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In closing the book, Bill Wynne writes of Smoky and how she happened into his life: “One wonders, could this have been an angel in a foxhole—a buddy sent to teach me how to share her comical antics in a bigger task? That task being the sharing of her with others in a time when joy was scarce? Sometimes under stress it only takes a delightful moment of diversion [to steer away from]… mental disaster.”

the book, email me and I’ll explain what Wynne thinks happened that brought such an unusual dog to a war zone: This article appeared on the website,  During the summer, America Comes Alive publishes more stories about American dogs and other animals. Visit the website and sign up for “American Dogs” to receive the stores in your In Box. Or email Kate Kelly at

Smoky in a Helmet? As you’ll see from the photographs, the statues of Smoky that are part of the memorials to her, generally show Smoky in a helmet. This was not a “cute” pose; it was a practical one. Because of Smoky’s hair and the jungle climate, Wynne found that he needed to bathe her regularly to keep her pest-free. How best to bathe a four pound dog? Why in a helmet, of course! Yorkie Doodle Dandy I usually try to save my readers time by presenting to them a “story in a nutshell,” but in this case, I highly recommend that you read Wynne’s memoir, Yorkie Doodle Dandy: The Other Woman Was a Real Dog.  The book is a delight because the bond between man and dog is so tight. During the war, Bill frequently needs to hide Smoky from superiors as dogs were not an accepted part of the corps. His anxiety radiates—not for himself or his own safety–but with a fear that Smoky might be taken away from him. It is clear that this man and this dog are a true pair. If you read the book, you will also learn the possible solution to a mystery: How did a Yorkshire terrier, quite a special breed in the 1940s, find her way to a foxhole in New Guinea? But I don’t like to trick readers, so if you really don’t think you’ll read Fall 2017 63

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