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3. National Cat Day

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Get set to celebrate on October 29 with your favorite feline

4. Upper Valley Humane Society’s 11th Annual Benefit Auction

Mark your calendar for October 28th and A Night For Paws in Hanover

5. The Year of the Dog Share some screen time with your favorite dog as

Cable Access TV ushers in the Chinese New Year

6. Wag It Forward

Make plans to attend Vermont's largest dog festival this fall

7. Narcan For K-9 Units in Vermont, Staci DaSilva

On the job protection for Vermont State Police canine officers

8. The Dog House is Open for Business!

Check out the Upper Valley's newest doggie daycare and kennel

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10. Confronting Animal Cruelty, John Peaveler The Humane Society of the

United States' effort to shut down a New Hampshire puppy mill

12. Low Stress Ways to Get Your Very Feisty (Claws-Out) Cat to the Vet, Dr. Patty Khuly, VMD 13. The Clawful Truth, Ruthanne Johnson Learn the facts about declawing and kinder,

gentler solutions to the couch-versus-claws conflict

15. Here a Snip, There a Snip, Everywhere a VSNIP in Vermont! A look at the states low income spay and neutering program 17. MOOOve Over Cow’s Milk: Alternative Dairy Products Alleviate Cancer Symptoms and Keep Our Pets Healthy, Holly McClelland 19. Planting Fall Bulbs to Help Pollinators in the Springtime, Catherine Greenleaf Bring back the honeybees and butterflies, dump the toxic bulbs 20. Let's Talk Turkey Ever wonder why there are so many wild turkeys?

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22. What About Bob?, Scott Borthwick A look at the growing Bobcat population 24. Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For Your Dog?, Jennifer Driscoll 25. A Potentially Great Dog, Chet Womack

Why training is so important to you and your dog

26. Dogs and Children, Paula Bergeron

How to handle dogs around children, and children around dogs

28. Camping With Your Dog, Mike Robertson

What you should know BEFORE you go camping with your dog this fall

30. Back to School, Jessica Stewart Riley

A look at exciting careers in the equine industry thanks to Vermont Technical College

33. Matching Horse & Rider in Therapy, Sue Miller

The secret to a successful therapy horse

36. Fire Safety for Pets - October is National Fire Prevention Month

Be sure you and your pets are prepared

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