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A Potentially Great Dog Chet Womach


hear from a lot of clients how “out of control” their dog is. The sad part is, they think it’s just the way their dog is. They think it’s their dog’s personality. Truth is, that’s rarely the case.   Do you think those seeing eye dogs were born as obedient as they are when you see them actively working as adults with the blind? I don’t think so. Those dogs have had a MASSIVE amount of training.   “But they are bred for that kind of work” you say? Yeah, true... they have been bred for potential. But potential is just that... potential. It takes WORK to realize potential. To think otherwise, would be like saying Michael Jordan was born a great basketball player, and that it didn’t take work to realize his potential. Lots of things have potential. I happen to believe that darn near every living thing on this earth has FAR more potential than ever realized...   it’s just that very few individuals put the work needed, to realize their potential in life. One of the grandest things on this earth is an Oak tree, yet try to plant it in dry, sun scorched, neglected soil & it doesn’t even come close to its potential because the conditions were wrong. Your Dog is no different!   Did you know that a large percentage of the dogs you see doing service work for

the handicapped are actually rescued? Meaning someone gave up on that dog as a lost cause... not helping it realize its potential. All it took was for the right person to come along, who had a proven process for realizing a dog’s potential, and they implemented it. For one person, the dog wasn’t even worth keeping. But in the hands of an equipped person, the dog’s value is priceless.     The opportunity exists, to be taken by the hand and guided through the process of training a dog, to help your dog realize its full potential. To be put through the training that it takes to...   *  Calm them down.   *  Become less dog or stranger reactive.   *  Enjoy working and pleasing you.   *  Walking off leash around other dogs  ... and much, much more. Winter is just around the corner. This means more time inside with your family, friends AND your dog. Take the time this fall to assess your dog and their potential. If you feel there is still room for improvement, consider a professional trainer to unleash your dog’s full potential. Chet Womach is the owner of

Andy Taylor and Tanner in Claremont Photo by Steven Fitch

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4 Legs & a Tail Lebanon Fall 2017  
4 Legs & a Tail Lebanon Fall 2017