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DAGARA ELEMENTS [color key] Fire Passion, Dreams, See Present & Future Water Flow, The Greater Good, Reconciliation Earth Sense of Identity, Nurturing, Abundance Mineral Storytelling, Building, Communication Nature Cycles of Life, Death, Rebirth The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships, by Sobonfu Some


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Little Maroons is a cooperative space that functions on the contributions of all of the families that come through our doors. Believing that they all have gifts and resources to share and that a community is enhanced when you are able to do so. Little Maroons expect that each whole family will work on a committee even if every adult in the family cannot complete on-site work shifts. At least one representative from each family must be present at community meetings. Families rotate bringing snack for the children as indicated in the ‘Meals/Snacks’ section of their Family Handbook. Two families will also rotate administrative duties monthly.

LITTLE MAROONS Parent-supported childcare cooperative operating from a child-led, African-centered curriculum rooted in indigenous wisdom. Located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. MISSION To offer families the quality childcare experience you deserve as well as provide and help build a network of families that are able to be a support system for each other while also directly contributing to the children’s education through work shifts and committee work. PHILOSOPHY In the spirit of the Maroon communities, the children and their families are encouraged to embody the principles of independence, self-determination and cooperation. Maroon communities (also known as Quilombos and Palenques) developed almost everywhere that enslaved Africans were brought in the Americas and the Caribbean. They were independent communities created by runaway Africans that had rebelled and/or escaped from their captors frequently within the first generation of their arrival from Africa.

There, they often preserved their African languages and many of their cultural traditions. Little Maroons encourages and embodies those principles as well as non-gender conformity, self-love, a love for African people and a love for learning. HISTORY Little Maroons was founded by a group of six activist families in 2005 that believed that their input is most important in their children’s lives, especially when attending school. The parents rotated on the school schedule as teachers, created lesson plans, balanced and distributed the finances and participated in a food-buying group. Little Maroons has grown and changed some since then to suit the needs of the families involved, but it remains a home-like environment for education, community and social empowerment for children. 12 /


COLTRANE CURTIS & SON Photography / DAVID ENGELHARDT The charismatic and distinctive persona of Coltrane Curtis with his immaculately groomed dreadlocks rarely goes unnoticed. Often spotted sporting a bow tie matched with a baseball cap, his personal vintage aesthetic is influenced by iconic Jazz legends. Sharing his name with one of America’s great musicians, he has always had a lot to live up to. Best known for his role as an MTV television personality, this business savvy gentleman’s successes lie however, within the world of future marketing. Head honcho of the marketing empire, Team Epiphany, Coltrane works closely with universal brands such as Moet, WSJ, Heineken and Nike selling intelligently crafted communication ideas that align with contemporary social trends. But it wasn’t always this way. Building the company from the ground up involved hard work and encouragement. Influenced by a range of mentors during his career, he credits his father for almost everything and now takes on this role for another generation of budding new ambitious individuals. This [father] thinks there is nothing more cool than putting family first and hopes that his son Ellington will have the same opportunities he was afforded. RACHAEL WATTS

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Name: Lonnie Kearse Age: 47 From: Brooklyn, NY Trade: Professional Barber Years: 10 (# yrs in prison) Children: 10 / 21

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