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YOUR DOG Mike Robertson

I f you have visions of a pleasant camping experience; S’mores and snuggling with your sweetheart before the fire, while Fido keeps watch and gazes adoringly at the two of you, then you best start training. Nothing kills the mood more than a skunked-up dog or listening to him bark at every rustling leaf. I say this, because not only is it a mood killer for you, it can also destroy the evening for everyone within miles of you. This fact is especially true if you plan to pitch your tent in a public campground.

Puppy Needs to Mind His Manners! Your dog is a lot like a middle-school boy. He likes to get dirty. He’s loud, and he eats just about anything he can find. Then, of course, there is that peeing thing. Wherever, and whenever - what's the big deal? You’re roughing it. Right? Well, I find loud, obnoxious children a trial and the same goes for ill-behaved dogs. Like children, you have to train your animals to obey the rules. You can’t expect them to enter a new and exciting situation and control themselves unless you teach them self-discipline. So, how do you do that? First, YOU need to know the rules for proper canine camping behavior. Continued Next Page

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