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E.S.I. working on the Broadway Extention Inset: American Bridge and Wilkerson Crane on the south bank



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Scott Rettig . . . . . . . . . . Business Manager

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Michael Charlton . . . . . . President, Apprenticeship Administrator Kansas City

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Kurt Chaffee . . . . . . . . . . Vice President, Business Representative Topeka Area

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Randy Stithem . . . . . . . . Business Representative Topeka Area

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Mike Shuey . . . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Kansas City

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Fred Voigt . . . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Kansas City

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Aaron Brown . . . . . . . . . Recording Secretary, Business Representative Kansas City

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Nick Carey . . . . . . . . . . . Financial Secretary, Business Representative Kansas City

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Jerry McKnight . . . . . . . Business Representative Springfield Area

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Darwin Gardner . . . . . . . Treasurer, Business Representative Kansas City

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Charley Kendrick . . . . . . Business Representative St. Joseph Area

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Shawn Mulligan . . . . . . . Business Representative Sedalia Area

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Mike Ward . . . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Wichita Area

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Stephanie McLaughlin . Health & Welfare Administrator

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Peggy McGinnis . . . . . . . Business Representative Stationary Engineers St. Joseph Missouri

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Kevin Rusnak . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Stationary Engineers Kansas City

Page 31 Apprenticeship Program Report and Schedule

Per Capita Tax Increase DUES INCREASE Effective July 1, 2015 Delegates at the 38th General Convention of the International Union of Operating Engineers, held in April 2013, voted unanimously for a Per Capita Tax Increase of fifty cents (50¢) per month (or $1.50 per quarter)

DUES RATES The following Dues Rates will go into effect starting July 1, 2015 for Local 101 Operating Engineers. Heavy Equipment Operators 101, 101B, 101R (Apprentice) 101C ( Retiree) Stationary Operators 101S 101S (Retiree) 101S (Out-of Service)

$22.40 $67.20 quarterly $12.05 $36.15 quarterly according to contract

$11.75 $15.25 monthly

Please Note: • Your dues are due the first of the month of the first month of each calendar quarter (January, April, July & October). • Delinquent/ Reminder Notices are sent the second month of each quarter. • Members whose dues remain unpaid will be suspended after sixty (60) days.

PAY BY PHONE: The Kansas City branch of Local 101 is now offering “Pay by Phone” for your convenience. In order to pay by phone, just call 816.737.8600.


As 2015 comes to a close and we get ready for a new year, reflecting back to the events of 2015. There were some good things that happened, as well as some things not so good for our Scott Rettig members. The “Out of Work” list in our dispatch office showed Business Manager fewer members on this list than from previous years. Even though our list with members needing work was small, we then had to deal with all the rain, and a LOT of it. During our peak work season we had to deal with mother nature sending a lot of rain that in turn only allowed a lot of our members to work 2-3 days per week. Only in the last couple of months did our membership finally start seeing 40 hour work weeks. It will now be hard to make up for all the missed rain days. Some of our contractors have shared that it will be near impossible to make up for all the work days missed this year, and believe it will take going in to 2016 to get the work done that was scheduled to be completed in 2015. As many of you know, Missouri came very close to becoming the 26th “Right-To-Work” state in the United States. As the lawmakers of Missouri went into session in early 2015, instead of bringing ideas about how to get a transportation bill in place, some of the lawmakers brought an agenda (which was given to them by out of state interest groups and the one percenters) to push and make Missouri a “Right-To-Work” state. Should this have passed, wages in our state would have dropped significantly as well as our ability to bargain collectively. As many of you also know we need that transportation bill in order to improve our highways, and the many bridges that face closure. On May 13th the lawmakers of Missouri passed a “Right-To-Work” bill. Governor Jay Nixon had always vowed that he would veto this bill and he did just that on June 4th. The supporters of this bill did NOT GIVE UP! These lawmakers fought all summer long to get enough votes to override the Governor’s Veto. On September 16th the Missouri Veto Session began. By that afternoon they voted on the Veto Override of the “Right-To-Work” bill” in Missouri. There were 11 bills voted on that day, and the “Right-To-Work” bill was the ONLY ONE that was not overridden. Fortunately, we had enough Republicans to sustain the bill. This was a situation that was too close for comfort. I have no doubt that the Missouri Operating Engineers Locals, with the help of our International were instrumental in this positive outcome. I would like to thank all of our brothers and sisters in Missouri for engaging in this fight against worker’s rights, and helping us to defeat “Right-To-Work” in Missouri by reaching out to your Representatives and Senators. I would also like to thank General President Callahan for the support and resources he made available to our Locals. The Internationals political staff was also always there to help us with the mailings, and in many other ways. Thank You for watching our backs. Vice President Kurt Chaffee has announced his plans to retire at the end of this year. Kurt has always done a good job in very tough situations representing Local 101 members. I thank you for your service as a Business Representative, as well as our Vice President. I wish you all the best in your retirement. In closing, please stay informed on the issues affecting us as union members and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON.


How Unions Affect Wages for All Michael Charlton President Apprenticeship Administrator

Why should anyone, especially those who are not union members, care that Union membership is at a record low? Because if you care about the middle class, you need to care about unions. Critics of unions claim they are unimportant and even harmful to the economy, but unions are essential for building a strong middle class. And rebuilding the middle class after decades of decline and stagnation is essential for restoring our economy. Unions make the middle class strong by ensuring workers have a strong voice in both the work force and in the democracy of our government. When unions are strong they are able to ensure that workers are paid fair wages, receive the training they need to advance in the middle class, and are considered in the corporate decision-making process. Unions also promote political participation among all Americans, and help workers secure government policies that support the middle class, such as Social Security, family leave, and the minimum wage.

Unions have pioneered benefit practices that are now widespread throughout the American workforce.


Without the counterbalance of workers in unions, the middle class withers because the economy and politics become dominated by the rich and powerful, which in turn leads to an even greater flow of money to the top 1%. In our democracy, when workers join together in unions they are able to more forcefully and effectively speak for their interests. Unions give workers a greater voice by promoting political participation among all members and ensuring that more of the middle class vote and get involved in politics. This provides the middle class with a check and balance system with other powerful political interests, such as corporations and the very wealthy, and ensures that our system of government has the balance of interests that the founding fathers of our constitution thought necessary to properly function. The checks and balance role is essential for democracy to function properly and to provide for the interests of all Americans.


Union workers earn significantly more on average than their nonunion counterparts. Moreover, unionized workers are more likely to receive better quality benefits than nonunion workers. Union membership is associated with about a 19 percentage point increase in the likelihood of having employer-provided health insurance, and a 24 percentage point increase in the likelihood of having employer-sponsored retirement plans, spending 36 percent more on defined benefits plans than nonunion employers. Unions have pioneered benefit practices that are now widespread throughout the American workforce. Unionized employers first provided fringe benefits, such as health insurance and employer-sponsored retirement programs, as part of collective bargaining agreements. Over time these benefits became common practice in American workplaces. Over the past 30 years American workers have become more productive, yet their wages have hardly increased at all. In contrast, throughout the middle part of the 20th century workers were rewarded for their productivity increases with higher wages on a roughly one-to-one basis, meaning that as they became more productive they received an increase in compensation. Between 1980 and 2009 nationwide worker productivity grew by 80 percent, while workers’ pay increased by only 12 percent, which means that workers were compensated for only 15 percent of their productivity gains. If American workers were rewarded for 100 percent of their increases in labor productivity between 1980 and 2009 as they were during the middle part of the 20th century median wages would be $31.98 per hour, or 61 percent higher than the average real wage in 2009.

This relationship between the decline in union density and stagnant wages can also be seen by looking across certain states. In states that have passed laws restricting workers’ ability to organize unions we see that workers’ wages are lower. State right-to-work laws severely restrict worker organizing by prohibiting collective bargaining agreements from requiring everyone who benefits from a union contract to pay their fair share of the costs of providing those benefits. Studies consistently find that these laws are associated with decreases in personal income. Claims that rightto-work laws help spur employment growth are overblown. States with these laws have not experienced higher job growth than other states once other economic factors are considered. Instead, these laws tend to boost incomes for those at the very top, while undercutting the middle class. Studies find that right to work laws increase owners average income, but there is little “trickle-down” to the workers in these states. In closing, I would like to congratulate Kurt Chaffee for his many years of loyal, dedicated service to this Local. At the first of the year Kurt will officially retire as Vice President of this Local. Best wishes Kurt for your future endeavors.







Edward Mick received his 40 Year Gold Card, Watch, and Service Pin in August

August Drawing Winners were Stoney Cox, Richard Pettibon, and Jane Larson

Paul Cahill received his 35 Year Service Pin in October

30 Mark Parker received his 30 Year Service Pin in September

20 AAA September Drawing Winners are Mark Jones, Madison Weber, and Mark Frechin

Larry Hughes received his 20 Year Service Pin in October

20 October Drawing Winners are David Powell Jr., John Bowman, and Brendan Wissman Mike Shuey received his 20 Year Service pin in October



Kurt Chaffee Vice President and Business Representative Topeka

Farewell Kurt By the time this comes out I’ll be very close to retiring and want to take this opportunity to reflect back over the span of time since the 4th of May 1998. First off, I was blown away by being asked to be a business agent for this local. It was then and always has been an honor to serve the membership in that capacity. This job is like no other. There’s not a point in time when you can say “well I’m all caught up” or “I guess I’m done with that for now”. You are never done. This job is a 24/7 never ending job. The upside is that you win some of the battles you get involved with. When that happens there is not a feeling like it in the world. I will never forget the experiences I’ve had as Vice President and Business Representative. I’ve never taken them for granted or underestimated the number of people that were relying on me. That said, it’s time to move into the next chapter of my life and once again – Thank You!

Olsenbeal working at the Waverly Wind Farm

Happy Holidays to all of you, and for the last time – Work Smart, Work Safe!

In closing I would appreciate your support for Randy Stithem who will be taking my spot in January. Randy’s a good man and cares deeply about this membership and Local 101!

Larry Hawley was the September drawing winner

Bill Ledeboer received his 30 Year Service Pin in August for his October 2014 anniversary.


Ron Meyer received his Gold Card, 40 Year Service Pin, and Watch in September


Randy Stithem Business Representative Topeka

Fall has finally arrived and with it a lot more man hours. Unlike my last report when the rain seemed to keep everything completely stopped. With a little less rain and a little more sunshine things have turned around. The Waverly Wind Farm is a nice job for the local. At the pre-job meeting in May the estimated number of operators needed was 16. At the time of this article we are currently up to 35 with the possibility of even more. Olsenbeal has been great to work with and I hope that we can help them in the future. Wolf Construction is staying busy working for Westar at Lawrence, Tecumseh, and Jeffrey power plants. They also have a lot of substation work. Ewell Construction is getting started at K-State working in the student union building and another addition at the Manhattan Airport. Day & Zimmerman has been doing forced outage work at Tecumseh and Jeffrey. They will have pre-outage work in February that will carry into April when the unit comes off line. JE Dunn will be the general on the Seaton Hall addition/renovation and Blue Hat Crane Rental will be there also on this (75 million dollar job).

Schmidtlein Excavating is close to completion on several jobs. They have begun phase 2 of renovation of the ash ponds at Lawrence power house. They were also low bid on school addition/remodeling jobs for elementary schools (SW Randolph, Northern Hills, and Lowman Hills) and renovating the Boison building which will be the new Capitol City High School. They are also doing some building pad and pipe work for KBS out at Jeffrey Energy Center. K.C. Construction is done in Horton and moved to Leroy to start another sewer repair. Amino Brothers is still in town on a couple of street jobs at 27th & Colorado and 15th and Gage. Kissick Construction is still at K-State and Mars and they also have a big clean up job at Forbes. NR Hamm is still in Junction City working on US 77 project just north of I-70. They are nearing completion on 2nd phase of street job on SW 29th. Hayes Drilling is done at Mars and should be moving to NBAF in about 2 weeks. Quick reminder to keep your certifications up to date. This includes but is not limited to crane, forklift, Medical card, and PowerSafe. For anyone that will be working at the NBAF project, OSHA 10, and Rigging & Signaling certification is required. It is important to notify the office when you have been called back to work, so please give us a call. The Topeka meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm located at 3906 NW 16th Street, Topeka, KS. Let’s be safe on and off the job.



Wolf Construction nearing completion of phase 1 of the ash pond at Lawrence Energy Center

Olsenbeal topping out at the Waverly Wind Farm

Kissick Construxtion working at K-State



Mike Shuey Business Representative Kansas City Ideker Construction on I-35

The rain has delayed a lot of work this year but it has finally moved out, and work is going strong. It is hard to believe that we are in the last quarter of 2015 and the Holidays are just around the corner. The work outlook for the rest of this year and 2016 is outstanding!

JE Dunn has the Lenexa Civic Center on 87th and Renner Road going strong. Max Rieke has been doing the site work with Rodriguez doing the storm and Hayes Drilling has been drilling piers. Completion of this project is anticipated to wrap up late next year.

The Gateway Project has really come a long way this summer. Clarkson and Kiewit have done a great job dealing with all the wet weather this summer and still managed to meet their deadlines. Gateway has kept Pyramid Contractors and Schrimpf Landscaping busy backfilling and building walls on all the bridges. Redford, Kissick, and Clarkson have all had a lot of pipe going into the ground. Superior Asphalt has kept busy laying asphalt in every direction as well. Clarkson still has a lot of paving to do before the end of the year. Almost all of the west side of the Gateway is to be completed and open by the first of December. The work next spring will shift towards 95th street on I-35. This project has kept more than 100 operators busy this year, and hopefully will next year as well.

Redford Construction is about to complete the water main along 199th from Quivira to Metcalf. Cleanup is about done and they will be seeding the right-of-way soon. They are also coming along nicely on the Stanley storm water project on 151st East of Metcalf. This five million dollar job should last until mid-spring.

JE Dunn has a Tower Crane up and is well underway on the Olathe Medical Center Expansion. This is a multimillion dollar expansion that will last way into next year. Jim Kidwell has the dirt excavation and Rodriguez Mechanical is doing the pipe work.

The stacks at the LaCygne Power Plant that have been landmarks for several decades, are coming down. International Chimney has a few operators starting on this huge task. The whole process should take approximately a year. Brandenburg will be doing demo work at the plant through the end of 2016.

Olathe West High School is still going strong. Midwest Crane has been setting the iron. Belger has had a crane in there setting tilt-up walls most of the summer. George Shaw has also been busy all season doing the site work. Work should carry into the first quarter of next year on this project.


Haupt Construction has been buried with work this year. They have had a few subdivisions, a couple road widening projects, and on-going apartment complex work. Haupt is also doing the site work on phase one of the Bluehawk Development at 159th and Antioch. They were just awarded two large warehouse pads off Lone Elm Road. This should keep them busy all winter long.

Kissick has finished up the WaterOne project for Johnson County in Western Olathe ahead of schedule with zero accidents. This is great to see as the opposite ends of the jobs were non-union, completed late and had reportable injuries. It’s always nice to see 101 members shine.


I would like to wish Kurt Chaffee Best of Luck in his retirement. Kurt has been a valuable asset to Local 101 and will be missed. Happy Holidays. Have a safe and prosperous 2016!

Kissick Construction working on the Water One project in Olathe

Pyramid Contractors working on the Gateway Project


11 11

Fred Voigt Business Representative Kansas City Belger Cartage working at the fire investigation in Kansas City Mo Fire

With two months of dry weather, work has picked up to fever pitch. No really big jobs but they are scattered from north to south, and east to west. Platte School District is adding two new schools. Blue Nile is doing the mass excavation and site utilities on both. George Shaw is doing the concrete on the Platte City Elementary School. JE Dunn is Project Manager on an expansion and renovation of the Weston High School Athletic Fields. RL Duncan is doing the mass excavation, LG Barcus is doing a retaining wall, and Leavcon is doing the concrete. Kissick is expanding the landfill cells for ash at the Iatan Power Plant. Lexeco is putting the fit and finish on Greenhill Road, while Seal-O-Matic laid the asphalt and Tenoch did the sidewalk and curbs. Blue Hat set a box culvert for Platte County Road District. This was not a big job, but Platte County is proud of it. Down on Horizon Parkway, George Shaw did the building pad. Central Plumbing did the pipe and Blue Hat had the crane lifting “tilt up panels” on a speculative warehouse for Block Development. George Shaw also did the pad on the Premium Water expansion, while Site-Rite did the Pipe and Blue Hat had the Crane for the tilt up. Kaw Valley has been doing reclamation work on the Riverside Logistics Center. Kaw Valley also finished the building pad and Seal-O-Matic is doing the Paving. K&R is doing the site work for Fenton Nissan and will be expanding the service area and installing a car wash. K&R is also doing some work for JE Dunn on Linwood Blvd.


Kidwell has the site work for some transitional housing at 7th and Troost Ave. Beemer has waterline work on Vivion road in the northland and a pipe job at the Nationals Subdivision along with JA Lillig. JA Lillig started excavation for a parking lot at the Federal Reserve Bank. JA Lillig along with Rodriguez Mechanical have been doing site work for a retail & apartment development in the Columbus Park area. ESI is working on a rip-rap project for NKC Levee District along the Broadway extension north of the downtown airport. Kaw Valley has reopened the KC Port off Woodsweather Road in the East Bottoms. George Shaw started excavation for a parking garage and office space at Children’s Mercy Hospital, with Great Plains Drilling doing the pier work. The Foley Co. has a project replacing valves that are original to the structure dating back to the 1930s at KCMO Waterworks. Radmacher Excavating is also at the KCMO Waterworks, working on the sediment ponds. Radmacher is also working on a MO-DOT job on 350 Highway and 51st Street replacing a box culvert and adding a turn lane. American Bridge with the help of Wilkerson’s 500 Ton is setting the steel girders on the south bank of the 69 bridge. They also have 2 bays on the north bank concrete girders set and are starting on the panels. Hayes Drilling is still in the river. Schrimpf Landscaping is doing the abutment walls on the north and south banks.


American Bridge and Wilkerson’s 500 ton crane

Beemer Construction working on the Nationals Subdivision

Fahey Construction working on the Street Car Project

Kaw Valley working on the KC Port

Clarkson is nearing completion of the Manchester Bridge on I-70. This has been an extraordinary project for our members. In September, the Missouri House of Representatives upheld Democratic Governor Jay Nixon’s Veto of the so called Right to Work Bill. The key to that statement is Democratic Governor!!! The 2016 Governor’s race is so very important because if Missouri is to elect a Republican Governor, MISSOURI WILL BE THE 26th RIGHT to WORK STATE! As I write this article it is 70 degrees. The days still have some length. It’s hard to believe that soon the days will get even shorter and temperatures will fall and the Holiday season will be upon us. Be proud of your family, be proud of your skills, be proud of your craft, be proud you are UNION and have a great holiday season.

Union members fill the halls of the capital in Jefferson City (Fight RTW)

More Kansas City photos on page 14



Holthouse Construction and Larry Brown Excavating

Beemer Construction working on a water line project

Radamacher Excavating working on Highway 350

Belger at the Cadillac dealership on Main

George Shaw on Horizon Parkway

Kissick Construction working at the St Pius High School

14 14


Remember, when choosing a candidate make sure your opinion, and your voice is heard.

Aaron Brown Recording/Corresponding Secretary The 2016 Election year is right around the corner. For many of you that are reading this article, and aren’t excited, or even remotely interested in the upcoming election, trust me, I understand. I also get sick of not being able to watch even an hour of TV without seeing at least 13 political commercials. After a while they all seem to be saying the same thing over and over, and you’re stuck asking yourself “just who the Hell do I vote for?” How does any of this affect me? In this article I will explain some of the ways to help you figure this all out, and how to pick a candidate that is best for you. The easiest way to start this process is to make a decision on what you as a voter want to see achieved. Is there something in your jurisdiction you think needs attention? Then do some research on the candidates policies on that topic. Compare which candidate best fits your needs. You can usually find any information in the newspaper, TV, or the internet. I would always urge every member to keep in mind that it’s very important to choose a candidate that is union friendly, and will give our Union contractors the best opportunity to get the work. Remember, these people are elected officials and they work for YOU. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time for any reason. You, as a voter, have every right to voice your opinion to your elected official. You will find that these people are almost always receptive to your concerns, and will help you out any way that they can.

The most important step in finding a candidate and getting them elected is to VOTE! I know it is not always convenient to go to the polls, stand in line, and perform your civic duty. But it is the most imperative step in the process. I was fortunate enough to attend the Right-to-work vote in Jefferson City earlier this year. I saw firsthand how the Democratic Process works. I also saw just how close Missouri was to becoming a Right-to-Work state. The one thing that each party said was that “the constituents in their district’s voices were heard at an epic level”. Remember, when choosing a candidate make sure your opinion, and your voice is heard. Local 101 union members, please get to the polls in force this election. In closing, I would like to congratulate Vice President Kurt Chaffee on his upcoming retirement. Happy Holidays!



Nick Carey Financial Secretary Business Representative Kansas City

This year definitely has not been dull! We as union members have the responsibility of educating our family, friends and community just how wrong Right to Work is for Missouri. This battle is at our doorstep and it is not going to go away. Each and every one of us must go the extra mile in this fight to preserve the middle class. Please take the time and help educate people to vote against Right to Work in Missouri. We must protect our jobs and wages that the working class people have earned! Cobra Construction has been working at Roe Park located south of 103rd Street on the west side of Roe Ave. They are installing new parking lots, curbs and sidewalks along with new park features. Jim Kidwell Construction is doing excavation work on the parking lot expansion for the KU Medical Buildings at Shawnee Mission Pkwy and Rainbow Blvd. Kidwell Construction also has ongoing site work at JE Dunn’s job at 39th Street and State Line Road.

Superior Bowen

Superior Bowen milled and paved Shawnee Mission Pkwy. from Pflumm Road west to I-435. They have also layed base asphalt at the Auto Plaza that is underway at I-435 and Parallel Pkwy. Superior Bowen has excavation work at 99th Street and Mission Road. They are also digging the footings for George Shaw’s concrete crew. This will be a new Day Care building. Kissick Construction has work at the northeast corner of 39th Street and Rainbow Blvd. This will be a training facility for KU Medical Center.

Clarkson Construction on I-70


JE Dunn’s job east of Antioch on 71st Street is going strong. AT Abatement did the demo on the Antioch Middle School. George Shaw has the dirt work; Great Plains is taking care of the drilling. John Rohrer Construction is doing the concrete work and Rodriquez Mechanical has the pipe. Dunn also has work at 86th Street and Nall Ave at the Briarwood Elementary School. Spiritas Wrecking Company is doing the demo work on that project. Kaw Valley Wrecking is taking care of the demo work at the Crestview Elementary School at Shawnee Mission Pkwy and Craig Street which is also a JE Dunn job site.


K&R Construction is getting started on the site work on JE Dunn’s job on the N.E. corner of I-435 and State Avenue. The building will be for the Dairy Farmer Association. JM Fahey could be found working at 77th Street and Delmar milling and paving the Prairie Village Swimming Pool parking lot. Fahey also layed asphalt at 22nd Street and New Jersey Ave in Wyandotte County. Fahey also had concrete and asphalt work east of 66th Street and Roe Ave, at Tomahawk and Ash Streets and on Roe Ave from 75th Street to 83rd Street. JM Fahey also milled and paved 118th Street from State Ave, south to I-70.

Kissick at 39th Rainbow

O’Donnell and Sons kept busy on 103rd Street between Mission Road and Metcalf Ave, on 75th Street east of State Line Road and on Antioch north of 75th Street with asphalt and concrete work. CBS Piling has work at the Wyandotte County Wastewater Treatment Plant just north of the Intercity Viaduct. Pullman Power and Union Tank Erection both have picked up work at BPU’s Nearman Creek Power Station. George Shaw and Rodriquez Mechanical have been working on the UPS parking expansion at James Street & Ohio Ave. Enjoy the holidays and work SAFE!

K&R Excavating working at the Dairy Farmers of America

Concorp at Owens Corning



Jerry McKnight Business Representative Springfield Area

Phillips Hardy in Rogersville

I Hope everyone has had a good summer. As I write this article the trees are beginning to turn colors and the air has that fall like crispness in the morning. The majority of the members in our area are still working. The Highway 60 overpass job is now complete and open (Pictured: Phillips Hardy, bridge subs for Radmacher Brothers). There are no new projects to speak of in our area, so I would like to take this opportunity to write about the Springfield Labor Day Parade. We had a very successful Labor Day parade this year. I am very appreciative of all of the contractors who supplied their equipment for this years’ parade. We had a very good showing this year. Carson-Mitchell Inc. provided two big cranes and two flagger trucks. APAC Missouri provided two blades, a back-hoe, a service truck and a flagger truck. ACI Concrete provided two pump trucks. Additional parade photos are featured in the 2016 101 Calendar. I would like to thank all of our members who helped out with the parade: Dusty Anderson, Greg Atterberry, Dan Ballard, Dan Bambery, Bo Barks, Bryan Bough, Jarred Brotherton, John Edley, Terry Hopper, Raymond Letterman, Brandon Maggard, Jason Meadors, Ian Osgood, Travis Painter, Billy Taylor, and Josh Thompson. I am very proud of our showing at this years’ parade. Thank you to those who made it possible. We also had the privilege of participating in the Labor Day at the Springfield Cardinals. All of the labor unions were invited to a special Labor Day at the ballpark. There was a great turnout at the ballgame. Thanks to all of our members who showed interest and took advantage of this event. Thank you to our Business Manager for allowing us to participate in this event. I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season. Don’t forget, if you aren’t working and the weather is good, please take advantage of our Bolivar Training Facility. Brush up on your skills or learn to operate something new. Call Rick @ (417) 777-7746.



Phillips Hardy in Rogersville




Midwest Crane working on 87th Street

Darwin Gardner Treasurer Business Representative Kansas City It’s back! That time of year when it starts cooling down and then the year is over before you know it. Most work in my area is running behind, so I believe that means we will have work for a while in the future. J.E. Dunn Construction is going full tilt on the Cerner Job. Some of the asphalt is down in one of the parking lots and they will soon be putting up an outside elevator. George Shaw is currently moving dirt in all over the job, while Mark One Electric is setting electrical boxes in the middle of 87th Street and re-routing all of the electrical. Rodriguez Mechanical is laying pipe, and LG Barcus finished up the walk over bridge on I-435. Barcus is also working on a new bridge on 69 Highway. Phillips Hardy recently picked up a job in Belton on Markey Parkway and they are doing the dirt work at Menards. Phillips is also working on new bridges over I-70, 435, 35, and 10 Highways and have almost completed some street work in Grain Valley. The Foley Company has started work on the Waste Water Treatment Plant outside of Belton, while JA Lillig is doing the digging for the pump station. Lillig also has work at Loch Lloyd. Miles Excavating is getting the dirt work done on I-35 Highway and preparing for traffic to be diverted to the new area while tearing out the old area. Goodwin Brothers Construction has accomplished a lot of work on the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Liberty installing new clarifier tanks, while Kissick Construction has the dirt work and are adding a new road that Mt. .Carmel stabilized. Amino Brothers are doing the pipework on a new road in Kearney with some additional pipework on the 50 Highway road expansion project in Lee’s Summit. To


date, Amino is the only union contractor on this Lee’s Summit job. Lawson Steel is setting iron at a new community center in Excelsior Springs, with Blue Nile doing the dirt work and Holthouse Construction doing the pipe work. Superior Bowen has an upcoming job in Liberty right off of 152 and 35 Highways, and has on-going work at the old Truman Corners location. Redford Construction is on this job as well. Redford also has a job they are working on at the end of Parvin Road putting in new sewers and water lines. Realm Construction is putting down concrete paving on Purcell Drive in Lee’s Summit, while Gradeco Construction has some subdivision work in Lee’s Summit doing all the dirt and pipe work. Site Rite is also working in a subdivision doing the pipe work at 3rd and Longview Road with Haupt Construction doing the dirt work. Operating Engineers, Local 101 recently escaped Missouri becoming a “Right-To-Work” state with the help of both democrats and republicans. This RightTo-Work issue in Missouri is not over and will continue to be addressed by those that want to see Missouri become a Right-To-Work state. Those that are still pushing for Right-To-Work in Missouri do not care if you work or not. They do not care what wage you make when you do work. We must continue to stand together and continue to FIGHT this issue with the Representatives and Senators that are in our corner. It is critical that you not only thank those that just got us through this battle, but continue to vote for those in the future that will protect Missouri from ever being a Right-To-Work state. BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON!


Charley Kendrick Business Representative St. Joseph Area The Foley Co. working at the Faron Street WTP in St. Joe

Organized Labor has again won another tough battle against the “Right to Work” legislation. In September, the Missouri Congress went back to work for the annual veto session. With the help of labor friendly Representatives from both parties, the veto from Governor Nixon was upheld. We have not won the war but it is a victory nonetheless. There is no doubt it will come up again in the very near future. This time was too close for comfort. This should be an eye opener on just how important it is for all of us to go vote. Please do your part by voting in local, state, and federal elections. It is imperative that we put legislators in office that will look out for the working class people. There is a chance that we will see some more wind turbines in the St Joseph area next year. Two different projects are being discussed. One would be located in Dekalb County and the other would be farther north in Atchison, Holt, and Nodaway Counties. Not many details are available at this time, but there is already opposition to the southern development. Some residents of Dekalb County have posted signs expressing their disapproval of erecting any wind turbines in their area. We will monitor any developments to see our interests are protected. The International has posted the schedule for Pipeline training on their website. There are two different applications. One is for the 3 week intermediate classes and the other is for the specialty classes. Information on the different training can be viewed and applications can be downloaded from the website. You can also obtain any application from the hall. Remember, there are limited number of seats and these are on a “”first come, first served basis”.

The work in the St Joseph area has been steady since the rain has stopped. All of our contractors continue to be busy with ongoing projects. The dirt contractors have been taking every opportunity to get their work on schedule before the winter weather rolls in. The crane rental companies continue to work all over the area with different projects. Pipeline contractors have worked on maintenance projects in both Kansas and Missouri. St Joseph and Maryville seem to have the most work going on, but there are other jobs scattered in several counties. It would be nice to see some sort of long term Highway Bill introduced to repair the roads here in Missouri. They are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Some area bridges have been shut down to one lane as they cannot support two lane traffic. The pavement is crumbling and shoulders are eroding. Maybe the lawmakers should take a drive in rural Missouri to see just how bad our roadways have become. That would be a lot more beneficial to the residents than figuring out how to make Missouri a “Right to Work” State for the greedy outstate corporations. We want to extend best wishes to everyone during the holiday season. We hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Please remember to call in every 60 days to remain active on the “Out-of-Work List”. Update your qualifications, phone numbers and/or e-mail address when you contact the hall. The meetings in St. Joe are held the 1st Tuesday of every month and start at 7:00 p.m.



Shawn Mulligan Business Representative Sedalia Area

Well here we are again in the last months of the year. 2015 was a busy year after we got through all the rain. We also got past Right to Work in the veto override session this summer. Although we slipped past Right to Work the threat is still here and we will have to continue to battle it year after year. Education about what the Right to Work law is truly about, is the key to winning the battle. We must continue to explain the facts to the people that have no idea what the law is or what it will do to the middle class. The work in the Sedalia area was pretty good for not having a highway bill. After the rain cut us some slack we had the opportunity get in some really good hours. If the weather holds out we will work late in the year due to a late start. Environmental Specialist Inc. are coming along good on the levee project in the Grand Pass area. Irvinbilt finished up the sewer treatment plants in Clinton and Waverly. Site Rite has four crews replacing the sanitary sewer and water mains for the city of Sedalia. Pyramid Excavating is getting close to finishing up the street widening project for MoDOT and the city of Odessa. CBS Piling put in the auger cast piles for a new water tower for the city of Lexington. Kissick Construction has been at the Montrose Power Plant doing some work on the sediment ponds for KCP&L. Sterett Crane put together a 2250 south of Marshall for L.G. Barcus. They are going to replace two railroad bridges for Union Pacific Railroad. Hayes Drilling is going to drill the piers on this project. Profile Contracting is installing new gas mains for Empire Gas west of Sedalia.

Local 101 Business Agents went to Jefferson City to FIGHT Right-to-Work in Missouri

The Sedalia meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month starting at 7 pm. We will not have a meeting in January due to the Holidays. In closing we wish everyone a safe and joyous Holiday Season! As always, Work Safe and Be Safe!!

Lloyd Durham was the September drawing winner



Joe Frazier Jr. was the October drawing winner

W.A. Ellis working on the Missouri River at Grand Pass

Sterett Crane working in Nelson MO

Kissick Construction working at the Montrose Power Plant

Site-Rite Construction working in Sedalia 3 Retirees hanging out at the Sedalia Office are Randy Blankenship, Vance Sugar Foot Kuhns, and Lloyd Myears



The year of 2015 has gone fast, and there’s been plenty of work in the Wichita area. The Empire District Electric Riverton Unit 12 combined Cycle Conversion Projects is close to being completed. The Unit 12 project has kept several operators working since August of 2014. Coffeyville Resources Refinery (CVR) is in its second week of turnaround. Construction Turnaround Service (CTS), Logan & Company, CYLX Engineering & Construction, and Northwest Crane all have operators working two shifts.

Mike Ward Business Representative Wichita Area

The Alexander windfarm in Rush County will be completely finished by the time this goes to print. MA Mortenson and Northwest Crane were the contractors on the 21 towers. A Thank You to all the operators that worked on this wind farm job. Piping & Equipment has several jobs located at: NCRA-CHC Refinery in (McPherson), Holly Frontier Refinery in (El Dorado), and Gordon Evans Energy Center in (Colwich). The work that is being done at the NCRA-CHS Refinery is on the SRU3 Sulfur Recovery Unit 3. Bennett Steel Inc. has one crane on this project and will be completed in August of 2016. Piping & Equipment also have been doing a lot of maintenance work for the Refinery. Piping & Equipment are at the Holly Frontier in El Dorado working on the pre-turnaround projects and have pipe to install at the tank farm. Piping & Equipment are at Gordon Evans Power Plant in (Colwich), and are using Belger Cartage Service 548 Linkbelt for hoisting the feed water heater in Unit 2. The old heater weighted 100 thousand pounds and the new heater weighs 110 thousand pounds.

Northwest Crane at the Alexander Wind Farm subcontracting for MA Mortenson

Sanilift, Inc. is currently working at Circle High School in Towanda, Kansas and at Viega North America Plant in McPherson. They are building an 80,000 square-foot addition to its facility. Brother-Friend- Business Agent and Vice President Kurt Chaffee is retiring. We will miss your wisdom, wit, and experience. You are the kind or person that brings the best out in others. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Hope you enjoy every minute of your retirement. Wishing you, and yours a Happy Holiday Season. Be safe.

Darrell Davenport with Northwest Crane


Wichita Meetings are held at 7PM on the 1st Thursday of the month at 3830 South Meridian, Wichita. See you there.


Belger Cartage’s 250 loading out a 95 thousand pound fuel tank

MA Mortenson at the Alexander Wind Farm

Northwest Crane at the Empire Electric District unit 12

Belger Cartage at the Gorden Evans Power Plant

Northwest Crane 900 ton at the Empire Electric Power Plant unit 12 project




The Operating Engineers Local 101 Fringe Benefit Funds is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The site has been designed to provide simple navigation and easy, secure access to the information most commonly requested by our members any time of the day.


There are a number of features you will love about the site. Listed below are a few of the items:

HEALTH AND WELFARE ELIGIBILITY: The site will provide you with a list of your eligible dependents, your eligibility status and the effective and termination dates of eligibility.

DOWNLOADABLE FORMS AND PLAN DOCUMENTS: There are many forms available for download to assist you in updating your information with our office. A few of the forms available include the Loss of Time Claim form, Beneficiary Designation Form, Change of Address, and Pension Direct Deposit form. The Health and Welfare, Vacation and Pension Summary Plan Descriptions are also online. These documents will provide information for the eligibility requirements and covered services. These forms and documents are available even if you are not logged into the secure area of the website.

LINKS TO VENDOR SITES: Our website allows you to link directly to our vendor websites. Within these sites you can locate a participating provider and view claim submissions for medical, dental and prescription reimbursement.

PENSION DATA: The Pension area of the website will provide the monthly and yearly pension contributions submitted by your employer on your behalf. There is also a Pension Estimator. The Estimator allows you to enter your projected retirement date for an estimate of monthly pension benefits. It will also provide information on eligibility for certain pension options. Additionally, the site will allow you to generate a pension report and email the report to an address of your choice for future reference.

Our website is always a work in progress and we will continue to strive to provide up to date and relevant benefit information to you for access at any time of the day. Please take a moment to navigate through our site at www.iuoe101benefits.com. If you have questions or comments regarding the website, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Stephanie McLaughlin Administrator of Health & Welfare



Access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) continues to be available to all eligible members and their dependents. The EAP allows up to 6 covered visits by the Plan and is provided to help you balance the stresses of home and work. The program can assist with:

Starting in 2014, the individual shared responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act requires each individual, including children, to have minimal essential coverage for each month of the year. If you do not have coverage you could be subject to a penalty which is paid on your Federal Income Tax Returns.

• Workplace conflicts

Coverage under the Health and Welfare Plan qualifies as minimal essential coverage and should be reported when filing your 2015 Federal Income Tax Returns.

• Interpersonal difficulties • Marriage and family concerns

In order to assist you in reporting your coverage to the IRS for the 2015 tax year, the Health and Welfare Fund is required to provide each member with a Form 1095-B. The form will provide the coverage information on you, your spouse and dependents which will be needed on your income tax returns.

• Stress management • Emotional upsets • Financial matters • Alcohol and drug problems When you call, a licensed EAP professionals will help resolve issues and offer any needed referral to community and treatment resources. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All concerns are treated with compassion and confidentiality. To schedule an appointment, call (800) 624-5544. Access to online articles on a variety of topics are also available at www.ndbh.com. Click EAP MEMBERS and enter OE for the company login.

These forms should arrive at your house before the end of January, 2016.

REMINDERS Make sure to provide the Fund Office with your most current address so you receive your benefit checks and information. Remember to contact the Fund Office separately from the Union Office to report a change in marital status or addition/deletion of dependents. Timely update of status changes will ensure you and your dependents receive appropriate and prompt access to Fund benefits. If you have questions regarding any the coverage or benefits available through the Operating Engineers Local 101 Fringe Benefit Funds, please contact us at 816-737-5959.



Peggy McGinnis Business Representative Stationary Engineers

This year is quickly coming to an end. However, not before we have a chance to congratulate some members for years of service. Daniel Rudolph and Carlena Bradford at Nestle Purina in St. Joseph, MO receive their thirty year pins. Nestlé’s Mike Gering receives his twenty-five year pin, and Ray Walker also at Nestle receives his twenty year pin. At Preston Refrigeration Dean Kjar receives his twenty year pin. David Zachery received his thirty year service pin in October, who retired from Jackson County. It’s been another challenging year regarding “right to work”. Many of us have made several trips to Jefferson City over the last couple of years fighting to keep you from “working for less”! This last trip was interesting in several different ways. Some of the elected representatives were close to ramming “right to work” down our throats. Now I know that sounds pretty harsh but let me explain why it is probably appropriate. The halls and galleries are full of Missouri citizens who were against the “right to work” campaign. Missourians came from all over the state to be heard. And yes there was a bus load of folks in support of “right to work”. Let me dissect that statement. These folks that were there to support “right to work” were bussed in from Fayetteville, Arkansas. They were not Missourians there in support of this, but most likely hired in, and picked up in a parking lot where they all met up. They were then bussed to Jefferson City, fed and watered. My source…is kind of funny…


The halls are packed in the capital building. While we are waiting to get into the gallery there are all of these young men and women wearing their freedom to work t-shirts positioned first at the door. Kevin Rusnak is looking over the shoulder of one of the young men texting a friend who was explaining what he was doing this day…met at the parking lot, Fayetteville, blah blah… The young man behind Kevin is reaching under Kevin’s arm trying to poke the guy whose texting his information to warn him that Kevin is taking a picture of the guys’ phone message. It was all pretty funny. What’s not funny is that these folks weren’t even from Missouri! Why do these elected officals work so hard to push this “right to work” but can’t find a Missouri team in support of the same? These elected officials weren’t there working for Missourians. They are working for big corporations! Don’t don’t don’t give away your power. We did get kicked out of the gallery that day when there were not enough votes to override the Governors’ veto... and the crowd went wild! It was awesome! But… it’s not over. Be mindful of who you are voting for. Are they working for you or big corporations? Thank you to all who were able to give your time to go to Jefferson City, make phone calls, knock on doors to educate your neighbors. DO NOT GIVE YOUR POWER AND PAY AWAY!!!


Meanwhile, Blue Line Rentals on Front Street in Kansas City MO continues to stay busy and has added a couple of additional Union positions. Dairi Concepts in El Dorado Springs MO held another successful fund raising golf tournament and was able to gift $1900 to the Youth Center of El Dorado Springs. Dairi Concepts now has a new Plant Manager. Most of the positions at Tyson Foods in St. Joseph MO went to four ten hour days instead of five eight hour days hoping to eliminate some overtime. While members are seeing some time off now and weren’t before the change, some are working more! As in more, I mean seven ten-hour days instead of seven eight -hour days. Business at Nestle Purina in St. Joseph MO continues to be steady. Members there are working twelve days in a row followed by two days off. Contractually, the company cannot force work after the twelve days. J&L Drywall in St. Joseph, MO report staying busy as do the Tower Properties members in Kansas City MO, and Kansas City Kansas. This year has been an eventful year and it has flown by. I wish all of you that are out for medical reasons a full and speedy recovery, and congratulate those who have and are retiring. In the midst of the holidays I also want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


www.iuoelocal101.org Information on membership and dues Training, education & apprenticeship programs Details and schedules Officers and Representatives and other contact information A digital copy of current and past newsletters and other publications News • Links to articles of interest Political Contacts Recently deceased member listing



Kevin Rusnak Business Representative Stationary Engineers

St. Lukes East boiler room

I want to thank all the shop stewards and members that throughout this year have helped me negotiate new Collective Bargaining Agreements and service contracts. This was one of the busiest years I have had renegotiating our CBA’s. Technology is coming to each of our jobsites at an ever increasing pace. One of the tools that is changing our workplace today is how we get our information. It could have been by using email, text messaging or by word of mouth. These stewards have done a nice job of communicating and helping to improve working conditions and benefits at each of their job sites. Taking on the responsibility of being a union steward means representing all workers young and old. Making a connection between generations can help smooth out communications. Mentoring a member that is having difficulty learning or grasping new ideas or technology can help bridge the divide and help each other prepare for the future. Improving our technical capabilities and making better use of our time.

Congratulations to the following member who recently received his service pin: October, Robert Jackson 30 years of service at Honeywell. Our condolences go out to the family on the passing of Brother Lawrence Hook. He worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City for 35 years and will be duly missed by everyone. See you at the monthly Union meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month or soon at your workplace. In closing I want to wish Vice President Kurt Chaffee a happy retirement! I also wish each member and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Contract negotiations with Jones Lang LaSalle are just beginning I have sent the opening letter and will begin negotiating for a new agreement before year end. The properties our Engineers maintain are part of the portfolio owned by Union pension plans. There are four assets with a total of 1.4 million square feet. Recently the team was able to recertify those buildings with the Energy Star rating of Silver. Great work guys. Leighton Plaza (managed by Jones Lang LaSalle




7:00 a.m.

unless noted

APPRENTICESHIP Apprentice Classes Apprentice Classes

Hazmat 40 Hour Hazmat 8 hour Refresher


BASIC REQUIREMENTS 1. 1000 hours practical crane-related experience in last 5 years.




Weston Start January 5 Start February 1




Weston January 11-15 January 15 Bolivar January 4-9 January 11-16 January 18-23 January 25-30 February 1-6 February 8-13


OECP CLASS Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Practical Exam

Weston February 27-28 March 5 March 26

Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Practical Exam

April 30-May 1 May 7 June 4

Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Practical Exam

July 23-24 July 30 August 20

Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Practical Exam

September 24-25 October 1 October 22

2. Government issued ID. 3. Copy of IUOE membership card with legible id#. 4. Copy of valid DOT or DMV medical card. 5. Actual cisap results within last 90 days. (Copy of CISAP card will not be accepted) 6. Completed candidate experience form. Overhead Crane Certification Class held at Brooner’s Shop in St. Joseph Mo.


You must meet OECP eligibility requirements and application guidelines as outlined in the Crane Operator Candidate Manual, just like the paper test (summarized above), and: 1. A current application must be on file at the OECP office, applications are good for 5 years from date of acceptance. 2. Register to take an exam at least five (5) working days in advance by calling the OECP office for both “Off Site,” and “Weston Training Site” CBT locations. 3. Everyone must call or e-mail OECP office to sign up for the CBT testing [either at the training site or an off site testing and get on the schedule.


oecp@oecp.org • 951-351-4001 www.oecp.org

AS WITH ALL CLASSES: • You must have an up-to-date receipt of dues paid

OTHER CLASSES Check the next issue or website for updates.

• You must have appropriate work attire i.e. work boots (no tennis shoes, no shorts and no sleeveless shirts)


WESTON 816-640-2336

BOLIVAR 417-777-7746




31 31

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Kansas City, MO Permit # 2185

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 101 6601 Winchester, Suite 280 • Kansas City, MO 64133


Main Office 6601 Winchester, Suite 280 • Kansas City, MO 64133 (816) 737-8600 Business Manager: Scott Rettig Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 3rd Thursday of the month

Fringe Benefits Funds 6601 Winchester, Suite 250 • Kansas City, MO 64133 Funds Administrator: Stephanie McLaughlin (816) 737-5959 • Toll Free (888) 272-5911

Topeka 3906 Northwest 16th Street • Topeka, KS 66618 (785) 233-3662 Business Representative: Randy Stithem Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 2nd Tuesday of the month

Springfield 2545 W. Kearney • Springfield, MO 65803 (417) 864-6889 Business Representative: Jerry McKnight Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 2nd Wednesday of the month

St. Joseph 4730 Frederick Ave. • St. Joseph, MO 64506 (816) 279-5715 Business Representative: Charley Kendrick Stationary Business Representative: Peggy McGinnis Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 1st Tuesday of the month

Apprenticeship/Training P.O. Box 197 • Platte City, MO 64079 Adminstrator: Michael Charlton (816) 640-2336 • Toll Free (888) 640-2336

Wichita 3830 S. Meridian, #B-40 • Wichita, KS 67217 (316) 529-1012 Business Representative: Mike Ward Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 1st Thursday of the month

Sedalia 1216 W. 18th Street • Sedalia, MO 65301 (660) 826-6363 Business Representative: Shawn Mulligan Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 1st Thursday of the month

Notice to Members:

You must be in good standing to attend Union Meetings. All Union Cards will be checked at the door.

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Local 101 Newletter Vol 23 No4  

Operating Engineers 4th Quarter 2015 Newsletter

Local 101 Newletter Vol 23 No4  

Operating Engineers 4th Quarter 2015 Newsletter