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WINTER 2015 // VOLUME 11 – ISSUE 1


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The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty April and Amy Jardie are busy feeding the stock at the Three Point Cattle Company Farm near Millarville, Alberta

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Your stories and photos are important to us, and we want to publish them in the next issue of the 4-H Alberta Magazine. Please send your stories and photos to the Editor of the 4-H Alberta Magazine, Jalisa Barnett, at by March 9th, 2015 to be considered for inclusion in the Spring Issue.


Tips for submitting stories and photos to the 4-H Alberta Magazine:

Stories: --


Submission Guidelines

Should be approximately 200 words in length.


Should include the author’s name and title. (ie. Jillian Jackson, Club Reporter, Sunnyside 4-H Club)


Should include related photos with captions. (ie. Members of the Sunnyside 4-H Club brave the cold for their Community Service Activity.)

Photos: ---

Should be sent as email attachments. Should be a large file size, 1MB or larger is preferred.

4-H Alberta Magazine Editor: Jalisa Barnett, Specialist - Communications & Learning Tools, 4-H Branch, Government of Alberta Content Contributor: Amanda Arbuthnot, Writer Design and Layout: Perpetual Notion Design Inc. – Distribution to Public: Fall, Winter, Spring


on the cover Quinn Nelson of the Morrin 4-H Multi Club took this image of fellow 4-H member Terri Huxley while they were hiking north of Drumheller at Orkney Viewpoint, honing their skills for their photography 4-H project.

4-H Motto: "Learn to do by doing." 4-H Pledge: I pledge

Advertising Inquires

My head to clearer thinking,

Please direct advertising inquiries to the Coordinator of Corporate Partnerships with the 4-H Foundation of Alberta, Rae-Lee Pieschel, at P: 587.999.2240 or E: The submission deadline for advertisements is March 23, 2015, for inclusion in the Spring Issue.

My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, My health to better living,

For my club, my community

and my country.

Cert no. SW-COC-1383

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CONTACT US 4-H Alberta has a number of people who would be happy to assist you and to answer any questions that you may have. For a complete list of 4-H Branch staff, 4-H Foundation of Alberta staff and 4-H Council of Alberta staff and directors, please visit



t’s been nearly nine years since I left my family farm in eastern Alberta for the big city. Driving down that gravel road and seeing my childhood home grow smaller and smaller in the review mirror is a moment that I’ll never forget. Because until that day, I’d never looked at it from that perspective. It’s been my experience since then that the simple act of changing, or gaining a fresh perspective on something can have a huge impact on how you view your life and the world around you. There are lots of things that you can do to help shift your perspective of an idea, a place, an experience or a person – including yourself! For me, thinking outside the box or physically getting out of my comfort zone is a good start. This could mean something as small as sitting with someone new at lunch, taking a different path while out on a walk or putting a new spin on a chore that I don’t particularly enjoy. For example, ‘bottle recycling’ is now ‘exchanging cans for money while helping our environment’. For a new way of thinking about Community Service, check out ‘I Pledge My Hand to Larger Service’ on page 32. It’s amazing to see how such a small mind shift can have such a positively powerful impact! I’m lucky to have you – our contributors – to rely on for fresh perspectives on 4-H Alberta, an organization that is nearly 100 years old! One of my favorite things about being the Editor of this magazine is that it allows me to see 4-H through your eyes. In this issue alone, I can read about inspired leadership (page 11 and 14), I can see captured images of how diverse the 4-H experience really is (page 12 and 13) and I can sense how much of an impact that 4-H has made on the lives of 4-H alumni (page 16, 25 and 38). I must say though, that my most favorite way to shake things up and gain perspective is through travel. Life is full of changes, and the road can be rough. But if we look at each challenge as an opportunity, we can grow from it and maybe even forge a new and better path! And what better way to put yourself in that mindset than with a new adventure?! You don’t have to go far to experience it, but I suggest that eventually, you do  So for the love of sheep and cheese (go to page 25 to see what I’m talking about) be sure to check out the entire Travel & Exchange section of this issue to hear more about how travelling with 4-H can change your perspective and help you grow as a person. In fact… I won’t tell anyone if you flip there first!

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

4 // WINTER 2015


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Casey Morey helping out at the Provincial 4-H Judging Competition

A New Perspective on 4-H BY: AMANDA ARBUTHNOT, Content Contributor


asey Morey understands the value of gaining a new perspective, whether that’s looking at the world through the lens of her camera or looking at an organization such as 4-H from a whole new vantage point. As an amateur photographer, Casey Morey ventures beyond what’s familiar in order to see the world from a different point of view. And as 4-H Alberta’s representative on 4-H Canada’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), she’s looking beyond Alberta to see 4-H from a new perspective. 4-H has given Casey ample opportunity to broaden her perspective through travel across Canada and the US, first as a member and now with her role on YAC. Trips to Washington, DC, Denver, CO, and elsewhere, have in her mind, helped to better her as a leader. And she’s confident that her upcoming trip to Ottawa for 4-H Canada’s Leadership Summit will have that same effect. Casey speaks confidently about how travel has given her a broader sense of herself, the world and her place within it. “I love talking to new people, finding out where they’re coming from and learning about what they see in the world around them,” she says. These incredible travel experiences, and the conversations they’ve fostered, have also expanded Casey’s view of 4-H. “4-H

doesn’t stop at the club level or even your province, it’s happening at a national and a worldwide scale. Seeing 4-H in a new light gives you a different mindset about the organization,” she adds. In addition to gaining a new perspective herself, part of Casey’s current role as 4-H Alberta’s YAC representative is to bring 4-H Alberta’s youth perspective to the national level. So what does this mean for 4-H members across Alberta? It means that Casey wants to hear their ideas and interests so that she can ensure that their voices are heard too. She encourages members to reach out to her about anything. “I want to be your voice! The only way I can do that is by connecting with you. Check me out online or when you see me at a function, stop and chat with me. Together we can further 4-H and ensure that future members have endless opportunities,” says Casey. It seems 4-H Alberta could not ask for a more passionate advocate! *

Like Casey Morey on Facebook or Follow @caseymorey on Twitter Casey is also a regular contributor to 4-H Canada’s blog, available at

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National News & Events

National News & Events

National News & Events

Exciting Changes: 4-H Canada Introduces Leadership Development Pillars BY: CHRISTINE MOSES, Marketing & Communications Manager, 4-H Canada


id you know that 4-H Canada has introduced four new leadership development pillars? These pillars mean exciting things for 4-H’ers. Each pillar is like a ‘theme’ or ‘category’ for programs and events that let 4-H’ers Learn To Do By Doing in innovative and engaging new ways! Following is an overview of each new leadership development pillar:

Science & Technology Dive into the fascinating world of science and technology and learn about how much they impact everyday life. Activities that fall within this pillar will allow 4-H’ers to: • Engage with the science and technology world • Explore ideas related to science and technology • Explain reasoning using logic and evidence • Expand their thinking and reach for the sky!

Community Engagement & Communications Be an active and engaged leader who affects positive change. Activities and opportunities that fall within this pillar will allow 4-H’ers to get involved by: • Making a positive difference • Seeking out ways to lend a hand • Being an advocate for what matters, and helping others to do the same • Being a role model for the change they want to see in the world

The Environment & Healthy Living Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security Get involved with sustainable agricultural practices and stay informed of the importance of food security both at home and abroad. Activities and events that fall within this pillar will allow 4-H’ers to: • Appreciate the food we grow and eat • Learn about innovative and sustainable farming practices • Discover new ways of improving nutrition and food security • Exchange ideas and solutions at home and abroad

Protect your health, as well as the health of the planet. Getting involved with activities that fall within this pillar means: • Learning to be stewards of the environment and developing sustainable solutions • Taking care of yourself and others • Learning positive ways to stay healthy and active • Making informed choices • Digging in and getting your hands dirty • Learning to listen to your heart To learn about specific activities, events and opportunities within each of 4-H Canada’s leadership development pillars, visit If you have any questions, contact Erin Smith, Program Director by email at esmith@4-h-canada. ca or by calling Toll Free 1.844.759.1013. *

Like 4-H Canada on Facebook Follow @4HCanada on Twitter 6 // WINTER 2015

Wednesday, November 5th was Show Your 4-H Colours Day. 4-H’ers across Canada celebrated and raised awareness about 4-H - one of Canada’s leading positive youth development organizations - by donning their green gear on this day.


Angus Ridge 4-H Club

Boscombe 4-H Multi Club

#4HSelfiesWithSears 4-H’ers across Canada were encouraged to visit their local Sears retail store - decked out in 4-H green of course - and take a selfie with Sears staff for a chance to win a $200.00 Sears Gift Card for their 4-H club. These 4-H clubs from Alberta were all winners! Congratulations!

Millarville Mutts & Mustangs 4-H Club

Elk Point 4-H Multi Club

Hanna Rangeland 4-H Multi Club

Rosebrier 4-H Beef Club

WINTER 2015 \\ 7

National News & Events

National 4-H Month

National News & Events

Deserving 4-H Alberta Leader Recognized by 4-H Canada & The Co-operators


-H Alberta Leader, Corine Verbeek, was recognized by 4-H Canada and The Co-operators as one of the provincial winners of the National Volunteer of the Year award. Corine was nominated by members of the RQB Rancheros 4-H Club. In their nomination they recognized Corine’s commitment to 4-H at the club, district and regional levels, as well to her community. From organizing project meetings, to being the district Key Leader, to her involvement with the Provincial Equine Advisory Committee, Corine has been involved in many different facets of 4-H during her 31 years of leadership. Corine’s patience and never ending passion for 4-H was described as infectious by those who nominated her. “She has been very strong in her belief of “Learn to do by Doing” and has never wavered in her support for members to reach their full potential.” And not only has Corine made huge contributions to 4-H, she has been a very active community member. Between her involvement with various local groups and initiatives, including the building of the Sturgeon Agriplex that is used frequently by fellow equine enthusiasts, Corine was always busy with her family and Hillview Farms, their family mixed farming operation near Morinville. Corine’s nominators said that it has been a pleasure and honour to have Corine as a leader in 4-H, and we here at 4-H Alberta couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to Corine!

Corine Verbeek, Provincial Winner of 4-H Canada’s National Volunteer of the Year Award. For more information on 4-H Canada’s National Volunteer of the Year Award, please visit national-programs/grants-scholarships-and-awards *

Photo courtesy of Kristin Neufeld Photography

Proud supporter of 4-H Alberta Moody’s Alberta Locations

Acheson • Calgary • High River • Olds 8 // WINTER 2015

How are you growing? How are you growing?

AFSCisisproud proud to to support support 4-H Alberta’s AFSC 4-Hand and Alberta’s futuregenerations generations of future ofproducers. producers. For more information please call:

For1-877-899-AFSC more information please (2372) call: (2372) 1-877-899-AFSC



As an organization dedicated to agriculture, Northlands strongly believes in fostering the development of future leaders in all industries. We are pleased to support 4-H Alberta programs, such as the 4-H Alberta Leaders’ Conference, 4-H Alberta Selections, as well as the University of Alberta Collegiate 4-H Club. Thank you to all the volunteers and leaders who support 4-H Family Day at Northlands Farm & Ranch Show.

4-H Family Day • Saturday, March 28 Learn more at Join the conversation @NorthlandsAg #NFRS15

March 26-28, 2015 Edmonton EXPO Centre

Are YOU Interested In Creating a healthy environment? Improving health through food? Helping feed the world? Strengthening individual and community well-being?

check out our

prOgrams! Click on Prospective Students

Charlie Gould, 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee with Honourable Verlyn Olson, Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

4-H Alberta Hall of Fame Induction Becomes Family Tradition


ach year, an impactful individual is inducted into Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s 4-H Alberta Hall of Fame to honor the outstanding contributions they have made to their community and to 4-H in Alberta. Nominated by a group of his peers, long-time 4-H volunteer Charlie Gould was selected as the 2014 inductee, following in the footsteps of his father Stan Gould who was honored with the distinction in 1977. Charlie began his 4-H career as a member of the Rosalind 4-H Beef Club. 4-H membership turned into leadership, which has extended into 35 years service to 4-H, in addition to his tireless work with various other organizations and initiatives within his local community. Charlie was a 35 year member of the Rosalind Volunteer Fire Department where he could always be counted on and continues to be a member of the Rosalind Elks, where he has risen through the ranks to hold several distinguished positions. He’s served as the President of the Ag Society and has been acknowledged for his service to the St. Elizabeth Catholic Church as well as for his support of the Rosalind Halloween Howler for Muscular Dystrophy. This

list is by no means inclusive. In a recommendation letter for Charlie’s nomination, one community member succinctly stated that if there was a community event in Rosalind, Charlie was involved. Charlie is cited as the first person that people turn to for information on matters pertaining to 4-H and the community. Everyone from the youngest member of the Rosalind 4-H Beef Club, to the Fire Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department knows that Charlie can be counted on for guidance. Charlie’s warmth and knowledge are frequently referenced when explaining what an invaluable role he plays in 4-H. Not only has he been a club leader for over 35 years, he’s also been heavily involved in the Canadian Bull Congress and has held various roles on the West Central Regional 4-H Council. Many members of the Rosalind 4-H Club and the Camrose District consider Charlie to be the very heart of 4-H. His dedication to children’s success and growth has been the force behind many members’ accomplishments, both in 4-H and in their life pursuits outside of it. He is recognized for his exceptional ability to guide and mentor members, while allowing them to do and to achieve on their own. Thank you Charlie for your dedication to 4-H and your community, you are an inspiration to us all! Do you know someone who you’d like to submit as a nominee for the 2015 Inductee of the 4-H Alberta Hall of Fame? Visit for more information. Nominations will be accepted until July 15, 2015. * WINTER 2015 \\ 11

Provincial News & Events

Provincial News & Events

Provincial News & Events

4-H Alberta Ambassadors’ Photo Contest For National 4-H Month the 4-H Alberta Ambassadors decided to host a Photo Contest. In addition to asking for 4-H’ers’ best photos, they also asked that people include a description of how their photo relates to the 4-H pledge or motto. 4-H’ers

submitted new and old shots, some candid and some posed. All depicting what a fantastic youth organization 4-H is, and how diverse the 4-H experience really can be! Here are the winners and some of the honorable mentions.

1st Place Winner - Chandler Hoftra

Leader Category Winner - Tracy Morey

Chandler was inspired by other peoples’ sweet silhouette shots and decided to put the 4-H motto into practice and take one of his own.

Tracy felt this shot from the Provincial 4-H Dairy Show really captured how 4-H’ers work together as a team and learn from each other. Tracy knows first hand that whether you’re a member or leader, learning to do by doing along with other members and leaders is a great way to grow.

Member Category Winner - Coral Skiba This circa 1975 image shows older members helping younger members with their 4-H project. Coral is a 7th year member with two younger siblings to help and pass along her 4-H knowledge to as they learn to do by doing.

12 // WINTER 2015

Alumni Category Winner - Miriam Deitz For Miriam, this photo taken on the Northwest Territories Trip awarded annually at Selections represents the uniqueness of a 4-H friendship. “Never in my life have I met a community of people who are so welcoming, open and accepting. 4-H friendships not only come easily, but they remain strong for years to come.” As for learning to do by doing, she can’t think of a better way to teach people to work together than a ten day camping trip.

4-H Pledge: I pledge

Honorable Mention - Laurie Eddleston Honorable Mention -Quinn Nelson Quinn captured this image of fellow 4-H member Terri Huxley exemplifying the “health to better living” portion of the pledge while they were hiking north of Drumheller at Orkney Viewpoint.

A picture from 2012, the year that Laurie and all four of kids were in 4-H together as leader and members. “I am proud to be part of a program that works hard at making kids better citizens for their club, community and country!”

My head to clearer thinking, My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, My health to better living, For my club, my community and my country.

Honorable Mention - Jordyn Prior

Honorable Mention - Julia McCrae

These members of various ages put their heads together to conquer the task at hand. Jordyn stated that “Learn to do by doing is a motto that has taught me so much, and has helped to shape me into the individual that I am today.”

Like the 4-H Alberta Ambassadors on Facebook Follow @4HABAmbassadors on Twitter

4-H members aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty while lending a hand. Julia captioned this image, “Garbage picking for my club, my community and my country.”

Brennan Munro

Kali Brodbin Another fan of the 2013 Northwest Territories Trip, Kali submitted this photo of the group at a U-Pick in northern Alberta, one of the many agricultural stops along the way.

“4-H camp has always been one of my favourite parts of 4-H, and counselling has given me the opportunity to make sure other members have just as much fun as I did at camp. And I’ve discovered that although campers learn a lot from their counsellors, the counsellors learn just as much from them.” *

WINTER 2015 \\ 13

Provincial News & Events

4-H Motto: “Learn to do by doing.”

Provincial News & Events

Leta Braunwarth, 2015 Golden Clover Recipient, with Andy Pittman, President of the 4-H Council of Alberta.

Golden Clover Award Recipient Announced SUBMITTED BY: 4-H COUNCIL OF ALBERTA


he Golden Clover Award recognizes individuals that have contributed to 4-H in a way that has made a difference to 4-H members, enhancing their overall 4-H experience. The 4-H Council of Alberta is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2015 Golden Clover Award is Leta Braunwarth for her utilization of technology to engage senior members in the Rail Riders 4-H Club experience. During her time as a 4-H leader of the Rail Riders 4-H Club, Leta was focused on providing unique experiences to 4-H members. She began to notice that as senior 4-H members moved away from home, 4-H often dropped off due to the demands of school or work. So Leta started to look into how technology could be used to keep and connect members of the Rail Riders 4-H Horse Club. The technology was not meant to replace all

4-H Alberta Scholarships Online Application Opens March 1st

14 // WINTER 2015

face to face activities, but rather to be used as a tool for members to communicate and interact with leaders, fellow members and project resource people. The club still met in person and each member fulfilled the five basic member requirements. Skype, Facebook and email simply acted as tools that helped to make remaining in 4-H more assessable, and to supplement the hands-on 4-H experience. When you ask Leta what advice she would give to others considering an innovative idea for implementation at the club level, she suggested the following: • Think about how your idea will benefit the members. • Familiarize yourself with 4-H Alberta’s policies, guidelines and regulations. • Be open minded to suggestions and feedback, a little tweak might be what it takes to make it work. The nomination period for the 2016 Golden Clover Award will begin in the fall of 2015 and close November 1, 2015. Contact the 4-H Council of Alberta for more information. *

4-H Alberta offers 4-H members the opportunity to individually realize up to $2,500 in provincial scholarship funds. By completing ONE online application, 4-H members will be considered for all of the provincial scholarships for which they are eligible. Applicants can only receive one provincial scholarship, but may also receive a regional or district scholarship each year that they complete the online application . Access to the online application for 4-H Alberta’s scholarships will open March 1st and will close at midnight on May 6. The online application can be accessed at For more information on 4-H Alberta’s scholarships, visit or contact Jessica Reeves with the 4-H Foundation of Alberta at 1.877.682.2153 or

Provincial News & Events

Members enjoy their pizza lunch provided by Co-Op.

4-H Family Day at Farmfair International BY: SAMANTHA PEDERSEN, 4-H Family Day Committee Member


any 4-H families know about Farmfair International (FFI) as well as Northlands Farm & Ranch Show. What families might not be aware of is the 4-H Family Day held at each event. So read on to find out more! 4-H Family Day is organized by the Northlands 4-H Family Day Committee, consisting of Northlands staff, 4-H alumni, leaders and 4-H Branch Regional Specialists. This year we welcomed over 300 4-H members to the fourth 4-H Family Day at FFI in November to join in an exciting day of fun, friendship, laughter, free food, scavenger hunts, education, and of course, rodeo! 4-H members journeyed from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and across Alberta to participate. One of the primary goals of 4-H Family Day is to bring members with all types of projects together, in an engaging learning environment. Members can “learn to do by doing” while building friendships and connections with their peers. Fostering these connections helps to bring the future of agriculture together by creating opportunities and relationships across all aspects of our industry. Beef project members may connect with foods project members, these potential future farmers and chefs may one day collaborate on a menu for a restaurant. Craft project members may hope to one day have a knitting store with wool sourced locally from a sheep project member alumnus, and in doing so, will turn a hobby into a career. These are the connections that make the future brighter for agriculture. Jacob Onyschuk, the Agriculture Event Coordinator at Northlands, spoke with enthusiasm about 4-H Family Day. “Northlands is proud to host 4-H members at both of the 4-H Family Days, held at Farmfair International and Northlands Farm & Ranch Show. Northlands recognizes the importance of supporting our future leaders while providing them an opportunity to interact and have fun at our events,” he says. 4-H Family Day would not be the fantastic day that it is without the support of Northlands and of Co-op. Thanks to their support, free pizza lunch and activities such as the Edible Car Competition and Minute to Win It - Ag Edition are possible. As 4-H Family Day continues to grow and expand, we continue to seek ways to enhance the experience for our members. We can’t wait to see everyone at 4-H Family Day at the Farm & Ranch Show on March 28th, 2015, where we will have an even bigger and better action packed day! *

Members were thoroughly immersed in the hands on activities at 4-H Family Day.

Miss Rodeo Airdrie and the Airdrie Rodeo Princess sign the cowboy hat of a young 4-Her.

Visit the Northlands website at

Like Northlands on Facebook Follow @Northlands on Twitter WINTER 2015 \\ 15

Provincial News & Events

4-Her’s and sponsor representatives to be seated for dessert and a short program. Sabrina Kooistra, the Strathmore Citizenship Award Winner, and Cheadle 4-H Beef Club member, gave a motivating speech on the importance of volunteering. Following Sabrina, the Perfect Paws 4-H Club spoke about the “2014 High River Bloomers”. Spearheaded by their club, this initiative helped the town of High River recover from the 2013 flood by giving away more than 3,000 plants to the impacted community in order to re-beautify High River and bring necessary nutrients back into the damaged soil. The club also received $1,000 for winning the 2014 Fortis Alberta Community Cares Contest as a result of this initiative.

4-H alumnus and Canadian Champion Bull Rider, Scott Schiffner.

Corporate Sponsor Appreciation Evening A Great Success BY: RAE-LEE PIESCHEL, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator, 4-H Foundation of Alberta


he 4th Annual Corporate Sponsor Appreciation Night was held Wednesday November 19th at the Strathmore Civic Centre. Each year at this event, 4-H members and volunteers express their appreciation to our sponsors and help showcase all of the different aspects of 4-H. This year was no different! For this particular Corporate Sponsor Appreciation Night, 4-H members and volunteers from the Calgary Region were invited to attend and to help highlight how 4-H members, clubs and councils give back to the community through various community service and fundraising efforts. Through interactive displays, members and volunteers shed some serious light on how 4-Her’s are often going above and beyond in their communities. Their compassion and enthusiasm for making a difference was unmistakable! Following the showcase and a delicious assortment of h’orderves, the hosts for the evening - Jared, Justin and Alexis Couch, members of the Jumping Pound 4-H Beef Club - invited

Corporate Partner Representatives The 4-H Foundation of Alberta took this opportunity to sincerely express on 4-H Alberta’s behalf, how appreciative our organization is for the tremendous impact that corporate partners have on our ability to serve the youth and communities of our province, and to amplify the benefits of 4-H for our members and leaders. With corporate partnerships playing such an integral role in the success of our organization, it’s so important that 4-H members, clubs, committees and councils show their appreciation not just on this evening, but frequently throughout the club year. After this and some reflection and acknowledgement of 4-H members’ and volunteers’ great community service and fundraising efforts, attendees also had the opportunity to hear from 4-H alumnus and Canadian Champion Bull Rider, Scott Schiffner. Scott spoke to how 4-H leaders and volunteers had a hugely positive impact on him and ultimately on his career. He also reminded everyone that it’s the times you get bucked off that get you closer to your goal. The 4-H Foundation of Alberta would like to thank the hosts and speakers as well as all of the clubs from the Calgary Region that participated in the showcase portion of the evening. For more information on 4-H Alberta’s Corporate Partnerships or how you can show your appreciation, visit or contact the 4-H Foundation of Alberta. *

Members of the Swalwell 4-H Beef Club stand in front of their showcase.

16 // WINTER 2015

Provincial News & Events

If your club has welcomed Cleaver Kids for the 2014/2015 Club Year, now would be a great time to check in and see how the activities you’ve been doing with your Cleaver Kids have been helping them with the following: - - - -

Creating new friendships. Feeling a sense of belonging to the club and their community. Improving their listening skills, and their ability to express themselves. Developing their ability to set goals, track their progress and celebrate their achievements.

Hands on activities such as the one below are a great way to help your Cleaver Kids have some 4-H fun and come away with a new friend, skill or experience.

Design a Club Flag This activity is designed to instill a sense of belonging and pride amongst a club’s Cleaver Kids and members. It’s a great activity for members and Cleaver Kids to do together so that everyone is familiar with what their 4-H club is all about, and knows that they are a part of it. 1. As a group, discuss what a flag and a symbol are. Encourage participants to think about what a flag for their club may look like and what symbols it might have on it, and why. Try and get input from everyone!


- Teach Cleaver Kids about symbols and flags. - Unite the club with a flag. - Foster creativity as well as a sense of pride and belonging. - Encourage expression in a group setting. - Interaction of Cleaver Kids and members.

Development Area

- A sense of belonging to the club and community.

Materials List

- Large piece of paper or poster board, to serve as the base for the flag - Construction paper - Pencils, pencil crayons, and/or markers - Scissors - Glue - Any other decorations of your choice Take this activity and make it your own! For more Cleaver Kids activities and information, visit or contact the 4-H Council of Alberta at 1.877.682.2244 or

2. Ask participants to draw symbols or pictures that represent their club on a piece of construction paper. Have parents or members help Cleaver Kids to cut out what they have drawn. Glue the shapes onto one piece of construction paper to create a club flag. 3. Once the flag is complete, discuss what all the club’s flag stands for. Display the flag at subsequent Cleaver Kids meetings, and at 4-H club events if it’s okay with the members.

WINTER 2015 \\ 17



A PLACE TO SHINE The Calgary Stampede’s 17th annual 4-H Rodeo, sponsored by Westcan Bulk Transport, Bayer CropScience and Lammle’s Western Wear and Tack, returned to Stampede Park on the August 23/24 weekend. Held in the Agrium Western Event Centre, the event attracted 66 participants from 32 4-H clubs from as far south as the Montana border to as far north as the Peace River country with a couple of competitors even coming from Saskatchewan. “Coming into a new facility, you always have a certain amount of trepidation,” admitted Laura Frank, chair of the Stampede 4-H Rodeo committee. “We have a fantastic committee of volunteers. They really know what they’re doing. They care about the rodeo and that it comes off.” Competitors in the Stampede 4-H Rodeo are divided into three age classes – senior (15-20), intermediate (12-14) and junior (9-11). There are three timed events - Thread the Needle, Barrel Racing and Pole Bending; and four Roughstock events – Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, Cow Riding and Steer Daubing. 18 // WINTER 2015

Last year, Wylee Squair was a Junior, so he could compete only in the timed events. This year, as an Intermediate, he had a full menu of seven events to test his skill. By the end of the rodeo, Wylee had earned more points than any other Intermediate, with the Grand Champion’s laurels in both Barrel Racing and Breakaway Roping and Reserve honours in Cow Riding. Hayden Cole is the Intermediate Reserve Champion. “It’s fun doing all the new events,” said Wylee. Asked which events he liked best, he answered that it came down to two. “It’s pretty close between cow riding and breakaway roping. The cow riding is a lot of fun. I went into a clinic that morning. I felt a little confident going into it, but it was a little nerve-wracking, too.” The Intermediate Grand Champion rode different horses on each day of the rodeo. On Saturday, for the timed events, Wylee rode Yogi, while Sunday’s mount was Baxter. He estimates that he practices three or four times a week, two or three hours a day, on the family ranch to hone his rodeo skills. Wylee also competes in roping events in junior high rodeo events.

Alicia Erickson is the 2014 Senior High Point Grand Champion over Sydney Vanden Berg. Alicia was Grand Champion in Cow Riding and Pole Bending and Reserve champion in Barrel Racing. Vanden Berg was Reserve in Breakaway Roping and Goat Tying. The Junior Grand Champion is Sierra Bazley with Mckinley Wall taking the Reserve title. The two finished in the same order in the Pole Bending competition. ABOUT THE CALGARY STAMPEDE The Calgary Stampede celebrates the people, the animals, the land, the traditions and the values that make up the unique spirit of the west. The Calgary Stampede contributes to the quality of life in Calgary and southern Alberta through our world-renowned 10-day Stampede, year-round facilities, western events and several youth and agriculture programs. Exemplifying the theme We’re Greatest Together; we are a volunteer-supported, notfor-profit community organization that preserves and promotes western heritage and values. All revenue is reinvested into Calgary Stampede programs and facilities. WINTER 2015 \\ 19

Travel & Exchange


4-H Alberta’s Selections trip recipients at the 4-H Canada Members’ Forum in Toronto, Ontario.

Be The Best That You Can Be BY: AARYN LYNHAM & KAITLIN MALTERER, Selections Trip Recipients


ot only was November 5th Show Your 4-H Colours Day across Canada, it also marked the kick-off of the 2014 4-H Canada Members’ Forum. Over 85 4-H’ers came together in Toronto, ON from November 5-9 for a fun-filled week of learning, exploring, and connecting around the centric theme of The Environment & Healthy Living. Delegates dove into mindful activities relating to environmental considerations and personal health reflections. Here’s a firsthand account of the experience from attendees Aaryn Lynham and Kaitlin Malterer: “When reminiscing about the memories of Selections 2014, we remember thinking that November couldn’t come fast enough! However, it approached more rapidly than ever imagined and with it, so did the National 4-H Members Forum in Toronto! The Albertan delegates consisted of Meagan Nelson, Anke Hermus, Kaitlin Malterer, Riley Coppock, Stephen Tokariuk, Jess Verstappen and Aaryn Lynham - accompanied by trusty chaperone, Clancy Holthe. The first day of the forum brought good vibrations, we could tell that we were making great memories and lifelong friendships with all of the delegates from across Canada! We realized quickly how diverse and distinct 4-H is to each province, it was interesting to learn about what traditions they have and projects they have available! In Alberta, we are so fortunate to have a strong provincial organization that gives members a nd leaders t he oppor t u n it y to net work province-wide! 20 // WINTER 2015

We visited Evergreen Brickworks and the Earth Rangers Centre, learning about “green” construction and renewable energy technology. We also learned of the new “Spread Your Wings” initiative launched by 4-H Canada in regards to sustaining the bat and bird populations in our respective provinces. We saw the sights of Toronto; Ripley’s Aquarium, the CN Tower,and the Eaton Centre. In the “Taking Care of Me” personal well-being session we had various presenters that we rotated through, including a dietician, a group of psychology students and an olympic trainer. Then began the Open Space Technology meeting. For more information on Open Space Technology, where participants manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme, visit A highlight of the forum was our guest speaker, Orlando Bowen, who spoke to us about the One Voice, One Team Youth Leadership Organization of which he is the founder and Executive Director. We were in awe of his accomplishments and the adversities he had faced in his life. His words challenged us to strive to be the best that we can be for ourselves and others! All in all, this trip was the opportunity of a lifetime; we are all so grateful for the memories and friendships we made. It was a very sad day when everyone was leaving to go home, but we were all so glad to have met one another! Special thanks goes to our chaperone extraordinaire, Clancy Holthe and to 4-H Canada for hosting an incredible program. Shout out to all of new friends across Canada - 4-H Friends really ARE forever!” The opportunity for 4-H members to attend the 4-H Canada Members’ Forum is awarded at the 4-H Alberta’s Selections program and is supported by the Canadian 4-H Foundation and 4-H Canada Partners. For more information visit or contact the 4-H Branch.


Quick break on a bike tour of Santa Cruz. BY: LOWELL NELSON, Selections Trip Recipient ow, California was the adventure of a lifetime! Waking up at 2:30 in the morning to get to the airport in time, and then flying out at 6:45 to arrive in Santa Cruz in time for the State Leadership Conference (SLC) was more than worth it! Our first night in Santa Cruz was spent on the famous boardwalk, where there are roller coasters, candy stores, action-packed arcades, laser tag, mini golf and of course, the beach! This casual night was a great way for Cayley Peltzer and I to have some fun and get to know our fellow SLC delegates. SLC continued for the next three days and was full of so many different and intriguing sessions and activities, that I can’t even begin to list them all. One of my favourite activities was taking a bike tour along the Santa Cruz coast and getting to see the beautiful shoreline and the culture of the city. I must say that Santa Cruz is full of eccentric people! Another day we hiked around some Californian beaches and explored a few

shallow caves. I met so many interesting people from all over California and Texas, many who I hope will be lifelong friends. After the conference wrapped up, I had the privilege of being hosted by the Breck family. With them, we toured a small portion of Santa Barbara and then we went shopping in the Paso Neuvo Mall. Any store you could dream of, it was there. Needless to say, I spend too much money that day! My most memorable experience in California was at Pismo Beach, which is a drive on beach. It was pretty sweet to be able to just drive around on a beach, but you had to be careful not to run over a sun-bather. My host family and Cayley’s host family organized it so we could all experience boogie boarding together. Boogie boarding was something I had never tried before, and man was it a blast. I didn’t know a piece of foam and a few waves could entertain you for hours! This trip helped me to realize two things: 4-H, with all of its amazing opportunities, is truly incredible. Because of 4-H, I was able to travel to California and have the

Lowell and Cayley with fellow SLC delegates.

Another stop along the bike tour of Santa Cruz.


WINTER 2015 \\ 21

Travel & Exchange

Soaking Up the Sun

Travel & Exchange

most unforgettable experience. I can’t think of a program on the continent that does a better job of helping youth to prepare themselves for the future. This trip gave me a new outlook on myself. Coming back from California, I noticed that I had gained a tremendous amount of growth and confidence in myself and my leadership capabilities. 4-H takes people to amazing places, and I truly believe that 4-H will continue to take me places well into my future. I had a sensational week in California with Cayley, its most definitely a trip that neither of us will forget. The opportunity for 4-H members to travel to California and attend the State Leadership Conference is awarded at the 4-H Alberta’s Selections program and supported is by CIBC. For more information visit or contact the 4-H Branch. *

Lowell and Cayley after an exhilarating day of boogie boarding!

Sightseeing in California!

T& LAND AGEN ST LAND ANALY w Day! r Land Previe Join us for ou March 20th, 2015

Looking for a career that keeps you in touch with your rural roots? Consider our 2 year Land Agent diploma or the 8 month Land Analyst online certificate. Call us today or attend our Land Agent Preview Day March 20th! PHONE Toll Free 1.800.661.6537 or 403.507.7715 EMAIL ONLINE Employ your Passion!

22 // WINTER 2015

e and pay well. ties are diverspa ni rtu po op er re , rticipation Ca ral background g of rural Your agricultuur in nd ta rs de un in 4-H, and yois a solid base on which to communities in surface land. build a career le! rking with peop field surface e th You must loveewo in t ou or fice ners te lis Whether in th l of od go be ust mands de rk land personnesom wo he lvers.T y and problem tanding of legal and regulattor a solid underscting resource developmen in matters impa are working. the area they l and gas ist not only in oipo wer. Opportunities ex nd wi dro, and but in utilities, hy ught in so o als e ar n, l ne Land person ry disciplines such as mediatio complementa tion, Aboriginal relations, ng, dispute resolu, emergency response planni well planningns, and rural land use planning. public relatio

Opportunities such as those listed below come with endless fringe benefits. Living with a host family in another country allows you to experience a country as a local rather than a tourist, grow as a person, make connections and memories that’ll last a lifetime. Hosting an exchange student will allow your family to expand your global horizons, be tourists at home and enjoy the little things that we often take for granted!

4-H Alberta/Japanese Student Exchange 4-H Alberta/4-H Finland Exchange Travel to Finland Deadline is apply is March 15th. Depart the beginning of July for this four week cultural exchange to Finland, where you will stay with a host family and immerse yourself in everyday life. There may also be the opportunity to attend Nordic 4-H Camp. Who can apply? 4-H members ages 16-19.

Host a Finland Exchange Student Deadline to apply is March 1st. Host a Finnish exchange student who’s keen to experience 4-H, agriculture and our way of life in Alberta. Who can apply? Families with 4-H members. For More Information Contact Tori White: 403.556.8048

Nihongo (Language) Exchange - Application process now closed. Depart in late-June for this three week language immersion exchange to Japan, where you will stay with a host family in Tokyo, attend classes and practice what you’ve learned! Cultural Exchange Deadline to apply is March 15th. Depart mid-July for this four week cultural exchange to Japan, where you will stay with a host family and immerse yourself in everyday life. Who can apply? 4-H members ages 12-20.

Host a Japanese Exchange Student Deadline to apply is May 15th. Expand your 4-H experience by hosting a Japanese exchange student for one month. If you can only host for two weeks, consider hosting a Japanese exchange chaperone instead! Who can apply? Families with 4-H members. For More Information Contact Ellen Bonde: 403.845.6894

WINTER 2015 \\ 23

Travel & Exchange

International Exchange Opportunities

Travel & Exchange

Contact I.T.S Travel & Cruise When Booking a Trip! 4-H families, including members, parents and leaders, can utilize I.T.S Travel & Cruise services to book travel arrangements, including a flight, car, hotel, etc. When booking, patrons can specify which local 4-H Alberta club they would like to financially benefit as a result of them using I.T.S. for their travel arrangements. For more information on the Bookings Program visit: Visit I.T.S Travel & Cruise’s website at:

From Left to right: Jackie Blahun,Colette McBride, Deanna Krys and Nikki Peltzer.

Retreat and Reconnect! BY: DEANNA KRYS, Leadership Development Trip Recipient


he Montana 4-H Leadership Forum was held in Rollins, Montana on September 26 and 27, 2014 with the theme being “Retreat and Reconnect by the Lake”. Four 4-H Alberta leaders had the privilege of staying in a cabin at Flathead Lake and attending the forum. Nikki Peltzer from the Brooks & Area 4-H Beef Club, Jackie Blahun from Lobstick 4-H Beef & Multi Club, as well as Colette McBride of the Chipman 4-H Beef Club, and Deanna Krys of the Vermilion 4-H Sheep Club. All in attendance at the Montana forum had the opportunity to attend various workshops. The topics covered ranged from baking, garden stones and crafts, to self-improvement. Each workshop was focused around learning great ideas and developing leadership skills to take home and put to use in our own 4-H clubs. Additionally, there was a selection of educational tours. The Conrad Mansion, the Mission Mountain Winery, and the Flathead Brewery were a few of the unique locations to the area that we visited. An Awards Banquet was also held to honor their 4-H volunteers. It was great to hear the stories of these volunteers! The Canadian delegates were also recognized and thanked for attending. We will welcome eight or so leaders from Montana at the 4-H Alberta Leaders’ Conference in January. We definitely encourage everyone to consider applying for the opportunity to attend future Montana 4-H Leadership Forums. It was an amazing opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas. This opportunity is supported by the 4-H Alberta Leader Travel Fund. To apply to attend the Montana 4-H Leadership Forum, visit or contact Katelyn Strang with the 4-H Branch. *

24 // WINTER 2015

Have you always wanted to experience the spectacular Northwest Territories? Here’s your chance! Join 20 of 4-H Alberta’s most engaged senior 4-H members for a 10 day camping/bus trip of a lifetime. With your pre-planned itinerary in hand, you, the members and another chaperone will depart from Edmonton and eventually make your way to Yellowknife, NWT and back. Visiting various natural attractions, cultural and agricultural stops along the way, the days will fly by! If you’re interested in this leadership development chaperoning opportunity, please visit About/travel_exchanges.html or contact Katelyn Strang with the 4-H Branch. Please express your interest prior to May 1st.

FALL 2014 \\ 24



There was representation from various countries around the world at the challenge.

For The Love of Sheep, and Cheese! BY: ADRIANE GOOD, 4-H Alberta Alumnus


n September 26, 2014 I embarked on the trip of a lifetime to Paris, France for the World Young Shepherd’s Challenge. I learned about the event from 4-H Canada’s Facebook page and was chosen by the Canadian Sheep Federation to be the first ever Canadian representative. My only cost was airfare, and thankfully Alberta Lamb Producers and Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency each gave me $500.00 towards travel expenses. The first two days I was able to simply explore Paris. I loved seeing the architecture and other scenery, especially Notre Dame Cathedral, a building that is older than Canada! The first day I spent with my chaperone from Quebec, and the next with my new international friends who were also competing. I met representatives from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and even as far away as New Zealand. I got to know these and the other competitors very well, and discovered that out of approximately 30 competitors, I was one of only five girls. The competition itself was held over two days. The first day took place at Brioude Bonnefont Agricultural College (Haute Loire) and included ewe handling, sorting, hoof trimming, body condition scoring ewes and market lambs, and a quad obstacle course. The next day was held at Sommet d’Elevage, which is France’s largest agricultural fair. There was shearing and a quad obstacle course with a trailer. The events concluded with the awards ceremony where everybody paraded into the show ring with their country’s flag. Afterwards, we quickly cleaned ourselves up and were rushed to the Auvergne Volcano Park to enjoy a banquet. Before and after the competition days we toured other parts of France. First we travelled through Southern France to the heart of the Charolaise region, where we were given a tour of an abattoir and an agricultural college. Another day we travelled

further into the Roquefort region, where the famous blue cheese is made. We toured a 900 head sheep dairy and some fragrant cheese cellars. A unifying theme throughout the trip was the extraordinary food. The meals were definitely different than what we eat in Canada, as they involved lots of bread, cheese, red wine, and coffee. Almost every meal we had was 4 or 5 courses, and of course the dessert was always delicious! The trip was fantastic and I’m so happy I was able to represent Canada. Even though I didn’t place well in the competition, I learned a lot about the international sheep industry, and had the opportunity to tell others about sheep farming in Western Canada. I also made new friends from around the world and had a lot of fun! I highly recommend the experience to any youth with a love for sheep, and cheese. The next competition won’t be for two or three years, but I’m certain it will be worth the wait. *

Adrianne Good at the World Young Shepherd’s Challenge.

WINTER 2015 \\ 25


AGRICULTURE’S FUTURE Calgary – It’s only right that hard work should be rewarded and the 56 recipients of Stampede International Livestock Scholarships have certainly worked hard. First, they have to have done well at various livestock shows around the province like the Provincial 4-H Sheep Show, the Provincial 4-H Beef Heifer Show and the Provincial 4-H Dairy Show among others. Then the 300 entrants, and about 550 head of livestock, went to the Stampede week Summer Synergy show in Olds. If they’re trying for a scholarship, they must have submitted a marketing assignment that was judged back in May. Four competitors are named Supreme Champions in their specialty. After Summer Synergy, it’s off to Calgary for judged interviews that are the final determinant of just how much money the IYLS will provide toward their post-secondary education. “We really put them through their paces to get that money,” says Anne-Marie Pedersen of the IYLS committee. Finally, the recipients of the over $80,000 International Youth Livestock Scholarships will be presented to the crowd on Showdown Sunday, one of professional rodeo’s biggest paydays. This year was Shannon McLaughlin’s third year at Summer Synergy. “I think, as you go through it, it gets easier,” said the Whitecourt, AB 16 year-old. “The first time, it’s really hectic.” Last year, Shannon’s yearling ewe and lambs won the Supreme Sheep Champion title. This year, she’s Supreme Sheep Champion again. “This year, my yearling ewe is one of those lambs,” she noted.

“I live on a cattle farm,” Shannon said. “I would have gone into beef, but our club doesn’t offer that. I was in horse, but sheep opened up in my third year and I moved over right away. It was a good fit. They’re really cute.” Since she is going into Grade 12 this year, Shannon is beginning to think about what she is going to do with her IYLS money. “I took a nursing internship, but I didn’t finalize anything,” she said. “I’m looking at various options. It’s hard to pick something, so I’ll just see where next year takes me.” One thing she knows for sure, and that’s that she will be continuing with 4-H. “I plan on continuing until I’m 21, and then possibly become a leader,” she said.

ABOUT THE CALGARY STAMPEDE The Calgary Stampede celebrates the people, the animals, the land, the traditions and the values that make up the unique spirit of the west. The Calgary Stampede contributes to the quality of life in Calgary and southern Alberta through our world-renowned 10-day Stampede, year-round facilities, western events and several youth and agriculture programs. Exemplifying the theme We’re Greatest Together; we are a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit community organization that preserves and promotes western heritage and values. All revenue is reinvested into Calgary Stampede programs and facilities.


SENIORS $3,000 Lee Morey Tyler Dietrich Shannon McLaughlin Cayley Peltzer $2,000 Zach Caukill Brennan Munro Luke Marshall Kyle Dodgson Makenzie Rowley

Cole McMahon Matt Bates Amanda McLeod Jade Marshall Megan McLeod $1,000 Quinci Jones Raymond Gallelli Jared Couch Andie Hadway Tyson Matejka Bailey Dietrich

Cassidy Matthews Nicki Ross Davis Schmidt Lyndsey Papenhuyzen Cassidy Wise Ward Marshall Kayla Jones Katie Crawford Jess Verstappen Laurie Morasch Chance Hofstra Jill McLerie

Kathryn Dolliver Maguire Blair Shallaine Daley INTERMEDIATE $1,000 Brandon Fraser Heidi Tymko Halley Adams Kaylie Krys Wacey Townsend

$500 Cara McNaughton Justin Couch Josie Hadway Bret Marshall Emma Gingras Tucker McMahon Kelli-Rae Sieben Ashlynn Duffy Cache McLerie Jaxson J. Peltzer

JUNIOR $500 Kyla Kelly Jacey Massey Landon Hebbes Alexis Couch Keely Adams Thomas Wildman


Get a fresh perspective. When you leave familiarity behind, your eyes will be opened to new ideas, opinions and ways of thinking. You’ll be exposed to different traditions, food, and accents or languages. It’ll make you see everything in a whole new light.

2. Discover who you are. Travelling forces you outside your comfort zone and in doing so, allows you to recognize your personal values and to appreciate your own strengths.

3. Experience personal growth. Even the best trip will have its challenges. How you handle these disruptions will set you up for greater success in dealing with obstacles back home.

4. Be a chameleon. If you’re normally the life of the party, take the time to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty of the aurora borealis in Yellowknife. Or, if you’ve spent your life in a small town, cherish the feeling of being in a big city like Ottawa!

5. Learn something new. No matter if your passion is music, fashion, food or something in between, travel lets you explore the things you love outside of a familiar context. Chat with new friends about the best local bands in California, take in the innovative street style of Toronto or compare cuisines with a maritimer.

6. Make new friends. Travelling with someone, or meeting someone along the way, can be the start of a friendship that will last a lifetime. The bonus: you’ll have a go-to partner for future trips! The only challenge will be deciding between returning to Helsinki to see the midnight sun, or to Kyoto for cherry blossom season or to go somewhere completely new.


See how other people live their lives. It can be amazing to witness the diversity of people within a single nation. You’ll be in awe of how unique everyone is, and also by the ways in which we are similar.

8. See a new part of the province, country or world. Whether it’s strawberry fields, tall buildings, or crashing waves that you’re after, you’ll feel humbled by the greatness of Alberta, Canada and the world by experiencing it first hand.

9. Bragging rights. One of the best parts of a trip is reliving it through stories and pictures once you’re home. While you’re away, make your friends jealous with Instagram pictures of the stunning seascape of Santa Cruz, or daring shots from atop Toronto’s CN Tower.

10. G ain an appreciation of your home. Return to Alberta with new insight of your home and its beauty. That is, until wanderlust hits and you’re ready for the next adventure!


ach year, 4-H offers a variety of opportunities that involve travelling within Canada as well as internationally. Opportunities for members include 4-H Canada’s Club to Club and Going Global exchanges plus 4-H Alberta’s Japanese and Finnish exchanges. There are also the various trips that are awarded to member through 4-H Alberta’s Selections, Judging and Equine Extravaganza programs. Leaders can also apply for various developmental and chaperoning opportunities. For more information, visit or contact Katelyn Strang with the 4-H Branch. *

WINTER 2015 \\ 27




Helping Hands for the Holidays BY: BAILEY SHANDRO, 4-H Alberta Ambassador


s 4-H members we all pledge our hands to larger service. This year, the 4-H Alberta Ambassadors formed a committee that would be dedicated to putting these words into action. The committee decided early on that we would like to lend our helping hands to the Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta. Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit organization that works to provide a home away from home for out-of-town families with critically ill or injured children. Since RMC serves many rural families, and many 4-H families are from rural communities, it was easy to be passionate about helping them achieve their mission. And so the Helping Hands for the Holidays initiative was born!

4-H Alberta Ambassador, Shea-Lyn Eddleston, helps a little cutie with her snowglobe. 28 // WINTER 2015

Through the Helping Hands for the Holidays initiative, the 4-H Alberta Ambassadors ran a province wide toy drive for the Ronald McDonald Houses in Alberta. During the fall, new toys were dropped off at Regional 4-H Branch offices as well as the Alberta 4-H Centre. Donations from the Northeast, Northwest, and Peace regions were delivered to Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta in Edmonton. Donations from the West Central and East Central regions were delivered to Ronald McDonald House® Central Alberta in Red Deer. Donations from the Calgary and South regions were delivered to Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta in Calgary. In total, there was an estimated $4000.00 worth of toys collected and donated to the Magic Rooms’ toy supply. “Our sincerest thanks for organizing such a wonderful initiative for the Houses. All of the clubs did a fabulous job of choosing gifts for our families. We so appreciate each and every person who donated.” Patti Parker, Donations and Community Relations Coordinator


Just a fraction of the toys that were gathered and donated to Ronald McDonald Houses across Alberta. In addition to the toy drive, while at the Northern Alberta and Central Alberta locations, the 4-H Alberta Ambassadors helped families staying at the houses to make their very own snowglobes. Those delivering the donations and helping with the snowglobes were all given tours of the house, helping us all to see the significant impact being made on the lives of those staying in the houses. Families pay only $12 a night, and have access to kitchens, heated underground parking, a fitness room, laundry facilities, a teen room, a play-room, an outdoor playground, barbeque and patio, and several common spaces for families to gather. One of the most amazing rooms that we saw was the “Magic Room”, the place where children of the house get to celebrate a medical milestone, a birthday or being well enough to go home. Together, the three houses impact nearly 2000 families each year, resulting in a constant need to keep the Magic Rooms stocked.

The 4-H Alberta Ambassadors would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the 4-H families and volunteers for their donations and support of the Helping Hands for the Holidays initiative. * For more information on the houses you can visit: Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta website at Ronald McDonald House® Central Alberta website at Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta website at

You can also follow the houses on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

WINTER 2015 \\ 29


Waiting for the competition to begin!

Keeping it in the Family BY: MAKAYLA WOWK, 2014 4-H Alberta Provincial Communications Competition Winner & 2014 Canadian Young Speakers In Agriculture Representative


am so grateful for my time in 4-H, and cannot say enough about the amazing experiences I’ve had and the people I have connected with. I began my 4-H career at the age of 9 with the Myrnam 4-H Beef & Multi Club. Since then I’ve had beef, horse and baking projects with that club and others. I’ve enjoyed all of the different aspects of 4-H, but public speaking is the thing that I believe will have the longest lasting impression. My brother, who is four years older than me, was the kid to beat through all his years of 4-H public speaking, he became well known in the community before he was an intermediate member! After four trips to the 4-H Alberta’s Provincial Communications Competition, he won the Public Speaking portion and with it, the opportunity to represent 4-H Alberta at the prestigious Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture (CYSA) event.

30 // WINTER 2015

As you can see, with a brother like mine, I had big shoes to fill when it came to public speaking. So it was much to my surprise that in 2014, after two trips to the 4-H Provincial Communications Competition, my name was announced as the first place winner of the Public Speaking portion of the competition. I was the youngest senior member to take first place, and the title was staying in the family for one more year. And just like my brother, I was honored to be given the opportunity to attend the CYSA event in November. Since the first competition held at the Royal Winter Fair in honour of t he Internat ional Year of t he Youth in 1985, CYSA has gone on to become the premier national public speaking event for young people interested in agriculture, with more than 900 participants in total over the years. Competitors travel from across Canada to participate and share their insights into the Canadian agri-food industry in the form of 5-7 m i nute s p eec he s on preassigned topics that are relevant to Seeing the sights in Toronto. the agricultural industry. This year, topics ranged from the critical role of farm succession planning; the responsibility Canadian farmers have as stewards of the land; Canadian farm success stories; capitalizing on social media opportunities; and why to choose a career in agriculture. Although I did not make the final round at the CYSA competition, I feel that I represented 4-H Alberta to the best of my ability. It was a great experience, and while In Toronto, we were also able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Toronto and the Royal Winter Fair. 4-H public speaking has not only brought me opportunities such as travelling to Toronto and attending the CYSA competition, it has also given me a skill that will continue to serve me throughout my lifetime. A skill that has already helped me to excel in job interviews, be comfortable and charismatic while talking with others and feel more confident when I switched schools in grade 10. The ability to speak in public is so important in life and is a skill that everyone should learn. I know that many 4-H members dread when the communications season comes around, but just think of everything that it can do for you. And one day, just maybe, you’ll find yourself travelling to Toronto for the CYSA competition. The opp or t u n it y to t rave l is View from the CN Tower in Toronto. awarded annually at 4-H Alberta’s Provincial Communications Competition, happening this year on April 11th at Olds College, and is supported by the competition’s Presenting Partner: AltaLink and Partner Supporters: Agrium Inc. and Farm Credit Canada. For more information, visit or contact Katelyn Strang or Andrea Church with the 4-H Branch. For more information on the CYSA competition, visit *


New Kubota Hay Tools

Kubota is pleased to offer a new line of hay tools; strong, compact, low maintenance and easily set for transport. Disc mowers offer 5’6” to 10’5” cutting widths. For fast drying, use Kubota’s TE4052T Rotary Tedder then collect with the single Rotor Rake RA1042T. Do More with Kubota. Like us on

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I Pledge My Hands to Larger Service A New Perspective on Community Service BY: AMANDA ARBUTHNOT, Contributor “My hands to larger service” are not just words in our pledge, these words represent a foundational 4-H value. And therefore to be a 4-Her, is to be an active member of one’s community. Living by these words make our organization, the individuals who belong to it and communities that we’re a part of, stronger. By doing a community service activity, that involves the giving of time and energy, you will experience first-hand the positive impact that your efforts have made to your cause or community. But what is often overlooked is the benefit to your own personal development. So instead of viewing community service as an obligation, it’s time to shift our perception to that of an opportunity for growth. People often speak about volunteering in terms of the value it can have on a resume, scholarship or post-secondary education application. This is certainly true. When employers see a candidate who is willing to give of their time it speaks highly of their character. But, perhaps we should back things up, and consider what led you to apply for that particular job or post-secondary program to begin with. At some point in life, we must think about what career our life experiences has best prepared us for. This is not always simple. Even after years of school and life experiences, you still may not have a clue as to what path to start down next. Volunteering offers a chance to explore several different avenues without having to set forth on a permanent journey down just one. Volunteering can be like sampling your dream jobs. 32 // WINTER 2015

Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to create the perfect role for you and your talents. Rid your mind of standard and expected forms of community service and think of something innovative. Giving your hands to larger service should be an expression of what you care about, and result in activities you can be excited to share with others! With your club, investigate what really matters to you as a group, and how your community will benefit from you pursuing that passion. Look at what gaps exist in the community for the service you want to deliver, and get creative about where and how these needs can be met. Expect to be met with a lot of support along the way, when you’re bartering with the currency of free labor, you’re surprisingly rich! Simply put, consider what you are passionate about and what drives you. You may not yet have the ability to fulfill these dreams on the largest scale, but you can get practice within your community. Find out how you feel about being a painter, farmer, or business person in real life scenarios while contributing to causes that you and your club care about. And community service doesn’t have to stop with your club’s activity! If you’re passionate about agricultural advocacy, look to local organizations who will welcome a fresh face. If you want to make music, get practice performing for a supported living facility. Lend your hands in service to the greater good of the community, and also give yourself a more meaningful and satisfying life. *

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Join us at a program information session. Get details on courses and career opportunities, meet faculty and students, and tour the campus.

Lloydminster campus

Vermilion campus

Feb. 24 Energy and Petroleum Technology Continuing education Pre-employment Hairstylist

March 6 Environmental Sciences Human Services (child and youth care, early learning and child care, educational assistant, & international development)

Feb. 26 Business March 17 Esthetician and Health Care Aide March 20 University Transfer Get your questions answered!

March 13 Agricultural Sciences (part of Little Royal weekend) March 20 Interior Design Technology Street Rod Technologies

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Regional, District and Club News & Events

Regional, District and Club News & Events Upcoming Regional Opportunities Looking for upcoming opportunities in YOUR region? Reference the map below to find out what 4-H region you are in, if you don’t already know.

View events in the traditional calendar format, shown below, or click on A-B-C View or List By Date if you prefer to see them alphabetically or by date.

The Calendar of Events can also be sorted. You can select or deselect the event categories below. For example, if you only want to view Regional Activities, simply deselect the rest!

Visit and click on the icon below to view 4-H Alberta’s NEW and IMPROVED Calendar of Events.

There are always tons of fantastic upcoming events and opportunities in your region that you don’t want to miss out on. From regional camps, consumer decision making workshops, council and committee meetings and communications competitions - the information is right at your fingertips! Remember, you can also contact your 4-H Branch Regional Specialist for more details on any of the Regional Events. Their contact information is available on page 4 of this magazine. *

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t was a cold brisk night but 4-H Alberta showed up in full force on Saturday September 27, 2014 for the 1st Annual 4-H Night at the Calgary Stampeders Game held at McMahon Stadium. 4-H Alberta sold over 400 tickets to members, leaders, families, volunteers, alumni and sponsors who had the opportunity to take in the largest Pre Game Tailgate party ever hosted by McMahon Stadium which included games, food, beverages and autographed merchandise. Cleaver the Beaver and Ralph the Dog even made a special appearance! After a great victory for the Stamps, 4-H took to the field to take in the Saturday night lights, play a little football and pose for a group 4-H photo.

The Calgary Stampeders would like to thank everyone for coming out! St ay t u ne d for more det a i l s on ne x t yea r ’s eve nt! For more information on the Calgary Stampeders, visit *

The South Region: Number 1 in our Hearts BY: DORTHEA MILLS, Volunteer for the Retlaw Prairie 4-H Beef Club On October 18, 2014 the South Region held their Annual Learning Day and Awards Night. The afternoon started off with members participating in Ice Breakers. Members then broke into groups and attended learning sessions. New leaders attended the Level 1 Leader Training, led by Key Leaders, Sanda Fellger and Clancy Holthe. Members and leaders were also given an excellent presentation from the Hays 4-H Club members who had done a Pheasant project. The project sounded very interesting, and like it had been an amazing learning experience - turns out pheasants and cats don’t mix. In between the learning sessions and supper, members went swimming at the Taber Aquatic Centre. It was a lot of fun for the members to get together with others from around the region, many who hadn’t seen each other since summer camp. Our meal was a delicious roast beef supper provided by Shirley Jago. Most members know Shirley as the camp cook at all the South Region Camps and they all love her cooking - and her! After supper our Friends of 4-H Awards were presented by each district and all of the regional awards were handed out to our members. The South sure had a lot of 4-H Scholarship Recipients this year! Leader awards for years of service were also presented. Marie Logan from Lomond was presented with a 40 year pin. Marie is an amazing example of someone who believes in 4-H and has really put her heart and soul into it. Here’s to Marie and many more years of great leadership! The evening ended with a group photo that we almost needed a panoramic lens for, proving that 4-H is indeed number one in the hearts of many down here in the South. *

Marie Logan, as excited about 4-H as ever!

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Regional, District and Club News & Events

4-H Night at the Calgary Stampeders Game

4-Her’s check out the field after a victory for the Stamps!

Regional, District and Club News & Events

Once the mid-September release time came around, ACA Biologists visited pens and made sure that the birds were able to withstand the elements. Some of the birds were purchased by ACA and these birds were released by project members at locations with specific pheasant habitats. Other 4-H members were able to present their project at the Regional 4-H Learning Day, as well as the Taber Pheasant Festival Banquet this past October. This project was an excellent way for members to become stewards of the land, improve their communication skills, and revitalize a project that has been dormant for many years. I applaud the enthusiasm that the members had throughout the club year. *

The rewarding release of the pheasants. Hays 4-H Club members with the new chicks.

Hays 4-H Club’s Pheasant Revitalization Project BY: VANESSA VAN DER WIELEN, Member, Hays 4-H Club “Learn to do by Doing!” The Hay’s 4-H Club has definitely been doing that! This past May, with support from the Alberta Conservation Association, members and families in the club had the opportunity to not only revitalize the 4-H pheasant project, but also contribute to the revitalization of a declining pheasant population. It was a great experience to raise the pheasants! Birds arrived in late May as day-old chicks, there was one rooster for every five hens. The members had to build brooder houses for the birds, followed by flight pens once the birds were old enough to withstand the conditions outdoors. The flight pens had to be built with predators in mind, yet still provide the habitat needed for the pheasants. In the beginning, the birds needed attention throughout the day, but as they became larger and stronger they were fine with feeding and watering once a day. Of course, there were a few challenges that some members encountered. It is not always predators such as owls and foxes that you need to worry about; farm cats can cause problems also! Throughout this project 4-H members had the opportunity to work first hand with biologists from the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA). They gave presentations to us on stages of development and how to raise pheasants, and helped to evaluate flight pens. They also spoke with the members as the project went along. 36 // WINTER 2015

4-H WESTERN NIGHT Friday, February 20, 2015 Puck Drop: 7:00 PM




Includes a food and beverage voucher with each ticket The Calgary Flames will donate $5 from every ticket back to 4-H Alberta

PART OF THE EXPERIENCE Welcome announcement for 4-H on the Calgary Flames Energy Board Jersey draws Zamboni rides during the intermission for 2 lucky winners A post game meet and greet with a Flames player (1 winner, 3 guests)

F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N C O N TA C T M AT T O S TA S H 403-777-5321

BY: DALE MYGGLAND, General Leader, Wainwright 4-H Multi-Club


he Wainwright 4-H Multi Club hosted the RCMP Musical Ride in Wainwright on September 3rd, 2014. Over 2000 people from Wainwright and the surrounding area came out to enjoy this truly Canadian performance. Long time 4-H Volunteer Barb Granigan accepted the “salute” from the Musical Ride Commanding Officer at the beginning of the ride. The evening was a great example of how 4-H enriches the communities that they belong to! *

What a success this clothing drive was!

1252 Items Collected for Inaugural Winter Clothing Drive

What practice this must take.

Barb receives her salute!



he inaugural Winter Clothing Drive was the result of a partnership between 4-H, Penn West and the Wild Rose School Division (WRSD) seeking to directly benefit children in Drayton Valley and surrounding area. The initiative collected gently used winter clothing for local children lacking proper clothing for the season. Seven area schools and the Penn West office in Drayton Valley hosted drop boxes for the winter clothing drive from November 17th to November 28th with three 4-H clubs (Big West Cruizers 4-H Club, Blazin Bridles 4-H Club and Western Multi-Talented 4-H Club) coordinating the pick-up and drop-off of clothing throughout the Drive. The Drive was a resounding success. In total, 1,252 items were donated in just two weeks to assist children in the Drayton Valley area. These included: · · · · · · ·

485 winter jackets, 93 snowsuits, 40 pairs of winter boots, 150 pairs of gloves or mittens, 94 scarves, 110 toques and winter hats and 120 pairs of warm socks.

In addition to helping with the coordination of the drive, Penn West also donated $5,000 to Hope and Dignity, a fund set up by teachers at the Wild Rose School Division to provide items to students who cannot afford proper care or support items. All signs point to making the Winter Clothing Drive an annual event in Drayton Valley. The success of it sets a proven model for 4-H to potentially duplicate in any community across Alberta with any corporate partner to benefit rural communities across the province. *

Integrity partner Jerry Myers presenting our executive members with a cheque!



ntegrity Post Structures announced it is supporting the Okotoks Outriders 4-H Horse Club with a $5,000 donation. Integrity will be sponsoring the 4-H club’s programming for the 2014-15 season, which focuses on equine education, leadership and agriculture education for youth ranging from age six to seventeen. “It is hard to put into words what a generous donation like this will do for our members,” says Brenda Taylor, General Leader, Okotoks Outriders 4-H Club. “We bring a variety of learning opportunities to local kids. They learn how to ride, about equine health as well as building self-esteem and a sense of belonging. In short, 4-H is a hands-on approach to learning.” * WINTER 2015 \\ 37

Regional, District and Club News & Events

RCMP Musical Ride Salutes Long Time 4-H Volunteer

Regional, District and Club News & Events

Why 4-H is Great Concert raises more than $25,000! SUBMITTED BY: 4-H FOUNDATION OF ALBERTA


Proud 4-H Alumnus, Gord Bamford.

38 // WINTER 2015

he “Why 4-H is Great” Contest is the result of a collaboration between Canadian country music star Gord Bamford, ATB Financial and 4-H Alberta. For the past five years, 4-H Alberta districts have been invited to submit an audio visual entry highlighting why 4-H is great in their community. The winning district has the honor of hosting the “Why 4-H is Great” concert, with 15% of the proceeds contributed to the 4-H Alberta Legacy Fund, and the remainder benefitting the local district. This year’s outstanding entry was submitted by the Drumheller 4-H District, and on November 21, 2014, the fifth annual “Why 4-H is Great” concert took place at the Badlands Community Facility in Drumheller, Alberta. Prior to the taking stage, Gord Bamford held a Q&A/mentorship session with members of the Drumheller 4-H District, giving them the opportunity to interact one on one with Gord. “It’s always one of my favourite shows of the year. To be able to give back to an organization that has been an important part of my upbringing is a true honour,” says Gord Bamford. “Many of the skills I use in life have been learned through 4-H. I am a proud alumni member and very thankful for this opportunity to be involved in the mentoring of today’s youth.” In addition to a top-notch, toe-tapping show performed by Gord Bamford, concert-goers were treated to some outstanding amateur 4-H talent. The winners of the “Why 4-H is Great” Musicians Content, The Cats & The Fiddles, brought the audience to their feet while opening for Gord Bamford. By all accounts, it was an entire evening full of great music and community spirit. The much anticipated event exceeded all expectations, becoming among one of the most successful “Why 4-H is Great” concerts to date. A total of 1,049 tickets were sold for the 2014 “Why 4-H is Great” concert. This year, through ticket sales and an additional fundraising efforts, a grand total of over $28,000 was raised by the Drumheller 4-H District. 15% will go to the 4-H Alberta Legacy Fund, and the remainder of the money will be used to support 4-H programming such as workshops, clinics, and camps as well as an exchange program for clubs in the Drumheller 4-H District. Approximately 175 4-H members, leaders, and their families volunteered their time to help make this event a success. “The Drumheller 4-H District experienced amazing support from ATB Financial, Gord Bamford, and all concert goers who attended the event!” says Janice Hoover of the Drumheller 4-H District. “We would like to recognize the local media - Q91, Drum FM, Drumheller Mail and the Hanna Herald for providing coverage of our event. Thank you to The Brick for providing The Best Seat in House couches for the “Couch Raffle”. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of this event!” Over the past five years the partnership between ATB Financial, Gord Bamford, and 4-H Alberta has raised over $108,000 for 4-H districts in Alberta. “The “Why 4-H is Great” contest and concert would not be possible without our dedicated partners, ATB Financial and Gord Bamford. We would like to thank both for their commitment to providing this unique fundraising opportunity to our local 4-H districts,” says Carmen Stone, Manager, Corporate Partnerships, 4-H Foundation of Alberta. “Thank you also to the Drumheller 4-H

Regional, District and Club News & Events

Gord offers some words of wisdom during the mentorship portion of the evening.

Members of the The Cats & The Fiddles opening act. District for reminding us all “Why 4-H is Great”. The countless hours and unwavering commitment to hosting such an outstanding event has made 4-H Alberta proud.” “ATB Financial is proud to work with Gord Bamford and 4-H Alberta, and seeing the evolution of the “Why 4-H is Great” partnership is truly outstanding,” says Gary Friesen, the Managing Director of Business and Agriculture for Southern Alberta at ATB Financial. “Five years ago I saw Gord perform in Fort MacLeod in front of an audience of about 350, last Friday he played to another packed house in Drumheller exceeding 1,000 fans. The attendance at this event really showcases the work ethic and volunteerism apparent in Alberta’s 4-H clubs and districts, and the popularity of Gord’s music.” *

The lucky “Best Seat in the House” raffle winners!

WINTER 2015 \\ 39

Regional, District and Club News & Events

Practicing face-painting!

Cabela’s Fun Zone BY: MONTANA BROWN, Club Reporter, Alder Flats 4-H Multi Club


he Alder Flats 4-H Multi Club hosted the CFR Kids Fun Zone at Cabela’s South Edmonton, November 8th and 9th. We had a display set up to showcase some of the fun things that our club has gotten up to in previous years. A few of the interactive things we had set up were face painting, stick “bull” roping, and crafts. There were so many customers stopping by to ask what our club was all about, including some friendly 4-Hers from all over the province who introduced themselves and told us some things that they do in their clubs. Because our members are in the Outdoors Project, it was really exciting to look around the store at the thousands of products - they have everything you would ever need for outdoor adventure. The Cabela’s staff were great. They kept checking in on us to see how well the display and activities were going, and even provided us with snacks and a lunch throughout the day. It was a successful activity for our club! *

40 // WINTER 2015

Ropin’ a stick bull.

WINTER 2015 \\ 41




Communications Competition

April 11, 2015

For senior members who have qualified at their regional level competitions for Public Speaking or Presentations. Taking place at Olds College.


May 1-4, 2015

For all senior members. Registration Deadline: February 15 Taking place at Olds College.

Judging Competition

August 7-9, 2015

For senior members who have qualified at their regional level competitions. Taking place at Lakeland College.

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO’D MAKE A GREAT CLUB WEEK FACILITATOR? Contact Katelyn Strang with the 4-H Branch for more details and to express your interest. Volunteer Period: July 18-24, 2015 Express Your Interest by: April 1, 2015 e. p. 403.948.8509

DID YOU KNOW? Having her article and photos published in the 4-H Alberta Magazine helped aspiring jou r nalist, Ash ly n McCor m ick, land a reporter gig at her school! Her first piece was republ ished to t he over 20,000 subsc r ibers of the Reclaiming Youth International Newsletter. Congrats Ashyln! We love when our readers send us articles, photos and ideas for stories. Send them our way via email at

There is no denying that 4-H volunteers are part of the ripple effect that Volunteer Canada wishes to celebrate during National Volunteer Wee k. 4 -H A lb e r t a e ncou rage s 4-Her’s to recognize past and present volunteers as part of this campaign. For resources and more information, visit

42 // WINTER 2015

Lammle’s Western Wear & Tack, Boutique of Leathers and Open Road Motorcycle Gear and Accessories are pleased to offer 4-H members a discount of 10% off sale and regular priced items including saddles. (excluding advertised sale items)

Calgary • Edmonton • Fort Saskatchewan • Spruce Grove Red Deer • Lethbridge • Banff • Camrose Medicine Hat • Lloydminster • Olds • Strathmore West Kelowna • Kamloops • Prince Albert

Shop Online at Twitter/Lammles


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Our pledge to the


You’re learning by doing. And we’re here for you, with advice, supplies and the support you need on your 4-H path to clearer thinking, greater loyalty, larger service and better living. With the UFA 4-H Member Discount Card, you’ll receive 15% off livestock supplies and tack for your 4-H projects. It’s one more way we’re helping to raise another generation of leaders in agriculture. Discount applies only to 4-H Members and Cleaver Kids. Must present a valid 4-H Member Card or Cleaver Kid Card. Offer does not apply to animal health products. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Visit your local UFA Farm & Ranch Supply store for details. Valid only at UFA Farm & Ranch Supply stores. © 2015 UFA Co-operative Ltd. All rights reserved. 130472

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