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A Hero Dog Who Saved a Couple from Burning Home Now Needs Help Herself


his winter, our friends at WMUR TV told you about a deaf dog who alerted her owners that their Barnstead, NH home was on fire. Now that dog needs help, after saving something else from the rubble of the burnt house. “How do you turn your back, literally, on a dog that just saved your life?” said Donna Gagnon.

Her home on Beauty Hill Road burned to the ground on Dec. 29. Gagnon says saving her 3-year-old border collie, Precious is not an option, it’s a duty. “We credit Precious more than you could ever imagine,” she said. The dog alerted her and her significant other that their home was on fire. “That dog came up, woke up all the other dogs, woke us up and, literally, she’s the reason we got out of the house, and I mean that. She is totally the reason we got out of the house,” Gagnon said. Now, Precious needs help herself. Gagnon said Precious made her way to the rubble of their home on their property and started digging. Gagnon’s significant other went to see what the dog was doing. “He found a kitten that debris must’ve moved and the kitten was trapped in that spot,” she said. Now, not only had their dog saved them but their kitten, too. But Precious also got severely injured in the process, skinning her leg on the debris.

She will require a lengthy stay at a Portsmouth animal hospital, skin grafts and lots of care with a price tag of $9,000 to $12,000. Now, a family who watched their home burn to the ground has a hero animal to save. “She’s beyond everything,” Gagnon said. If you’d like to help cover the cost of Precious’ surgery, you can send donations made out to Donna Gagnon, 491 Beauty Hill Road in Center Barnstead, NH 03225. Donations can also be made to a GoFundMe campaign set up for Precious. How to help: GoFundMe for Precious the Dog

Grooming Tool Gets Back to Basics D

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ander in dogs and cats can become a problem especially in multiple pet households, and while routine grooming reduces the amount of loose hair, regular grooming also cuts down on the amount of dander produced. Dander contains proteins that can cause allergic reactions and are all around us. They cling to our clothes and seem to maintain their strength for weeks so it makes sense to control the amount of dead hair that’s shed. Even those who don’t have allergies can be affected by a high build-up of debris in the air. Keeping your pet’s coat free of dander helps them too! By stimulating the skin and hair follicles you encourage regeneration of skin cells which will help prevent dry, itchy skin. Regular grooming will keep the coat in tiptop condition, especially for cats and dogs that shed continuously throughout the year. For pet owners who own dogs that produce a thick undercoat and invariably shed tumbleweeds of hair in the spring and fall, daily grooming is a must. Bring on the EquiGroomer! Originally designed as a grooming tool for horses, the EquiGroomer is also perfect for dogs, cats, even rabbits! It can be used on a wide variety of coat types and in each case will seek out the loose hair, dander, and debris from the coat quickly and gently which means that even the bony, prominent areas and fronts of legs can be groomed without any distress to the animal. Unlike most shedding tools that can tug on the fur or irritate the skin if too much force is used, the colorful wooden handle is easy to maneuver and, because your hand is directly above the blade, lets you know just how hard you are pressing. The EquiGroomer’s simple design feels warm and comfortable in the palm of your hand and the action is so similar to stroking that animals who are a little worried by large brushes and combs tolerate this much better. This useful little gadget will quickly become a favorite in your grooming bag and your pets will appreciate it too! Spring 2019