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The Miss-Lou project is only possible thanks to our volunteers and partners throughout the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. To find out how you can get involved, contact one of our extension offices. Southern University Tiffany Franklin

Alcorn State University Manola C. Erby

P.O Box 10010 Baton Rouge, LA 70813 (225) 771-2242

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Miss-LProject ou

1320 Seven Springs Road Raymond, MS 39154 601-857-0490

Mississippi State University Martha Jackson-Banks

Louisiana State University Tanya Giroir

1320 Seven Springs Road Raymond, MS 39154 (601) 857-2287


P.O. Box 25100 Baton Rouge, LA 70894 (225) 578-2196

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CONNECTING KIDS… and COMMUNITY A mulit-State Military Partnership Initiative

The Miss-Lou Project…


The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center has partnered with local 1862 and 1890 land grant universities in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi to provide educational after-school opportunities for military families. The project combines the resources of all four university partners to reach military youth in the communities where they live. By implementing a garden initiative, the partner institutions hope to reach military children who are affected by deployment. The staff at Southern University, Alcorn State University, Louisiana State University, and Mississippi State University are here to support military families by providing educational opportunities in a stable environment.

Louisiana and Mississippi are home to thousands of military families that serve in military guard and reserve units. Those families are not directly offered many of the support services that families on military installations are given.

connecting KIDS…

The Miss-Lou Project partners with 4-H extension offices across the collaborative states to bring out-of-school activities to military families through quality programming and a stable environment. This initiative uses gardening curricula as the educational component to reach and engage military youth and their parents, as well as community volunteers and partners. Through these programs, we can reach military families and personnel and connect them with the various resources that are available to them and their families. We also raise community awareness toward the needs of military families as we strive to support those that sacrifice to stand watch over our nation’s freedoms. The Miss-Lou team is committed to providing other youth development activities that bring military kids and their families outdoors and into their communities. These activities include: camps, cultural adventures, golf initiatives, leadership development, and much more!

The Miss Lou Project  
The Miss Lou Project  

A collaborative military partnership among four university cooperative extension services in Louisiana and Mississippi. The program uses gar...