lollipops and Bacon Brussels Sprouts. Ending the night with a Chargers win over the Cowboys, Draft Republic had a charged atmosphere and not just off the Boltz. Brew of choice that night, reigning at the top of the list for the crowd favorite, was Draft Republic Weekday IPA. Join us next time with EvoTek on their Pursuit of Hoppiness to sample some of the best craft beers in San Diego. You won’t want to miss out on this networking event of the year.

Evotek, joined by industry peers and IT thought leaders from all over the county, fled their offices to begin or to continue their Pursuit of Hoppiness—a search to find the best craft beer selection that San Diego has to offer.


ABOUT EVOTEK EVOTEK Solutions helps companies with their IT initiatives. By providing them with modular solutions, companies can meet their current business requirements but can also be upgraded for future needs through an IT service delivery framework. They specialize in customizing IT solutions for customers at all levels. For those who have not yet fully developed a formal IT strategy or road map, EVOTEK will help them develop a Data Center plan that is in alignment with their business objectives Their goal is to understand the customer’s business, examine all the opportunities, then provide them with point solutions that will fit into the future state of the customer’s Data Center. They don’t simply hook you up with hardware, they are customer advocates that provide services from A to Z.

EVOTEK Solutions Inc. |


4282 Esplanade Court, San Diego | (858) 450-1400 |

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 31



What’s RAD about

BEATS & EATS? The food and the music!






In this edition of Beats & Eats, I get to hang out and taste my friend Giovanni Novella’s recipes at Stella Public House while keeping good company with the very talented Charlie Rae.

STELLA PUBLIC HOUSE 1429 Island Ave., San Diego » Neighborhood: East Village » (619) 234-0808 »

Stella Public House is a farm-to-table, wood-fired Italian pizza and craft beer bar with 30 rotating drafts located deep in the East Village of downtown San Diego. The first things I notice about this place is the long bar with all the beer taps behind it and a lush mini-forest of fresh basil plants, literally the healthiest and most beautiful basil pants I have ever seen. Charlie Rae and I greet each other and sit at a table across from one another. She seems a little uncomfortable at first, so I crack jokes about anything and everything to get her to loosen up. As soon as Gio comes to our table with some drinks, some food, a thick Italian accent and a handsome smile, she warms up and the feast begins. Gio: We do everything fresh and organic: We make our own mozzarella, we use organic tomato sauce, we grow our own basil and every ingredient we use for our pizza is made here in California with the exceptions of cured meats from Italy. For the mozzarella, we use a local milk, we make the curd, we stretch about 40 to 60 pounds every day of mozzarella.

Gio lays down a dish of the best Arancini in town which is like a risotto with beets, salami and parmesan all coated and deep-fried while served on a bed of organic tomato sauce. He also lays down a Caprese Salad with locally sourced heirloom tomatoes, his house-made mozzarella, California extra virgin olive oil, pesto and basil just picked from those perfect plants. I dive into both dishes as does Charlie Rae, and we both look at each other and platonically moan. Gio is standing over us with his hands clasped and with a bigger smile than before. Gio: Simple and fresh. I guarantee you’re never going to find a mozzarella like this one. It was made like 30 minutes ago. Mikey: I’m infatuated with the basil. I grow basil at my house and it does not look like that and I want to learn. Gio: It’s kind of tough, very tough. Mikey: Gio, I love you.

Mikey: Wow! Is that a real accent?

Charlie: Me too!

Gio: Eh, just a little bit.

We all get a good laugh and I start the interview with Charlie Rae.

(Laughs all around.) Mikey: Tell us where you’re from, Gio. Gio: Italy! (He responds proudly and with good posture.) In a city near Naples and Sorrento.

Mikey: Charlie Rae. Charlie: Hello. Mikey: Where were you born and raised?

Charlie: Phoenix, Arizona. Mikey: A fresh face out of Phoenix. I’ve been familiar with your music for a couple years now, I am a fan. The soul that comes out of you is beast mode. You hit some low octaves, which is pretty exciting. You have good range. What is your music history? Charlie: My foundation is gospel music and if you can master gospel, you can sing anything. I started singing gospel with the Saviors of Soul at the age of 17, that’s where I got a taste of performing in front of people. Mikey: Gospel, that’s a running theme for the female vocalists I have interviewed recently. You all have mentioned that gospel challenges you. Since your gospel upbringing, have there been any similar types of challenges? Charlie: Absolutely. I was just talking about this with my friend about breaking your voice in key. An artist who does it perfectly, and who I’ve learned from, is Johnny Lang, who I played on the same bill with at the Arizona Jazz Festival a few years ago along with Trombone Shorty, George Benson, Derek Trucks and his wife Susan Tedeschi. I’d never heard anything like that rasp, it is to die for. I was like “I have to sound like that, without drinking a bunch and smoking like 15 cigarettes because there goes my range, there goes the pretty stuff that people want to hear.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 33



Mikey: Charlie, when did you have your first actual band or act? Charlie: Well, I’ve been solo for about 12 years. I just put together a band this year, so it’s the first time I’ve ever had a full band. Mikey: Have you faced any challenges transitioning from solo artist to having a full band? Charlie: It was a really weird transition at first but all of my guys were solid referrals, so I felt really safe and taken care of because they are pros. I was nervous for the first three, four weeks because I’m kind of a control freak. Sharing that stage and allowing someone to be in possession of something that you made that is so precious is nerveracking. At some point you just let it go, so I did and it worked out. The first couple of shows went really well, we got it going on right now and I’m really excited.

Gio lays down a Beet Tower with layers of gold beets and red beets cooked in red wine vinegar sandwiching a mousse with ricotta and goat cheese while toasted pistachios are sprinkled throughout. Mikey: Toasted pistachios?! Is that a dessert? Gio: No, it’s an appetizer. You’re going to find it surprising with the acidity of the beet, the sweet of the goat cheese and the crunchiness of the toasted pistachios. It is one of our signature dishes.

I put my whole face—mouth opened down on the plate—and devour the entire tower. I have to figure this out.” So at home, I banged on drums as loud as I could and sang a bunch of Marilyn Manson, which is really funny. It’s like, “The beautiful people, the beautiful people,” but then I learned how to do the rasp, but not kill my voice. That was the biggest challenge of the last four years, was to figure out how to do that. Mikey: And do it safely … Charlie: Do it safely and go back to singing super cute jazzy stuff with no rasp and last for three hours.

Gio comes back with a skip in his step and plates in his hands. Gio: These are our Lamb Meatballs. This recipe is from my grandma in Italy! Mikey: Wait! I’m about to eat your grandma’s recipe?! Please tell me more.


Gio: Yes! We use organic lamb and mix it with 50-50 beef and pork, because the lamb is very lean. We slow cook this for two hours with Bianco DiNapoli Organic Tomato Sauce.

I take bite of Gio’s meatballs and savor the flavor by inhaling through my nose and roll my eyes back in my head while chewing steadily. This man is special. Mikey: This is the best meatball I’ve ever had in my mouth.

Charlie laughs, almost spitting her food out. We both lay into the other dish Gio brought, a White Mushroom Mac & Cheese with truffle oil served in a smoked gouda cheese sauce on top of cavatappi pasta. This is a real winner, but I only take a bite as there is a lot more coming. But back to the Beats …

Mikey: Oh my gosh. This is a serious food orgy right now, I want to go throw up and come back to eat more! OK, back to the Beats. I see you are booked for Pacific BeachFest in Pacific Beach on October 3, and you’re playing the main stage on the boardwalk at Hornblend Street. The backdrop is the ocean and Crystal Pier, it is always a nice day in the sun, what kind of set are you going to play? Charlie: Rock, alternative, reggae, blues, we’ll play all of it. I’m really into playing the harmonica right now with that blues-rock sound, super soulful. I’ll go right into all the minor chords and do really haunting piano with a really funky beat on drums. I keep going back and forth. I guess the running theme would really be rock for that set.

Mikey: How many people are in the band?

crust the chariness, smoky flavor.

Charlie: It’ll wake me up.

Charlie: There are five of us: Alex on the bass, Daniel on the keys, Carlos on drums and David on lead guitar.

Mikey: Bless your heart, my son. This pizza is … I feel like … I’ve never had anything like that carry my palate.

Mikey: I’m going to pass out.

Mikey: Are all of these guys professionals out of San Diego?

Charlie: Wow! So good!

Discussion of who is eating what dessert ensues and we both shrug our shoulders and have a go at everything.

By this time, Charlie and I are stuffed but Gio insists on us trying dessert and brings out three: a chocolate budino with sea salt, caramel and whipped cream; a panna cotta which is a heavy cream cooked with vanilla bean, a little bit of gelatin and topped with strawberry marinade with champagne; and tiramisu.

Mikey: These desserts are next level. The panna cotta is sooo refreshing. You think the cream would be really heavy, but it’s not too bad. I think if I went through the whole thing I would pass out though. The budino is next level and I think my favorite, but the tiramisu is delicious, too. Very coffee-y.

Mikey: Oh my goodness, fat kid heaven.

Charlie: Good coffee. That ain’t no Folgers!

Gio: Tiramisu is an Italian dessert, a coffee dessert. It’s a mousse made with mascarpone, coffee and layered with some lady fingers.

Mikey: True that. OK, before I pass out, where do I hear all of your music?

Charlie: I’ve got a few session players from Mexico, too. Those guys are unbelievable on how they play, and so humble. Their energies are so much fun because everybody wants to be there and we all have the same goal.

Gio brings out a Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza with mozzarella, parmesan and truffle oil. Charlie and I were full before, but it is easy for us to make room when this beauty hits the table. I grab a piece before Gio removes his hand from the pan. Gio: For the dough I use a starter yeast that I feed three times a day that is over 100 years old and it comes from Naples. We burn 100 percent oak in the fire oven, so it will give the

Charlie: You can hear it on Pandora, Spotify and I’m on iTunes too, under “rock” and the album is self titled.

Mikey: Some ladies’ fingers? Gio: No, lady fingers the cookies. The dessert is very rich and strong on the coffee.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 35



Mikey: When did you put out your self-titled album and where did you record it? Charlie: March of 2015 at Signature Sound, my favorite place. Both albums where done there.

If I can just bring you back a little bit to touch you, then that’s why I’m here. I feel it, it’s my favorite thing. It’s the reason I’m here, it saved my life a million times and it’s the most important thing to me. So if I can feel the way I do about it and you can just feel a tiny bit of it, then I’ve done my job.

Mikey: So you have another album coming out. Charlie: Not yet. I’m still pushing the first one really hard because it has my single on it, “Red Gloves,” which is the video song. The second album is ready to go and I already have tracks for the third one already in my mind. I’m dying to get back in the studio again.

Mikey: You’re amazing Charlie Rae and so was that food!

Mikey: When are you going to get the second album out? Charlie: I’m not sure yet. I have a few things going on. Making sure that it gets released right. Mikey: You’re looking to get picked up? Charlie: Definitely. I have a few people interested. I’m just figuring out who’s the best one for me. I’m not in a hurry. I write every day. I’m happy. I’m good. I just know what I want and I can’t settle. Mikey: What do you want? Charlie: Honestly, I want as many people in the whole world to hear my music and be moved by it. That’s all I ever wanted, for you to feel it. I feel like the world has lost its sense of emotion. I think there’s a bunch of robots walking around.






BRUNCH Sat. & Sun. 9am - 2pm $10 for 3 Mimosas w/Meal BURGER SPECIAL Mon. – Thurs. 11am - 3pm $10 Burger & Beer | $8 Burger & Soda

711 Mission Ave., Oceanside | 760.637.2222 | SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven





Boutique winery owners look beyond the bottle to stand out from the crowd

Wine is a lifestyle. This we know. One of our favorite, under-the-radar wineries, Revival, is about to get a lot more attention. And that’s a good thing. In an industry saturated by family owned boutique wineries, it’s tough to stand out and carve a niche of your own.

Revival is a tribute to the handmade, owned by secondgeneration winemakers and grape growers, born and raised in the Napa Valley. Wine is in their blood and owners Sean and Lindsay Garvey have expanded from their single varietal to launch a new lifestyle brand called Revival Made.



Revival Made marks the next chapter in their lives as they launch a line of products inspired by the land around them. They are “narratives formed from leather, cloth and clay, tales of collaboration that speak to our values of honest craftsmanship and our love of family and home,� says Lindsay Garvey, the creative director and visionary behind the brand.


Thoughtfully curated, partners are artisans who create timeless designs focused on function, simplicity and beauty. We like the direction this is heading.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 41




MISSION AVENUE BAR & GRILL 711 Mission Avenue Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 637-2222


New American / Gastropub


Chef Adam Griffin has 22 years experience cooking in restaurants. His style of cooking is Southern because he grew up in Georgia. He also has enhanced his abilities because he went to culinary school with people from the Caribbean, which explains all the big bold flavors he uses. After moving to California, he added fresh ingredients that are easily sourced in San Diego. He loves everything he does so it’s not a job for him, it’s a hobby; he loves life.


(Spinach, tomato, red onion, smoked cheddar and a garlic aioli)

The first time I had a bison burger was on Catalina Island and it left a great impression on me so when I tried this one, I expected a bit more of the same but I was blown away. Chef Adam cooked it to a perfect medium, keeping the lean meat super juicy. The bun is local and the accoutrements are of the highest of quality.


Paired with: Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds IPA One of my favorite IPAs. It’s smooth and rich and what goes better with a high quality burger? Yes, a high quality IPA.

(Tossed in a mango-jalapeño sauce and served with an avocado salad)

How do you make bacon better? Wrap it around a giant shrimp! The mangojalapeno sauce gives it just the right amount of sweet with a hint of spicy to unlock the savoriness of the bacon and tenderness of the shrimp. It comes with a side of avocado salad so it’s a complete dish. Paired with: Hanger 24 Orange Wheat You can’t go wrong when you join tropical (mango) with citrus (orange). This beer helps wash down the multitude of flavors you’re getting from the dish but leaves citrus notes in your mouth so that you don’t wash away all of the deliciousness.


(Sweet Maui onions, green onions, wonton crisps and wasabi caviar) )

Just looking at this dish gets you excited; it looks like fine art. The poke has a great red color to it so you know it’s fresh. What makes everything more awesome visually as well as in taste is the wasabi caviar! It’s like little tiny bursts of flavor exploding with each bite.


(Beer broiled with an apple sauerkraut and Dijon mustard on a pretzel bun)

I think I have a fatal attraction to this boiled rabbit! It’s got a great sweetness on the back end that makes the lean sausage pop. Throw in the classics on a pretzel bun and you get a premium sandwich with great classic flair. Paired with: Lost Abbey Devotion Belgian Style Blonde Ale When you have a fatal attraction, you must also have devotion. This Belgian helps the rabbit go down the hole nice and easy.

Paired with: Firestone 805 Blonde Ale Every Hawaiian loves a blonde and this is no exception. Make sure when you decide to have this island treat to pair it up with this blonde haole.


Roll up the industrial doors and you have a cool breeze come in off the sidewalk to the patio through the dining area until it hits the bar. They have a ton of taps and a ton of atmosphere. They have local rotating art that hangs on the walls and an open vaulted ceiling that gives the room character and space. When you’re sitting at the bar you’ll notice an iconic picture of Mr. Junior Seau walking on the beach with a surfboard. It gives you a sense of calm and you realize the indelible mark that he left on the Oceanside community. So does Mission Avenue Bar & Grill.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 43





From the owner of one of the top 10 beer bars in the country comes a new farm-to-table eatery with a whiskey-focused craft cocktail program. Ivan Derezin, who owns the beloved Churchill’s Pub, brings The Bellows to San Marcos. Knowing Ivan understands a thing or two about beer, expect 20 beers on tap from all over the world in addition to an impressive lineup of bottled sour ales. As far as wine goes, according to the quote atop the wine list: “The goal of The Bellows eclectic wine list is to offer a sense of discovery while exploring new, unique and interesting value-oriented wines from specialty producers which pair superbly with our cuisine. We strive to select wines of authenticity which convey a distinct sense of place and tradition.” Wow! Obviously they’ve put a lot of thought and care into both the beer and wine. Now let’s drink some cocktails! An impressive lineup indeed! The spirits menu offers an impressive list of vintage cocktails such as The Pisco Sour, Sloe Gin Fizz and The Jack Rose all with the year they were created in print next to the name. The oldest is The Martinez (circa 1884).

Also available are the classics, contemporaries and aperitif cocktails. Premium whiskeys from Japan, Canada, Ireland and the good ol’ USA are served straight up or choose from a selection of classic pre-Prohibition-era and whiskey cocktails. I met with Ivan, A.J. and Byron, who explained their approach toward the bar program at The Bellows, which is more classic cocktails done well than trying to reinvent the cocktail wheel.

MIXOLOGY MINUTE FISH & OYSTER Luxardo Maraschino Cherries: These are the original Maraschino cherries. Instead of glowing red, Luxardo’s cherries are deep purple and burgundy. They’re suspended in thick cherry syrup. When you bite, they have a small pop. After, there’s a lingering sweet cherry flavor with absolutely none of the formaldehyde burn that mars the atomic grocery store versions.

THE BELLOWS | 803 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos | (760) 290-3912 | 44 4L MAGAZINE | SEPT/OCT 2015

They did however make some amazing drinks that can ONLY be found at The Bellows: 01


Their signature drink is composed of Elijah Craig 12-year-old bourbon, High West Campfire whiskey (a sweet, spicy and, yes, smoky whiskey which won Wine Spectator’s 2012 U.S. Whiskey of the Year), Campari, Coffee Heering (a blend of Caribbean rum flavored with an infusion of coffee cacao beans), black walnut bitters and a flamed orange twist, stirred and served up in a coupe. Sounds like it would be a tad harsh, but it is actually delicate and balanced with a little smoke and the orange bitterness of the Campari coming across nicely. I like to enjoy a cocktail before sitting down for dinner; I would go with this one!




This one’s A.J.’s baby and it took third place at the San Diego Spirits Festival. But don’t ask him how to make it; he’ll tell you what’s in it but that’s about it. My favorite of the night starts with muddled sour cherries, Rittenhouse Rye Aperol, Boker’s Bitters topped off with Delirium Red, which is a nice sweet and sour beer. I love a cocktail that hits you with a nice aroma before you begin to imbibe. In this case the aroma you get comes from the Opal basil garnish. This one’s not on the menu. Find A.J. and tell him I sent ya!





Another creation from one of The Bellows’ finest. My boy Byron placed fourth at the San Diego Spirits Fest with a vodka-based drink that a lot of the folks in the “craft cocktail” scene turn up their noses to. See, because vodka is a spirit distilled without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color. Screw that! This is a damn fine cocktail made with Rain vodka, lemon, basil, housemade simple syrup, an Absinthe rinse, housemade rosemary tincture, egg white for the frothiness and grated nutmeg on top. A lot is going on in this little coupe. The vodka takes on the flavors from above resulting in a top notch imbibing experience. Hey, this dude’s a Bio-Chemical Engineering major. He knows how to mix stuff!



The prettiest of them all and just as delicious! Mescal is surging and gaining popularity. No longer tequila’s ugly cousin, mescal is best used as an ingredient. Smokey and woody, it could be a little harsh to sip on straight. In this instance, A.J. combined Vida Mescal with Yellow Chartreuse, Luxardo Maraschino, fresh lime juice, Sel Gris (which is a coarse granular sea salt), egg white for a little frothiness and Naga Chilli Bitters (made with the


world’s hottest chili.; one drop is plenty as these bitters probably tip the scale at around 250,000 Scoville units). So to say this drink has a slight kick is an understatement, however it still works. Not overly spicy but well balanced. The rim is coated in Japanese chili flakes. The very inventive cocktail was created by a chef who knows what’s up not only in the kitchen but behind the bar.

The Bellows delivers a drinking experience that is hard to find in North County. As a matter of fact, impossible to find in North County. Drinks done well, that’s it. It’s just a matter of time until word gets out that these guys are doing what the others are doing Downtown, in North Park and in the Gaslamp but better. Nothing is pre-made. No cocktails on tap. Everything’s made to order with passion, creativity and pride. You can taste it; no, seriously, you can ask for extra passion if you want, make it a double! To boot, these are some great guys. Go see em’! The Bellows is open Tuesdays through Sundays. SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 45




SPECIALS SOCIAL HOUR 3-6 p.m. Monday-Friday (ALL night Mondays) $5 draft beers $6 wines $2 off craft cocktails $10 flatbreads Salads, sides, and Union favorites all priced to make your pocket feel happy and your mouth feel happier UNION AFTER HOURS 10 p.m.-close Sunday-Thursday $5 beers $5 house wines $10 flatbreads

When you roll into Union Kitchen & Tap, you are greeted by a large casual lounge with high tables right in front of their large bar. Then you realize that there are two more dining areas. The Dart Room left of the bar offers a cozy casual dining experience, and the Oak Room on the opposite side is quieter, which accents all your finedining needs. The reclaimed wood accents and modern furnishings really make this gem stand out. The warehouse style bar that opens up to the streets really provides a unique industrial appeal. 46 4L MAGAZINE | SEPT/OCT 2015

UNCORKED WEDNESDAY Half off ALL bottles of wine ALL DAY WEEKEND WARM UP 6 p.m.-close every Thursday $5 mules & beers CELLAR LIST SUNDAY 5-10 p.m. every Sunday Half off all cellar wine

WHAT WE ATE & DRANK 01 Beef Belly Sliders

(Smoked beef belly, sweet onion slaw, KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, served with Kennebec frites)

What’s beef belly? Take pork belly minus all of the fat but without losing any of the flavor. Next time somebody asks you what’s your beef? Say it’s belly sir, beef belly. They say don’t mess with Texas but with these bad boys you’re definitely going to get messy with Texas. The juicy smoked shredded meat with the barbecue sauce and a gob of slaw on top will leave a stained smile on your face.

Paired with: End of Days (Montelobos Mezcal, mango, ancho chili) Me likey a little Mex anytime I’m having a little Tex. In walks the end of days. The smokey mescal goes perfectly with the smokey beef belly. Mex and Tex, I can’t quit you! 02 Prosciutto Flatbread

(Farm egg, prosciutto, Burrata, rocket)

I first figured out the wonders of a fresh egg when my friend was raising chickens. I first thought something was wrong because the yolk was so colorful, bubbly and buttery. Then I found out that that’s how nature intended for it to look and taste. You’ll find those great buttery yolks without the whites all over this flatbread. When the yolks break and you bite in, it smoothes out the delicious savoriness of the prosciutto. Paired with: Pacific Classic

(Nolet’s, cucumber, lemon, salt, black pepper)

This light peppery drink cleanses your palate while diving into the uber richness of the Prosciutto Flatbread. It’s like eating ginger between sushi bites. It cleans it so the next bite is another flavor explosion.

Cheese Board

(spiced pecans, grain mustard, stone fruit chutney, burned honey, honey maple syrup)

It’s a rotating selection of cheeses by chef’s choice as well as housemade candied pecans, Peruvian sweet hot peppers, dried fig, apple and crustinis. Today, it came with Sage Derby, Humboldt Fog and Manchego. This plate covers every taste bud. I feel like I am fine dining in a great casual atmosphere. The tangy peppers with a hint of spice goes super smooth against honey maple syrup with the Manchego. It’s like you can create a different taste with every bite you put together. It brings all the senses together. Paired with: White Sangria

(Don Julio Reposado, cilantro, raspberry, lemon)

Cilantro in a drink? Yes! It helps enhance all of the flavors of the cheese board. Just like the cheese board, the drink has a little bit of everything. Plus, they use Don Julio, DON JULIO!



03 Wagyu Steak Frites

(Wagyu sirloin, chimichurri, Kennebec frites, A-1 Aioli)

This sirloin tastes more like a filet. The fact that it’s Wagyu, it takes every cut and takes it to the next level. It doesn’t need a bit of sauce but then you slide it across the chimichurri sauce and it’s just pure love. It doesn’t stop there. The Kennebec frites are covered in an A-1 Aioli. What? I am the self proclaimed king of sauce and I’ve never even thought of this combination. I love anything mayo based so I’m definitely a fan. If you want to impress your date or just your own mouth, this is definitely the way to go. Paired with: The Beufort (Dickel Barrel Reserve, apricot, sage) When you’re sitting down to enjoy a great adult meal, what do you turn to? A great adult beverage. Everyone loves a great burger with a great beer. Now enjoy an excellent meal with an excellent cocktail. You’re all grown up now!



SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 47


having a little fun


Social hour at the Union Kitchen & Tap will have you rubbing elbows with an eclectic group of locals and people from beyond. This joint has something for everyone so whomever you are or whatever you like, you will fit in and enjoy yourself with good food, good drinks and good company.

UNION KITCHEN & TAP | 1108 S. Coast Hwy. 101 | Neighborhood: Encinitas | 
(760) 230-2337 |


Happy Hour

Cocktail & Wine Specials • $1off All Beer $2 Off Appetizers and Flatbread Pizza $1off Tacos and Dini Dogs Mon. 4pm-close • Tues. 4pm-9:30pm Wed. 11:30am-7pm • Thurs. 4pm-7pm • Fri. 4pm- 7pm

$6 Meal Wednesdays Wednesday 11:30am - 7:00pm

Chicken House Salad Wrap • Fish And Chips, Half Sandwich • Chicken Enchiladas • Two Tacos + DRINK SPECIALS: BLOODY MARYS, MARGARITAS, COCKTAILS AND MORE

3290 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad • 760.434.6000

Intimates Collection

tab custom design

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It’s official, I’ve completely made the transition to East County San Diego and outside a slightly longer drive into work, not much has changed. My commitment to discover all the East County craft beer scene has to offer continues! One brewery in particular just happened to catch my eye while I was making the early morning grind on the 8 West: a black and red Quonset hut, set just of the freeway in a La Mesa industrial park. I knew from the striking red and white logo with the thunderbolt in the middle, this was the new home of Bolt Brewing. There’s a lot of history around San Diego’s craft brewing scene and it’s often overlooked that one of San Diego’s very first craft breweries didn’t start within the city limits, but the town of Fallbrook. The year was 1987 and the brewery was the original Bolt Brewery. At that point in time

the craft brewing scene was in its infancy, the beer drinking population still had to be educated on why they should pay $2.50 for a craft beer when they could drink any other swill for just $1.75. La Mesa native Clint Stromberg looks back on those times with happy memories: “Back then, basically every craft beer you brewed had to be sold to the consumer.” Clint was there on the frontline with the original Bolt team. The genesis of Bolt Brewing doesn’t necessarily begin in Fallbrook where the original brewery stood, but in La Mesa. In an apartment on University Avenue just a stone’s throw away from where the new Bolt Brewing now stands, both Clint and original Bolt head brewer Paul Holborn started home brewing together in 1986. It wasn’t long after that Paul heard of a failing brewery attempting to open in Fallbrook.

He purchased the entire brewery from owner Clay Ferguson and Bolt Brewing began. Why Bolt? “Take it for what it is,” Clint answered. “It’s a name without borders.” The original Bolt Brewing lasted a glorious two years. After that Clint got into the brewery equipment business and became part of the development team at Mission Brewery Plaza, where he helped install a brewhouse in 1990 that he would come back to brew at in 1995 under the brewery name Five Points. While he was in the equipment business Clint got a chance to travel the world working in Hungary, Taiwan and China. Strangely enough while working in Budapest, Clint built a brewhouse that would follow him around until it eventually became the beautiful copper beauty to see

BOLT BREWERY | 8179 Center St., La Mesa | Neighborhood: East County | (619) 303-7837 |


at Bolt Brewing today. He built it in 1995 for Long Island Brewing. After three years of operation, it was sold at auction to a guy in Virginia, where it sat in a barn for five years before being sold to Backstreet Brewing in La Quinta. In January of 2014, when Clint was looking for equipment to build the new Bolt Brewing, he got a call from Backstreet asking if he was interested and—BOOM!—19 years after he first built it, brewer and brewhouse have been reunited. Now the new Bolt Brewing stands as a hidden oasis in La Mesa, cranking out some of the best beer San Diego has to offer. The former junkyard at 8179 Center St. is now home to open space for all craft beer lovers and fledglings alike. It’s a space hand built and designed by Clint and business partner Tony Calafato, where they host food trucks, live music and, of course, lots and lots of beer. What’s next for Bolt? How about a new tasting room in Little Italy, right off India and Grape, with all the delicious beers Bolt has to offer plus a restaurant?! So, it doesn’t matter if you live in the east or the west of San Diego, we all can enjoy a little San Diego heritage in every Bolt beer. [ CONTINUED ]

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 51




PILS 5.00% ABV 30 IBU Style: Pilsner Appearance: Yellow with a foamy, white head Aroma: Clean, crisp Taste: Slight malt body, clean and crisp, very easy drinking, VERY sessionable. MANGO ME CRAZY 5.20% ABV 20 IBU Style: Ale with mango Appearance: Golden yellow with a thin white head Aroma: Subtle, fruity nose Taste: Smooth and subtly sweet, not at all cloying or overly fruity, with a clean finish. CITRA PALE ALE 5.90% ABV 47 IBU Style: Pale ale Appearance: Beautiful golden colors with a gentle white head Aroma: Mmmm … citra hops Taste: Clean malt body balanced with just the right amount of citra hops. I think I’ll have another, thank you! EIGHTY-SEVEN IPA 7.60% ABV 88 IBU Style: IPA Appearance: Gold with a foamy, white head Aroma: Delicious cascade hop Taste: Floral hops out the gate, held up with a significant malt body and clean and bitter finish. ITTY BITTER NITRO ENGLISH PALE 4.40% ABV 46 IBU Style: ESB Appearance: Amber with a dense foamy head Aroma: Clean with a subtle English hop aroma Taste: This is the way to enjoy this beer … on nitro! Smooth sipping, clean with a delicious malt body and a dry finish.




Open at 9am on Saturdays & Sundays for your viewing pleasure.

COME PLAY IN OUR BACKYARD! brunch . lunch . dinner . late night entertainment creative american fare . live music . craft cocktails


858.581.233 M @PB_AleHouse

832 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109 MC Backyard_PB





ORIGIN: I’m from Jamaica … hee-hee, just kidding, I’m from Los Angeles. I came down here to go to SDSU and now I’m in graduate school. CREDENTIALS: I used to work at little local bars in PB but now I’m working at Pillbox Tavern. SHIFTS: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday WORDS OF WISDOM: No matter how hard you work, you should play harder. SIGNATURE DRINK: Ciroc Peach and Sprite


(Stoli Blueberry Vodka, housemaid blueberry syrup, fresh lemon juice and ginger ale served on the rocks)

The real blueberries garnishing this drink make it that much better. I feel like the antioxidants are curing me from the night before and the Stoli Blueberry Vodka is preparing me for tonight! You’re my boy, Blue!


Lemon Gingertini

01 What is the funniest pick-up line you’ve ever heard? Megan: Somebody drew an explicit drawing of him and me and left his phone number at the bottom. Also, another time, a guy left a small tip on a big bill and told me to call him for the rest of the tip. … Errr … lame!

(Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh lemon juice, homemade ginger syrup and housemaid sweet and sour served up with a sugar rim)

This is a sweet and sour bomb-bay! Take your lemon drop and make it special by using premium gin and add a good enough sour to top off all of the sweet! Not Yo’ Momma’s Gin and Tonic

(Old Harbor Small Batch Gin, fresh muddled cucumber, lemon juice and housemaid habanero syrup shaken and topped off with a splash of tonic)

Yo’ mamma so phat, she drinks Not Yo’ Momma’s Gin and Tonic! Take the old classic angry man’s drink and add modern additions to make a cocktail that straightens out the mustachio of even the coolest hipster.

THE JOINT Whether you are coming in to have great libations from your favorite bartender Megan or in the mood for some good eats, Pillbox Tavern will not disappoint! They have a full bar, great beers on tap and fantastic coastal Americana cuisine. If you happen to miss Megan, don’t worry, Dreamy Mike Garcia will be there.


02 Would you rather date a corporate man or a surfer dude? Corporate man because I like a guy in a good suit! 03 What would be your perfect date night? A walk along the cliffs in La Jolla with a picnic. Something definitely outdoors. 04 Do you consider owner/operator Mike Garcia to be dreamy and why or why not? Look at those baby blues … errrrrr … I mean browns. 05 Why do you love Pillbox Tavern? I love the sense of community. The relationship we have with our co-workers and customers feels like a family.


117 W. Plaza Street Solana Beach (858) 436-7016 //





FEEDS 4-6 of your ultimate football fans




What time is it? It’s officially football season! I say “ALREADY!?!” But my crew over here says “FINALLY!!!” So, here we go again. Two of my three boys are playing in a football league and my husband is playing on an adult football team. Who’s jealous of me? I mean … Balls, balls, balls. Everywhere I turn. Practices, scrimmages, games … How are there enough days in a week to fit it all in? But instead of fighting it, I am going to grab them balls, run down the sideline and bust a little dance down in the end zone.


Because football season is serious fun around these parts. And one of the best things about football season is the tailgate parties! Beers, babes and BBQ! Well, that’s how we roll when we actually get to the stadium and get to watch the Chargers play. But that’s not how it’s going down for the most part. I’m sure though, for those of you pre-kids folks, that’s what tailgating looks like. A big fun bash at the football field parking lot with lots of drinks and friends and swear words and food you can take your time grilling and eating.

But for those of us who have crossed over to the dark side, those of us who have kids, our tailgate parties look slightly different. Instead of Chargers season tickets, we have season tickets to FNL games with our little ballers. Instead of coolers full of fancy IPAs and poppin’ bottles with models at Qualcomm, we are like undercover brothers, secretly sipping our beer and wine out of our “water bottles,” while we watch a bunch of adorable little people play flag football. We have to bring trillions of snacks for all the little brothers and sisters who have to sit through game after game on any given night.

That’s what a parent’s ultimate tailgating party looks like. But, at the end of the day, tailgating is awesome, anyway you do it, and just like anything else, it is what you make of it. So besides just having fabulous drinks and fabulous friends, we need the fabulous food. And that’s where I think tailgating can become more universal, regardless of whether you have kids or not. Whether you are going to the Chargers game or your son or daughter’s Friday Night Lights game, it’s how strong your game is when you bring on the food to your tailgate party.

So I thought it would be fun to make a gourmet version of a BLT sandwich. I figured those of us with seats at the 50yard line of FNL games can make them easily at home and bring them with for easy eating at the fields. And for those of us who actually have tickets to the stadium, you can bring these puppies pre-made; when you arrive at your tailgate party in the parking lot, you can then add on a grilled burger or a piece of grilled fish to it if you wanna join in the grilling festivities. Lots of choices you have when grilling up your favorite piece of meat to add to this


kicked up BLT. I’ve started with a classic, gave it a little update with local seasonal ingredients and the rest is up to you. Let’s see what your end game is, whether you want to leave it as it is or if you want to add something more to it and make it all your own. Either way, this will definitely up your chances of being a winner (in the food department, anyway) at your next tailgate party!

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Lay the bacon on a baking sheet and season with fresh cracked pepper. Roast the bacon until golden and cooked through, about 20 minutes.



ULTIMATE BLT 4-6 thick cut slices of pancetta (you can ask your deli person to slice the pancetta thick for you) About 3 lbs. of thick cut applewood smoked bacon, depending on how high and porky you want this bad boy 7-8 thick cut heirloom tomatoes, about 3/4-inch thick 1 large or 2 small heads butter lettuce 1 large loaf ciabatta bread Fresh cracked pepper


While your bacon is roasting, preheat a cast iron skillet or heavy bottom pan on medium high heat.


Lay your pancetta on your hot pan and sear until the fat renders out and it becomes crisp, about 5-10 minutes.


Watch it closely though because you don’t want the pancetta to burn.

**Pancetta is like bacon in that they are both made from pork belly. But the difference is that pancetta is not smoked like bacon is, so it has a cleaner taste. I thought it would be a fun twist to combine the two pork belly products to make this the mother of all BLTs!


Drain your bacon and pancetta on paper towels and set aside.

Add 1/2 cup of the rendered bacon fat from your baking sheet to a small pot along with 1 cup of a neutral flavored oil like grape seed oil, sunflower or canola oil.


This is what we are going to fry the leeks in for a little crispy onion action in our ultimate BLT. Yup, frying in bacon fat. This is ultimate people, I’m telling you.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 57




CRISPY FRIED LEEKS 2 large leeks, white and light green parts only 1/2 cup of your rendered bacon fat 1 cup neutral flavored oil like grapeseed or canola


Cut the leeks into 3-inch chunks and cut those chunks in half lengthwise.


You’re going to julienne each half by slicing each half along the length into very thin strips with a very sharp knife.

You will end up with super thin 3-inch strips of the leeks that will make for the perfect crispity crunchity topping. TIP: One very important step when dealing with leeks is to clean them

thoroughly. They tend to catch a lot of dirt in between all their layers, so after you slice them into little shreds, rinse them really well in cold water removing all the grit and using your fingers to separate each strand.

Your oil is ready when it’s shimmering and shivering, like an old lady on a cold winter day. Every stove is different so you need to play around with a few shreds of leeks to get just the right temperature. Check to make sure your oil is ready by adding a few shreds of leeks to the oil and fry it for about 15-30 seconds, until the shreds are just golden.

05 06

Transfer to a paper towel to dry and cool completely.


You need to taste them when they’ve slightly cooled to make sure they don’t taste burned.

You want them crispy and slightly golden brown. If they are still soggy when you take them out, you need to up the temperature of your oil by raising the heat a bit. If they taste anywhere near burned or if they come out too browned, you need to lower the heat on your pan or reduce your cooking time of the leeks in the hot oil. This is a labor of love but one that is well worth it at the end when these gorgeous crispy leeks top your sandwich.


Then drain them and dry them with a paper towel to remove all the moisture.

When you get your temp and timing right, fry the leeks in small batches and separate the shreds as you fry by stirring the leeks all around in the oil while they fry up.


When the leeks are dry, heat your bacon fat and oil on medium high heat. You want about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of oil in your pot.

Let them cool and drain on a paper towel and move on to making the avocado aioli.



ASSEMBLY TIME 01 Grab your ciabatta loaf and cut it in half lengthwise. If you want, you can toast it first.

(I prefer to make one giant loaf and then cut that into smaller sandwiches but if you want to make individual BLT’s, that would be great as well) 02 Slather on some of your avocado aioli on both sides. Don’t be shy now. This is mayjahhh flavaaaaa. 03 Cover the bottom half with butter lettuce.

*Always start with cleaned and dried lettuce to help prevent the bread from getting soggy from the tomatoes.


04 Put your heirloom tomatoes on top of that. Typically I would say to season the tomatoes with salt but for this recipe, the bacon is salty and the prosciutto is salty, so I skip it. But if you think you want more salt, go for the gold baby and salt away.

4 ripe avocados, shelled and deseeded

(I like to get all different colors of heirlooms so that the sandwich is bright and colorful and absolutely gorgeous.)

AVOCADO AIOLI 1 garlic clove 1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar

05 Add your pancetta and bacon on top of that.

1 teaspoon lemon juice 1/4-1/3 cup sour cream or greek yogurt 1/4 cup chopped flat leaf Italian parsley 1/4 cup fresh chopped basil 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon kosher salt

06 Add your crispy leeks on top. 07 F  inally, put a lid on it! Grab the top half of your loaf and place it over the top.

*Don’t forget that you can add some grilled salmon or grilled burgers on this as well, but my family likes it just like this! 08 Cut into 4-6 portions and enjoy!

Fresh cracked pepper

This is where the party’s at so come on over and get your tailgate on with this mother of all mothers: My Ultimate BLT!


Mash 3 of the avocados in a bowl and set aside.


Put the remaining avocado in a food processor with the rest of the ingredients and process until smooth.


Add the pureed mixture to the mashed avocados in the bowl and mix well with a spoon.

Taste for salt and pepper. TIP: Any leftover avocado aioli can be stored by putting saran wrap di-

rectly onto the surface of the aioli and put in the fridge for about three days.


My name is Lara Miller and I am a wife to a pretty cool San Diego dude and mama to three handsome little boys. Yes, I am a lone ranger in a pad full of testosterone. Here is my thing... I love to cook. I’m not a chef, but cooking is what makes the world turn for me. It’s like my therapy, and believe me… dealing with three boys on the daily requires some serious therapy! Instagram: ChickpeaKitchen / /

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What is pai gow? When you walk through a casino, you run into all the standard games like blackjack, poker, roulette, craps and more. When you stop to watch pai gow, it will probably confuse you. It’s next to the blackjack tables but looks more like poker with more bells and whistles. Well, you’re right: pai gow is a poker derivative. It seems complicated like craps but it’s basically poker on steroids. If you know how to play and enjoy playing poker, pai gow will be right up your alley. There are way more ways to win and it yields great odds for you as a player. 60 4L MAGAZINE | SEPT/OCT 2015

STRUCTURE OF THE GAME Each player places his or her wager before the cards are dealt.

OBJECTIVE To have both of your hands rank higher than both hands of the designated “Banker.” Hands are played and ranked as traditional poker hands.

THE DECK The object of the game is the same as regular baccarat (i.e. to have the highest total point hand, the highest hand being a natural, two-card 9). All face value cards and 10 value cards have a point value of zero, and aces have a point value of 1. The card point values are summed, and the tens column of the total count is ignored.

The dealer then deals seven hands of seven cards each, face down in front of the tray. The dealer then places the “Action Button” on one of the seven hands. This determines the order in which the hands are given to the players. A “Dice Cup” containing three dice is shaken by the Banker to determine who receives the first hand (signified by the Action Button) and the order in which hands are played against the Banker’s hand. In pai gow, the Banker position is always 1, 8 or 15; numbers are clockwise. At this point, once the dice are dealt, no further wagers are permitted. Each player, including the Banker, is given seven cards according to the total indicated on the dice. The player then arranges these cards as two separate hands: a two card front hand and five card back hand. The five card back hand must be higher than the two card front hand. After all players have arranged their hands (set their hands), the hands are compared in comparison to the Banker’s hand. In order to win, the player’s two card hand must rank higher than the Banker’s two card hand and the player’s five card hand must rank higher than the Banker’s five card hand. Should one hand be EXACTLY the same as the Banker’s hand, it is called a “copy” and the Banker wins on that hand. If the player wins one hand (ranks higher) and loses the other hand (ranks lower) to the Banker, no money exchanges hands. This is considered a “push.”


When you arrive at Sycuan to play pai gow, find yourself a nice table that you’re comfortable with especially the limits. If you ever wonder what you’re supposed to do, the dealer will always be nice enough to help or play your cards the “house way.” This means they will play your hand for you by the standard the house uses every time. Since there are no consequences for individual play for the dealer like in blackjack, other players will never be upset with your individual play. Be respectful of the dealer and the other players but never forget to always have fun! Remember, tipping the dealer might not increase your odds of winning but it will definitely increase your odds of being a good person.

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Alternative Strategies’ reach crosses the border: Baja’s up-and-coming Valle de Guadalupe caught Lopez’s attention when he went for a weekend getaway and soon, the al fresco dining restaurants that flank the vineyards in this fertile valley were on the map as gourmet destinations for adventurous local and American foodies. It’s no surprise as these “campestre-style” venues are run by chefs who are definitely seasoned. Take Chef Steyn, for example, who prepares “comida delicioso” at his El Jardin de Adobe restaurant in the valle. This internationally acclaimed “Best Chef of Baja” is a native South African who demonstrates the essence of farm-to-table, enhanced with a touch of European influence and artful presentations of local delicacies such as grilled yellowtail served with fresh greens, tomatoes and snap peas and a perfectly plated foie gras topped with plump pomegranate segments.

Alternative Strategies Alternative Strategies Celebrates 15 years of “Spicing Up” Some of San Diego’s Hottest Restaurants and Bars


f you haven’t noticed, there’s a marketing and communications firm in San Diego that’s definitely turning up the heat. Alternative Strategies started as a two-person operation in 2000 and has grown like wildfire to a cast of 21 talented team members who are launching and helping maintain the success of scores of big players in San Diego’s burgeoning dining and drinking arena. President and owner William Lopez credits the core of his company’s growing success to the passion he seeks in each potential employee.


“I look for a sense of adventure, raw talent and outside-the-box thought patterns in every person I hire,” he says, “because the clients we represent expect something new as well as the ability to rise another level higher than what the competition is putting out there.” Presently, Alternative Strategies’ client list includes a smorgasbord of more than 50 local and international businesses, over 40 of which are related to the hospitality industry. Their impressive repertoire includes a diverse menu of globally acclaimed mixologists, Michelin-starred and executive chefs, celebrity owners and some of San Diego’s most award-winning venues.

Anyone who follows food trends recognizes the name Javier Plascencia as the culinary icon of Baja’s restaurant scene. Alternative Strategies just helped him launch Bracero Cocina de Raiz in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. “Bracero” evokes a celebration of the Mexican farm workers who heavily contributed to America’s legacy of agricultural success. Bracero is introducing unprecedented Latin flavors to San Diego, with homemade ceviches, tiraditos and mixologists who are taking craft cocktails to a whole new level. Other new San Diego restaurants “Alt Strat” has recently helped launch include Del Mar’s Café Cantata, The Fish Shop Encinitas location, “daring to be different” Breakfast Republic and PB’s own Backyard Kitchen + Tap. And bringing crowds back to restaurants and bars after they’ve been renovated is also on their platter, having successfully reopened Shore Club, Tavern at the Beach and PB Alehouse. Then there’s the historic Bandy Canyon Ranch, on the fringes of Escondido. This gem is redefining the term “getaway.” The nearby restaurant also responsible for its catering is Bellamy’s, which is run by fifth-generation French chef Patrick Ponsaty, one of only two executive chefs in San Diego. Chef Ponsaty is turning out impeccable, Frenchinfluenced California modern cuisine, sourced from his 31 years of extensive training in kitchens around the world. As part of their ongoing effort to stay involved and current (and also because they’re a lot of fun), Alt Strat has also taken part in top foodie events such as Bacon & Barrels, Taste of Point Loma, The San Diego Wine Show and Baja Culinary Festival.

In the precarious and oftentimes cutthroat hospitality industry, Alternative Strategies’ clients have trusted Lopez and his team of talented brand thinkers, digital strategists, designers, publicists, copywriters and developers to bring their businesses front-and-center and keep them at the forefront for the long term. Alt Strat has found creative ways to go above and beyond, adding “the sizzle” that’s resulting in continuous success for each business. Through customized media exposure, special event hosting and strong web presence, they provide each client with a full-course menu of marketing solutions. I asked William to share his favorites with 4L readers when it comes to dining, drinking and culinary adventuring, and they are: 01 M  y favorite bite: THE ROADSIDE AHI TUNA TOSTADO

(Romesco Mex Med Bistro in Bonita)

02 M  y go-to spot: WEST COAST TAVERN (North Park) 03 B  reakfast: FIG TREE CAFÉ

(Point Loma’s Liberty Station or Pacific Beach)

04 L  unch: BARRIO STAR (Bankers Hill) 05 T  ake out of town guests: TABLE NO. 10 06 S  ports bar: BARLEYMASH (Gaslamp) 07 N  ice night out worth the drive: EL JARDIN’S (Valle de Guadalupe, Baja) 08 Favorite cocktail: EL CHONCHO (Tavern at the Beach, Pacific Beach) 09 Carry out: LUNA GRILL

(Hillcrest, Carmel Valley, Mission Valley) 10 Dessert: TRILOGIE

(Le Parfait Paris, Downtown) 11 Fish taco: THE FISH SHOP

(Pacific Beach and Encinitas) 12 Pizza: GRILLED VEGETABLE FLATBREAD (Union Kitchen + Tap, Encinitas) 13 BBQ : BRAZEN BBQ (Hillcrest) 14 Burger: DUCK DIVE BURGER

(The Duck Dive, Pacific Beach)

15 Diner: BRIAN’S 24 (Downtown) After 15 years, Alternative Strategies has a lot to celebrate, but they take the most pride in their ability to perfect a unique recipe of success for every client on their plate.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 63





SAN DIEGO CONNECTION: I moved from the Inland Empire to San Diego 10 years ago and I never looked back. ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius by one day. ... I am on the cusp. PROFESSION: Bartender extraordinaire at the Compass and aspiring Realtor. I’m getting my real estate license and also want to be an accountant. HOBBIES: Cooking, I love to make homemade meals. I also love to play Scrabble and being with my friends. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Beach, riding bikes, hiking, walking my dog. I love yoga and the water. I will jump in the ocean at least five days a week. FAVORITE FOOD: Anything fresh. FAVORITE LIBATION: Wine, Champagne or bourbon and I’m happy




I’ve always been very athletic but I was also very shy. My parents were always my coaches and always there and very supportive. My brother is super athletic and smart and he paved the way.

I’m going to be a Realtor very soon. I’m very excited to move forward into my career. I want to sell you your first home!

I am a very peaceful person. So all I can think about is happiness for my friends, my family and building relationships for the future. I am also very passionate about animals.

SEE JESS AT THE COMPASS 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite 202 | Carlsbad | (760) 434-1900

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 65




Oft referred to as the “Pink Palace,” The Beverly Hills Hotel is a legendary icon. Exuding timeless glamour, the property is surrounded by 12 acres of lush gardens and exotic flowers in the heart of Beverly Hills. With more than 200 rooms and suites, including 23 one-of-a-kind bungalows, it’s the kind of place where you can check-in and never leave the property. Some suites even have their own private garden patios and kitchens, so you can settle in and pretend those gorgeous views of the palm-lined avenues of Beverly Hills are yours to keep.




01 The Beverly Hills Hotel Lobby 01

02 Exterior Architecture 03 The Fountain Coffee Room 04 Bungalow Gardens 05 Spa Treatment Room 06 Poolside at The Beverl Hills Hotel

AFTERNOONS Spend the entire afternoon hanging by the palm-tree lined pool, enjoying refreshing poolside mini ice-cream sundaes and mojito pop treats. One of the most romantic spots in L.A. to dine alfresco, the recently refreshed Cabana Cafe serves breakfast all day, fresh salads, wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and smoothies in a casual-chic poolside environment. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, they offer complimentary transportation within a five-mile radius of the hotel. They also have a car dedicated to visiting their sister property if you’re in the mood for Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air. And for all the high rollers, they can set you up with an exotic car rental if you want to cruise around in a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati. When in Beverly Hills ...

MORNINGS Journey to the bottom floor of the hotel to the cozy Fountain Coffee Room, a historical landmark that first opened in the 1940s. Grab some coffee and pastries and wander the property grounds, exploring the lush greenery through the winding pathways separating the private bungalows steeped in Hollywood history. Elizabeth Taylor honeymooned with six of her eight husbands here and Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich were also frequent guests. Then, book yourself into the Spa by La Prairie on the Promenade level of the hotel. Their unique cellular facials and therapeutic massages make for a restorative oasis to help you de-stress, rejuvenate and pamper yourself with age-defying science and skincare expertise.



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room for children at 50 percent off, a complimentary bottle of house Champagne for parents, and kids amenities for the children, a Kids V-VIP Beverly Hills Hotel card that can be redeemed for complimentary sodas and juices throughout the hotel, a family photo in front of celebrity step and repeat and a waived pet fee for up to two dogs.

A lovely dinner 01 Bar Nineteen12 can be had at Bar 02 Polo Lounge Nineteen12, the on-property restau03 Premier Suite rant that offers two 04 Premier Suite distinct settings: Patio an indoor bar and a beautiful terrace overlooking the pool and towering palms on the street. Nearby, Il Cielo, Matsuhisa, The Belvedere at The Peninsula and Spago are all great choices for a romantic dinner out. If the kids are in tow, the hotel offers the V-VIP program for all visiting children, and among the special services offered in the program are babysitting and amenities like a teddy bear and chocolate chip cookies. If they’re under 12, they also receive their very own personal credit card that let’s them get hopped up on sugar with complimentary sodas, so leave them with the sitter and enjoy a date night. End with a nightcap at the hotel’s famous Polo Lounge, rubbing elbows with industry execs, enjoying the magic of a spot that has captivated Hollywood stars for more than 100 years.





Suite Experience A wonderful way to experience some of their new suites, this offer includes a daily breakfast credit for two, a $200 dining credit once per stay, a $100 La Prairie Spa credit once per stay and two La Prairie Spa gifts.



One-Night Rejuvenation Created especially for customers who only have time to get away for one night, the One-Night Rejuvenation package includes a $95 breakfast credit for two, a 60 Minute Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Facial, a Prairie Spa Gift and a $200 dining credit to be used anywhere on property.

Family Time Super kid-friendly, treat the kids to an indulgent weekend with you! The Family Time offer includes daily breakfast credit of $150 per family, a second connecting/adjoining

Getting There The Beverly Hills Hotel is located in the center of Beverly Hills, just off of Sunset Boulevard. From San Diego, it’s around a two-hour drive, depending on traffic. When to Go Try to avoid Friday traffic if you can and spend as much time as you can on property, relaxing away from the chaos that L.A. can sometimes bring. Book It Reservations can be made online at

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Google OnHub Router Price: $199

According to presenters: Smooth streaming and

speedy downloads and an innovative antenna design and smart software work together to constantly optimize your connection and speaks in a language you can understand. OnHub communicates through the Google On App that makes setup quick. If there’s ever an issue with your Wi-Fi, it offers simple solutions to help and with Google, it just keeps getting better. OnHub is designed to support a growing number of smart devices, and automatic updates mean you’ll always have the latest new features and security upgrades and plenty of bandwidth when you need it. If you’re watching a movie marathon or uploading an important file on your laptop, you can prioritize that device for the fastest Wi-Fi speed when it matters most. 4L Magazine’s take: As a person who often suffers through Sporadically Hesitant Infuriating Technology, I’d like to think Google is our friend in technology. And when I say Google, I can use that title interchangeably with SkyNet ... our future robot overlord. **We Bow To Your Bytes**

Spania GTA Spano (2013 model) Price: $725,000

Nebia Showerhead

Price: $249 According to presenters: Claiming a 70 percent water

savings, Nebia is unlike any shower you’ve ever experienced. Their H2MICRO technology atomizes water into millions of droplets to create 10 times more surface area than a regular shower. More water comes in contact with your body leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated. Nebia gives you the best of a steam room and an invigorating shower that revitalizes your skin and your soul. The warm and cozy embrace of water makes you feel clean, refreshed and ready to tackle your day head on. 4L Magazine’s take: Since California is quickly becoming the surface of the Sun and it’s currently 89 degrees in my room as I write this, I think saving some water and getting a misting shower could be a smart purchase. Plus, I’m sure you’d get a few tax incentives. Like not sending the Water Gestapo to your house to measure your sprinkler runoff as you try in vain to resuscitate your quickly dying front lawn.


According to presenters: After 20 years of top automobile motor sport,

Spania GTA decided to take one step forward and build a supersports car that combines all the automobile technology with perfect sportsmanship, elegance and exclusivity. As a sign of its exclusivity, only 99 models of this extraordinary super-sports car will be built to order and several world patents have been obtained... 4L Magazine’s take: Just like ‘90s TV character Jessie Spano (Saved by the Bell), this car has been known to (take) speed and associate with obnoxious douchebags. I’m looking at you, AC Slater.



Price: $13 According to presenters: Tacopedia is an encyclopedic tribute to the vibrancy

of Mexican taco culture. Explore one of Mexico’s most popular culinary traditions through 100 recipes accompanied by interviews, street and food photography, illustrations, graphics, and maps that bring the full story behind each taco to life. 4L Magazine’s take: According to the latest U.S. poll that never really took place and I’m creating out of thin air, San Diego is ground zero for all things taco. Proof you say? Sure, here’s a book about it. And not to worry folks, this book includes pictures.

Balloon Capsule Ride to the Edge of Earth Price: $75,000

According to presenters: At World View Enterprises Inc., they’re pioneering

a new frontier at the edge of space. Their vision is to take voyagers (be they private individuals or those traveling for research, educational or other scientific pursuits) on the journey of a lifetime. With their proprietary high-altitude balloons, World View offers an accessible, affordable way to access near space.... 4L Magazine’s take: I mentioned this to a friend, and his only comment was wanting to urinate on Earth from space. Yep, that’s just a small sampling of the creatively gifted people I’m choosing to surround myself with. (World View Enterprises could not be reached for comment on the rules for Space Peeing™.)

9.5 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle Price: $500 According to presenters: This is the remote

controlled bald eagle with a 9 1/2-foot wingspan that catches the wind for broad, soaring turns. It is powered by a gimbal-mounted engine and propeller that provide nimble, multi-directional vector movement which replicates the bird of prey’s agile turns and dives. The natural curvature of the nylon/polyester wings creates an airfoil that provides lift for the carbon fiber frame and wing struts. The transmitter controls the eagle up to 500 feet away; trim controls allow fine adjustment to left, right, up and down thrust of the propeller. Once basic soaring is mastered, it can also perform loops and with just the right touch of the throttle, it can even hover in-place against the wind. The included rechargeable lithium battery enables flights up to eight minutes and recharges easily from the included charger in 20 minutes; transmitter requires eight AA batteries. 4L Magazine’s take: ‘Murica. Like mom, apple pie and thinly veiled racism from an elderly relative at Thanksgiving. Why? Because we can.






Oceanside Pier Amphitheater

No shame in my game: I’m picking FM 94/9’s Indie Jam as my first “don’t miss” show of September not only because I work there, but because it’s going to be awesome; Indie Jams always are. The venue itself is pure San Diego, with its beachfront (like, it’s ON the beach) location, laid-back vibe and beautiful views that seem to put everyone in a better mood. Even the bands who play our shows there always comment on how awesome it is for them to get to play on the beach. One year, Peter from Peter Bjorn and John dove into the ocean right after their set and spent the rest of the show walking around with bare, sandy feet and a huge grin on his face. And this year’s lineup is super rad! Silversun Pickups will headline; they slayed at Street Scene a few years ago and have a new album due out on Sept. 25, so you know they’ll bust out some new music for us. Metric, who killed it at Indie Jam in 2009, are coming back and are going to blow minds with their radness. And Houndmouth (whose song “Sedona” has been stuck in my head all summer) are playing, along with Meg Myers, Civil Twilight, Bully and The New Regime, a band that features San Diegan (and Nine Inch Nails drummer) Ilan Rubin. Two stages, great music, beer, food and spending an afternoon at the beach without getting any sand in your buns? That’s my kind of party.



Observatory North Park

I’ll admit it: It took me a while to get into Future Islands. At the station we talk about “first listens,” as in, whether or not a song is good enough that you really like it after the first time you listen to it, and Future Islands was definitely NOT that band for me. But someone I love kept playing them for me and I’m so grateful for that, because now? I LOVE Future Islands. Sam Herring has the kind of compelling stage presence that feels pretty rare these days, and you can hear his passion in his voice in a way that feels simultaneously fragile and vigorous and thrilling. Sometimes their songs remind me of my favorite new wave bands from the ‘80s and sometimes they sound so modern and dynamic it makes my head spin. The 21+ show on the 23rd sold out quickly, but at press time there were still tickets available for the all-ages show on the 22nd: Get ‘em while you still can.

Sept. 12 4TH ANNUAL SAN DIEGO READER FEAST Broadway Pier Port Pavilion 1000 N. Harbor Drive San Diego 12 – 4 p.m. FM 94/9 wants you to follow your taste buds to Broadway Pier for the 4th Annual "Reader Feast!" Tasting Event. Enjoy food and drink tastings from dozens of the city's best neighborhood eateries, wineries, breweries, and food trucks as you look out over the scenic San Diego Bay. General Admission tickets include food and drink samples from all vendors and are valid from 1-4 p.m. Sept. 20 ENCINITAS OKTOBERFEST 2015 El Camino Real & Mountain Vista Drive 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Join FM 94/9 at the 20th Annual Encinitas Chamber of Commerce Oktoberfest! This event is completely FREE and fun for the entire family! The food and refreshment tent will be serving authentic German grub, plus beers from national and local breweries. There will be a family fun zone with children’s games, family-oriented activities and much more! Sept. 25 FM 94/9 COLLEGE INVASION TOUR STOP UCSD 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Knowledge is it's own reward... but winning stuff is cool too. Join UCSD as they host FM 94/9 for the 2015 College Invasion Tour! We'll be hitting campuses all around town with chances to win tickets, prizes, and hang out with the FM 94/9 Big Box Storage Street Team, all thanks to The Flash season premiere, Tuesday, October 6th at 8pm on San Diego 6-The CW.

SEPT. 25 8 P.M. ROYAL BLOOD House of Blues

Does the name Kyuss ring a bell? They were one of my favorite bands in the early ‘90s, and I loved them so hard. I loved all of that super thick, fuzzed out, heavy stuff, and while I liked the Melvins and thought Fu Manchu were pretty great, it was Kyuss that held the top spot in my heart. When they dissolved I was crushed, but every once in awhile another band will come along that satisfies my craving for the super heaviness and right now, Royal Blood is that band. They’re the kind of heavy that you can feel in your chest, and there’s only two of them! Their songs are melodic even when they’re chugging along in the deepest depths, which rules. Eardrums will rupture at this show, so be prepared. Pretty sure the entire FM 94/9 air staff is going to this one: We all love them that much. Horns up!

Sept. 26 2ND ANNUAL HOP HEADS & DREADS Harrah’s Resort SoCal The Events Center, Valley Center 3 – 7 p.m. Back by popular demand, Harrah’s Resort SoCal presents our 2nd Annual Craft Beer and Reggae Festival: Hop Heads and Dreads. Join us to taste some of the region’s finest craft beer, while jamming to live performances by The Expendables, Mike Love and more!

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The Smiths’ legendary front man captured the attention of a second sold out show at The Observatory in North Park on Aug. 21. The crowd’s demographic ranged from old souls in their mid twenties to men and women nearing 60. Age was not a determining factor. Morrissey’s long line of committed fans followed his every move across the stage on Friday night as he belted out “Kiss Me a Lot” and “One of Our Own.”


Steven Patrick Morrissey—born in 1959 and commonly known by his last name Morrissey or by his nickname “Moz”—is an English singer and lyricist. If you haven’t heard of him by now, then it’s safe to say you probably missed out on one of indie rock’s most influential musicians of all time.

As lead singer and lyricist for The Smiths, he rose to fame in the 1980s until the band’s dismantling in 1987, at which point Morrissey began a solo career. His first solo album, 1988’s Viva Hate, entered the UK albums chart at No. 1. It’s evident Morrissey has (for lack of a better term) aged like a fine wine with his well-established charisma and bellowing vocals. His voice was intact, and he kept pace throughout the entire performance, never once abandoning his long standing reputation as a “legend.” His well known passion for animal rights was upstaged by a flash of police brutality videos playing in the backdrop behind the band. At times, I found myself more focused on the videos rather than

Morrissey’s performance. Unlike so many upcoming artists, who consistently run rampant on their own egotistical, self-fulfilling pilgrimage to fame, success and money, Morrissey took us on a trip to the harsh reality of today’s violence and injustice. The videos were graphic and pointed to the abuse of the African American community by corrupt police officers. If we know anything, Morrissey has always been a man with something to say, something to stand for and has utilized his notoriety to bring awareness to millions across the world. It’s evident he’s got a lot more to sing about than just love. He’s looking for change and the hope is those who adore him will think hard about what they saw in those videos.

On a lighter note, two freespirited women in their midtwenties stood in front of me bursting into song at the ring of “The First of the Gang to Die,” a charming little classic that continues to inspire a fresh upcoming generation of Morrissey followers. As it has for the past decade, there is no denying this song still has its way with the romantics, pulling on the heartstrings of every person in the room. Closing out the performance, Morrissey took one final political jab at Donald Trump. If you were wondering how Morrissey feels about Trump’s latest antics, well I guess you could say he’d rather watch the man “eat glass” than run this country.

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ZZ TOP Humphrey’s By the Bay




Valley View Casino


JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS Valley View Casino Center


KAABOO FESTIVAL Del Mar Fairgrounds

09/12 3 P.M. INDEPENDENCE JAM 2015, Junior Seau Pier Amphitheatre, Oceanside 94.9 presents another killer lineup for this year’s indie jam festival! What better place to enjoy some of your favorite bands than beachside? Featuring the talented Silversun Pickups, Metric, Houndmouth, Meg Myers, Civil Twilight, Bully and The New Regime. 09/13 2 P.M. MAD DECENT BLOC PARTY, Petco Park Making a stop in the heart of downtown, the Mad Decent Bloc Party’s tour will make its mark on San Diego with an afternoon of jams and partying. Performers include 4B, Dillion Francis, Metro Bloomin, my personal favorite Major Lazer and many more. Fluxx holds the late night after party featuring the Mad Decent All Stars, with doors opening at 9 p.m. 09/13 7:30 P.M. ZZ TOP, Humphrey’s By the Bay The classic Southern boogie-blues rock band has a signature sound and image that is known worldwide. The guys really blew up the music scene in the late ‘70s with the hit “La Grange” gaining popularity through their home state of Texas. After four decades, ZZ Top remains the same with the original band members continuing to perform and record. 09/14 7:30 P.M. THE WHO FEATURING JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS,

Valley View Casino Center

The Who’s legacy lives on from the 1960s and into today. The band that brought British psychedelia to America is still holding it down and performing live, featuring Pete Townshend’s electric guitar guiding the way. Pairing nicely with The Who will be one of the most beloved bands around: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. They are sure to be bringing the rebellious, classic vibes to the stage and leaving you with an undying love for rock ‘n’ roll.

09/15 8 P.M. ZEDD, Valley View Casino Anton Zaslavski, now known as Zedd, is a German native who grew up surrounded by a musically influenced family. He has since dipped into the electronic side of music and in 2010 produced a remix to a Skrillex song that got his name noticed featuring his glitchy and bass heavy sound. 09/17 9 P.M. MEW, The North Park Theatre This band came together in their early teens with intentions of making it big. Since, Mew has produced a sound that is now known as space pop. Calm and collective vocals combined with quick changing guitar riffs and bass lines give them their distinct sound. Fans of the Pixies or Dinosaur Jr. will be quick to give these guys a chance on taking over their playlists. 09/18-20 KABOO FESTIVAL, Del Mar Fairgrounds This not so typical music fest is more than your average fiesta. Kaboo is combing all things loved into one event: live music, dancing, cuisine, crafty cocktails and contemporary art. There will be more than 100 music acts, featuring such big names as No Doubt, The Killers, Zac Brown Band, Foster the People, Spoon, The Roots and so many more. Well done Del Mar, well done.

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09/21 6 P.M. GLASS ANIMALS, Soma From Oxford to America, Glass Animals have made a ripple in the music scene. Their debut album was released in 2013 and hits “Black Mamba” and “Gooey” showed their kaleidoscope style of music and lyrics. The band has been together since the ripe age of 14 with a sound that adds a little pop to the psychedelic rock sound.


FOO FIGHTERS Sleep Train Amphitheatre

09/22-23 9 P.M. FUTURE ISLANDS, The Observatory North Park This new indie rock band is standout in a more ways than one. The band has a late ‘80s new wave sound with a raw and nearly dark vocalist, Samuel Herring, guiding the way. Their debut album Singles has taken notice with the hit “Seasons (waiting on you)” being played on repeat. 09/20 8 P.M. JUSTIN HAYWARD, Belly Up Tavern Best known as the former front man for the legendary Moody Blues, Justin Hayward helped lead the band to success over many years together with sensuous and calm vocals. There seems to be no slowing down for Justin as he has released solo albums over the years and is continuing his U.S. tour.


09/22 8 P.M. COCOROSIE, Belly Up Tavern Is it possible to be romantically eerie? This is how you could sum up the Casady sister’s duo CocoRosie. The offbeat, Joanna Newsom-styled vocals pair perfectly with magical electronic folk music, making their sound offbeat and intriguing to say the least. 09/24 8 P.M. THE LEMONHEADS, Belly Up Tavern The ‘90s alternative rock/ grunge scene was on the rise and The Lemonheads were smack dab in the middle of it. Their cover of the hit single “Mrs. Robinson” is what the guys are largely remembered for, bringing more edge to the classic song. These guys are the definition of what music fans loved about the ‘90s. 09/24 7 P.M. FOO FIGHTERS, Sleep Train Amphitheatre It’s been nearly 20 years since Dave Grohl founded Foo Fighters, gracing us with their rock ‘n’ roll presence. Last year, the band produced the miniseries Sonic Highways with their latest album accompanying as the soundtrack. It’s been great watching the band evolve over the years with the ability to still produce hits combining alluring melodies and rock ‘n’ roll.







The Observatory North Park

Belly Up Tavern

09/26 9 P.M. BERLIN, Belly Up Tavern It’s hard to think of ‘80s new wave without having Berlin come to mind. Don’t let the name fool you, the band was founded in Orange County back in 1978. Chart toppers “The Metro” and “Take My Breath Away” put Berlin on a mainstream spot and they have continued touring for their fans nationwide. 09/27 8 P.M. DEAD KENNEDYS, The Observatory North Park With a revolutionary punk rock sound, the Dead Kennedys were known for putting all things obscene on blast. In eight years the band made their mark gathering an enormous fan base. The guys are back on the road this year (without Jello Biafra, of course) with their fans sure to be up front and ready to experience it all again.



Belly Up Tavern 09/25 8 P.M. ROYAL BLOOD, The House of Blues The duo from Brighton combines a disarrayed garage rock with obvious influences from modern blues. These guys bring an arena-style sound, meant to be listened to at full volume. Mike and Ben have opened the door for a new kind of rock that the world has been waiting for. 09/26 8:30 P.M. SHANNON & THE CLAMS, The Casbah Shannon & the Clams are one of the most original bands on the independent music scene combining do-wop and psychedelic garage rock. Shannon Shaw’s classic and sweet voice pairs perfectly with the spotless 1950s inspired sound. Their style is hard to duplicate and the band has become known for their wild and electrifying live shows.

09/27 8 P.M. TOVE LO, The Observatory North Park The Swedish singer-songwriter blew up the charts with her hit “Habits (Stay High).” Rolling Stone claimed she is “Sweden’s darkest pop export” with her edgy, grunge influenced sound oozing into each of her pop hits. 10/01 8 P.M. PEACHES, Belly Up Tavern Oh la la! This woman truly knows how to make heads spin with her uber sexual lyrics and danceable electronic punk music. Over the years, Peaches has combined forces with artists such as Iggy Pop and Major Lazer. The ever-evolving musician continues her live performances on tour, bringing her tasteful style and sound to an eclectic fan base. 10/02 9 P.M. RATATAT, The Observatory North Park An electronic rock duo whose hit single “Seventeen Years” put them on the map in 2003, Ratatat brings an experimental sound, with songs that are completely instrumental and combine only strange and bazaar vocal excerpts before or after songs. These artists put on a semi-psychedelic show with arena-style music that will keep fans coming back to see them over and over again.

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Humphrey’s Outdoor Theatre

10/05 7 P.M. NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS, Belly Up Tavern Who doesn’t love a little Southern rock and blues? These American boys created the group back in 1996 and have since released multiple albums, even picking up a Grammy along the way. The Allstars never fail to lift your spirits with a little washboard complementing their new age bluesy ways.



10/06 7:30 P.M. GARBAGE, Humphrey’s Outdoor Theatre “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” is one of many hits Shirley and the guys released in the ‘90s, landing them in the center of the alternative music scene. Their debut album was a sudden smash, selling over four million copies.


Humphrey’s Outdoor Theatre 10/3 7 P.M. THIEVERY CORPORATION, Belly Up Tavern This DJ duo has created a genre and music style of their very own. They combine multiple styles such as acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical and down tempo electronica just to name a few. “Lebanese Blonde” appeared on the Garden State soundtrack resulting in a Grammy win. 10/04 8 P.M. CITIZEN COPE, The Observatory North Park Clarence Greenwood is a triple threat with his ability to produce, song write and perform. Citizen Cope has a sound that is easy on the ears with a soulful and harmonic consistency in all their songs with a small dash of hip-hop. Guaranteed to chill you with the laid-back beats similar to the works of Ben Harper or G-Love.


This Grateful Dead cover band got their name from the famous song “Dark Star.” What makes these guys different than your average cover band is that at each concert, the band re-creates a particular Grateful Dead show, playing the same songs, in the same order, with nearly the exact same instruments! Over the years, original members from the Grateful Dead have joined them for a night or so on stage, keeping the legacy alive.

10/09 7 P.M. GARDENS & VILLA, The Irenic The indie pop band from Santa Barbara knows exactly who they are and what sound they want. It’s obvious due to the fact that their debut self-titled album was recorded in a mere two weeks! Gardens & Villa has music lovers taking notice with their single “Orange Blossoms” popping up here and there on radio stations nationwide.




THE NEIGHBOURHOOD The House of Blues 10/14


10/10-11 CRSSDFEST, Waterfront Park Held at the breathtaking San Diego venue, CRSSDfest is bringing a wide variety of artists to light with three stages and two days. The festival is 21 and up, making this an environment for a more mature group of music lovers. This year’s killer lineup features The Flaming Lips, TV on the Radio, Bonobo, Jamie XX, Ben Klok and so many more! 10/13 7:30 P.M. ALT-J, Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre An Awesome Wave isn’t just the name of Alt-J’s debut album, it’s the ride this album takes you on from start to finish. The song “Fitzplease” is a great representation of the band’s sound, with a little electronic mixing with a dash of folk. Singer Joe Newman has an unmistakable voice that pairs perfectly with the alternative beats. 10/14 8 P.M. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE, Viejas Arena The ethereal Florence Welch’s extraordinary vocals and honest lyrics set fire in 2009 with the songs “Dog Days Are Over” and “Cosmic Love.” Their music can be described anywhere from indie rock to soulful with an enchanting vibe that each song emits. 10/15 7:30 P.M. HOZIER, Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre In 2013, “Take Me to Church” went viral online, spreading like wildfire with the intense music video that was created to address gay discrimination in Russia. Andrew-Hozier Byrne was raised with a blues musician as a father, heavily influencing his own career. Hozier has a powerful voice giving him a signature sound.

10/17 8 P.M. FIDLAR, The Observatory North Park These rock ‘n’ rollin’, skateboard party animals from Los Angeles do what they want and damn are they doing it well. Their debut album was chock full of party anthems like “Cheap Beer” or “40 oz. on Repeat” begging for a mosh pit or some good old fashioned stage diving. Now the guys are out on tour with the release of their new album Too. 10/17 8 P.M. OF MONSTERS AND MEN,

Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Claimed by Rolling Stone as “the new Arcade Fire,” Of Monsters and Men have yet to let us down. The band is straight out of Iceland and became what seemed to feel like an overnight international success. Their whimsical album is a must in any playlist for all music lovers alike.

10/18 8 P.M. BLACK LIPS, The Observatory North Park The Atlanta-based group has revived a disordered garage punk scene as one of the most up and coming bands in psychedelic rock. The album recordings sound like something from back in the ‘70s, giving their music a bit of a more raw and realness to it. The guys have become known for their gnarly and disorderly live shows, keeping the crowd pleased and wanting more. 10/19 9 P.M. HEARTLESS BASTARDS, Belly Up Tavern Patrick Carney of the Black Keys first took notice of the band at a small club, passing a demo to his record label at the time. The rest is history. Erika Wennerstrom’s fierce vocals lay perfectly on top of the band’s blend of blues and garage rock. The Restless Ones is the new album released this past June that stays true to their roots and satisfies the sound fans were craving.

10/14 9 P.M. TWIN SHADOW, Belly Up Tavern One of the masters of chill wave, George Lewis Jr. incorporates a little new wave and alternative dance style into his jams. He has mastered the art of performing incredible live shows that keep his audiences on their toes.

10/23 8 P.M. MAC DEMARCO, The Observatory North Park A self-described “jizz-jazz” artist, Mac DeMarco is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. What really sets him apart is the kind of contorted pop he produces. Last year, his album Salad Days got everyone talking about the kind of dreamy, lo-fi music that made his albums unusually flawless to the ears.

10/15 9 P.M. JOSE GONZALEZ, Belly Up Tavern The next time you are in the mood to mellow out and play some Bon Iver or Elliot Smith, try throwing on Vestiges & Claws, Jose’s newest album. It has that soft toned, alluring vibe that’s great for any time of day. Gonzalez’s new project is a collaboration with Swedish songwriters and German composers on the Goteburg String Theory.

10/27 7 P.M. THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, The House of Blues “Sweater Weather” became a near anthem for the year 2013. For a band that was created in 2011, their fame and success seemed to have happened almost overnight. The Neighbourhood is here to stay with their talent stretching far beyond just one hit.

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beauty airbrushing makeup effects

Make-up by Whitney Wood

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SEPT. 4-7

U.S. SAND SCULPTING CHALLENGE AND DIMENSIONAL ART EXPOSITION Wallet: $20 and under Locale: Downtown at the B Street Cruise Ship Terminal Pier


According to presenters:

U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge and Dimensional Art Exposition is an extravaganza for the whole family with master sand sculptors, entertainment, food and more. 4L Magazine’s take: Sandy Eggo’s finest SandArtisans™ show their finest displays of water and silicon. As fun as it sounds.

SEPT. 18-20

SAN DIEGO BAYFAIR Wallet: $20-$250 Locale: Mission Bay

According to presenters: San Diego Bayfair’s World Series of Powerboat

Racing, a family festival tradition for more than 40 years, speeds to the finish line. 4L Magazine’s take: The coolest way to go deaf at the beach.

SEPT. 30-OCT. 4

SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL 2015 Reading Theater and ArcLight Theater Wallet: Passes are $75-$500, but individual screening tickets are offered. Locale: Gaslamp and La Jolla

According to presenters: San Diego Film Festival features national and

international films, thought-provoking documentaries, short films and music videos, and amazing after-parties.

4L Magazine’s take: I think famed actor and writer (and former San Diegan) Adam Marcinowski might be in attendance, kissing autographs and signing babies. Feel free to hug him. He loves hugs.

SEPT. 5-7


Maritime Museum of San Diego Wallet: $5-$7 (cruises for an additional cost) Locale: Downtown

According to presenters: Celebrate the largest Tall Ship Festival on the

West Coast over Labor Day weekend with live entertainment, cannon battles and 100+ food, art and craft vendors.

4L Magazine’s take: I’m going for the cannon battles and staying for arts and craps.

SEPT. 3-6


Petco Park Wallet: Check website for seat pricing. Locale: Downtown According to presenters: Catch the San Diego Padres take on the Los Angeles

Dodgers at Petco Park!

4L Magazine’s take: Are the Padres still in San Diego? I think LA ate the Padres along with the Chargers. The new official name is The San Angeles Brown Lawns. Too soon? SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 85



HORRIBLE IMAGININGS FILM FESTIVAL Museum of Photographic Arts Wallet: $10-$80 Locale: Downtown

According to presenters: San Diego’s Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

promotes and spotlights exemplary new artistic voices in what is commonly known as the horror genre. 4L Magazine’s take: I’m not sure what this is, but I’d really love to check this out. I’m actually a huge horror movie fan. Unfortunately, I have to go to horror movies by myself because my wife has personally vetoed seeing those flicks with me after I might have told her Paranormal Activity was a documentary that took place in Carlsbad.

SEPT. 12

SEPT. 3-5


The American Comedy Company

Wallet: $35 Locale: Gaslamp

Craig Robinson, born and raised in Chicago, is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and singer. According to presenters:

4L Magazine’s take: In reading for some reason, I learned Robinson was arrested in the Bahamas in 2013 for the possession of marijuana. I also learned Craig is worth around $6 million. I’m not sure why I now know this information, but now you do too.

WATER WARRIOR AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Wallet: $10-$120 Locale: Oceanside

According to presenters: Our Marine Corps Water Warrior

Amphibious Assault includes stand up and prone paddleboard races, outrigger canoe and surf-ski race, and an open water swim. 4L Magazine’s take: Come out and see just how out of shape you are, but while swimming. Bring your floaties.

SEPT. 12

2ND ANNUAL CARLSBAD BREWFEST Holiday Park Wallet: $10-$45 Locale: Carlsbad

According to presenters: Carlsbad Brewfest celebrates craft beer

with tastings from more than 30 San Diego and national breweries, music, entertainment, games and food vendors. 4L Magazine’s take: I always encourage people to visit Carlsbad. I live there and my property value depends on it. I thank you in advance.

SEPT. 18-20


TASTE OF DOWNTOWN Moonlight Beach Wallet: $30-$35 Locale: Downtown

According to presenters: During Taste of Downtown, enjoy tantalizing tastes

from more than 50 Restaurants located throughout the Gaslamp, East Village and other neighborhoods! 4L Magazine’s take: San Diego is a great food town, and this is a fantastic way to explore the fine culinary tradition that doesn’t include fish tacos and California burritos. 86 4L MAGAZINE | SEPT/OCT 2015

Wallet: $280-$2,500 Locale: Del Mar Racetrack

According to presenters: The KAABOO Festival includes more than

100 musical acts on seven stages with internationally known headliners, established favorites and emerging artists. 4L Magazine’s take: At first, I confused KAABOO with the Star Wars planet Naboo and then I saw the price and wondered who would pay $2,500 to watch bands play. What does that buy you? Do you actually get to play onstage? Or maybe you get a foot massage from one of the headliners?

SEPT. 18

SEPT. 26-27

Broadway Pier Wallet: $40-$50 Locale: Downtown

Ski Beach Wallet: Free Locale: Mission Bay


According to presenters: San Diego Festival of Beer is a fun-filled evening with

beer lovers like yourself enjoying the sounds of live music while sampling from 100+ breweries.

4L Magazine’s take: Be responsible and enjoy some of the finest beers in America’s Finest City. Or be a loud, obnoxious jerk and probably go to jail, lose your job and be the black sheep of your increasingly distant family. Your choice.


According to presenters: Pacific Islander Festival showcases the

cultures and customs of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia with entertainment, food, music and specialty crafts. 4L Magazine’s take: Some of the most kind, welcoming people who will feed you to within inches of your life.

SEPT. 26

SEPT. 26-27

San Diego Zoo Wallet: $95-$350 Locale: Downtown

Adams Avenue Wallet: Free; Craft Beer Test, $20 Locale: Normal Heights

According to presenters: Help support San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife

According to presenters: Adams Avenue Street Fair is SoCal’s largest free

4L Magazine’s take: Special Note: You will not be silently bidding on animals.

4L Magazine’s take: Also, in conjunction with the street fair, I will be sponsoring “Hipsters In their Natural Habitat: A Viewing.”


Conservancy as you enjoy more than 150 food and beverage partners, listen to live music, meet animal ambassadors and bid on your favorite items in the silent auction.


two-day music festival held each year during the last weekend in September in the community of Normal Heights.

SEPT/OCT 2015 | Fully cultured, yet unshaven | 4L MAGAZINE 87 88 4L MAGAZINE | SEPT/OCT 2015

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