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Our Mission Our mission is to provide strong national leadership to ensure quality 4-H programs across Canada. Delivering comprehensive, high-quality, youth-centred programs lies at the heart of 4-H Canada’s mission. 4-H Canada and its partners use the principles of positive youth development to guide everything we do.

Our Motto


from the President of the 4-H Canada Board of Directors, Chair of the Canadian 4-H Foundation, and 4-H Canada CEO

David Hovell, President, 4-H Canada Board of Directors

Brad Adams, Chair, Canadian 4-H Foundation

Shannon Benner, CEO, 4-H Canada

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BY DOING Our 4-H Pledge

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STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Impact on Youth Leadership Identity Resources

4 – H Canada Building 106, Central Experimental Farm 960 Carling Ave Building 106, Ottawa, ON K1A 0C6.

Phone: Toll-free: Fax:

613 – 759 – 1013 1-844 – 759 – 1013 613 – 759 – 1016

TABLE OF CONTENTS 4-H CANADA LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PILLARS 4-H programs are organized within four leadership development pillars

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PROVINCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 2017–2018 British Columbia Alberta Manitoba Saskatchewan Ontario Quebec AJRQ New Brunswick Nouveau Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland & Labrador

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4-H CANADA’S STRATEGIC PLAN 2018–2021 TO-DO LIST 2018-2019

MESSAGE from the President of the 4-H Canada Board of Directors, Chair of the Canadian 4-H Foundation, and 4-H Canada CEO

2017–2018 was a remarkable year! We’re incredibly proud of Canada’s 4-H members and their volunteer leaders, and acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact they are making in communities across the country. 2017–2018 was, among many other things, a year of “firsts.” The largest and perhaps most significant event of the year was July’s Global 4-H Network Summit in Ottawa. Hosted for the first time in Canada and made possible by several generous corporate partners, this was a formative, innovative, and meaningful shared learning experience that authentically engaged close to 600 youth delegates from around the world. The event provided 4-H leaders with renewed focus and energy and has given rise to several new “legacy” initiatives that 4-H Canada has already started to put in motion. The Summit was, quite simply, inspiring. In February 2018, the inaugural 4-H Leadership Awards Gala was held in Ottawa. More than 125 members, leaders, and 4-H staff gathered on the final evening of the 4-H Canada Leadership Summit to celebrate the value and potential of leadership. We also recognized 4-H’s Volunteer of the Year; inducted two deserving 4-H supporters Lyndon Carlson and Linda Porter with honourary memberships; and congratulated the four deserving recipients of our L.E.A.D. awards and scholarships – awarded to outstanding 4-H’ers who epitomize 4-H youth empowerment of leadership. February also included our first-ever provincial/national town hall meeting. This was an opportunity for provincial council presidents and foundation chairs to discuss matters advancing the 4-H movement in a collaborative way. This strategically important meeting renewed our commitment to increase communication and collaboration between governance partners. 2017–2018 was a year for renewal. In November, a new three-year strategic plan for 4-H Canada was adopted based on feedback from stakeholders. Staying true to our values, the title of our new plan is “Engaging Youth Leaders.” We are very enthusiastic about this new plan – its objectives, focus, and potential – and are looking forward to operationalizing it in the coming months. We continue to explore and adopt best practices in board governance. This year, new terms of reference were developed for the joint Board Development Committee and for the Youth Advisory Committee Mentor board member. These terms of reference will serve to strengthen the Board’s relationship with YAC, and we are grateful for the valuable contributions YAC members offer the 4-H Canada Board.



Joint committees with Council and Foundation board members have increased efficiency and strengthened teamwork. It is gratifying to report that all committees are actively engaged and are delivering on all their responsibilities. Looking ahead, we are committed to building a stronger risk management process ensuring safe and inclusive environments for members and leaders, and providing professional development opportunities to enhance board governance skills, at all levels, across the country. 4-H Canada is closing the fiscal year with a modest operational surplus. At the same time, we have grown the quality, accessibility, and variety of national programs. This is the direct result of a combination of grassroots efforts – Board members reaching out into their communities and sharing their passion for the best positive youth development organization in Canada – and from a concerted effort to nurture new partnerships and relationships with corporations and government agencies. We are grateful for the continuing support of our partners, donors, and members. Their generosity enables us to be the best positive youth development organization in Canada, offer diverse and high-quality programming, and secure long-term reach within the 4-H movement. We acknowledge the unwavering support of youth, volunteers, professionals, alumni, and supporters across Canada.

“While the pledge may differ from country to country, the essence of what this program represents remains universal by the symbols of head, heart, hands and health. Together, as we move forward, we have the power to make true and lasting change.”

The stories and images in this annual report not only highlight the year that was, but also reflect the energy and motivation of 4-H Canada as we enter a new fiscal year. Our optimism and pride are best characterized by the closing statement by youth at the Global 4-H Network Summit “While the pledge may differ from country to country, the essence of what this program represents remains universal by the symbols of head, heart, hands and health. Together, as we move forward, we have the power to make true and lasting change.”

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Adams, Chair, Canadian 4-H Foundation

Shannon Benner, CEO, 4-H Canada

3 ‘17–’18

David Hovell, President, 4-H Canada Board of Directors


Citizenship Congress

Club to Club Exchange

Going Global Exchanges

Proud to Bee a 4-H’er

U.S. National Conference

Leadership Summit

Pollinator gardens

Soil health training/kits

Careers on the Grow

4-H on the Farm

Most Popular Projects:

Show Your 4-H Colours

Beef (8,217)

Horse/Pony (3,533)

Dairy (2,109)


Find Your 4-H Wings

Healthy Living modules

Most Popular Projects:

Most Popular Projects:

Public Speaking (595)

Arts & Crafts (1,207)

Youth Leader (247)

Outdoor Living (594)

Community Involvement (212)

A Sporting Chance (551)

Proud to Bee a 4-H’er Proud to Bee a





4-H programs are organized within four leadership development pillars. Community Engagement & Communication

Science kits

Hands-on training for science champions

Steps to Inquiry cards and posters

Most Popular Projects: •

Veterinary (518)

Small Engines (497)

Welding (229)

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security This pillar builds on 4-H’s deep roots in rural agricultural communities, offering programs that help youth appreciate and learn about the food we eat and grow. Environment & Healthy Living Programs in this 4-H pillar offer opportunities for youth to discover how to be stewards of the environment, and to explore positive ways to stay healthy and active. Science & Technology Through our science and technology programming, youth can dive into hands-on, inquirybased projects and activities that spark their curiosity. 5 ‘17–’18

Science Fair

Programs in this pillar are designed to encourage youth to seek out ways to lend a hand, take action, and make a positive difference in the world around them.

National Stats

24,728 Members 60.3% Female 39.7% Male 7,662 Leaders 41,773 Projects 1,982 Clubs 54 New Clubs Member Demographic by area of residence

As of January 1, 2018


Members 2,328 Leaders 661 Clubs 139


Members 6,144 Leaders 2,059 Clubs 323


Members 2,959 Leaders 814 Clubs 168


Members 1,956 Leaders 768 Clubs 137


Members 6,190 Leaders 2,011 Clubs 1,046


Members Leaders Clubs

891 50 27


Members Leaders Clubs

429 51 13

Members Leaders Clubs

233 57 5

Members Leaders Clubs

567 161 24





51% Farm 32% Rural 17% Urban






Members 2,462 Leaders 762 Clubs 75


Members Leaders Clubs

519 268 20



Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security


The Environment & Healthy Living

By Leadership Development Pillar As at December 31, 2017 British Columbia


Science & Technology


Community Engagement &


General 4-H


















Total Projects: 2,124

Total Projects: 13,831

Total Projects: 4,265 Manitoba

















0% Total Projects: 701

Total Projects: 2,625

Total Projects: 10,032

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia














5% Total Projects: 1,475

Total Projects: 969

5% Total Projects: 4,617

Newfoundland & Labrador

17% 51% 3% 25% 3% Total Projects: 1,134



Using the principles of Positive Youth Development, 4-H Canada and its partners continue to create, organize, and deliver a wide variety of world-class programs focused on nurturing responsible, caring, and contributing young people. In 2017-2018 we continued to see growth and positive results in our programs in all strategic priority areas:

Impact on Youth

Leadership Excellence

• Identity • Resources




Strategic Objective: Increase our impact on youth by supporting the advancement and implementation of world-class 4-H positive youth development programs that have measurable impact

4-H Canada Science Fair


The 4-H Canada Science Fair engages 4-H members already interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and introduces STEM concepts to youth who have not yet had opportunities to explore them.

• Offer a national-level opportunity for members to spark science and cultivate curiosity

2017–2018 was the third year for our Science Fair, a three-phased competition open to 4-H members in grades 7 through 12. The 4-H Canada Science Fair is offered in partnership with Bayer Canada, NSERC, and Dalhousie University. From September to January, 4-H members from across Canada were invited to register and upload their projects. Following an initial virtual round of judging, 18 finalists were invited to the 4-H Canada Science Fair at the Dalhousie University Agricultural College in Truro, Nova Scotia in March 2018 to present their projects in person.

• Encourage inquiry-based learning, develop STEM-related skills, and challenge themselves • Expose members to STEM topics; increase interest in STEM-related education and careers

Projects topics ranged from analyzing the growth of microgreens to exploring a cost-effective method of extracting chitin and chitosan from lobsters. Five winners representing four projects were selected, and they moved on to the next and last level of competition at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Ottawa in May 2018.

Positive Youth Development: Impact Statement, 4-H Canada Science Fair

I am developing new skills and strengthening old ones.


I know how to plan ahead, make choices and prioritize.


I feel that my life has purpose and I am beginning to know what I want for my future.

“It was inspiring to witness the quality, curiosity, passion and energy that went into all 14 projects, and how these youth are approaching the challenges set before them.” Sesh Iyengar, Director, Regulatory Science for Bayer Canada, and 4-H Canada Science Fair judge.

9 ‘17–’18


Careers on the Grow Careers on the Grow is a career exploration program that encourages 4-H Canada members to think about their career options, develop skills, and gain hands-on work experience. The program provides opportunities for 4-H’ers to explore potential careers and tap into the training, experience, resources, and contacts that will help them make the transition from the classroom to the workplace. Careers on the Grow is offered in partnership with RBC Royal Bank. In 2017, five 4-H members aged 18-25 took part in Careers on the Grow placements at FoodShare in Toronto, Ontario and Tucson Village Farm in Tucson, Arizona. The Careers on the Grow Agri-Job Match board – a centralized, searchable site for employers and job seekers, launched in 2017 – is another initiative of the Careers on the Grow program.

Objectives • Build communication skills, including facilitation and delivery of agricultural education for youth • Gain valuable and meaningful handson work experience; grow professional networks • Gain a stronger sense of purpose and a greater sense of identity

Positive Youth Development: Impact Statement, Careers on the Grow WHAT YOUTH TOLD US

I am developing new skills and strengthening old ones.


I feel that my life has purpose and I am beginning to know what I want for my future.


There are opportunities for me to try things out myself, and learn from that experience.

“Each person I met shared so many different perspectives on this topic. This trip opened my eyes on new ways of thinking.”

Citizenship Congress 2017 4-H Canada’s Citizenship Congress gives 4-H members knowledge and insight about Canada and its government, people, and political systems. Youth delegates from across the country meet each year to take part in activities and develop skills related to civic engagement, governance, parliamentary procedures, public speaking, citizenship, and politics. 4-H Canada’s Citizenship Congress celebrated its 45th year in 2017, attracting 61 delegates from nine provinces. The focus for the event was Canada 150 and the theme was Canada: Past, Present, and Future.



Objectives • Identify and refine a sense of purpose, of belonging as a Canadian citizen; develop sense of role in home communities; explore Canadian values and identity • Develop leadership skills through group work, problem solving, communications, planning and decision-making, personal reflection • Master communication and debate skills, parliamentary procedure, research skills

Going Global Exchange Program The 4-H Canada Going Global Exchange program is a reciprocal international exchange program that supports 4-H youth in sharing and exchanging new and innovative practices in agriculture, helping them to learn about global food security issues from a local, communitybased perspective. In 2017, 4-H Canada partnered with six exchange countries: Taiwan, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Finland and the U.K. Twelve youth participated from Canada, experiencing life in their exchange country, and then hosting their exchange twins back home in their community.

“My host family taught me how to cook traditional Costa Rican food, right from picking the produce from their front yard.”

Objectives • Develop a sense of responsibility by helping youth expand their global perspective • Learn about global sustainable agriculture practices and issues related to food security • Explore personal values and contribute to making a positive impact in the world

Positive Youth Development: Impact Statement, Going Global Exchange Program

I feel better about accepting and taking personal responsibility for my actions

There are opportunities for me to try things out for myself, and learn from that experience



I feel more sure of my values and about acting on them/standing up for what I believe in

Positive Youth Development: Impact Statement, Citizenship Congress WHAT YOUTH TOLD US

I feel more sure of my values and about acting on them/ standing up for what I believe in.


I am developing new skills and strengthening old ones.


There are opportunities for me to try things out myself, and learn from that experience.

11 ‘17–’18


4-H Club to Club Exchanges 4-H Canada’s Club to Club Exchange is a reciprocal exchange program offered in partnership with Canadian Heritage. In groups of eight to ten delegates, members between the ages of 12 and 17 are twinned – paired together – with 4-H’ers from another province, allowing them to explore other regions within Canada and put their hometowns on display. A community service project is completed in each of the host communities as part of the program.

“My experience allowed me to Club to Club Exchange summer 2017 gain new skills like leadership and cooperation, and allowed CLUBS PROVINCES PARTICIPANTS CHAPERONES HOST FAMILIES me to have a unique trip that I would have not otherwise had the opportunity to go on.” “Travelling to a province on the other side of the country, which offered such a different and unique culture, atmosphere, location/landscape, and lifestyle helped me realize what a truly diverse country Canada is in many ways.”

280 28


54 231

U.S. National 4-H Conference This week-long conference is held each year in Washington, D.C. In March 2017, 10 Canadian delegates, along with more than 300 U.S. 4-H members, attended the entirely youth-led conference. Our delegates visited the Canadian Embassy in Washington, went to see iconic national monuments, and learned about U.S.-Canada trade relations. New in 2017-2018: The invitation to chaperone was extended to provincial offices as a professional development opportunity for their program staff. The Executive Director for 4-H Quebec attended this program.

“I really enjoyed our tour of Washington and visiting the Canadian embassy. It was neat to meet with the ambassador and his Agriculture attachés to discuss a variety of topics pertaining to agriculture.”




Strategic Objective: Support capacity building of 4-H volunteers and professional staff across the country, which will result in high-quality, skilled and engaged leadership

Together with our partners, we continued in 2017–2018 to offer a rich mix of programs and events that provided opportunities for 4-H volunteer leaders to network with peers, learn from mentors, and grow their leadership skills.

2017 Global 4-H Network Summit July 11 to July 14, 2017

Empowering Youth. Growing Global Citizens. The 2017 Global 4-H Network Summit provided an unprecedented opportunity for Canada to play a principal role in showcasing 4-H to a global audience. Coinciding with Canada’s sesquicentennial and held in Ottawa, the Summit provided an ideal backdrop to showcase the strength and depth of our youth leaders from across the country.

The summit increased my knowledge of 4-H around the world, positive youth development, community, sustainable agriculture and food security and so much more. I am proud to be part of the Global 4-H Movement and I will forever remember the lessons, memories and friendships I made.



4-H LEARNS: Building capacity, connecting global 4-H leaders

Leadership Summit 2018

4-H LEARNS is an online knowledge-sharing platform driven by an international network of 4-H professionals and volunteer leaders. Launched in July 2017 as a legacy piece from the Global 4-H Network Summit, 4-H LEARNS: • Provides information about 4-H and Positive Youth Development • Delivers training opportunities, resources, and tools • Is a platform for participants to network, share best practices, take part in discussion groups, and learn about 4-H around the world

4-H Leaders LEARN In 2017 we introduced the 4-H Leaders LEARN webinar series, a new training resource for volunteer leaders, 4-H staff, and senior 4-H youth. Through online, real-time training webinars, participants build upon their 4-H foundational knowledge, continue developing the necessary skills, and gain confidence to help them better support, mentor and empower today’s youth.

4-H LEARNS & Leaders • • • • •

4-H Canada’s Leadership Summit 2018 was held in Ottawa from February 7-10. More than 60 delegates enjoyed three days of networking, workshops, and informative sessions. The summit wrapped up with our first-ever Leadership Awards Gala, where we recognized our LEAD scholarship winners. Pictured l-r: Sara Kate Smith; Sadie-Jane Hickson; Evan Krebs; Thian Carman.

National Volunteer Leader of the Year Award

LEARN Webinar series, as of March 31, 2018 10 topics available 533 online profiles 33 countries/states/provinces 935 resources downloaded 153 club kits distributed including distribution to Kosovo and Senegal through 4- LEARNS

Hands-on Science The 4-H Canada Hands-on Science training program is an interactive leader development workshop. Hands-on Science gives leaders the tools to promote science opportunities to members, identify ways to highlight scientific ideas in 4-H clubs and programs, and develop a stronger foundation of the basics of scientific inquiry and process.

84 science champions trained as of March 31, 2018



Volunteer leaders are the lifeblood of the 4-H program. Each year, 4-H members have the opportunity to show their appreciation by nominating a deserving volunteer for the prestigious National 4-H Volunteer Leader of the Year award. This year, nominations were received from all provinces, and Norma Ansloos from Alberta was our winner.



Strategic Objective: Strengthen and align the 4-H brand across Canada. Define our role in Canada as leaders in positive youth development and maintain a relevant voice with today’s youth. $2.18 Million

We ramped up our communications efforts in 2017-2018 to better connect our stakeholders and partners with our events, initiatives and campaigns, and to showcase everyday activities at the club level. This year saw a significant rise in the amount of website views and an increase in traffic on all social media channels. The increase shows how our outreach efforts are strengthening engagement at all levels, and reflects a genuine, growing interest in what 4-H is doing across the country.

Facebook Likes March 2017 – 17,412 March 2018 –


Organic Facebook Impressions:

6.5 million

Twitter Followers March 2017 – 6,020 March 2018 –


Organic Twitter Impressions:

Instagram Organic Instagram Impressions:



Media Reach Total AVE Media Value:

$2.18 Million

(Advertising Value Equivalent in 2017) Total Combined Media Reach:

235.21 Million

(How many people have potentially seen or heard our message in 2017)



Canada 150 4-H Canada’s Canada 150 Signature Project was “Engaging Youth and Connecting Canadians,” a campaign to increase awareness of the values 4-H has been instilling in Canadian youth for more than a century. The Government of Canada provided funding for special Canada 150 projects. One of our key activities was to support more than 100 youth-run community celebrations that aimed to celebrate Canada’s agriculture roots while connecting new Canadians to rural and suburban communities. This was complemented by a national advertising and promotional campaign that included significant social media engagement, as well as the development of the PSA mentioned earlier. • Clubs engaged urban and new Canadian communities in conversations about food, agriculture, the environment, and youth leadership. • New 4-H Club Start-up Kits were developed as a resource for new club members and new club leaders joining 4-H. • Club Kits were distributed to hundreds of communities across the country where the 4-H program continues to grow and create a positive impact on youth and their families

Celebrating Canada 150 and the role of 4-H from coast to coast • • • • •

35,000+ volunteers contributed more than 14,500 volunteer hours to 100+ local events Close to 300,000 Canadians engaged through local Canada 150 events More than 20,000 of those engaged were youth who had never heard of 4-H More than 4,000 new Canadians Over 16,000 urban and suburban youth

“It is great to see initiatives like 4-H Canada that enable youth to develop strong leadership skills, which will help them contribute to making Canada a better place for generations to come.” Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage.



Provincial 4-H organizations contributed with enthusiasm, finding creative ways to celebrate and raise awareness of 4-H.

In 2017–2018, we continued to define our role in Canada as a strong and relevant voice within the hearts and minds of Canada’s future generations. Our communications and outreach efforts support us in building relationships across a growing and engaged network of stakeholders.

Public Service Announcement (PSA) In May 2017, 4-H Canada released a new public service announcement as the first activity of its Canada 150 campaign. Using vibrant and active cinematography, the 3-minute PSA video entitled “To Do List” features 4-H youth taking part in hands-on skill building activities—from growing food and cooking to STEM exploration and community service.

2 campaigns

Show Your 4-H Colours In November 2017, more than 32,000 4-H youth members, volunteer leaders, alumni, government leaders, and partners took our annual “Show your 4-H colours” campaign to new levels, finding creative and innovative ways to acknowledge 4-H. • People dug into their closets and wore green to show their 4-H pride. • Landmarks such as the Canada Place Sails of Light in Vancouver, the City Hall in Brandon, Manitoba, and the Charlottetown City Hall in Prince Edward Island were lit up in green. • New in 2017: A dedicated website and social media campaign provided 4-H’ers from around the world with a way to share their stories, photos and videos of what it means to be a member.

May 22 – July 9, 2017

December 21 – 31, 2017 Total Facebook impressions (English and French): 3,770,676

Total YouTube impressions (English and French): 690,969

Shown on Parliament Hill during Canada Day celebrations

Printed in National Post with 675,000 circulation Vancouver – going green in 2017!




Strategic Objective: Secure resources that enable us to excel in our work with youth as well as provide us with diversified and long-term reach within the 4-H movement

Acquiring the resources necessary to maintain excellence in programs and leadership development remains a primary strategic priority for 4-H in Canada.

4-H Canada Funding Opportunities

Our work at 4-H Canada is enhanced by partners and donors who have made a commitment to support Canadian youth. Together, we are developing and providing programs that allow young people to learn real-world skills that will prepare them for the challenges of today and tomorrow. In 2017–2018, we saw our financial support increase at both the individual and corporate levels.

Public sector grants and contributions Corporate partners

2015–2016 $1,749,912

2016–2017 $2,144,115

2017–2018 $2,464,603




Program registration fees




Marketing and retail




Membership and donations




Canadian 4-H Foundation grant









In 2017, we offered three funding opportunities. Growing Forward 2 4-H Canada Outreach Fund • 96 eligible applications for $10,000 total – a 24% increase in number of applications in 2017, compared to 2016

FCC 4-H Club Fund • 407 applications from clubs, districts and regions for the $107,000 that was available

4-H Connecting Canadians Fund, a Canada 150 Signature Event Fund

Sources of funding 4-H sources of funding

4-H Canada provides funding opportunities to 4-H clubs, districts, regions and provincial offices across Canada to support their 4-H programs and activities. The funding that we award supports not only the identity of the 4-H program, but also the dedicated leaders who deliver the program.

• 107 applications were awarded funding, for over $155,000 in awards to clubs, districts, regions and provinces across Canada to support their celebrations of 4-H and Canada’s 150th birthday. Type of funding




Support for provincial associations




Club support







Scholarship support to 4-H’ers

4-H Canada distribution of funds to provinces and regions Support for Provincial Associations

Club Support





























Scholarship support to 4-H’ers






Donations Every day, 4-H’ers across Canada are realizing their potential by discovering new interests, setting new goals, and helping to better their communities. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our donors. Donations to 4-H are directed to the Canadian 4-H Foundation, which was established in 1969. This support ensures the longevity and sustainability of 4-H in Canada.

Membership 4-H Canada’s members play an important role in providing sound oversight and guiding our strategic direction and leadership. Their support provides valuable perspective and funding to support our operations. In 2017–2018 we saw a 35% increase in membership with the addition of 4 new associate members and 5 new corporate members, and a resulting increase in membership revenues.

4-H Foundation • Total assets declined by 3% from the previous year-end to $3.49 million. • From a year ago, overall investment market conditions deteriorated, resulting in an unrealized portfolio loss of $170K at March 31, 2018. Further factoring in the expense of the $134K grant to Canadian 4-H Council, the Foundation reported a negative net income of $211K for the year. • Investment income from dividends and interest held firm at $116K comparted to $111K the previous year.




BRITISH COLUMBIA & ALBERTA A year of change and transition for 4-H B.C. Submitted by Aleda Welch

In November, the 4-H B.C. office moved to a new home. The new location is spacious, light and most importantly, on the ground level. 2017 saw the official name of B.C.’s Foundation change to 4-H British Columbia Foundation. This change takes the Foundation from the “best-kept secret” to the charitable organization of choice in the agriculture community. Many 4-H families had to contend with wildfires and other natural disasters this year. It was amazing and inspiring to see how everyone pulled together to ensure 4-H youth still had access to learning opportunities, including conferences, regional programs and achievement days. The Ministry of Agriculture Youth Development Team’s role is invaluable to the program, and we take this opportunity to recognize their commitment to 4-H.

4-H’ers at the Langley 4-H District awards, saying “thank you” to their community.




2017-2018: 6



Top 3 Projects 340 Beef 276 Cloverbuds 253 Sheep/Lamb

“4-H builds communities. 4-H brings us together. 4-H teaches us to be better people.”

The future of 4-H is bright!

4-H Alberta: 100 Years Strong Submitted by Diane McCann-Hiltz

2017 marked 4-H Alberta’s 100th anniversary. Starting in Olds with a swine club in 1917, 4-H has grown into Alberta’s premier youth leadership organization. Many different celebration events were held throughout the province, all culminating with the grandest of them all – 4-H Centennial Fever! From August 4 to 6, more than 500 past, present and future 4-Hers returned to the birthplace of the program to reminisce, reunite and, most importantly, celebrate the past century. For 100 years, 4-H has taught youth a lot about agriculture, TOTAL NUMBER leadership and OF CLUBS: 323 themselves. While NEW CLUBS STARTED 2017-2018: 13 Alberta 4-H continues to have strong agricultural Top 3 Projects roots, it has 4,164 Beef expanded to so 1,383 Horse/Pony much more. 859 Cloverbuds


MANITOBA & SASKATCHEWAN Food and fun in Manitoba Submitted by Clayton Robins

In 2017, 4-H Manitoba held its first-ever 4-H Food Challenge. Patterned after a similar event held in in the U.S., 4-H’ers from across the province participated at regional competitions in teams based on their ages, creating age-appropriate dishes from ingredients made known to them just prior to the start of each competition. These events were held in Manitoba Health-approved facilities so that event judges could sample the dishes. Winners advanced to the provincial finals held in June, judged by agriculture commodity representatives whose organizations sponsored the competition. The Food Challenge pilot was a resounding success, and plans are in place to expand the competition in 2018.




2017-2018: 11

Top 3 Projects 985 Beef 241 Horse/Pony 128 Cooking

Jr member teams preparing their dishes in front of the judges at 4-H Manitoba Food Challenge provincial finals competition

A-mazing 4-H Saskatchewan: 100 years young! Submitted by Cera Youngson

2017 was a year of celebration, marking 100 years of 4-H programming across Saskatchewan with special events and activities. One was the Centennial Corn Maze, which introduced more than 50,000 people to 4-H at the Strawberry Ranch near Saskatoon.




2017-2018: 7

Top 3 Projects 2,188 Beef 723 Horse/Pony 172 Archery

21 ‘17–’18

4-H Saskatchewan’s Leadership Conference, Leaderama, was restructured in 2017, changing from a two-day conference event to two regional events held simultaneously in Moose Jaw and Melfort. Nearly 100 members and leaders took part. At each, there was a keynote speaker, separate breakout sessions for leaders and for members, and Share Fair – an OST session to discuss issues of importance to volunteers and members.


ONTARIO & QUEBEC Quebec 4-H’ers lead by example Submitted by Charlie Rossingnol

2017 saw the largest participation in national events for many years: two Quebec clubs took part in Club-to-Club Exchanges and five delegates attended the 4-H Canada Leadership summit. A new club, Allumette Island 4-H, was welcomed to the 4-H Quebec family this year.

Caring for their community Submitted by Debra Brown

The Sudbury Clever Clovers were honoured with the Youth Civic Award in 2017 for their service work in developing the Westmount 4-H Club Community Garden. The venture was based on the Grow Your Own project, modified to accommodate an urban gardening perspective. With guidance from volunteer leader Paulette Macdonald, the club implemented all the basics of gardening including starting plants, analyzing soil, and composting. Designing and building garden and compost boxes and rigging up rain barrels were particular highlights for the members. In addition to offering free zucchinis to passers-by, the club proudly delivered over 100 lbs of produce to the local soup kitchen.



2017-2018: 15

4-H Quebec did not have an Executive Director in place for several months in 2017, which left the Provincial Rally – the major event in the 4-H Quebec calendar – without a head organizer. A member of the Richmond 4-H club stepped in and organized the entire event herself, and a former member from the Howick 4-H club came back to run the office. The exceptional leadership of these young people is the very embodiment of 4-H.



Top 3 Projects 145 Dairy 114 Squaredance 9 Beef

Top 3 Projects 1,733 Swine 1,213 Dairy 629 Cloverbuds

The Howick 4-H club got into the spirit of the costume club challenge at their provincial rally, capturing the Canada 150 theme with lumberjack shirts, iconic Canadian animals, and moose antlers for the Jersey!

Association des Jeunes Ruraux du Québec TOTAL NUMBER





NEW BRUNSWICK & NOVA SCOTIA 4-H New Brunswick on the grow Submitted by Linda Porter

A new 4-H Club started up this year led by a 4-H Alumni, and it is inspiring to see alumni actively volunteering in their communities. Their enthusiasm for the 4-H program is instrumental to its continued growth.




2017-2018: 1

Top 3 Projects 151 Horse/Pony 121 Dairy 89 Beef

Conseil Francophone des 4-H du Nouveau-Brunswick TOTAL NUMBER


Inverness displayed its pride at this year’s Provincial Show. Members across the province compete throughout the year to earn the honour of attending the Show.

4-H Nova Scotia celebrates 95 years Submitted by Robin Benedict

4-H Nova Scotia’s Members’ Voice Committee began in 2017 and has continued to grow. The committee is made up of senior members from across the province. The 4-H Atlantic Intermediate Conference was held in Nova Scotia this year. YAC members from all provinces worked together to present sessions for attendees. It is especially encouraging to see the positive influence that senior members have on our younger members. The 2017 Provincial Show this year was a triple celebration: Canada 150, the 40th Provincial Show, and 95 years of 4-H in Nova Scotia. The 4-H Nova Scotia Provincial Show is the largest independent 4-H Show in Canada, typically attracting more than 8,000 people.




2017-2018: 1

Top 3 Projects 346 Art & Craft 341 Horse/Pony 304 Cooking 304 Photography

23 ‘17–’18

2017 was an exciting year of growth as the numbers of 4-H clubs, members and volunteer leaders increased across the province. This was the direct result of dedicated efforts to raise awareness about 4-H and to connect with members, past and present. Many people were reached through visual displays, handouts, at local community fairs and festivals, through the media, and at various events including the Equine January Thaw and National French Fry Day.



A year in the life of 4-H in Newfoundland & Labrador

Submitted by Kelly Mullaly

Building Trust

Submitted by Shirley Barnable

In anticipation of the club’s 100th Anniversary in 2018, the 4-H PEI Trustees launched a Centennial Legacy Fundraising Campaign in September 2017. As of spring 2018, significant donations from individual and corporate supporters had already exceeded $75,000 – with nearly a whole year of fundraising still ahead!

It’s hard to imagine as we close out one year and welcome the next that it could be any better than the last, and yet we always manage to exceed our own expectations. Here are a few highlights.

MAC Attack!

May 2017: Created a new newsletter, The Clover Roundup. July: Celebrated Canada 150 at the Farmer Field Day. More than 5,000 people attended!

As of 2017, 4-H PEI has its own Member Advisory Committee – but you can call it MAC.

August: Held our annual 4-H camp, hosting 80 members and 20 leaders from across the province.

Created to allow members a greater voice in their organization, this new memberdriven standing committee is now a permanent part of the provincial 4-H organization, with each club selecting a MAC representative as a part of the executive team. “MAC Missions” on topics ranging from merchandise to boosting exhibition attendance are shared bimonthly, with feedback coming back to the provincial Council Board for consideration. Thanks to 4-H Canada for providing the inspiration to take the YAC model and help “MAC” us the best we can be!

October: 30 leaders and YAC attended the leaders’ training weekend.



September: Canada 150 Celebrations continued, in Deerlake at the Humber Fall Fair.

February 2018: 6 leaders and our YAC attended the 4-H Canada Leadership Summit in Ottawa. March: 10 members, 1 chaperone and YAC attended the Atlantic Members forum in Debert, NS.



Top 3 Projects 146 Leather Craft 83 Reading 60 Biking/Hiking

Top 3 Projects 512 Public Speaking 102 Leadership (Club Executives) 85 Art & Crafts

4-H’ers enjoyed cooking up a delicious meal for their families, as part of the “Comfort Foods” club activities ‘17–’18





Emerald Clover ($250,000+)

Platinum Clover ($150,000–$249,999) *

Gold Clover ($100,000–$149,000)

Silver Clover ($50,000–$99,999) *


Bronze Clover ($25,000–$49,999) *

* ‘17–’18


new for 2017-2018

We sincerely thank our partners and donors for their generous support. Together, we are helping young people learn real-world skills that will prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

NATIONAL DONORS Gold Clover ($1,000–$4,999) Canadian Meat Council Nancy Orr Parks Livestock Karen Smith

Green Clover ($10,000–$24,999) Agropur Cooperative NEW

Soil Conservation Council Of Canada Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co.

Silver Clover ($500–$999)

Canadian Canola Growers Association NEW

Brad Adams Alberta Food Processors Association


Rob and Julie Black

CropLife Canada NEW

Donna Bridge

EarthFresh NEW Embassy of the United States in Ottawa Glacier FarmMedia NEW

John Drummond Russell Jeffrey Kim McConnell Dr. Jamie and Valerie Pearson

John Deere Canada ULC Masonic Foundation of Ontario

Sue Steeves Ida Thomas

The Co-operators

Heidi Vallinga

White Clover ($5,000–$9,999)

Bronze Clover ($250–499) DeLaval Canada


Melina Found

Ottawa Tourism NEW

Morley Handford

The Semex Alliance

Kam’s Growers Supply Inc.

Friend ($1,000–$4,999) Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers

In memoriam tributes Donations were given in memory of: Paul Hagerman

Fred Reay

John H. Remyn

Mark Smith

Ettienne Wauters

Emily Masse Patrick Sullivan

Friend (up to $249) Shannon Benner Jennifer Christie Morris Deveson Gilles-André Gauthier Robert J. Gladstone Ryan Gray

Lyle and Sharon Vanclief Leadership Endowment Fund Donations

James and Dorothy Hewitt

This fund has been established in honour of Lyle Vanclief’s induction in to the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame. It supports 4-H members from across Canada in attending the U.S. National Conference held each year in Washington, D.C

Jamie Masse

Trish Hill Molly McCrea Lillie Ann Morris Stacey Scott Edward Verdonk

Past Presidents 4-H Canada Board of Directors 1931/32, 1943 | Reginald S. Duncan

1974 | William Fulton

2009-11 | Judy Shaw

1933, 1944 | Norman C. MacKay

1975 | Dale V. Dewar

2011-13 | Rob Black

1934 | R.S. Hamer

1976 | George W. Arnold

2013-15 | Valerie Pearson

1935, 1946 | Dr. Willard V. Longley

1977 | Glen Hass

2015-17 | Donna Bridge

1936, 1947 | John G. Rayner

1978 | David M. Adams

1937, 1948 | J. Charles Mangan

1979 | David E. Freed

1938 | W.J. Elliott

1980 | Gordon Nixon

1939-40, 1950 | Stanley Wood

1981 | John E. Redden

1941 | Dr. J.B. Munro

1982 | Jack Gilliland

1942, 1952 | Stewart C. Wright

1983 | Ruth Thoen

1945 | A.W. (Pete) Peterson

1984 | Claude Lalonde

1971-72 | C. Les Usher

1949 | George S. Black

1985 | Mervie Ford

1973-74 | Ralph E. Cudmore

1951 | Dr. Echo Lidster

1986 | Duane Bristow

1975-76 | Don Wales

1953 | Edward S. Pineau

1987 | Gwyneth Jones

1977-78 | Helgi Austman

1954 | Earl S. Manning

1988 | Tom Hennessey

1979-80 | Donald C. Matthews

1955 | R. Gordon Bennett

1989 | Sharon Nussey

1981-82 | Gordon Muirhead

1956 | D.C. (David) Foster

1990 | Don Canning

1983-84 | Gordon Nixon

1957 | Frank E. Wolff

1991 | Gordon Bryant

1985-86 | Alex Budge

1958 | Charles A. Douglas

1992 | W. Brian Little

1987-88 | Archie McKenzie

1959 | John E. McArthur

1993 | David Inglis

1989 | C.E. Baskier

1960 | J. Ernest Dubé

1994 | Ted Youck

1990 | Jack Gilliland

1961 | John C. Bremner

1995 | Mary Magee

1991-92 | James Fraser

1962 | Joseph Racine

1996 | Keith Wilkinson

1993-94 | Murray Stewart

1963 | Gordon Landon

1997 | Bob Boulton

1995-96 | Morley Handford

1964 | Norman D. Hogg

1998 | Ted Young

1997-98 | Duane Bristow

1965 | David B. Young

1999 | Morley Handford

1999-00 | W. Brian Little

1966 | Lawrence Murphy

2000 | John J. MacDonald

2001-02 | James Hewitt

1967 | Robert E. Brack

2001 | Gary Skogberg

2003-04 | David Inglis

1968 | Ralph E. Cudmore

2002 | Elizabeth Crouse

2005-06 | Ted Youck

1969 | C. Les Usher

2003 | Mary-Ann Carson

2007-08 | Dori Gingera-Beauchemin

1970 | John E. Moles

2004 | George Klosler

2009-11 | Lyndon Carlson

1971 | Walter V. Grant

2005 | Bertram Stewart

2011-13 | David Hovell

1972 | Donald C. Matthews

2006 | Marie Logan

2013-15 | Kim McConnell

1973 | Joseph E. Audet

2007-08 | Bob McAuley

2015-17 | Randy Mowat



Past Chairs

Canadian 4-H Foundation

4-H Canada Lifetime Honourary Members 1950 | R.S. Duncan, N.C. MacKay, R.S. Hamer, Dr. W. V. Longley, W.J.W. Lennox, S.E. Todd , John Tucker, D.M. Johnson, G.H. Clark, F.W. Walsh, S.J. Changnon, F.M. Morton, Dr. J.B. Munro, W.A. Brown 1955 | Alex MacLaurin 1958 | R. Gordon Bennett 1959 | Frank E. Wolff 1964 | Charles A. Douglas 1968 | John E. McArthur, Raymond P. Frey 1971 | Thomas McBeath 1973 | Thomas P. Devlin 1974 | Gordon Nixon 1975 | Frank Binnie 1977 | David & Miriam Barrie, Jean Scott 1979 | Isabel Percival 1982 | Henri Caron 1985 | Don Wales 1986 | Dr. Florence O’Neill Hutchison, Dr. Echo Lidster 1987 | Stanley Wood 1988 | Gordon Muirhead 1990 | Jack Redden 1995 | Donald C. Matthews, C. Les Usher 1997 | Clint Whetter, Melva Hornbrook 1998 | Joy Palmer, Alice McKay 2000 | William Fulton, George Arnold, Lucy Duke 2001 | Dick Huggard, Dave Adams

4-H Canada members 2017-2018 50 plus years

Farm Credit Canada

David Hovell

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

MacDon Industries Ltd.

International Rural Exchange Canada

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

SeCan Association

Todd Klink

The Semex Alliance

George Klosler

Canadian Angus Association

Under 25 years

Canadian Federation of Agriculture Canadian Meat Council CIBC Dairy Farmers of Canada

4-H Foundation of Alberta

Ella Lentz

4-H Ontario

Marie Logan

Brad Adams

Mary Magee

Association des jeunes ruraux du Québec

Kim McConnell

Shirley Barnable

Holstein Canada

Cassidy Barnert

John Deere Canada ULC

Rob Black

Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

Donna Bridge R. Duane Bristow Canadian Association of Farm Advisors Canadian Seed Trade Association

RBC Royal Bank

Sharon Cheung

Smucker Foods of Canada Co.

Cameron Choquette

25–49 Years

Conseil francophone 4-H du NouveauBrunswick Ltée

4-H Alberta

Tim Church

2002 | John Flintoft

4-H British Columbia

2003 | Cathy Wilson Pinkney, Jack Gilliland

4-H Manitoba

John Den Haan

2004 | Shaunda Rossington, Brian Little

4-H New Brunswick

Logan Emiry

2005 | Ruth Thoen, Ted Youck

Stan Figley

2006 | Bob Boulton

4-H Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.

2009 | Gordon Bryant, John J. MacDonald, Gary Skogberg

4-H Nova Scotia

Mary-Belle Fulton

2010 | Lois James


Kim Glover

2011 | Elizabeth Crouse, Marie Logan

4-H Quebec

Ben Graham

2013 | Dori Gingera-Beauchemin, Marguerite Stark, Bertram Stewart

4-H Saskatchewan

Morley Handford

Canadian Pork Council

Debra Hauer

2014 | Morley Handford 2015 | E Ward Jones (posthumously awarded)

Robert Larsen

CropLife Canada

Bill Fulton

Blain Hjertaas

W. Brian Little

MNP LLP Casey Morey Randy Mowat Stefanie Nagelschmitz Nutrien Ltd. Valerie Pearson Gregory Penner Krista Scaldwell Rob Schmeichel Leanne Sprung Valerie Stone Cheryl Sullivan Syngenta Canada Inc. The Co-operators Ida Thomas TransCanada Turkey Farmers of Canada Uniglobe The Premiere Travel Group Shonna Ward Roy Westlake Carlie Whetter Ted Youck D.E. (Ted) Young

2016 | Rob Black

29 ‘17–’18

2017 | Lyndon Carlson, Linda Porter

GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP 4-H Canada Board of Directors David Hovell – President Donna Bridge – Past President Kim McConnell – Vice President Brad Adams Stan Figley Blain Hjertaas Ida Thomas Leanne Sprung Valerie Stone

Youth Advisory Committee Representatives to the 4-H Canada Board of Directors Robert Larsen Amy McConchie

Canadian 4-H Foundation Trustees Brad Adams – Chair Randy Mowat – Past Chair Stefanie Nagelschmitz – Vice Chair Ben Graham Morley Handford David Hovell Todd Klink Krista Scaldwell

Provincial Advisor to the Foundation Clayton Robins



4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee Our Youth Advisory Committee, or YAC, is the national youth voice for 4-H Canada. Made up of 4-H’ers from across the country, our YAC members help drive the policy and decisions of 4-H Canada by: • meeting as a committee on a regular basis • advising on the development of youth-friend programs, events and resources • making recommendations to 4-H Canada on programming, policy development, marketing and communications • representing 4-H Canada at events and conferences

YAC Members Sara Kate Smith, British Columbia Cassidy Barnert, Alberta Kody Farrow, Saskatchewan Madelain Toupin, Manitoba Logan Emiry, Ontario Eugenie Officer, Quebec Amy McConchie, New Brunswick Zackary Theriault, Conseil Francophone des 4-H du Nouveau-Brunswick Ella Lentz, Nova Scotia Robert Larsen, Prince Edward Island Josh Power, Newfoundland & Labrador



Canadian 4-H Council Statement of Financial Position

March 31, 2018

March 31, 2017

$325,265 343,935 29,844 409,240 56,734 105,491 1,270,509

$734,144 72,594 129,552 431,478 12,234 292,342 1,672,344







Assets Current Assets Cash Accounts Receivable Hst Receivable Grants & Contributions Receivable Inventory Prepaid Expenses Due From Canadian 4-H Foundation Tangible Capital Assets Total Liabilities And Net Assets Current Liabilities Accounts Payable And Accrued Liabilities Deferred Revenue Deferred Contributions

$361,168 $288,770 62,935 437,277 1,145,693 832,900 1,569,796 1,558,947

Deferred Contributions



Net Assets






Statement Of Operations For The Years Ended

March 31, 2018

March 31, 2017

$3,655,612 205,200 161,956 134,448 378,016 4,550 26,798 55,481

$3,145,193 213,450 144,433 143,452 122, 1 1 1 12,837 10,462 7,663



3,199,999 1,084,037 62,051 107,049 66,718 46,626 5,162

2,331,437 1,098,685 111,862 85,910 62,779 6,346 3,973





Revenue Program Contributions Scholarships Memberships Canadian 4-H Foundation Program Registration Fees Donations Administration Retail Sales Total Expenses



National Programs Administration Annual Meeting Marketing and Communications Committees Cost of Goods Sold Insurance Total Excess of Revenue over Expenses

Canadian 4-H Foundation Statement of Financial Position ASSETS Current Assets Cash Accounts Receivable Investments Total

Externally Restricted

$- - - 338,134 $338,134

Internally Restricted

$- - - 15,121 $15,121


March 31, 2018

March 31, 2017

$79,329 9,403 88,732 3,046,291

$79,329 9,403 88,732 3,399,546

$8,885 7,698 16,583 3,582,612




LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCES Current Liabilities Accounts Payable And Accrued Liabilities $- $- $10,419 $10,419 $10,521 Due To Canadian 4-H Council - - 249,794 249,794 Deferred Revenue - - 782 782 - - 260,995 260,995 10,521 Due To Canadian 4-H Council - - 500,000 500,000 Fund Balances Externally Restricted 338,134 - - 338,134 Internally Restricted - 15,121 - 15,121 Unrestricted - - 2,374,028 2,374,028 338,134 15,121 2,374,028 2,727,283

650,120 484,045 15,042 2,439,467 2,938,554

Deferred Gifts Total







Statement Of Operations For The Years Ended

Externally Restricted

March 31, 2018

March 31, 2017

Revenue Donations $- $500 $18,400 $18,900 Investment Income 11,552 424 103,982 115,958 Other - - 7,874 7,874 Realized Gains(Losses) From Sale Of Securities (2,872) (106) (21,382) (24,360) Unrealized Gains (Losses) (20,142) (739) (149,945) (170,826)

$30,356 110,880 6,190 26,634 242,666




Internally Restricted





Expenses Canadian 4-H Council Grant 133,449 - 0 134,449 150,000 Investment Counsel Fees - - 17,987 17,987 18,353 Professional Fees - - 4,957 4,957 5,145 Office And General - - 1,424 1,424 1,139 Total


Excess (Deficiency) Of Revenue Over Expenses ($145,911)

- $79







Statement Of Changes In Fund Balances For The Years Ended Externally Restricted

Internally Restricted


March 31, 2018

March 31, 2017

Balance, Beginning Of Year $484,045 Excess (Deficiency) Of Revenue Over Expenses (145,911)

$15,042 79

$2,439,467 (65,439)

$2,938,554 (211,271)

$2,696,465 242,089





Balance, End Of Year



33 ‘17–’18


In November 2017, we developed a new strategic plan for 4-H Canada – a highly collaborative exercise that involved staff, the Board, the Foundation, our funders, members and others. The result is a fresh, vibrant plan that emphasizes positive youth development as the cornerstone for our initiatives and programs for the next three years.

Strategic priority

Strategic priority





Increase our impact on youth by supporting the advancement and implementation of world-class 4-H positive youth development programs that have measurable impact

Support capacity building of 4-volunteers and professional staff across the country, which will result in high-quality, skilled and engaged leadership



• Engage more youth

• Collaborate with provincial 4-H partners to support program delivery and standards of excellence

• Provide accessible and relevant leadership opportunities to youth in diverse communities • Clearly articulate the impact of the 4-H program in Canada

• Work with provincial 4-H partners to support effective governance and structure, and strengthen roles • Develop high-calibre learning resources accessible to leaders and professionals in the 4-H community • Develop tools and resources to attract and retain excellent leaders • Strengthen relationships with our Global 4-H Network partners



Strategic priority

Strategic priority





Secure resources that enable us to excel in our work with youth as well as provide us with diversified and long-term reach within the 4-H movement

Elevate and strengthen 4-H in Canada as a leader in positive youth development


• Work with provincial organizations to tell our story in a compelling way

• Grow unrestricted financial resources for stakeholders at all levels of the 4-H movement in Canada • Work with our provincial partners to assess greatest needs for effective program delivery • Grow our long-term investment portfolio


• Support 4-H organizations and clubs to utilize the brand • Engage alumni and create more influencers • Grow awareness of the brand

• Cultivate more public and private partners to invest in responsible, caring and contributing 4-H leaders




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4-H Canada Annual Report 2017-2018  

4-H Canada publishes an overview of the activities, events and statistics of the past fiscal year. Within the annual report you will find f...

4-H Canada Annual Report 2017-2018  

4-H Canada publishes an overview of the activities, events and statistics of the past fiscal year. Within the annual report you will find f...