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Only 20% of students that apply for some very competitive Private or Independent schools are admitted. Yes, 4 out of 5 applicants are rejected. Don't let this happen to your child. You must understand the process, and the test, in order to gain an advantage over your competition. Let's face it, your child's future is at stake. Don't push your child too hard. They will do well if they think it is their choice, and with encouragement from you, the parent, they will believe that it is possible for them to do well. For your child to get into a private school they need to pass two very challenging tests. The first one, the ISEE test, will test your child's math skills. The second test, the SSAT, tests your child's grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension skills. There are many tutoring programs that can help your child. I found that with my child, certain online tutors are most helpful and can answer any of my child's questions about what is being explained that day in ''class''. These online classes can range from $50-$200, and in my opinion, they are worth every penny. There are some free websites that can provide your child with extra test preparation such as Studyisland. They provide practice tests in the areas of language arts(reading,comprehension,spelling,grammar) and math(algebra,estimates,etc.) Know your child's interests. They won't want to learn in a way that doesn't intrigue them. Talk to your child's current teachers to find out what your child's favorite learning style is.

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==== ==== For Great Tips On Private School Exam Program Check This Out. ==== ====

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